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Philadelphia, Pa.

Entered at Phila. Post Office as second-class matter

of value to you. Or if you are living on the sunny side of Easy Street yourself, this talk may help to open up your heart to the extent that you will strive to aid some brother doctor who is seeing the seamy side of professional life.

The SUMMARY is not a socialist nor does it believe in the socialistic doctrine; but we are simply voicing the common, though somewhat uncanny, fact when we say that this boasted country of ours is not as wealthy and well-to-do as it appears to be. The great masses of our people barely eke out a living, the incomes of perhaps ninetenths of them hardly equaling their needs. Doctors naturally share in this indigence more than any other professional or business class.

To convince you that most all the people of this country are living a hand-to-mouth existence, you will note these statements which are backed up by a reliable source of information. There are in our country about 15,000,000 of white families. Of this number, it was estimated two years ago, that there were 7,000,000 families of wage earners on a medium wage of $436 a year, and 5,000,000 farmers whose average income is about $350 a year. It is estimated that not over 2,000,000 families of the 15,000,000 make over $2000 a year. The vast majority of families in the United States, therefore, live on $500 a year or less. In consideration of the increased cost


Doctor, are you making as much money as you think you ought to? Or, to be very blunt about it, do you make as much as you need to keep your family comfortably and to educate your children?

If the answer is not in the affirmative we would be so glad to be able to tell you what to do about it. At best we can only discuss the matter from the viewpoint of a practical individual who has sat on the fence for several years watching the procession go by. Between the lines you may be able to pick up some point that will be


of living the last ten years, it requires very putting the doctor on a plane with the little acumen to see that mere existence medicine seller around the corner, but after for most people is a very serious proposi- all a fellow feels more respectable with tion. Since the doctor's business is mainly money in his pocket. The same rule apwith people in the mediocre and lower plies to dispensing in a general way. The strata of life, it is no wonder that many more expensive prescriptions and special thousands of medical men see hard times. drugs the patient may get procure and pay In view of the great number of physicians for at the drugstore. The majority of medwho hang out around the centers of popu- icines are not so high as to preclude the lation, it is only natural that a good deal average doctor from carrying a fair stock. of poverty should exist within our Among those inexpensive and money-makranks. In fact, there is more of it than ing drugs which he can use every day are we see, for the doctor must ever give out- calomel, salts, rhubarb, jalap, digitalis, ward show of prosperity until he has per- aconite, Dover powder, acetanilide, strychmanently joined the down-and-out ranks. nine, bromides, boracic acid, tincture of

There are thousands of physicians who iron, ammonia, and many others. From are not positively poverty stricken, but who an economic point of view it pays to disare compelled to live less comfortably than pense, and is not so undignified, either. they would in many other lines of business or trade.

This class will, perhaps, embrace three-fourths of the medical men of

ECHINACEA. the country. How can doctors get on better in the world and make more money, and

Dr. J. C. Robinson, of Cedar, Utah, therefore live more comfortably?

writes to the editor of the A. M. A. journal The first suggestion we offer applies in

as follows: a general way to everybody, regardless of his avocation or business. It is the old Kindly inform me as to the real properidea of living within one's income and by ties of echinacea. Here follows the edilearning to practice a judicious economy. tor's reply :Doctors should more generally do their own dispensing. It pays to do so. People will

“Echinacea has been claimed to have more readily pay for something tangible anesthetic, sialagogue, antiseptic, diaphothan for a scrap of paper. Let us take

retic, alterative, and several other propercough syrup for an example. A four-ounce

ties. Like many other discarded drugs, it bottle dispensed in the office and accom

has failed to sustain the reputation given it panied by a few tablets will cost the patient by enthusiasts years ago; it is now selfrom fifty cents to a dollar, depending upon

dom prescribed under its own name. In locality. If the doctor will purchase his

common with numerous other little-used cough syrup in five-gallon lots he can get

drugs, it is finding a place in proprietary it for a little over two dollars a gallon.

mixtures, whose manufacturers make use It is only the cough syrups containing co

of the early enthusiastic and unverified redeine, heroin, and expensive drugs that

ports to endow their nostrums with recome high, and, generally speaking, are no

markable therapeutic properties." better than those costing less money.

On Now, we would like to ask the SUMMARY the prescription above mentioned the cost readers, which reaches the rank and file of to the doctor will not be much more than the profession, what they think of this. ten cents, and his margin of profit is sev- If you have any experience with echinacea, eral hundred per cent. Of course, this is let us have a report; let it be pro or con. TO CURE A COLD.


A journal on our desk states that cam

A writer in a German journal states that phor will abort a cold every time if taken

he has successfully treated acute and subearly and to effect. If this be true we

acute gout by means of calomel adminiswonder that so many millions of people

tered in a large single dose. The result he suffer so much of the time from colds. If

ascribes to the stimulation of peristaltic it were actually true everybody would, in

activity, since gout is so often preceded

(Query. - If peria little while, get on to such a good thing, by intestinal torpor.

stalsis is all that is desired, haven't we and such a common nuisance as colds would be banished.

many agents that will accomplish this in a The treatment of colds depends a good

more benign manner than a big dose of

calomel?) deal upon their origin and cause, the occupation and surroundings of the sufferer,

If nothing you can do for a stubborn case and the length of time he can take to be of “three months' colic" seems of any avail, cured. Many colds result directly or indi

you might try giving the nursing mother rectly from constipation and its consequent

a one-grain pill of asafetida every day. autotoxemia. The proper procedure is

Also look into the mother's diet and habits. here obvious. Colds often spend their

Ill temper, fits of anger, despondency, etc., greatest force upon the mucous membranes.

on the part of the mother, sometimes have The proper treatment is also here apparent.

an adverse reactionary effect upon the babe. Mild stimulation and vascular sedation may be of some value. Useful remedies at Patients are usually grateful for local times are camphor, sweet spirits of nitre, pain-relieving remedies, provided they are ammonia, aconite, atropine, and Dover clean and presentable in appearance. For powder. Bathing and depurative measures neuralgia, headache, and any condition may be useful if the sufferer stays in a where a local anodyne is needed, this comcomfortable room and subjects himself to

bination will fill the bill: Equal parts of no harsh changes of temperature. No two gum camphor, chloral hydrate and oil of colds are likely to require exactly the same wintergreen dissolved in alcohol. If demedication, and ready-made remedies are

sired fluidextract of cannabis indica may to be taken with the usual pinch of salts.

be added. An oily liquid is the result, and its free use will often obviate the need of

the hypodermic syringe. Diet is largely a factor of the production of many, if not all, diseases. In hardeneing

Here is a gargle for tonsillitis that is not of the arteries, it is, if not the main cause,

disagreeable like many such remedies An excess of potasa contributory one.


Potass. bicarb. sium, sodium or any other mineral salt will

Spirits peppermint, cause the condition, provided the system

Spirits camphor .ãā. 3ss.

Hot water is generally depressed. In many instances

.Ziv. the cause is unknown.

M. Sig.-Use hot; gargle every hour.

A man who thinks he understands a woman meets the woman who thinks she understands a man.

Then they have misunderstandings.

Peroxide of hydrogen is useful as a detergent remedy in many kinds of sore throat. Care should be used in case of young children lest there be started a flow of mucus that may choke them.






What has become of the old-fashioned

people who used to take sassafras tea in We are pleased to note that some of

the spring to thin their blood ? SUMMARY'S recent editorials have been

Without expressing any opinion on the copied with the proper credit by a num

subject, what do you think of the doctor ber of journals of late. That suggests a who smokes cigarettes ? word or two about medical editorials in

An affinity has been described as general. They are all pretty much alike

who is younger, prettier, and with a few happy exceptions. Generally swifter than your wife. speaking they potter down the same well

An affinity is also like a sugar-coated worn path. They say the same old thing pill-all right on the outside, but you're in the same old way. The phraseology is

sure to strike the bitter sooner or later. similarly bromidic, such terms as "thera- In nearly every community will be found peutic nihilism,” “antiseptic precautions," a madstone as well as plenty of people who and "uneventful recovery" never

believe in its efficacy. It's hard work to

pry ourselves loose from all superstition. There is an attempt on the part of most writers to give their paragraphs a good The epigram of a once famous showscientific web-and-woof, and in trying to

man about people being fond of humbugdo so they often make what they write ap

gery is being verified every day by thou

sands of people who are swilling down pear extremely stiff and stilted. There are

barrels of bad whiskey labeled as patent a few medical writers who write with a medicine. virile pen and blue-black ink. They say

Why are cults springing up all the time? things and let rhetoric take care of itself.

The medical profession is at fault. It They go right to the marrow of their sub- should have broadened its platform years ject and say new things, or at least some ago so that people might have what they things that will make us think. It is a

want. pleasure to open a journal containing orig- We are growing some. Ten or fifteen inal fresh, juicy, palatable matter.

years ago the average general practitioner

knew nothing of psychotherapy and psyTHANK YOU.

chiatry. Every doctor has now a speaking

acquaintance with these and kindred subAmong the good, practical medical jour- jects. nals that reach this table, I take pleasure Applied psychology is destined to achieve in mentioning THE MEDICAL SUMMARY. certain things in the future. Who will This journal has been running nearly thirty

cover himself with glory by getting teleyears. It has cut a niche of its own.

pathy and thought transference on a workIt

ing basis ? is practical, liberal, up-to-date and is certainly valuable to every busy doctor who

Some of our states are considering the

advisability of taxing men who won't get desires to catch the practical facts for his

married. Such legislatures are doubtless every day use.--Ellingwood's Therapeutics, composed of married men who are envious November, 1908.

of their single brothers.

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