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During the year ending June 30, 1852, the chief items of receipts and expenditures were as follows: Chief Sources of Income. Judiciary,

155,532.75 Property and poll tax, $ 227,288.07 Legislative, .

350,261.61 Auction and gaming tax, 111,729.47 Hospitals,

90,939.75 Commutation tax,

24,391.25 Printing, exclusive of that of LegMilitary tax,

$ 400.00 islature, and of the Executive Water lots, 1,000.00 Department, .

107,697.84 Forfeited recognizances,

908.00 State Prison convicts in county Express licenses, 25.00 jails,

10,565.67 Foreign miners' licenses,

1,002.53 Transportation of convicts, . 16,008.00 Fees on commissions, 80.75 Relief of immigrants,

18,060.77 Total,

$366,825.07 Translation of Spanish laws, 4,136.50 Map of State,

1,362.00 Principal Items of Expenditure.


76,243.56 Executive, $94,886.201 Total,

$ 925,694.65 The taxable property in the State, and the taxes thereon for the year 1852, were as fol. lows:- Number of acres of land, 6,719,442. Value, $10,763,010; improvements thereon, $2,976,219. Value of city and town lots, $ 11,977,009; improvements thereon, $ 10,163,631. Value of personal property, $ 21,102,391. Total taxable property, $ 56,982,320. Total State taxes on same, being 30 cents on each $ 100, $ 170,946.96. Poll taxes for 1852, $ 60,744.28. Total taxes, $ 238,397.39.

Common Schools. — The constitution provides for the election of a Superintendent of Public Instruction, to hold office for three years, and that the Legislature shall establish a system of common schools, to be taught at least three months in each year. By the same instrument, the proceeds of the public lands granted to the State for schools, the 500,000 acres granted to new States under the act of Congress of 1841, estates of persons dying without heirs, and such per cent. as Congress shall grant on the sale of lands in this State, shall be a fund, the interest of which and the rents of unsold lands are to be inviolably appropriat. ed to the support of common schools. The estimated amount of land to which the schoolfund is entitled from the 16th and 36th sections in each township, reserved for the use of schools, is stated by the United States Surveyor-General in California to be 5,201,244 acres. Add the 500,000 acres under the law of 1841, and the amount becomes 5,701,244 acres. The price per acre, by existing laws, is $2, which would give $ 11,402,488 for the school-fund. The fund, the interest of which is to be appropriated annually, now amounts to $ 463,360. January 1, 1854, the distribution was made of the income of the school-fund, and it amounted to $5.602 10 each child returned as within the organized school districts. The Legislature has established a Board of Education for the State, consisting of the Governor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Surveyor-General; the Governor being the President, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction being the Secretary thereof. Each town, &c. elects three persons as commissioners of schools for the town, and a constable as a common school marshal. Provision is also made for County Superintendents.

State Prison. — The whole number of convicts, Dec. 30, 1853, was 242, - 240 males and 2 females.

Insane Asylum, at Stockton. -$75,000 were paid in 1853 towards the erection of buildings for an Insane Asylum at Stockton. A brick edifice, 130 by 50 feet, and two stories high, and a frame structure 40 feet square, are now built. The Asylum has about 100 acres of land attached to it. Dec. 15, 1853, there were in the Asylum 101 patients, -91 males and 10 females.

State Marine Hospital, San Francisco. -- Between July and December, 1853, 1,445 males and 42 females were admitted into the hospital, and for the support of 921 of these the city of San Francisco is responsible. Dec. 23, 1853, there were in the hospital 300 males and 11 females.

Government for the Year 1855.

Term expires. Salary. GEORGE L. CURRY, of Oregon City, Governor,

1858, $3,000 Benjamin F. Harding,


1858, 2,000 JUDICIARY.

Salary. George H. Williams, of Oregon City, Chief Justice, $ 2,500 Matthew P. Deady,

Associate Justice, 2,500 Cyrus Olney,

2,500 William H. Farrar,

Attorney, Fees and 250 John McCracken,

Marshal, Fees and 200


Government for the Year 1855.

Term ends. Salary. Willis A. GORMAN, of St. Paul, Governor and Superintendent

of Indian Affairs, 1857, $ 2,500 Joseph T. Rosser,


2,000 JUDICIARY. William H. Welch, of St. Paul, Chief Justice, 1857, 2,000 Andrew G. Chatfield,

Associate Justice,

2,000 Moses Sherburne,

2,000 John E. Warren, of Stillwater, Attorney,

Fees and 250 M. W. Irwin, of Cottage Grove, Marshal,

Fees and 200

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Government for the Year 1855.

Term ends. Salary. EDWARD J. STEPTOE, of Salt Lake City, Governor and Sup't

of Indian Affairs, 1858, $ 2,500 Almon W. Babbitt,


1857, 2,000

JUDICIARY. John F. Kinney, of Salt Lake City, Chief Justice,

2,500 George P. Stiles,

Associate Justice, 2,500 W. W. Drummond,

2,500 Seth Blair,


Fees and 250 Joseph L. Haywood,


Fees and 200


Government for the Year 1855.

Term ends. Salary. David MERRIWETHER, of Santa Fé, Governor and Sup't

of Indian Affairs, 1857, $3,000 William W. H. Davis,

Secrétary of State, 1857, 2,000

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James J. Davenport,
Perry E. Brocchus,
Kirby Benedict,
Wm. Claude Jones,
Charles Bloomer,


Term ends. Salary. of Santa Fé,

Chief Justice, 1857, $2,500 Associate Justice,


2,500 Attorney,

Fees and 250 Marshal,

Fees and 200


Term ends. Salary. ISAAC J. STEVENS, of Puget's Sound, Governor and Su

perintendent of Indian Affairs, 1857, $3,000 Charles H. Mason, of Puget's Sound, Secretary,

2,000 JUDICIARY. Edward Lander, of Puget's Sound, Chief Justice, 1857, 2,500 Obediah B. McFadden,

Associate Justice, 1858, 2,500 Francis Chenoweth,

2,500 John S. Clendenin,


Fees and 250 J. P. Anderson,


Fees and 200



Term ends. Salary. ANDREW H. REEDER, of Fort Leavenworth, Governor, 1858, $ 2,500 Daniel Woodson,.


2,000 JUDICIARY. Saml. Dexter Lacompte, of Ft. Leavenworth, Chief Justice, 1858, 2,000 Sanders W. Johnston,

Associate Justice,“ 2,000 Rush Elmore,

2,000 Andrew J. Isaacs,


Fees and 250 J. B. Donaldson,


Fees and 200

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Term ends. Salary. MARK W. IZARD,


1858, $ 2,500 Thomas B. Cuming,


2,000 JUDICIARY. Fenner Ferguson,

Chief Justice, 1858, 2,000 Edward R. Harding,

Associate Justice,

2,000 James Bradley,

2,000 Experience Easterbrook,


Fees and 250 Marshal,

Fees and 200

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XXXIX. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The District of Columbia is under the immediate government of Congress. The city of Washington became the seat of the government of the United States in 1800, and it is the residence of the President, and the other chief executive officers of the national government. By an act of Congress, in 1846, which was subsequently accepted by the people of Alexandria, the city and county of Alexandria were retroceded to the State of Virginia, and the District is now confined to the Maryland side of the Potomac.

Circuit Court of the District.

Salary. William Cranch, of Washington, Chief Judge, $ 2,700 James T. Morsel, of Georgetown, Associate Judge, 2,500 James Dunlop,

2,500 P. B. Key,

of Washington, Attorney, Fees and 200 Jonah D. Hoover,


Fees. John A. Smith,


Fees. Criminal Court for the District. Thomas H. Crawford,


$ 2,000 John A. Smith,


Fees. Orphans' Court. W. F. Parcell, of Washington Co., Judge,

$1,500 Edward N. Roach,



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1. Governments of North America.

Area in


Capitals. Governors, &c. tion.

Danish America (Greenland), 330,000 9,400 Lichtenfels.
French Possess'ns (St. Pierre,&c.)

118 200 St. Pierre. Russian America,

391,000 66,000 N. Archangel. New Britain,

1,800,000 180,000 YorkFactory, SirGeo.Simpson, Mana. Canada West,

147,832 999,847 Toronto, SirE.W.Head, Bt., Gov.. Canada East,

201,989 890,261 3 Quebec, Gen. of Brit.N. Amer. New Brunswick,

27,700 200,000 Frederickton, G. M. Sutton, Lt.-Gov. Nova Scotia, &c.,

18,746 300,000 Halifax, SirJ.G.LeMarchant,do. Prince Edward's Island,

2,134 62,348 Charlotte T'n, Alex. Bannerman, do. Newfoundland,

57,000 120,000 St. John's, Kerr B. Hamilton, do. Vancouver Isl. & British Oregon, 213,500 7,500 Ft. Langley, Sir James Douglas, do. United States of America, 3,306,834 23,191,876 Washington, FRANKLIN PIERCE, Pr. United States of Mexico, 1,038,865 7,200,000 Mexico, A.L. de Santa Anna, do. San Salvador,

14,000 365,000 San Salvador, J. F. Quiroz, do. Nicaragua,


396,000 Leon, Honduras,


310,000 Chiquimula, Juan Leade, do. Guatemala,

28.000 935,000 N.Guatemala, Mariano Paredes, do. Costa Rica,

17,000 140,000 Cartago, Juan Raphael Mosa, do. Mosquitia,

23,000 6,000 Blewfields, Jamaso (Indian), King. Honduras (British Colony),

11,066 Balize,

Col. Fancourt.
The Bay Islands (British Colony),

7,851,453 35,370,498


2. West Indian Governments,

San Domingo, {

Area in


Capitals. Governors, &c. tion.

Miles. Hayti,


11,000 800,000 Cape Hayı'n, Faustin I., Emperor. Dominica,


18,000 200,000 San Domingo, Santana, President. Cuba,

42,383 1,007,624 Havana, J. de la Concha, Cl. G. Porto Rico, 3,865 500,000 San Juan,

do. Jamaica,

5,468 379,690 Spanish Town Sir H. Barkly, Gov.Gen. Trinidad, British,

2,000 60,319 Puerta d'Esp. Lord Harris, Gov. Windward Islands,

Bridgetown, Sir W.M.G.Colebrooke.

166 Barbadoes,



155 Grenada, &c.,


R. W. Keate, Lt. God.

131 St. Vincent,

27,248 Kingston,


R. G. M'Donell, Tobago, 187 13,208 Scarboro',


Dominick Daly, St. Lucia,

225 24,500 Castries, C. H. Darling, Esq., do. Leeward Islands,

St. John's,

M. Power, Esq., Gov.

168 Antigua,

36,178 Montserrat,

49 7,365

Booth. St. Christopher and Anguilla,

103 24,508 Basseterre,

E. H. D. Hay, Lt. God.

30 Nevis,

10,200 Charlestown, W. Shortland, Esq., do. Virgin Islands,

137 4,027 Dominica,

291 22,469 Rosseau, S. W. Blackall. Bahama Islands,

• 27,519 Nassau,

C. R. Nesbit, Lt. Goo. Turk's Island,

400 3,400 Bermuda Islands,

47 14,000 Hamilton, Col. F. Murray, Gor.

534 Guadalupe, &c.,

134,544 Basseterre,

do. French,

322 Martinique,

121,145 Port Royal, Bruat,

do. St. Martin's, N.Side, 21 2,200

do. St. Martin's, S. Side, - Dutch, 11 3,500

do. 580 Curaçoa, &c.,-Dutch,

26,311 Wilhemstadt, J.J.J. R. Elseirer, do. Santa Cruz, &c., - Danish,

81 35,000 Christ'nstadt, Peter Van Scholten,do. St. Thomas, - Danish, 37 8,000

do. St. John's, — Danish, 72 3,000

do St. Bartholomew's, - Swedish, 25 9,000 La Carenage,

do Total,

91,812 3,868,919
3. Governments of South America.

Area in


Capitals. Governors, &c.

tion. Venezuela, Republic,

416,600 1,356,000 Caraccas, JoséGreg. Monagas, Pr. New Granada, do.

380,000 2,200,000 StaFé de Bog. José Hilaro Lopez, do. Ecuador, do.

325,000 665,000 Quito, José Maria Urbina, do. Bolivia, do.

do. 374,480 1,700,000 Chuquisaca, Gen. Belxu, Peru, do.

580,000 1,400,000 Lima, J. R. Echenique, do. Chili, do.

170,000 1,200,000 Santiago, Philip Montt, do. Argentine Republic,

927,000 2,000,000 Buenos Ayres, Obligado, Pr. Dict. Uruguay, Republic,

120,000 250,000 Montevideo, Joaquin Suarez, Pres. Entre Rios, do.


80,000 Badaja, Gen. Urquiza, Gov. Paraguay, do.

74,000 260,000 Acension, Carlos Lopez, Dictator. Brazil, Empire of,

2,300,000 7,560,000 Rio de Janeiro Pedro II., Emperor.* Guiana (British),

76,000 127,695 Georgetown, Wm. Walker, Lt.-Gov. Guiana (Dutch), 38,500 64,270 Paramaribo,

Gov.-Gen. Guiana French),

21,500 30,000 Cayenne, V. de Lengendes, G.-G. Patagonia, 380,000 120,000

(Native Chiefs.) Falkland Islands,

16,000 500 Port Louis, George Rennie. Total,

6,281,090|19,013,465 Grand Total of America, 114,027,350 58.252,882

POPULATION OF THE GLOBE. Africa, variously estimated from 60,000,000 to

100,000,000 America (as above),

58,252,882 Asia, including Islands,

626,000,000 Australia and Australian group of Islands, .

1,445,000 Europe (as on p. 320),

263,517,521 Polynesia (a mere estimate, as ihere are few or no data),

1,500,000 Total population of the Globe,

1,050,715,403 * Born Dec. 2, 1825; ascended the throne April 7, 1831.

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