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12th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Cramp-like belly-ache betwixt navel and scrobiculus, not lasting long, soon after taking the medicine.

13th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Pain in the bowels as on the 12th, but not so severe. In the evening six drops, followed by stitches in the chest.

14th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Ringing in left ear; no other symptom observed.

15th.—In the morning six to eight drops. No effects observed.

16th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Some bellyache and transient sacral pain; eructation; soon after taking, bowels opened, not diarrhceic; I have had this regularly each time after taking the medicine.

17th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Headache and fluent coryza. After taking the medicine in the evening deep-seated pain over the pubes.

18th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Rumbling in bowels and some diarrhoea; a disagreeable cutting feeling in the urethra during and after urinating.

19th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Rumbling in bowels and some belly-ache; at night and the following day pains in left side.

20th.—In the morning rumbling in bowels and diarrhoea; in the evening at first no effects, afterwards tearing in left side of occiput, over the ear and towards the front; eructation; coryza. When not otherwise indicated I took six to eight drops in a cupful of water.

I now made a pause until January 6th, on account of violent catarrhal fever.

January 6th.—In the morning six to eight drops. No effects.

7th.—In the morning six to eight drops. Violent painful tearing in right arm and head; paralysed feeling in right arm.

8th.—In the morning six to eight drops. In the morning no effects; in the evening itching in rectum, then tearing in right arm and paralysed feeling in it; itching and shooting in different parts of the skin.

16th.—Took it regularly every morning without any particular effect except itching of skin of back, calves, and shins. On the morning of this day some distension of stomach and abdomen, and much itching in the skin all over the body.

17th.—In the morning twelve drops. Itching of skin; shooting on different parts of skin, especially on back, arms, and legs; stomach-ache, alternating with violent headache from nape to forehead and temples, which returns. In the afternoon 'ill-humoured, cross; repeated attacks of violent throbbing pains from nape to occiput and forehead. I have dreamt much since taking the medicine, but not slept badly. *

20th.—In the morning eight drops. Violent itching on calves and shins, also on back and forearms, the sides of the hips to the axillae, also on the ribs, particularly in the afternoon and towards evening, so that I scratched my calves till they bled.

21st and 22nd.—I went on a journey, and took no medicine. The' itching on the forehead and temples continued.

23rd.—In the morning eight drops. Itching of skin.

24th.—In the morning eight drops; in the evening six drops. The same.

25th.—In the morning eight drops. The itching of the skin continues; single pimple on the back and loins. Immediately after taking the dose, itching on the belly.

26th and 29th.—I was away and took no medicine.

27th, 28th, 30th.—In the morning eight drops. Itching of skin.

31st.—In the morning fourteen drops; in the evening sixteen drops. The itching here and there on the skin continues, and I scratched my arms till they bled. In the evening transient aching pain in left scapula; call to stool; eructation previously. On the whole I feel much better after taking the medicine; I have a better and heartier appetite than before; feel stronger and more vigorous, and complain less of cold feet, from which I used to suffer so much in winter.

On April 5th I recommenced the proving. In the interval I felt quite well. At 7 a.m., ten drops in a cup of water. Soon afterwards pressure in the abdomen and urging to stool, without diarrhoea; the pressure in abdomen in the umbilical region lasted an hour; thereafter, itching in skin of abdomen, breast, and ribs on left side.

6th.—At 7 a.m., twelve drops. Itching of skin; single small shooting pustules in different parts of skin.

7th.—At 7 a.m. five drops. Soon afterwards dull pains in forehead; ill-humour; stool brown and watery; continued pains in the teeth, which obliged me to leave off the proving.

21st.—At 7 a.m., twelve drops. Weariness all day.

22nd.—At 7 a.m., ten drops. Soon afterwards eructation; pain in bowels and gastric region; discharge of flatus; call to stool without diarrhoea; weariness all day.

23rd.—At 7 a.m., nine drops. Itching of skin and small pustules on various parts; weariness.

24th.—At 7 a.m., twelve drops. Increased itching all over the body.

25th.—At 7 a.m., nine drops. Sleepiness; aching pain in forehead and itching of skin all day.

26th.—At 7 a.m., nine drops. Until noon fluent coryza; in the afternoon, tearing pains in the forehead; heartburn, which went off immediately after taking three drops.

27th.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. Until noon, perspiration on the upper part of the body, and ill humour; about 9 a.m., transient pain in left side of chest. At noon twelve drops; at 7 p.m., twenty drops. Thereafter dull headache until bedtime; sweat at night, also towards morning.

28th.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops in water. Soon afterwards pain in bowels, in umbilical region; frontal headache and itching of skin; at noon digging pain in gastric region, lasting after eating. At 7 p.m., twenty drops. The pain above navel comes on immediately after taking the medicine; transient pain in left meatus auditorius; shooting and itching of the skin in various parts; dull frontal pain; sweat towards morning; three soft stools.

29th.—In the morning twenty-two; at noon ten; in the evening twelve drops. Each time after taking, eructation; all the forenoon pain as before in the umbilical region, and itching in the anus; in the evening, after taking the drops, transient pain in left side of chest, and frontal headache; perspiration towards morning.

30th.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. Soon afterwards eructations; violent pressing cramp-like pain in umbilical region for a second only, but often recurring; in the afternoon the pain is more constant, cramp-like; during the day three soft stools mixed with mucus.

May 1st.—At noon fifteen drops. Half an hour after itching of the skin; tearing pain in right shoulder; thereafter pains in left side of chest; itching in anus and great weariness; after two hours shooting in forehead under the skin, followed by dull frontal headache; eructation and constant itching of skin till evening. At 7 p.m., twenty drops. Soon afterwards tearing in right arm; sweat towards morning; stool as yesterday; good sleep, with dreams about ordinary things.

2nd.—At 7 a.m. twenty-four drops. Throughout the forenoon confusion of head; pressure in forehead and temples, especially the left; shootings in left side of chest. At 3 p.m. aching pains close above navel, drawing up to left side of chest; tearing in right arm; frequent discharge of flatus; in the evening twenty drops—thereupon pains in umbilical region and dull pain in forehead.

3rd.—At 7 a.m., twenty-four drops. Immediately afterwards, eructation; tearing in right shoulder and dull frontal headache; on awaking, on blowing the nose, thick black blood appeared among the nasal mucus (I had been rather subject to epistaxis). Repeated bleeding of gums in the forenoon; at noon, fifteen drops. In half an hour eructation, itching of skin, tearing in right shoulder, and shooting in skin here and there.

4th.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. Soon afterwards transient pains in right side of chest.

5th.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. Immediately eructation and pain in side, like yesterday; aching pains right over the navel. At 2 p.m., twenty drops. Soon after again the same belly-ache and pains, first in the right and then in the left side; severe fluent coryza. At 6 p.m., twenty-five drops. Soon afterwards tension and swelling in gastric region; shootings on inside of left arm near elbow-joint, frequently recurring, also on inner side of left thigh; same in left side of chest; took nothing more till May 19th, and felt no symptoms.

19th.—At 7 a.m., eighteen drops. Soon afterwards pain in right side of forehead; later still pain all over forehead; drawing in left meatus auditorius; itching of skin on different parts of the trunk. At noon eighteen drops; at 6 p.m., twenty drops. No symptom except itching of the side.

20th.—At 7 a.m., ten drops. Soon afterwards rumbling in bowels, and two hours after, until noon continued dull frontal headache; in the afternoon, rigor. At 6 p.m., twenty drops. Many dreams and sweat towards morning.

21st.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. Rigor, and itching of skin all day.

22nd.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. In an hour painful feelings in the glans; frontal headache; drawing pain from left scapula to left upper arm, followed by painful drawing in back of left hand. At 6 p.m., twenty drops. Immediately afterwards drawing pain from left ear to left upper teeth.

23rd.—At 7 a.m., twenty drops. Soon afterwards rumbling in bowels, followed by dull frontal headache; and later burning shooting pain in the right metatarsus and bones of toes; in the afternoon no symptoms. At 6 p.m., 20 drops. Whereupon the pain in the third toe of right foot recommenced.

24th.—At 7 a.m., eighteen drops. Soon afterwards aching pain in gastric region, and pain in fourth and fifth toes of right foot; after this drawing from left meatus auditorius to left temple; dull frontal headache; five hours afterwards severe tearing in right then in left temple; tearing pain in thigh; no symptoms in afternoon.

25th.—At 7 a.m., eighteen drops. In half an hour tearing in left upper arm and drawing in left hand;

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