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to me,

around, was so near, comparatively sleep, broken by our sudden arrival, had speaking, as almost to court the specta- stamped upon the visages of some of our tor's feet,-could they, I say, who lived fellow-travellers. The baggage was disin the days when English sovereigns and mounted, and dinner ordered. Some statesmen made such anxious efforts to of the country folks were eagerly pressprevent the “ building upon new founda- ing forward to gaze on the newly-arrived, tions," start from their graves, and look together with their packages, bird-cages around them now from their metamor- and children. In the midst of this phosed and magnified cathedral, great bustle, a fat, red-faced man, about thirty indeed would be their marvel!

years of age, an insipid babbler, who Of no great city in the world is it so had favoured us the whole length of the difficult to define the limits, so endless journey with the history of his good are its ramifications. Among the causes speculations at Fontainebleau, and of his of this unrestricted increase of the town marriage, which he was at the present in superficial extent, may be reckoned time coming there to consummate, drew that circumstance which has had so many out his watch, and exclaimed: other beneficial influences on the national “ Already four o'clock !" prosperity, the freedom of the country “ Bet that it is not,” said a gentleman from that great scourge to industry and in slippers, who was smoking a cigar check to internal improvement-foreign before the door of the low-roofed apartinvasion, and the consequent freedom ment. from the necessity of military barriers, «« 'Tis one of Briquet's watches,” with all their attendant impediments proudly answered the rubicund- faced and annoyances. London, therefore, gentleman, at this interruption. may be literally said to be unbounded, “ Ten louis, that it is not one of throwing out into the surrounding coun- Briquet's,” replied the smoker. try vast clusters and lines of habitations, The other gave him a look of pity, chequering the sides, and in some direc- and went into the traveller's room, saying tions extending to and even beyond the summits, of the interior line of hills al- “ Do n't dine here," and with a touch ready mentioned, and thus overflowing, of the elbow, “we will go to a café, as it were, the basin within which it is, where we can do better.” upon the whole, contained.

“ I'll wager any thing you choose, In looking round on such a vast ex

that the watch is worth nothing,” perpanse of town, compared with which sisted the one in slippers, following after. even Paris, in some respects the rival of “ I did not address my conversation London, seems to lies within a nuts to you, sir.” shell," one feels at first some difficulty Bet that you did,” retorted the in fixing upon any order in which to other. consider the principal features and ob- My fellow-traveller, confounded at jects. In order, however, that we may this persecution, raised his hand, pointlearn to find our way in this vast laby- ing to his forehead, signifying that the rinth, and so acquire that facility of intruder was deranged. glancing, either visually or mentally, “ I defy you to prove it,” continued from any one to any other of them, his persecutor; and with this parry and which is calculated to aid us so import- thrust, the two regarded each other with antly in our subsequent explorings of so the most snarling looks it is possible to immense a field, we shall proceed, in our conceive, just like two dogs about to be ensuing paper, to trace the course through let loose at one another. London and its vicinity, of their grand • Upon my word,” said the traveller and mighty river.

" I know nothing of the fellow,

but I have a great inclination to make THE WA GE RS.

him march off.”

“ As to that, I wager you do not,” (From the French:)

answered the obstinate intruder. “More

over, I will bet that I make you take THE diligence stopped at the White the route back again to Paris, and that, horse inn, in the principal street of Fon- too, without much delay." tainebleau. Fatigued and oppressed • That will be no easy matter for you, by the heat on the road, we slowly as I came here to get married.” stretched ourselves, and descended the “ One hundred louis that you do not!" steps of the vehicle as lazily as possible, “ Sir, you are an impertinent scounsmiling at the vacant appearance which drel, and I will box your ears.

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to me,



“ I bet 't is a lie !"

on a level floor. So that the race is not Upon this, the ruddy-faced gentleman always to the swift, nor the battle to the stamped with rage, and passed before strong. the fellow, making a sign for him to follow.

Rouelle, an eminent French chemist, “ Yes, my love,” said the other, taking while performing some experiments in with him a box containing a brace of a lecture room, thus addressed his audipistols.

tors:-“ Gentlemen, you see this caulI interposed between them to stop dron on this brazier--well, if I were to this joke, but it was no longer a jesting cease stirring its contents a single momatter, and my representations were ment, an explosion would ensue, which useless. We reached a solitary spot in would blow us all into the air." - The the park, where the cigar hero was

company had scarcely time to reflect saluted by an officer of the garrison, on this comfortable intelligence, before who was willing to become his second. he did forget to stir. The explosion I threw up into the air a five-franc piece took place with a horrible crash, all the as a signal, the report of a pistol followed, windows were smashed, and the auditors and the piece of money fell indented. whirled into the garden. The greatest

“ Bet,” said the never • ceasing and violence, however, was in the direction immoveable marksman, " that I pierce of the chimney, and fortunately none of that leaf, trembling at the extremity of the company were seriously injured. the bough ;” and it was pierced.

M. N. “ Wager that I kill you,” added he, coolly regarding the astonished traveller.

Addison has said, “a man that goes out 'Tis probable,” replied the other, a fool, cannot ride or sail himself into changing from the ruby to a ghastly hue;

common sense;" now, as according to "and since it is probable, 't is useless, the testimony of Solomon, this class is Consequently, I take again the road infinite in number, the statesmen, scienback to Paris, and have the infinite tific officers, scholars, and others, who honour to be your very humble servant.

roam to enlarge their views, and polish In fact, we saw him deposit himself their understandings, bear no more proupon the imperiale of the diligence. I portion to the wandering mass, than a solved the enigma. This was a rival to

bucket of water does to the boundless whom the fair lady had given a descrip

“ I have made the tour of Eution of her intended. Need I add, that rope,” cried a booby—“ And so have he won the lady in question ? After the your trunks,” retorted his hearer. honey-moon, I learned that the dead “Go where we may, rest where we will, shot had encountered the crest-fallen

Eternal London haunts us still:

The trash of Almack's or Fleet-ditch, suitor at Paris, and said to him :

And scarce a pin's head difference which, “I wager that you return to Fon- Mixes, though e'en to Greece we run, tainebleau.” And I also received a card With every rill from Helicon!" of invitation.

J. G. W. Indeed, from the force of fashion or pre

judice, the mania has become so epiMISCELLANIES.,

demic, that even a tallow-chandler, or a grocer, cannot marry his brother crafts

man's daughter, but he must spend his One person will swallow penknives and honey-moon in France, or the Low yet live on many years; while another, Countries; and the freedom of our conin eating, gets a small bit of liver in his stitution precludes any check upon the windpipe and dies. One has the shaft of practice. It is a rage which no calling a gig passed completely through his or profession can restrain, no domestic body and recovers ; another only runs a ties counteract, no paucity of means thorn into his hand and no skill can subdue ; goaded on by the servile yet -save him. One is thrown fifty or a hun- urgent spirit of imitation, the silly, the dred yards down a cliff, and survives; idle, and the dissolute, quit the enjoyanother has his neck broken, by a mere ments and beneficial moral restraints of overturn in his gig, on a smooth plain. home, to acquire incongruous tastes and We have lately seen an aged and healthy manners; to associate with people whose minister, who fell from the belfry of a acquaintance they cannot continue; and common steeple to the ground a few to bring back a luminous verbiage on years ago, but we have also seen a lady taverns, galleries, billiard rooms, theadie in consequence of falling down gently, tres, and promenades.




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ADVENTURE IN THE ANDES. animal is bounding upon one of them. By the Author of A Tale of Tucuman.” It is a puma ;* the sharp fangs are

fixed in the guanaco's neck, and vain (For the Parterre).

is his speed up the stony height. He

falls, and the body is at the disposal of Reader, imagine thyself transported to the spoiler. Cast your glance higher ! the American continent, at the thirty- Heed not the grey fox which is looking ninth degree of southern latitude, and at at you within five yards. It is rarely the foot of the eastern base of the giant that he looks on a human being; and Andes. The ground is broken into he does not yet understand that there stony ridges, whereon grow various are modes of doing hurt to a foe, besides species of cactus and thorny plants, with teeth, and nails. Hither! hither! press here and there some beautiful wild flowers. not onwards in that direction; look at Some scattered algarrova trees are seen in that pied animal of black and white, clumps; and the golden barked chanar close to the old root. Small and pretty presents its mellow fruit to the hand of though he be, he is a fearful foe. He is the gatherer, if perchance any one should a zorrillo, and if you approach too near, approach in that wild region. On yon- his poisonous odour will infect you, and der steep track, up the mountain side, shut you out from communion with there is something moving, which looks your fellows for six months to come. in the distance like a slender thread. Now, mount this point of rock, and look Look yet closer, and you will see that it upwards ! Mark the ridged steeps rising is a herd of guanacoes advancing in one above the other, with an uncertain single file. Hah! they have broken up bluish hue, which half deceives the their orderly march, and are confusedly scattered over the rocky surface. An

* Silver lion.

vision. That last one is more distinct, coal, for fuel, and then sat himself down for the jagged outline is backed by the on his saddle trappings with an air of eternal snow of the main ridge, whose great contentment, while he stripped off summit is lost in the clouds. Turn his poncho, or Indian mantle, and apyour gaze eastwards over the unbroken peared clad in a shooting-jacket of blue expanse of the boundless plains; the sea cloth, containing a host of pockets, and of grass, where the wild rider on his slung over it, several loose pouches or desert-born steed, revels in the very bavresacs, constructed of coarse sail. drunkenness of freedom, with the green cloth. Having examined a fowlinglevel below, and the blue sky above piece which he carried, he drew the him, laughing to scorn, the poor sun- charge and wiped it out, after which he parched Arab and his barren sands, re-loaded it, and added a ball to the which limit his movements by starving small shot, apparently by way of addithe animal that bears him. The day tional security for the night. Then shall come, when we will scour those spreading his poncho on the ground, he plains together, in the full tide of rap- proceeded to empty his pockets and ture, with an hundred gallant steeds to pouches of their heterogeneous contents. each separate saddle. We will, I tell Plants, birds, stones, insects, and various you, but not now. It is near the time reptiles, were laid out in order; and the that they burn the grass, and I like not guide, having placed by his side a rude a blackened surface beneath an unshod- square trunk, formed of the untanned den hoof. When the young grass hath hide of an ox with the hair on, he took matted over the ashes of the old, and from it several tin cases and wooden half whistles as the limbs of the coursers boxes, with an assortment of papers, in dash through its crisp intertwinings,— which he proceeded to dispose of his then is the season of joy; and beneath treasures of natural history, after skinthe well armed bolas and the unerring ning his birds and rubbing them with lazo, neither the speed of the wild deer, red pepper, contained in a small calanor of the wilder ostrich, shall be found bash. The age of the traveller might availing. Ha! your colour mounts and be about forty, and the expression of his your heart beats high. It may well be handsome countenance was remarkably so; for if aught of rapture exist on earth, benevolent. While he was thus occuyonder grassy desert can yield it. But pied, his guide was busied roasting some turn your glance southward, where yon- small but long strips of beef, which he der small stream is meandering over the dexterously threaded on a thin stick of allow and narrow valley. Trace its up- garrova, and placed in a slanting position ward course, and mark where the hills over the fire. The guide was considerseparate on either hand; and even the ably younger than his patron, and was giant crest of the snowy ridge is cloven, garbed in the ordinary habiliments of as if to leave a pathway for the purposes the Gaucho peasantry, viz. a species of of man. It is the southern pass from kilt, and loose cotton drawers, with a the eastern side of the Andes, to the fair round jacket and straw hat, all marvelregions of Chile, along which, in by- lously dirty, from the length of time gone years, caravans of laden wagons they had been worn unchanged on the the land-ships of the Pampas--were ac- journey. His swarthy features gave incustomed to travel under the escort of dications of great intelligence, and his Blandengui soldiers, ere renegado Chris- muscular and well moulded limbs marked tians had taught the Pampas tribes to him out as a “respectable man,” which combat and conquer their brethren. phrase, in Spanish, means one who well

It was during the summer of the year understands how to make his hand **** that a traveller, well clad and well keep his head. Having carefully eyed mounted, and accompanied by a hardy- the proceedings of his patron, he looking guide, who drove before him a broke silence, in the intonation of lanpack-horse and several spare saddle- guage peculiar to the class he belonged horses, stopped to rest for the night near the stream before described, just as the “ Senor, now that your honour has sun sank in the ridges of clouds which done with those birds, it will be well to surmounted the summit of the snowy roast them for supper, instead of leaving range. The horses were quickly tether- them for the foxes!' ed out to feed by the guide, while his " Do so, Pablo! I should like to patron lighted a fire, on which he piled change beef for poultry for once.” several large branches of the dense algar- “ Ah, if we could but light upon a rova wood, which is nearly as durable as quiriquincho.


“ An armadillo, you mean, Pablo. I cheira held the pass; and perhaps next want a specimen of a shell."

year, some other robber will do the And I should like a specimen of the same thing. We have a lucky time of meat, patron. But what do you intend it just now.' to make of all those little animals? Are " That Pincheira was a desperate they for remedies ?''*

villain, patron.” “No, Pablo, they are to shew, when I “ So I have heard, Pablo; but who return to my own country.”

is he? and where does he come from ? “ You must never return, patron. and above all, where has he gone to?" What will all the people in Mendoça “ He is the son of a royalist officer, do, now that they have been so long whom God confound-- by the daughter accustomed to be cured by you? They of one of the Caciques, of the tribe of will never trust themselves again in Pehuenches. He held a commission the hands of that kill-all, Don Boni- in the army of the king; and when facio.”

La Patria was triumphant, he turned “ How did they manage before I ar- common robber, as chief of a band of rived, Pablo? But that beef is roasted Indians and renegado Christians. Since enough, and I am hungry. By Our he was last defeated by the Chileno Lady, the night is chilly. The breeze troops, when he had the impudence to that blows over the mountain tops, call himself Viceroy of Chile, it is suppierces from breast to back. Give me posed that he has contrived to pass over the horn of wine, Pablo, and see to the to Chiloe-to Quintanilla. But hark, hide-lashings, that they remain firm patron! what shouting is that?” round the barrel. It will be three days Both instantly sprang to their feet, yet, ere we are in Chile.”

and retired to a distance from the fire, The traveller drank off the presented to ascertain the cause of the numerous draught with apparent content, and voices that were borne upon the wind; Pablo handed him the rude spit with and not without considerable fear, when the meat, to help himself.

they reflected upon the bad name the “ Not a crumb of bread left, Pablo?” neighbourhood they were in, had no long

“ Not one, patron ; but here is some time before acquired. There was no toasted maise-flower in the kid-skin bag. moon, but the night was bright and starShall I mix some with water, for your lit. They listened anxiously for awhile, honour?”

and Pablo ascended the trunk of one of “ Do so, Pablo. And the first ha- the algarrova trees, when his practised cienda we come to in Chile, we will have ear distinguished the heavy tramp of some bot bread, though we lie by half cattle. Without another word, he ina day for it."

stantly went to the stream, and filled a " Take this partridge, patron, though goat-skin bag with water, which he it would have been better had you left poured on the fire, and extinguished it, the skin on it.”

devoutly hoping, that as it was close “ Bah! Pablo, that is the wild pigeon, under a rising bank, it had not been as bitter as gall.”

seen by the approaching party, whom he “ Your own fault, patron, for skinning strongly suspected to be marauders, on it. This must be the partridge, then- account of their numbers and apparent the two birds are not easily distinguished security. This suspicion he communiexcept by taste, when skinned. This is cated to his patron; and by his direca bad time for the pigeons, for they feed tion, forthwith saddled two horses, and on the bitter seeds. But patron ! your untethered the others ready for loading, honour bas not yet told me, why we when they retired to a greater distance have come this long way round to get from the spot where their fire had been. to Chile, when the Portillo was at our Still the sounds continued to approach, right-hand, and invitingly open. and the lowing of cattle was distinctly

“ Why Pablo, I wanted to collect the heard. While they were painfully watchcurious plants which are not to be found ing, they observed a blaze shoot up at further north. And I wished also to the distance of a few hundred yards from see this part of the Andes, now that the them; and as the light increased, they Pampas Indians are at peace with Men- distinguished several men seated round, doça, and the province of Concepcion in the act of preparing their supper ; is free from robbers. It would have while other persons on horseback, from been no easy task last year, when Pin- time to time, rode up to them.

“What do you make them out to be, * Medicinal porposes.

Pablo?” asked his patron.”

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