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XIV. Another,

Quod comedo, poto, gigno, diris subjacet.
Millon, x. 728.

All that I eat or drink, or shall beget,
Is propagated curse.

Auspice te, fugiens alieni subcuba lecti
Dira libido hominum tota de gente repulsa est ;
Ac tantum gregibus pecudum ratione carentum
Imperat, et sine lege tori furibunda vagatur.
Auspice te, quam jura probant, rectumque piumque,
Filius atque pater, fraterque innotuit; et quot
Vincula vicini sociarunt sanguinis, a te

Nominibus didicere suam distinguere gentem, This pretended to be a quotation from Staphorstius, but really taken from Hoy's translation of Paradise Lost, iv. 753.

By thee adult'rous lust &c.

XVI.. Interpolation in Staphorstius,

Te primum, et medium, et summum, sed fine carentem. Milton, v. 165.

Him first, him last, him midst, and without end.


-Tu, Psychephone!
Hypocrisis esto; hoc sub Francisci pallio,
Quo tutò tecti sese credunt emori.

The last line interpolated in Fox, to beget some resemblance to Milton, iii. 478.

And they who to be sure of Paradise

Dying put on the weeds of Dominic,
Or in Franciscan think to pass disguis d.


Interpolation in Fletcher,

In promptu causa est: superest invicta voluntas,

Immortale odium, vindictæ et sæva cupido. Milton, i. 105.

-What though the field be lost ?
All is not lost; th' unconquerable will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And courage never to submit or yield.

XIX. This line in Milton,

Thrones, Dominations, Princedoms, Virtues, Pow'rs, is said to be taken from the title-page of Heywood's Hierarchy of Angels, Throni, Dominationes, Principatus, Virtutes, Potestates. But the words in Heywood's title are thus, Seraphim, Cherubim, Throni, Potestates, Angeli, Archangeli, Principatus, Dominationes.

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AARON and Moses, their mis- and reproach, each other,
sion to Egypt, xii. 170.

1187. hide themselves from
Abdiel (a seraph) opposes Satan God (the Son), x. 97. appear-

promoting the angels' revolt, ance before him, 109. repent-
&c. v. 803. reply to his an- ance, 1098, expulsion from
swer, 877. his fidelity, &c. Paradise, xii. 625. (vide Si.
celebrated, 896. retreat from milies.)
Satan's party, vi. 1. soliloquy Adam, his discourse with Eve
on view of him at their head, on the prohibition of the tree
114. speech to him thereon, of knowledge, iv. 411. to her
130. reply to his answer, 171. at night, 610. answer to her
encounters him in the battle, question about the nightly
189. vanquishes Ariel, Arioc, luminaries, 660. viewing her
and Ramiel, (fallen angels,) sleeping, v. 8. answer to her

relating her dream, (the sub-
Abel and Cain, their story re- ject of Satan's first illusive
lated, xi. 429.

temptation,) 94. to her weep-
Abraham's and the patriarche, ing, 129. invites the angel

xij. 113. all nations his sons Raphael to his bower, &c.
by faith, 446.

361. discourse with him, 460.
Acheron, a river of hell, ii. continued on various subjects,

viii. 651. (vide Raphael.) His
Adam and Eve, described ge- creation and dominion, &c.

nerally, iv. 288. particularly, over the creatures, ix. 524.
295. their state of innocence, prohibited the tree of know-
312, 492, 738. v. 211, 303. ledge, vii. 542. viii. 332. ac-
viii. 510. (vide Innocence.) count of himself and objects
night orison, iv. 720. morn- about him, &c. on his cre-
ing orison, v. 153. prepara.

ation, 253. of his first view
tions to entertain the angel

of the Divine Presence, in-
Raphael, 313. the table and stationed in Paradise, &c. 311.
entertainment described, 391. speech to God thereon, and
their nuptial bed, iv. 708. on his solitude there, 857.
nuptials celebrated, viii. 510. reply to God's answer, 879.
parting preceding the tempta- sleep on the formation of Eve
tion, ix. 385. behaviour after described, 451. his first view
their fall, 1004. find them- of her, 481. passion for her,
selves naked, 1951. make 521. valediction to Raphael,
themselves breeches of fig. 644. discourse with Eve pre-
leaves, 1099. recriminate on, ceding the temptation, (on

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