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they are to lay down their arms on the sea. Funeral honors shall be paid to the French facs, in front of the imperial battery: the officers who have fallen in the battle, accor troops of the line are to surrender themselves ding to their respective ranks. prisoners of war, and 'o be enibhedSuch An inventory shall be made of property of for the Cape of Good Hope, or for England. all descriptions belonging to the state, which

In consirleration of the distinguished cha- shall be delivered over to the person appointe racter of Colonel St. Susanne, and his offi- ed by the English government to receive it. cers, and of heir gallant defence of the place, All warlıke stores, magazines, provisions, the officers of all ranks are allowed to pre- eharts, plans, and archives, are included ia serve their swords and military decorations; this article. they are to continue prisoners of war, alid The laws, customs, and ruligion, of the ins to embark for the Cape of Good Hope, or for habitanis, as well as their property of all England. Colonel St. Susanne and his fa descriptions, shalt b: respected and insured mily shall be allowed a passage to the Isle of to them. France, or to France, upon his giving his parole of honour not to serve during the war, or till he shall be regularly exchanged.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCI ES and DIVIDENDS, announced betæreen

the 20th of September and the 20th of Oetober, extracted from the London Gazettes.


BANKRUPTCIES. The Solicitor's Names are between Parentheses.) RAKER Robert, Raynor. Nottingham, innholdet. (Wire,

Nottingham, and Barber, Petter inne Barlow Thomas, Wettmurland Place, Middleser, brewer.

(Hewitt and Kirk, anchester, and Hurd, Temple Barratt William, Eat Retford, Notis. krocer. (Allen,

Carlife breet, Soho, and Mannam Eat Retford Bartoluri Gaetano, late of Well aret, St. Mary le bone,

priutseiler, but now in the King's Rench. (Dawson

and Wrattillaw, Warwick Atreet, Gulden foare Bates James Henry, Rotherbi he, tailor. (Hurley, New

Bridge treet. Blackfriars Bayley Chritopher, Bath pay conk and woollen draper.

(Hizmore. Bush koe, London and Wingate, Bath Bennett William Piccadilly, linen draper. (Tilfon,

Chatham Place. Blackfriars Berry Samuel, Buckfast Abbey, Devon, woollen manu.

facturer. (Williams and parke, Prince's freet,

Bedford row, and Terrell Exeter Bethell John Senn. Hackney, baker. (Kewrick, Hatfield

treet Chrift church, curry Blundell Ralph, Liverpool, vidualler. (Carr, Liverpool,

and Blackstock, Ter ple Brook Joseph, Huddersfied, York, fta'inder. (Stephen

100, Holmfirth ann Batrye. Chancery lane Brooksbank William, Churrill, York Popkeeper. (Gran.

ger, Leeds, and Crolley, Hathorn court. Gray's inn Browne Juhn Hutchinson, Camberwell, merchont. (Swain,

Steven and Maples. Old Jewry Bullocke Charles, Cockfpur Areet, coffee houre keeper.

(Vizard and Hutchinson, N-w ftare. Lincoln's inn Burke's Thomas, Tildelley Banks, Lancafter, cotton spin.

nr. (Etlis. Chancery lane, ante Jobníon and Lonf.

dale, Manchester Butler Edward, late of Deptford, common brewer, but

now of Bride lane, London. (Langham, Bartlett's

buildings Carr James, North Shields, grocer. (Reed, Newcaftle.

and Fairlers, Staple's inn Chetham Heory, Petter lase, hatter. (Berridge, Hatton

Garden Chinence Thomae, Batcomb, Somerset. miller. (Warry.

New inn, and Evered, "Shepton Mallet Clements Robert, Norwich. appraiter. (Simpson and

Rackham, Norwich, and Windus Son, and Holcaway..

Chancery lane Cock Alexander. and David, Marshal freet, $t. James's,

army clot' icrs. (Parker, 1 emple Cuttle Robert, Manchefter merchant. (Sykes and

Knowles, New ina and Belk, Pontefrad Cox James. Kenniugton, painter. (Truwhite, Lyon's

inn Coxon George, Church Arect, Chit Church.curry, mili.

wright 'Lane, I surence Pountry ill Crickmore Thomas, Ski her Areet, Pewterer. (Wasne,

Old Kroad dret Crow John, Deau freet, Wefeninfer, carpenter. (Pope

kin, Dean Atreet, Soho Suting utuam, Bacton, Suffolk. butcher. (Bignoid,

jun Norwich Rickrn Isaac. Liverpool, merchant. (Blakebell and

Makioron, Temple; and Aicrof, Liverpon! Elking ha les Jenkins and Vincent May Liverpool

patent filk-hat manufaa urers. (rani Areet and Esen, Liverpool, and Windle, John Preet, Bedford

Everett Francis, Woolley, Wilts, cluthier (Sandnt,

Horton, and Pearke, Crane court, Fleet artet, de

Phone, Melk dram Fosberry william, and Edward Ingleby. Liverpunt, mer

chants. (Stantfreet and Eien, Liverpool, a

Windle, john freet. Bedfe de Francis John, Cambridge, curn fact r. (Ney and Popes

Mincing lane Garner Thomas, Dudley, Worcener, rrocer. (Robinson

Dudley, and Anttice and Cox, Temple Gill Jofeph, Upper Mary leone rrettleather cutter

eyes, Charlotte ftreet, Tatzroy square Glover Mary and Elisabet, Kiddermintter, milliers.

(Hallen, Kiddermitter, and isg Haton Gardes Gluyas William and Olivca, Maration, deravali. dealerse

Jobps, or Edmonu Peszance, and rice as

Browne, Lincoln's in Gough John, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, viduatier.

(Tilfan, Chatham Place Greeme William Theophilus, and wiliam Metcafe,

Aunin Friars, merchants. (Fairise and Francis

Lincoln's in Hall Robert, Swansea, dealer. (Bou sfield, Bourerie

frcet, Fleet itteet Hamilton Robert Ola Bord reet, Onderwriter. (Den.

neits and Greaves, King's A95 yard, Coleman ireet Haywood John, Wod freet, Cheapfide, woollen draper.

(Smith, Dorfe Areet. Salisbu, fquare Heath Richard, sun. Lonjun read,"outhwark, coache

maker. (Smith, Dorfet ftreet, Salisbury square Hendei fon John, Lambeth. hik and calico pringer.

(Healing, I awrence lane, Cheaphide Hewlett Thomas, southborough. Kent funpowder 103.

nufacturer, (Warty, Norfolk dieet, Strand Hills Peter. Shoe lare, dealer in fpirits. (Chapman og

Stevens. S. Mildred'. court, Poultry Hills Thomas. Abbey Mills, Weft Ham, miller. (Ns

thews and Randall, aile ftreet, hob Hobfon James, Stockport, Cheder. cotton spioner. (Buck

ley, Manchester, and Milne and Parry. Temple Mollingdale William, Riverhead, Keot. linea draper.

(Ware, Blackınan kreet Southwark. and Craw, Serpo.

otks Hordern Anthony, St. John's ftreet. patter. (Chippes

Jall, Great Queen freet Hudson Henry Newgate freet, tavern keeper. (her.

wood, Canterbury square, Southwark Hughes Thomas, and Christopher Sevecke, Bifhop (gate

treet, drapers. (Willis, Fairthorne, and Clarke,

Warnford court Huteninfon Witiam, Srpith's Rulidings. Leadenhall freet

wine merchant. (Sberwood, Cumion-court, Broad

ftreet Ingham John, and David Fox. Bradford York, calica

manufacturer (Evan Hatton Garden, and Crolcs.

Bradford Jackson Francis, Jon Great Driffield, York, drurit.

(Exley, Stocker and Dawion, Furnivaisiun, and Corr.

wurth, Hub Jarritt George, Piccadilly. hatter. (Rhodes, Cook and

Handley, St. James' walk, Clerkenwel Jewell John. Angel freet, London, tailor

Vine ftreet, l'iccadilly Johninn Robert, liverpool, merchant (Greaves and

Brome. Liverpool Johnson James Alexander. Friar's Areer, Blackfriar's

road. meker. (Silver Alderfga e Ortet Jones Edward. Foddinghurit, &fex, victualler. (Hess

ley, ungar and Harvey, Curfitor Areot Jones ravid William Charles, Kansara Place, Blackfriar's

road, gauze di çiler. (Crezou and Dixon, Angel court

I.ans Jodhue, Bolton-le-MKT, Lancaster, cotron manu.

facturer, (, Warwick kware, ang Kay Bolsa


Jofeph Aaron, and George Sheppard, Trome Selwood Shepards George, Cannon Areet roan, St. George's in the

Somerfet, clothiers (Rotton, Frome, and Elis, Eait, ollman (wilde, Caftle ftreet, Falcon square Hatton Garden

Sidford John. Calne, Wilts. auctioneer. Prowd and Co. Juke John Batty, Hall, merchant. (Freft's, Hull and Serle Areet, Lincola's inn, and Moule. Melkdam Solter and son, Kartiest's buildings

Smith Matthew, Charlton, Kent, rope inaker. (Maor Kay Jatnes Tharples. Lancaner, innkeeper. (Kays, ma'l, Warwick square Balton-le-Moors, and Butterfield, Coppice row, Clerk Smith joseph Mandingham York, cotton merchants

(Evans, Hatton Garden, and Crosley, Bradford Kelland Richard, Sandford, Devon. tanner. (Williams Spicer Joreph, Folkftone, sariner. (Rippon, London

and Darke, Prince's ftreet. Bedford row, and Terrell, road, Southwark Kreter

Stevens Charles, Billericay, Effex, baker and saddler. Kennett Richard, Cheapfide, hatter. (Harrison, Old (Cutring, bartlett's buildings City Chambers, Binopfgare treet

Stork Joho, High Holborn, dealer in flour. (Fitzgerald, Kennett Richard, and Osborn Punchon, Cheapfide, hatters. Leman ftreet, Goodman's Fields (Birkett. Bond court, Walbrook

Suter George, Broad freet, Bloomsbury, vidualler. (AlKnight Joh. Brooker, Pore &reet, cheesemonger. (Tay. dridte and Smith, Lincoln's inn. bo. Fore treet

Swan George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer. (Boll and Kaowles Thomas, late of Leeds, York, but now 1 pri Brodrick, Bow lane. and Seymour, Newcaftle

Coner in Rothwell goal, ironmonger (Parker and Swann William Shiffoall, Suop, breechos maker. (Buck Brown Sheffield, and Blagrave and Walter, Symond's Dall, Allbrighton, and Griffith, James Areet, Bedford inn

row Lasaru. Jacob, and Godfrey Alexander Cohen, Eaf India Sykes Joseph, Queen freet, Cheapfide, sugar factor Chambers, Leadenhall Arcet, merchants (An.

(Bovill, New Bridge Areet, Blackfriars neficy and Bennett, Angel court

Taylor Charles, Bristol, filversnaith. (Vizard and HutchLeemiar Thomas, Salford, Lancaster, timber merchant. infon, Lincoln's inn, and Harris, jun. Britol Ells Chancery lane, and Edge, Manchester

Teideman Willian, fen, and jun. Portsmouth, tavern. Lewis Thomas, Cushion cuurt, Broad freet. wholesale keepers (Poulden, Porti.nouth, and Shelton, Sera ironmonger. (Mafon and Rogers. Fofter lane

fons house, Londen Leat William, Little Ormand ftreet, plaferer and paper Thacker juhn, Bury St. Edmunds, brandy merchant, hanger. (Turner and Pike Bloomsbury fquare

I Haynes. Fenchurch treet LODemore Samuel, Britol, Jipen draper (Bayly, Thibault Franc 8, Great Mary-le-bone Areet, working Krittol

Jeweller (Henson Dorfet ftreet, Salisbury fyuare Luud Thomas, Devon thire treet, Queen square, piabo Thomas Thomas, late of Charterhouse fquare, Jeweller. forte maker. Collins and Waler, Spital syuare

but now a prifouer in the Marthalseal unes and Mac Alpio John, Brifol, merchant. (Tarrant, Chancery

Roche, Covent Garden church yard

Thomas John, Horsham, brandy merchant. (cerdon Marth Charles, Walverhampton, grocer. (Biddle, Wol. and Davis, Corbet court, Gracechurch ftreet verhampton, and Thomas Staple inn

Thomas John, Llanrhynmair, Montgomery, Rannel-ma. Martin Thomas Overton Flint, dealer. (Browa, Wrex. nufacturer. (Bics Hatton Garden, and Mardin harr. and Kinderley and Co. Gray's inn

Llanidloes Mason Philip, Brifol, boot and Moc-maker. (Stephens, Toney Robert, Hamptonwick, Middlesex, maltteri Bristol, and Sweet and Stokes, Temple

(Holmes, Great James Atreet, Bedfordrow K'Leod Thomas Harrison, Tukenhov fe yard, merchant. Tugwell Thomas, Horsham, tanner. (Osbaldetton, Lil. (Palmer, Tomlinfons, and Thorson, Copthall court

tle Tower treet N Nair Archibald, Abchurch lane. London, merchant. Turner Robert, Hull, grocer. (Martin, Hull

(Palmer, Tomlipfons, and Thom fio, Copchall court Vaux John, Cuthion court, Broad Atreet, broker. (Bar. Moore William, Well Smithfield, oilinga. (Sweet and rows and Vincent, Bafinghall freet - Stokes, Temple

Wales Charles Henry, Vigo lane. Piccadilly, printer. Morland Jannes, Deptford, coa) dealer. (Metcalf, Rafing. (Antice and Cox, Temple and Tbompfon, Stamford hall ftreets

Ward Robert, old itreet, victualier. (Wilde, Caftie ftreet, Munt John, and Thomas Adam, Leadenhall Areet, bat. Falcon square maakere (Rivington, Tenchurch buildings

Whitebrook William, Crutched friars, wine merchants Neave Thomas and Mores, Bicklun, Hants, millers. (Sheppard, Dean Areel, Southwark (Peard, Ely Place, and Hooper, Ringwood

Wilson John Offett, York, clothier. (Clarkson, Eflex Nichols Wiliana, Piccadilly, linen draper.

Atreet, Strand, god Clarkson, Wakeeld Hoxton fquare

Wright Joha, fen. Great Roffell treet, upholfterer. (Pat. Nisbert Samuel, Hackney, exchange-broker. (Popkin, ten, Crofs ftreet, Hatton Garden Dcan freet, Soha

Wylie Henry, Mitre court, Aldgate, mercbant. (Blues Narbura Walter, High Holborn, linen draper. (Warne, * and Bowman, Old Bethlem

U14 Broad ftreet Nutt William, Leicefer, grocer. (Greares, Leiceller and wulun. Temple

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Nutter Hannah and John, and Thomas Wake, Hudders. feld York, merchants. (Allifon, Huddersfield, and

Alcocks Jofeph, Nettlebed, Orford, vi&ualler, oa, 16 Willie, Fairthorpe and Clarke. Warn ford court

Anderson John, Stockport, Chefter, draper, uct. 30 O'Donoghue Bartholomew. Wideombe, Somerset, wine

Apthorp Charles Ward, Bridge Areet, Blackfriar's, mer. mercbant. (Smith, Brittol

chant, November 24 Packham WiDiam. Appledore, Kent, victualler. (Fowle A rmflrone John, High Areet, Southwark, linen draper, New Roinney, and Barnes, Clifford's inn

November 10 rapiuon Peter Francis Sermond (ey catico printer. (Pul. Arton John, Great Drimeld. York, grocer, October 10 len, Fore treet

A scough James. Leeds, York, wool itapitr. November 10 Parkin Croad treet, merchant. (Palmer,

Afcough George, Gery ux, York, wooid apler, Nov. 10 Torplio fons and Thomson, Copthall court

Audin Thomas, Chester, coach proprietor, onder 13 Pearce William, Liverpool, liquur mercbant. (Mafley

Naker George, City Road, coack maker. November and Cartwright, Liverpon!

Ball Jaines Belcher fun. Keofington, coach inatter Novi 1. Peirce Thomas, and william Abbott P. Chapman Nade, Barna John Truio, Cornwall, mercer, Novembar 20 Wilts, clothiers. (Barton, Warmintter, and Ne

Bater John, Strand, taiior, Ostober 27 ther role and Portal, Effex ftreet, Strand

Batie Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne, rrocer, odober is Pickering Thomas, Moore street, Wef miniter, victualler.

Beesley Francis, and Thomas Owen, Rood labe, wine and TIetcher, Hyde ftreet, Bloernsbury

brandy merchants, November Price Juno aud Thomas, Bristol, wine merchants.

Bennett James, Plymouth, Aaberdasher, November 3 (stephens, Brilok, and Sweet and Stokes, Taper

Bennett Thomas, Liverpool, merchant. October 27 Tel.ple

Porridge William, Maiden lue, Wood Areet, holier. Jy en joha, Oxford, horre dealer. (Tomes, Oxford, November 3 and Puch, Bernard ftreet. Rufell fquare

Berry Jofeph, Manchefter, calico printer. October 13 Reyhurdfon Thomas, Manchefer, cottou merchant. (Ellis,

Bizneli' william, Great St. Helen's broker, November Chancery laue, and Knight, Manchetter

Blackburn w. Leeds, York, woolDapler, November 14 Lobert on William, Great St. Helen 3, Biruopfgare freet,

Bonder Francis Heory, Fleet Areet, ftationer, November merchant. (Palmer, Tomlinson, auc Thomsoo,

Boulton Geurge, Charing Crors, cuach proprietor, No. Copthail court

vember 10 Kotiliard Nicholas, Weymouth, merchant. (Henning, Brewer Thomas, Baldwin's gardens, Gray's inn lane, tio Weymouth, and Alexander, New square, Lincoln's plate worker, vorernber 10

Broadneld F. N. Stourport, Worcetter, boat builder Rogers Joban, fen, and jup. Fortplace, Bermonds y, build. November 13 ers. Wasbrough, Copths . ceurt

Brown John, Little Eancheap, cheeremonger, Nov. 3 Rcwton William, and Thimas Morhall, Chester, bankers. Brown Stephen, Bloxwich, stafiord, rope maker, ocr. jo

(K oblewhite, Rowland, and Robinson, Gray's inn Brown 6tephen, and William Fildeley, Bloxwich, Stafford, piace

rope B.akers, October 34 Ruficii Edward. York Atreet, Southwark, merchant. Browse and J. Poweli, Liverpool, merchants Noy. 13 Bishop, Holbom count, Grays ins

Byron David, ew Road, St. Pancras, e atuary, NOV 10 Salmenfun Abrahard, wellctore Iquare, merchant. (Harris Burge Joan Cattle Casey, Someriet, Auckiag maker and Sun Cattie rect, Houndtoi ch

October 29 Garags Daniel toaley. Glucester, pig dealer. (Okey, Cafell Samuel, and Walter Powell, Lombard Atreet, Giocefter, and chilrun Lincoln's inn

baukts, November 24 Schaar Charles. Prince's freet, Cavendifk fquare, tailor. Chapinan William, deverley York, liden draper, Nov. 13 (Lane, Lawrence Pourtney hill

Chinery Francis, Oxford Atreet, liueo draper, October 30 Senior John alve thorpe. York, clorhier. (Lee, Wake Chriftian William, Liverpooi. attorney. October 17 field and ykes, and Knowles, New Inn

Clancy William, St. Mary Axe, merchant. No eu.ber 3 thav Richard, Stuke-upon-Trent, Startord, merchant, Culcanan John, Live per Ibfcuir baker, October 18

(Wallhata»d Ward, Newcalle-under-Lyone, and Price Colins Letitia, Halfmoon Orest, milliner, November and Williams, Lincoln's inn

Coulthard Joseph, Duckiersbury, warehou remnan, Nur. 71 MOXINLY Mag. No. 205.


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Geriun Johnny Bury Hall

Cox James and John Smith, Manchefer, au&ioneers,

November 6 Crean Edwardt, Margaret Qreet, Cavendish fquare, car.

penter, November 3 Curiis R. Worcester, linen draper. November 13 Davey James, Eat Anttey Devon yeomen, November Davidson John, East India Cha. bers, eadenhall friet,

merchant November 3 J avis T. Haverford Mel, mercer November is Devenil Ang and Henry Newport, Villier's street, Strand,

uphollterers, October 12 Dinsdale Jofeph Hull dealer, oktober 30 Dudd J Pall Mall, hatter, November 10 Duckworth Thomas, Parbold Lancashire. vidualler,

Octobe: 15 Duffield George, Bermondsey, hearth rug manufacturer,

November 3 Zlderton Harry, Briftol, money fcrivener, November 17 Elliott Thomas, Bejford Areet, Covent Garden, tailor,

October 30 Liden John, Newmarket, Carpenter, October 31 Emmett T. and J Gerrard &reet, tailors, November 15 Euftace William Little Carter Lane, Dudur's Commons

cabinet maker, November 10 Forster Kichard, High treet, Bloomsbury, cheesemonger,

November 3 Folter Robert, Kingland road, filkman), November 3 Tree Wiliam Henry, Broad freet, Horfley-dowa. mer.

chant, November 14 German jarvis, Aldermanbury, hofier. November 3 Gibron John, Liverpool, tailor Now mber o Good limothy, Hul, itoemaker, october 26 Hale arry and Harry Haggard , Birchin lane, oilmen,

October 27 Hall Thomas, Berwick on Tweed, me chant, November 6 Hanson Joseph, Hure Green Suitex innkeeper. Nov. 10 Hanfon homas, Battle, Sumx, inkeeper November 10 Hanlon Jareph, ura Green, and Thomas Hanfos, Battle,

innkeepers November 10 Hart George, Woo Ibridge, Suffolk, brewer. November 2 Hey Thomas, Lombard reet, Fl et Areet, dealer in fpi

rituus liquo's November 3 Hinde J. Bucklersbury, who.erale grocer, october 21 Holloway John, Ferer St, Swithio's lane, wine mer.

chant, November 10 Hulton Rubert, Woun, Bucks, malfier, Otober 27 Hori William T2: enam, Hanis. contractor for cattle,

November 3 Howell Hatham, Neath, Glamorgan Mhopkeeper, od. 13 Howell Patry, London road, surry babe cather, Nov. 10 Howse John Wantage, Berk. currier, November 10 Hughes Henry, Worcefter hatter. October 30 Hunt Robert, Nottingham, mercer, October 17 Hutchinson John Hay, Ioland Areet, victualle, Nov 13 Ivory John, Mark lane, broker, October 27 Jackes William, Gwiitorditreet, Blackfriar's road. cora

dealer, Normher 13 Jarvis Jaines, bath, victualler, November 5 Jefferys Nathaniel, Pall Mall, jewe ler, Nurember 6 Bones William, Woolwich tailor. Novemner 10 Kerry Johu, Littlc Newport Areet, Long Acre, haberdather,

October 3 Klugh George, Coventry ftreet, tailor, November 10 Kuricht Edward, Horydown lane, light rruan, o&t. 27 Lance Christopher Grosvenor lace, baker, October 23 Lincker John; Liverpool, wool.en draper, November 10 Lentill Wiliam. Leeds. York, fp rit merchant. Nov. 10 Line J, Upper Queen åreet, Rotherhiche. Nov. 13 Lloyd Samuel, Paddington. Middlesex. grocer, odber jo Lucas Nathaniel and Charles Berks. Pancras lane. mer.

chants. November 10 Macleud W. Upper Crow Arect. Weftminster, army agent.

November 10 Mar Bachel. Rayleigh. Ellex. linen draper December 1 24.athias John, Brighton, Qater. November 10 Matthews James. Hertford mtalınan October 27 M.Dowall william. Tottenhamn court. St. Pancras. linen

draper. October 23 Mircbeil William. Turnwheel lane, fugar factor. Nov. 2 Mors foreph, jun. Newbury Berks. timber d aler. oct. 24 Muricy i Bioma Pacerouter row, Spitalfields. shoe manu.

facturer. October 17 Newcombe John Exeter, vidualler. November o Newman Robert. Baitmouth, Devon. Bip builder, of.25 Newg4im . Bihop care ftreet Wirbout. hinc draper.

November 13 Oldham Jofeph. Melton, Sufalk. grocer. November 2 tarke William. Liverpool. (pint merchant. October 24 Parker Michacl. Bipon. shopkeeper. Novcmer 1 Parker George. Chenies arcet. Oxford road. Br tith wine

sker. November 17 Parnell Robert. Newent, Gloceter. tanner. November

Part Robert. Watlin's Areeta wholesale baberdather. Nor

veinber 10 Payler T. Greenwich.merchant. November 10 Payne fames Weft fquare, Southwark. arany contractors

November Pearce William, Dover.catdwtiner. November 13 Penn faac, Leather late, oil and colourman Pears Samuel. Bread ftreet, Warehousemnan. Nov. 19 Perkins Abraham. Stamford. Lincoln, grocer. October 13 Perkins John Queen ftreet, Cheapfide, tationer. Now. S Petrie Johu Kempton and John Ward, Hanworth. Mid

dletex, dealers. November 3 Phillips Thomas, Plough court. Lombard treet. merchant.

October 5 Popplewe'l james. and James Jepfon. Lawrence. Peutsty

lane brokers. November 12 Potts Lawrence, Briftal. cutler, oåtober 26 Prime James, and Jeremiah Smith. Birmingham. and of

Snowhin. London. hofiers, and dealers in lace. oct. 27 Pugh Georve. and James Davia. Old Fith freet. chemiks

Novrinber 10 Pyrke Duncum e. Bithoprrate treet. hatier. November to Railey Thomas and James Hunt. Hul. brevet. 00, 16 Read RobertCaroline Mews, Bedford Square, fable

kecper. October 23 Richardfon Abraham St. Denftan's bill, Tower freete

vidualler. November 13 Rickinan w. Northampton. line draper, November lo Rooke 'Thonias. Bengco. Herts. farmer, Nov. 6 Roper Robert. Hound fcitch. timber merchant. Nov. 10 Rote Thomas Drewcatt. Mariborough, tallow chander.

ottober 25 Rothery T. Leeds. York. wool apler. November 14 Sayer foreph, Upper North Place. Gray's inn lage, coach and

harnes maker, October 32 Scott John, Strand. Dookfeller, December 1 Scager Stephen Page. Maidd one, dea'er. Nov. To Sellers Robert Sculcoates, York grocer Nov. 6 Shafe Joh. Shoe lanc, copper plate maker oct. 13 Shevil w. Bury Atreet Wapping, dealer Nov. 13 Shillibeer Heiry Blatchford Piymo' in Dock auctioneer, 08. 24 Silverlock Henry, Havant, Hants linen diaper, Oct, $ Simmons Benjamin, late of Newcastle kreet, Strand, foc

maker, but now in the King's Bench, NOV. 13 Skelton James Bramley, Size lane. merchent, oc. 33 Skinner David, Newington Causeway. cabinet maker. Nov. 3 Soae: Robert. Mark lane and Deptford, provifua mbebas.

Nov. 10 Spencer John High street. Mile Eod vinaller. Nov. 10 Sprague Gilbert, Toptham, Devon rope maker. Nov. 10 Spring Redhaw Calfior, Lincoln, mercer. Nors Stanford EdwardCalle Itreet. Leicester field livery Babie

keeper. Nov. 3. Steedman George. and John M Lean, bamb Arget. potatoe

merchants. Oct 23 Steeventon Thomas, Snow's fields. Bermondsey. woot apier,

Oct 23 Stem Cou Sainuel Axbridge, Somerset. baker. Nov. 1 Storey Juleph and Robert. St. Margaret's hill. So that the

liren drapery. Nov. 6 Swee i John, Old Bond ftreet tailor.oa. 13 Symond john Ramiden. Oxford hørte dealer. 04.15 Taylor M.). Latham. od L. Beicher. Liverpool mese

cha is. Nov. 13 Tralford John Froadihgham. Lincols. beat jobber. XV.6 Trier Richard George, Parion's Green. Fulham bakos.

October 30 Trautbeck William Henry. Minories. victualler. Nov. 1 Turner P Market Raifin, Lincoin. grecer. Nor. 13 Tutin Ralph, Chandos ftreet, Cortet Garden, Checicmonker

October 20 Valentine Richard and John. Muroford's court, Mik fra

warehoutemen, 'ctaber 77 Wake William Spital 1quare, filk weaver. odober is Wallis James Fitet areet, engrayer. Nov. 3 Ward James. Bermondsey. brewer, November 3 Wardman Thomas. Horton. Yok calico manufac rer.

October 14 Watson John, fen, and jan. ad Joseph Watfon, Profon,

Lancatter, corton manufact, rer. Nov 13 Wcale Philip Kingto. Hereford; tailor; Nuv; S Wutters B; Finchlane, Corn balls bruker; Nor, lo Weiglutinar Thomas Newgate treet. mercer, Nov;17 Weightman W; Birmiaghan, mercer, Nov, 0 We us Thomas and George Owen Tuke: Backfides Sury

cimber merchants; or, S Wilcucks Thomas, Exetcr; tailow chandler, Nov, Williams William, Lad Lape, victualler, October 27 Wood Thornis, Sheffield, merchant, Octoberji Wugot Charles; Aldgate; 100accun,ft; November 3 Young Gaven and Gave.. Giepnie; Budge row serchatu

Nov; 12


INCIDENTS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, IN AND NEAR LONDON : Hath Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased,

On Wednesday, October 3, the Coffre-dam, workmen employed in excavating the earth

at the Limehouse entrance of the West for the foundation, having observed the w2. India Docks, erected for the purpose of keep- ter to burst underneath the pites, were ordering out the water, wbile the building of the ed to remove immediately from the dain. The winx-wail of the lock was going on, gave way. confidence, however, reposed in its security, Ai usarly tuzb water, in the afternoon, the from the immense strength of the braces, &c.

we still such, that hopes were entertained bold and well-executed bas-relief, the battle that it would not entirely give way; but in a of Tratalgar. few minutes, the piles, which were upwards

MARRIED. of thirty feet long, were forced perpendicu- At St. Luke's, Chelsea, Captain Thomas larly into the air, the water of course filled Fraser, of the Madras engineers, to Mrs. Ann the dar, and the effects were immediately Brown, relict of Henry Brown, esq. late comfelt in the bason, though not to the extent mercial resident at Ramnad. that might have been expected Fortunately At Hammersmith, William Marshall, esq. no lives were lost. The situation of the dam to Mrs. Cloud, widow of Mr. Thomas C . was so much exposed that not less than from At Mary-le-bone, Count Melchior de Poo thirty to forty vessels passed every tide. lignae, third son of the Duke de Polignae, to Many of these, in passing (notwithstanding Alphonsine, eldest daughter of Madame le · every exertion on the part of the dock master), Vasson de la Touche.--Peter Aime Ouvry, came with a severe crash against the dam, and esq. of Abingdon-street, Westminster, to fræn this circumstance, and the pressure of Sarah Amelia, eldest daughter of John Dela. about fifteen hundred thousand tons of water, main, esq. of Berner's-street the blowing up of the whole was not to be At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Thomas wontered at.

Vernon, esq. to Miss Billingham, niece of the Early on Friday morning, October 5, a late William Martin, esq. of Tewkesbury. dreadful fire broke out at a large warebouse, At St. James's, Sir George Warrender, nearly adjoining Mr. Calvert's brewhouse, in bart to the Honorable Anne Boscawen, Tbaoes-street, wbich at first threatened the youngest daughter of the late Viscount Fala destruction of the whole of that immense mouth.-Edward H. Nevinson, esq. of Saville. building, and even of the barges on the river; but row, to Miss C. Bonney, daugliter of the late by the timely arrival of the engines, and a Rev. Dir. B. of King's Cliffe, Northamptonplentiful supply of water, the fire was got un- shire. . der about three o'clock; but not till the whole Robert Shafto Adair, esq. eldest son of of the extensive warehouse was burnt to the William A. esq. of Cumberland-place, to Miss ground, and two or three houses damaged. Elizabeth Maria Strode, of Kenisngton palace. The loss by this conflagration is computed at Dr. Faulkner, physician to the Forces, to 15,000). No lives were lost.

Mrs. Assiotti, relicto: George A. esq, deputy. The Royal Cockpit, St. James's Park, so commissary.generai for North Britain. Joog the receptacie of the most cruel recrea At Putney, John Winter, jun. esq. of St. tion, so long the resort of the cheat and of Swithin's-lane, Lombard.street, to Miss Gore * the pick-pocket, is now no more. The go- don, daughter of Charles G. esq. of GowerTerrors and trustees of Christ's Hospital, to street, Bedtord-square, and of Berkhampstead, wbom the ground belongs, met on the spot Herts. the very day the lease expired, and gave direc. At Hackney, Mr. Williamı Seamour, of tions for the immediate erasement of the Fenchurch-buildings, to Sarah, eldest daughbuildings.

ter of Mr. George Adams, of Stamford-hull. The monument decreed to Lord Nelson by Ar St. George's, Hanover square, Joseph the City of London, in Guildhall, is now exe. Brecknell, esq. to Lady Catharine Colyear, cuted in marble, and placed to correspond daughter of the Earl of Portmore. with tbat of Lord Chatham. At che tup of a At St. Pancras, Thomas Hunter, esq. of pyramid or obelisk the name of Nelson is in Hammersmith, to Francis Charlotte, youngscribed within a wreath of oak; and very pro- est daughter of John Abraham, esq. of Howperly, as alluding to bis great patriotism: be- land-street, Fitzroy.square.--William Johnneath the names of his most famous achieve- son, esq. banker, of Stamford, to Charlotte, ments are recorded by the city of London, daughter of Matthew Consett, esq. of Guilforde wbo, with the mural crown on her head, has street. just put the last letter to the word " Trafal. At St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, the Rev. T. gar." On the left hand of the Deholder, Bri. Scales, of Wolverhampton, to Christiana, el. tannia, surrounded with her usual attributes, dest daughter of the Rev. A. Simpson, divia. is represented situing, and woefully musing nity tuior at the Independent Academy, upon a medallion, bearing the likeness and Haxton, mane of the departed bero. On the fore. At Great Ealing, John Griffin, esg, to Ca. ground, a gigantic figure of Neptune, lying therine, eldest daughter of F. Tyler, esq. down, the right hand elevated, and in the arti. George M. Hoare, esq. of Alorden-lodge, tude of sodoen astonishment, seems to wis Surry, to Angelina Frances, daughcer of James ness, at a distance, the glorious buc dearly. Greene, esg. boa yht vjetory, which closed the wonderful At Newington Butts, John Hopkins, esq. career of Lord Nelsun. On the basis of the to Mrs. Berridge, late of Alired-place, SouthCenotaph, between two small niches, each wark. containing, in demi-relievo, the figure of a sain The Rev. Mr. Lawson, to Miss Buster. lor, of excellent workmanship, is a tablet rea. worth, daughter of Mr. Alderman 3. of Cody to receive the inscription; and under, in a ventry,


years an eminent warehouseman in Lothe bury, 8%.

burs At an advanced age, Mrs. Elizabetb Hatfield, At Kentish Town, Mrs. Mary Hough, 92. widow of the late Joseph Hatfield, eso. of At Clapton, Mrs. Farrel, 67. Fishlake, Yorkshire.

At Thatcham, Jobn Wbiting, esq. 24. In Devonshire.street, Queen-square, Mrs. Matilda, youngest daughter of the late Milne, widow, 75.

Nathan Basev, esq. In Stratton-street, the infant daughter of At Stockwell, Samuel Porensett, esq. 65. Lieutenant Colonel Bunbury.

In High Holborn, Mr. Jobs Page, auctie In Golden square, in consequence of her oneer. clothes taking fire, Mrs. Woodgate, mother At Fulham, Robert Campbell, esq. of Ask. of Mr. W. attorney, 80.

wich and Lochgair house, Argyleshire, and In High-street, Mary-le-bone, Mrs. Car. sheriff of that county. penter, 85.

At Greenwich, Peter Poussett, esq. 80. In Upper Berkeley-street, Mrs. Deering, At his brother's, in Scotland-yard, of the wife of George D. esq.

Walcheren fever, Lieut. 7. Skene, 28. At Kentish Town, Yobn Williams, esq. one I n Somerset Place, Cbarles Edward Beresof his majesty's serjeants-at-law.

ford, esq, secretary to the commissioners of At Greenwich, William Collins, esp. of Joha- the Stamp Duties. street, Adelphi.

At Edmonton, Mrs. Hodgson, wife of Wm. , In Upper Berkeley-street, the Rev. Ralph H. esq. Carr, of Cockers, Durham, and grand father of In Hill-street, Berkely-square, the infant Sir Charles Coote, bart. 73.

son of George Baring, esq. Jobx Ellison, esq. of Thorne, York, banker, In King's Road, Bedford-row, Sarab, wife brother to Colonel Ellison M. P. for Lincoln, of Mr.' Samuel Page, architect, and only 46. He left Doncaster in good health only daughter of Daniel Say, esq. of Sandon, two days before his death.

Essex, 39." In Warren-street, Fitzroy-square, Mr. In Spring Gardens, Elixa, wife of T. H. Orton, one of the gentlemen of his majesty's Harris, esq. commander in che East lodia bread-pantry.

Company's service, 19. At Charing Cross, Mr. Brown, watch. Ai Chelsea, Mrs. Catberine Abboti, 74. maker.

At Greenwich, Miss Prisca Anderson, At Old Brompton, Mrs. Naylor, relict of youngest daughter of Colonel A. of the Royal Colonel N. 76.

Artillery. In Hans-place, the infant son of the Hon. In Sloane-street, Alexander Leitcb, esq. Fitzroy Stanhope.

At Kingsland, Joseph Savagi, esq.surgeon. At Blackheath, William Churchill, only son In Basinghall-street, Tbomas Loggen, 17. of Peter Laurie, esq.

solicitor. In Lincoln's-inn-fields, Alexander Popban, In Houndsditch, Mr. Wm. Fisber. esg. late one of the masters of the Court of In Bow-lane, Jobn, only son of Joha Chancery, 81.

Hammen, esq. In Great Ormond-street, Charlotte Harriett, At Hampstead, Mrs. Susannab Townsbend, second daughter of Sir Digby Mackworth, of Church-street, Spitalfields. bart. 14.

At Lambeth, Elizabetb, relict of Joseph In Upper Grosvenor-street, Sir Benjamin Houghiand, esq. 90. . Sulliven.

At Hillingdon, Anna Maria, second In Sloane-street, Richard Twiss, esq. 70. daughter of the late Wm. Pope, esq.

In Hart-street, Bloomsbury, yobn Manley, In Devonshire-square, Charles Steer, esg. esg. of the Temple, and of Holbrook-lodge, At Stockwell, Robert Tyler, esq. 69. near Horsham, 76.

At Clapton, Sarab, third daughter of Wm. At Chelsea, Mr. Thomas Anthony Devis, of Lister, M.D. of Lincoln's-inn fields. Castle street, Cavendish square.

At Kennington, Mrs. Elizabstb Hall, wife * At Kentish Town, Thomas Greenwood, esg. of Mr. John H. of Cheapside, 34. '

At Blackheath, William Barley, esq. - At Strand on the Green, Mr. James S.

At Dulwich, Mrs. Browne, wife of Edward Newton. B. esq. 64.

In Cadogan-place, Caroline Henrietta, younge At Richmond, the Rev. Fobn Smith, rector of est daughter of the late Hon. George NoAshwickin with terga's, Norfolk, and of pier, 20. Hinderclay, Suffok, 91.

In Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury, Mrs. Ars At Hackney, Mrs. Sarab Chambers, relict Martin, wife of Mr. Ambrose M. of Mr Jarvis, C. 64. Isi

In Sobo-square, Jonas Dryender, esq. 63, At Sunbury, Theresa Caroline, daughter of Librarian to Sir Joseph Banks and to the Charles Bishop, esq.

Royal Society, and a vice-president of the In George Street, Hanover-square, Mrs. Linnean Society. His eminent attainments ia Hall, wife of Nicholas H. esq. .. that branch of science which he chiefly cultiva

At Hackney, John Hankinson, esq. many ted, had long placed him in the first sank among

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