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Advertising forfeited lands.
Supervisor's appraisals..
Treasurer of Agricultural College.

$70 06

101 72 26,516 92

8 40

$26,697 10 18,878 89

Balance June 30, 1891...


$45,575 99

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Amount brought forward
Expenses of State Government-

Conveying convicts to State Prison..
Conveying convicts to State House of Correction and

Prison, U. P...
Judiciary,--Supreme and circuit courts.

-Costs of Suits..

-State Reporter (incidental expenses).
Game and Fish Warden.
General awards of board of State Auditors.
Members of boards of State Institutions..
Michigan reports.-
Paper and stationery
Printing and binding.
Return of children from State Public School..
State Board of Visitors to Educational Institutions.
State Live Stock Sanitary Commission and Veterinary

State House of Correction (current expenses)
State Prison (current expenses)----
State House of Correction and Prison, U. P. (current

Support of female convicts.
Support of insane, Eastern Asylum..
Support of insane, Michigan Asylum.
Support of insane, Northern Asylum.
Transfer of convicts (insane).
Transportion of children to Śtato Public School.
Medical treatment of children...

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Expenses of State Institutions,-charged back to counties

Support of insane, Criminal Asylum..
Northern Asylum for the Insane..
Institution for educating the Deaf and Dumb..
Michigan School for the Blind...

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State Officers, Clerks, and Judges of Courts.
Military department,-charged back to Millitary ac-


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Advertising sales of forfeited lands ..
Expenses of sales and collecting delinquent State tax.-
Fund for counties (old tax law), paid county treasurers.
Sundry counties (new tax law), paid county treasurers.
Refunding, -Taxes, etc., Auditor General's office.

--peddling license, (S. T.).

---settler's license (L. O.)Relief of Patrick Mulcrone (J. R.)-

Robt. Lake (J. R.).

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Coroners' fees..
Supervisors' appraisals.
Wolf Bounties.
State Banking Department, salaries of commissioner and

State Banking Department, expenses.
Howell's Compilation..

$3,259 25

14 21
5 00

5,500 00 2,216 46 31,000 00

Amount carried forward

$41,994 92 $1,892,058 54

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123,866 46

Payment of troops in aid of civil authorities.

$410 13

410 13


To swamp land fund....

$25,464 07


25,464 07 972,444 04


$3,090,438 16

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Under the heading “Primary School Fund” on this page (348), the figures "froin sale of lands" should read $41,315.21, instead of $41,305.21.


$10,645 27

Balance, June 30, 1890.
Interest on Lands.
Trespass collections..

$7,219 39

513 44

Transfer from Specific Tax Fund...

7,732 83 27,197 89


$45,575 99 $70 06

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Advertising forfeited lands...
Supervisor's appraisals.
Treasurer of Agricultural College.

101 72 26,516 92

8 40

$26,697 10 18,878 89

Balance June 30, 1891..


$45,575 99

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