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feeling; no matter whether of hope or he repeated to himself, as he walked to fear, joy or sorrow, love or hatred, as the opposite gangway,

For a few moeach in turn may require the co-opera- ments he was absorbed in painful reflection of the whole, or when all, save onė, tion, he passed the fingers of his right become so paralysed or subordinate in hand across his eyelids as he resumed bis action, that we cease to be under their station at the quarter-deck, and he gave respective influence. It was thus we orders to make sail, with a dispirited and stood assembled together on the deck, oppressed heart. scarce conscious of each other's presence, The two sufferers had been employed all absorbed by one feeling, all intent on painting the sides of the ship, and a one purpose : the sails were left flapping plank, which formed a moving stage, was in the wind, and the wind whistled suspended overboard by two ropes at the mournfully through the rigging, as if extremities of it, for them to stand on. performing a dirge over the departed. Vernon had been on deck, and returning At length doubts were entertained whe- to his duty full of life and animation, he ther the heads of the unfortunate seamen jumped with boyish gaiety on the fragile were yet to be seen : “I can only see board, and severed it in two. one,” exclaimed Captain Dove, who had stationed himself on the mizen rigging, to have a more extensive view," and the IF, among the perilous and adven. boat is approaching the spot; it is now turous occupations of a sea-life, there is pulling in a different direction.”

one requiring more energy, activity, “Oh! I fear it's too late," observed skill, courage, and patient endurance Mrs. Glumbs.

than another, it is when man, in a fragile “ It turns again,” continued the cap. skiff, comparatively a nutshell, defies and tain, “and now stops."

attacks in his own element the mighty “ They have got them, they are taking monarch of the ocean, one of the fiercest them into the boat,” said one of the and most active of all the finny tribes,

the sperm whale. This enormous crea. It was evident they were not pulling, ture, as much a fish of prey as the shark, and that some were standing up, but we measures nearly eighty feet in length, could not discern their motions distinct- and from thirty to forty in circumference; ly: they resumed their seats, and pulled the head, shaped like a huge box rounded towards the ship-Captain Dove de- at the corners, and rising a little towards scended to the deck.

the neck, in some species forming nearly Hope and fear contended for the mas- one-third of the whole. The tail, moved tery over us, as the boat approached. with as much facility as the whip of a We could not see the sufferers, but they wagoner, is horizontal, and from eighteen were probably at the bottom of the boat, to twenty-four feet in breadth; while a exhausted, perhaps insensible.

tremendous lower jaw, from twenty-five • Yes, there is one !” exclaimed Trip- to thirty in length, thickly studded with tolemus, “ I see his head!”

conical, curved teeth, ten or twelve inches “ It's Vernon, then, no doubt,” saià long, is moved as adroitly as the tail, and one of the crew; “ he is the best swim- both, when running on his side, with a mer, and poor Wentworth's gone.” power that would crush a ship, and a

The boat came alongside—we looked noise like thunder. To these irresistible into it, but no one spoke-the ladies faculties he possesses the agility of the descended mournfully to the cabin : salmon, leaping from the water, and Charles Vernon and Wentworth were as the instance of the unfortunate Amenot of this life—the hat of the former rican South-seaman in 1821-falling on was all that was found.

the decks of ships with a weight capable “And could you see nothing of them?” of shattering or sinking the largest. This inquired Captain Dove, when the crew redoubtable animal wars not only with came on deck.

“ We saw one of them many other fish, but with some of the for some time, but when we got to the more peaceable of its own species, purspot he had disappeared, and the water suing, attacking, and with its long sharp was the colour of blood : at that moment teeth, tearing the flesh from the carcasses we thought we saw him again above of many of the whale-tribe. water ; but it was the back fin of one The ships employed in this trade to of the largest sharks I ever beheld, and the South Seas sail at all seasons; they we afterwards saw three of them." require to be in good repair, newly cop

“ Poor fellows !” exclaimed Captain pered, with three years' provisions of the Dove, with emotion; poor fellows !” best quality, and a liberal supply of sails,


rigging, sea-stores, and antiscorbutics, comes again to the surface, blowing and the success of the voyage often depend- spouting up the water many yards, which ing on their ability to keep at sea. at a distance looks like smoke. A fresh

The coast of Peru and Galapagos attack is now made, the boat already fast Islands were, until lately, the great re- hauling alongside, and with a lance nine sort of these fish; but, with a singular in- feet in length, including pole, comstinct, they have abandoned those shores, mencing to probe her between the ribs, and taken to the coast of Japan, the after each thrust withdrawing the instruFeejee, Navigation Islands, and the In- ment. She now begins to spout blood; dian Ocean. During the passage out, the water, and sometimes the men and the crews, from thirty to thirty-five, ac- boats, being covered with it, all the time cording to the number of boats in each cutting or dipping her tail, to the great vessel, are employed in preparing the danger of the boats, which require much latter and their gear; for, on entering management to keep them clear. In the trade winds, or even off the Western the last convulsive agonies, she runs Islands, sperm whales may be met with. round on her side in a circle, clashing The boats are usually from twenty-three her lower jaw, and shortly after turns to twenty-eight feet long; sharp at both up, and generally dies with her head toends, like a canoe, with six men, five wards the sun. She is then towed alongrowers and a steersman, and capable of side, secured, and the ceremony of cutcarrying seven or eight hundred weight ting-in is commenced. of whale-line and other materials. The instruments of attack, are the harpoon

MARTIN WERNER. with a barbed prong, and a lance. Lookouts are placed at the mast-head; and when a fish is seen, it is made known to The shades of evening were beginning the deck by the cry of “ Town oh!” to creep darkly over the surrounding “ Where away ?” is the demand, which objects, ere Martin Werner laid down is answered by denoting the quarter it is his brushes and palette. His easel was in. The course of the ship is directed placed so as to catch every ray of light towards it, and the boats prepared for from the solitary window that illuminated lowering; when near, they are off in an the room in which he sat. He had been instant, and skim the sea with the fleet- working all the day to finish his picture, ness of the dolphin. On approaching and it was with a heavy sigh that he now the fish, great precaution is necessary, desisted. But the sigh was not one of generally pulling up in her wake until despair, for his nature was sanguine, and near, but steering clear of the sweep of there was a buoyancy in his soul that had the tail until abreast of the shoulder or never yet deserted him.

This might fin, and then closing, the harpoon is have resulted from the consciousness of a struck before the hump, at the moment, genius that must either at the present or if possible, when the animal is diving, a future time, find its reward in the ap. the skin being at that moment more plause of thousands; or it might be only tight. When this is done, the boat is the light-heartedness of youth and health. sheered off, clear of the convulsive play But certainly, to look at himself and his of the tail, which is thrown about with abode, most persons would have said that great violence, with a tremendous noise, Martin Werner had great cause for and lashing the sea into a perfect foam. melancholy. The apartment was large She now either sets off at full speed, or and cold, but he consoled himself by say“ sounds," that is, goes perpendicularly ing that he could not complain of having down. In the former case the boat is no room to work in ; and though the towed behind at a tremendous rate, the window would not open to admit air as people sitting perfectly still, as the least well as the yellowish light by which the motion would risk the loss of the boat painter worked, yet draughts poured in and all on board; in the latter, the line from every direction, which, he said, kept must be veered unchecked around the up a constant circulation of fresh air. No loggerhead, a round piece of wood, ten fire cast a cheerful glow over the desolate inches in diameter, fixed in the stern of region, and the corner opposite to the the boat—this operation requiring much empty grate was occupied by a lowly skill, is not the least dangerous. If the bed, beside which stood a large chest, fish is large, a signal is made by tossing containing the painter's wardrobe. Marup an oar or hoisting a flag, when a second tin Werner had laid aside his colours, and boat comes with more line to bend on in was carefully searching for something case of need, After a time, the animal that lay at the bottom of this chest.


length, he dragged forth the object, and Again his dreams were painfully inproceeded to the window to examine its terrupted by the pangs of hunger; he contents. It was a leathern purse, and thought that sleep might lull him into from it he drew--carefully wrapped in insensibility to them, and stretched himpaper to preserve its lustre-a shining self on his bed. But sleep came not; coin. In a happier hour he had been and, after tossing about for some time, attracted by its brightness, and had de- he started up and sought, through setermined never to part with it. But veral streets, the shop of a baker. One now the hand of stern necessity was held he at last espied, and hastily entered. forth; he had tasted no food all day. The shopkeeper cast a suspicious eye He gazed upon it, and, for a moment, upon his customer; for his clothes were a tear dimmed his eye; for it recalled not so new as they had been, and were, distinctly his mother, in her distant home; besides, covered with divers spots and his brothers, tossing on the fickle and patches of paint, which did not, by any deceitful waves; and his sisters, even means, add to the gentility of his apnow, perhaps, thinking how their bro


Our artist demanded a loaf, ther's pictures would be admired and in payment whereof he laid down his gazed at in the great city. The whole last bright coin. The baker took it, course of his life passed as in a dream scrutinized it, turned it over and over, before him. Again he was in the cottage then dashed it violently against the home which had sheltered his infancy; board, and declared it a counterfeit. again he heard the shouts of the happy “A counterfeit,” exclaimed the painter, urchins who had been his playmates; dismally. But fearing that his tone and again he wandered from them, and stood look might betray his circumstances, he alone with nature—the blue vault above added carelessly, at the same time laying and the lovely earth beneath; he heard down the coveted loaf, “ well, it's of no the gurgling of the thousand streamlets, consequence; I don't happen to have the roar of the distant ocean--the songs another with me now: good night, sir.” of the wild birds--and high overhead the Affecting an independent swagger,

he lark, the sweetest songster of them all, left the shop, and hastened down the sending forth its notes, distinct and clear. street; but, had he looked back, he would

I cannot part with it,” he said, un- have seen the sharp face of the baker consciously aloud ; " surely such a dream peering after him, as he muttered to of happiness is worth starving for.


himself, “ You don't happen to have any sides, my picture will be finished to- more with you, sir, now? Ay, ay, you're morrow, and I can wait till then."

a pretty scamp, I warrant you; and I shall With this heroic resolution he replaced look twice at your money if ever you his treasure; and folding his arms, he come to my shop again.” stood at the window, whistling one of the Martin Werner hastened home. Till plaintive little airs of his country. Group that hour he had not known absolute want, on group of chimneys, of all shapes and and even his buoyant spirits threatened sizes, formed the most prominent feature to desert him at the approach of grim in the landscape before him; and houses, penury, Once more he ransacked bis with flat roofs and steep roofs, a strange chest, for in one corner he remembered heterogeneous mass of buildings, through to have seen a crust. He found it; it which the eye in vain wandered for some was mouldy, and covered with dust; but pleasing object on which to rest. Among he shook that off, and ate it with a keen them, however, our artist's imagination relish ; then got into bed, and slept more went to work. Lofty domes and stately soundly than he who had supped upon palaces arose at the waving of the magic all the delicacies that wealth could prowand of his fancy-forms of beauty and lovelinesss, wandering amid gardens of The morning sun was shining brightly luxury and delight, while angel messen- upon him, through the window, when he gers bore peace and happiness to their awoke. He leaped from his bed, exsolitude. From these visions of bliss he claiming, as he hastily dressed himself, turned to the destruction of worlds and “ The crisis of my adversity is past! empires, and the awful depths of the in- The sun shines gaily on my morning's fernal regions—the gigantic billows over- work; I will take it for an omen - a hanging the shuddering group of devoted prognostic of brighter days to come !" wretches collected on a rock during the Under these favourable auspices be great deluge, or the conflagration of finished his picture; and we need not majestic cities, doomed by the will of tell how rapidly he rose to fame. heaven to destruction.

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CARDINAL PETRALIA. without appeal in all cases of conscience

in Catholicism, his decrees had the (For the Parterre.)

strength of laws, and were received every

where as oracles inspired by God. CHAP. I.

Emulous to have so great a saint for confessor, sovereigns had often, though unavailingly, invited him to their courts;

but he invariably declined the direction CARDINAL PETRALIA, a Sicilian by birth, of royal consciences, saying with Jesus, and a Franciscan, had for a long course that he was sent only to the lowly. His of years inhabited the convent of Saint profound humility but increased his reFrancis of Assisi. Although a prince of nown, and his glory beamed from the the church, and high penitentiary, high depth of the obscure Trastenerin concasuist, and first confessor of Christianity, vent, like the sun from the height of he led the life of a monk. A cell, fur- heaven, to spread over both worlds. nished with all the severity of the order, The cardinal had the high square foreand an apartment equally simple, com- head, black deep-set eyes, strait nose, posed all his rooms. He was as the and perfectly oval face, with that dignity good angel of the Trastenerins, so libe- of exterior, indicating the Greek or Si. rally his hand scattered its bounties cilian origin; for Sicily is the offspring amongst them; and the holiness of his of Greece, and despite invasions, and life was proverbial.

foreign conquests, has preserved herself But his fame was not confined to such more Greek, per haps, than the mother narrow limits; it extended beyond the country. His beard and hair were white, walls of Rome. The rumour of his vast his eye-brows retained their sable bue, acquirements and great piety had spread which rare phenomenon imprinted on so far, that the highest personages, even his physiognomy a singular character of kings, every day consulted him upon strength and energy. difficult questions of morality and Chris- This was not, however, its habitual țian discipline. A judge supreme, and expression. In repose, his countenance had a tranquillity, a seraphic quietude; man of Palermo, where my office was to his features had even an oriental power stand at table behind his chair, and in the of immobility, recalling by its perma- street behind his carriage. Quarrelsome, nence the ecstatic contemplations of the insubordinate, and a gambler, for two Chinese bonze and Indian faquir. Per. years I lived the degrading life of the haps an eye skilled in the analysis of the ante-chamber. At length, for some conhuman countenance, might have read duct displeasing to the major-domo of many hidden things on that inert and the mansion, whose favourite I had inpassive face : for, furrowed less by years gratiated myself with, I was ignomini. than thought, his wrinkles seemed to tell ously driven from the house. that griefs and conflicts had been known “Behold me then at eighteen years of to his deep and unfathomable spirit. But age, alone in the world, pacing the street common observers see not so much. Tall with ten ducats in my pocket. I had a and well formed, his long monastic robe taste for the romantic, and was fluent of still increased the imposing dignity of his speech ; I became a comedian. The bland and placid appearance.

young head of a wretched strolling comSuch was the individual who now pur- pany, I wandered two years through sued his way to the Marian Mount, Sicily, acting plays in barns and taverns. whither he had invited to a private con. Weary of this life, I entered into a regiference Anselm, a young Roman, of ex- ment garrisoned at Syracuse. The barceeding popularity amongst the lower racks were intolerable to me, and at the orders. When the cardinal reached the expiration of three months I deserted, to appointed place of meeting, Anselm was escape the degradation of corporal punishalready there.

ment. “ You are,” said the cardinal to him “I fled to a distance, and remained at once, without prefatory observations, for six months concealed in the barren “ the individual whom I most esteem in mountains of Madonia, sleeping on trees the world: the confidence I am going to and in caves, and living upon wild fruits, place in you, will prove this better than and milk stolen at night from the cattle any protestations. It is the story of my in the folds. life that I am going to relate. I shall “ Solitude led me to reflection. My lay my heart bare before you, and reveal wandering life became more insupportthings which no eye has penetrated, no ear able to me as winter approached, and with heard, and which my lips will pronounce it snow, rain, and hunger. to-day for the first and last time; bosom Disgusted with thus vagabondizing secrets, which have slumbered in my soul amongst the mountains, I began seriously for forty years. Listen to me, then: I ask to think of returning to the cities, and but one favour; it is that you will not again filling some social situation. interrupt me. This is no discussion, it “Oh! many times, when from the is a narrative; and to make it, I have heights of the Madonian, I saw some disneed of your passive attention, and all tant steeple glittering beneath, did I my own self-collection."

bitterly exclaim, was there then no room Seated on the mountain turf, Anselm for me in those brilliant cities? Was I was mute with surprise and attention. banished from the family of humanity ? The cardinal collected himself for a mo- I felt the secret workings of those unment, as if to gather strength to accom- known germs that required for their deplish his energetic resolution ; he rose, velopment the fertilizing sun of society. and paced beneath the cypress with hur- 6 Solitude was hateful to me. I wanried tread, then tranquillized, reseated dered for whole days amongst the rocks himself by the side of Anselm, and com- and forests, braving a thousand times menced as follows, with a strong and dis dangers and suprises, to see, were it only tinct voice.

distance, the face of a man. An “ You know that I am a Sicilian, but irresistible impulse impelled me to the you do not know that I am the bastard world; and when dread of the punishof a valet. Born in shame and obscurity, ment that awaited me, and horror of the I was educated in a Foundling Hospital. galleys drove me back to the desert, the I shall not recal my early days; I re- return to myself was frightful; in my member only that I was accused of ob- melancholy I could have cursed heaven stinacy and passion, and was beaten, and and earth; in my despair I was ready to that I was reared with contempt and throw myself from the precipices. brutality, with the rest of my companions If I resisted these impulses to suicide, in misfortune. At sixteen I was made that seemed to court me from the depth a valet. I lived two years with a noble. of the abyss, it was neither from religion


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