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late of soda in doses of from twenty-five to consistency.

consistency. It was then spread on a larg thirty centigrammes, and tincture of colchicum blanket, and, after stripping the patient o in ten to fifteen drop doses daily.

clothing, he was wrapped in it from ears to 6. Headache from anæmia and poisoning feet. He was left in poultice for several hours In the first case it is due to bad air and hygiene, the perspiration raining from his face. The in the second to malaria, carbonic oxide, to spasms were greatly relieved. He could move excessive medication, to uremia. Treatment: his jaws and swallow. After several hours the it should vary with the cause.

poultice was rewarmed and again applied 7. Headache from injury to the sensory After remaining in poultice several hours the organs. There may be chronic conjunctivitis, muscular tension was greatly relaxed; he was or keratitis, or iritis, which should be treated taken out of poultice, rubbed dry, put to bec locally, and also by the internal use of sulphate and stimulated with whisky and properly of quinine in large doses. Troubles of refrac- nourished, and I may say made a good retion, hypermetropia, and astigmatism must be covery." treated with suitable glasses. There may be On the principle of physiologicai action mucous polypi in the nose, or hypertrophies, above, we suggest the trial of large doses o which call for local treatment. There may be pilocarpus for tetanus. adenoid vegetations in the ears, otititis, or foreign bodies in the auditory canal, which

Treatment of Gonorrhea. call for suitable treatment. - 1. F. C. in Dr. Hanika of Munich, recommends (Der Archives of Pediatrics.

Aerztliche Praktiker) that gonorrhea be treated

by filling the urethra with a powder composed The Use of Kava in Gonorrhea.

of equal parts of tannin, iodoform and thallir This drug is recommended by Dupony and sulphate, and states that in 26 cases in which Gubler as almost a specific in the treatment of he has used this method of treatment it never gonorrhea and leucorrhea. The active princi- failed to cure the disease in a very short time ples of the plant are a resin and a crystalline The powder is introduced through a meta substance, called by Gubler, kavaine. The tube fitted with an obturator, a straight instru administration of kava in gonorrhea increases ment being used when the anterior portion o the urinary secretion, reduces inflammation, the urethra only is affected, and a curved one and quiets pain. It has the advantage over

when the posterior portion has to be reached balsam of copaiba in that it has a pleasant The application is always to be made immedi taste, and does not affect the stomach unpleas- ately after the patient has emptied his bladder antly. The plant is a native of the islands of In most of Dr. Hanika's cases the process wathe Pacific. - Deutsche Medicinal Zeitung. repeated only once a day, but the result wa Times ev Register.

more favorable when the applications were

made night and morning. Dr. Hanika state[Potter, in his Materia Medica, says:

that he has, by this means, often cured the “Kava is intoxicant, diuretic and motor-de

most violent gonorrhea in a few days.-Pac pressant. A moderate dose is tonic and stimu

Rec. of Med. Ew Surgery. lant, lessening the sense of fatigue and sharpening the mental faculties. It is highly re

Coffee Poisoning. commended in gonorrhea and gout, also in The Medical Visitor gives the following chronic gleet and obstinate cystititis."

rare and interesting case : Dose one-half to one dram of the root or of

The death on October 3, of Dr. F. C the fluid extract. An intoxicating dose pro. Fownes, caused by an inordinate slavery to duces a drowsy intoxication with pleasant strong coffee, was no surprise to his large dreams, followed by headache.-ED.]

circle of medical acquaintances in New York

In the course of his practice, some twenty A Cure for Tetanus.

years ago, he became addicted to the use o In the Ala. Med. & Surg. Age, Dr. Barron, coffee, and the taste grew on him to such ar through the pen of Dr. Higgins, of New berns, extent that he drank from three to five quart Ala., reports the rapid cure of three very bad a day. The coffee was made almost as strong cases of traumatic tetanus by the use of a poul. as lye, and could not be swallowed by any one tice of red oak bark and corn meal, enveloping but himself. the entire body. The following is the techni. Dr. Fownes became such a slave to the drink que of the treatment :

that he gradually lost his practice, and at the “The poultice was promptly prepared by boil. time of his death was reduced to penury, fo: ing for some time the red-oak bark in ten or he had become a palsied wreck. twelve gallons of water, and after removing As soon as he got a remittance of money he the bark the meal was stirred in until of proper began a coffee spree and continued in a maud lin, semi unconscious condition until the nal, from which we select the following extracts: money was gone. After one of these continu- Chronic affections of the air passages, unous periods of intoxica ion he became so weak, resolved pneumonia, interstitial pneumonia, nervous and depressed that he had to be con- and pulmonary tuberculosis have been treated fined for fear he would make away with him- by inhalations of almost all of the known antisself,

eptic preparations; of these, carbolic acid, Dr. Nash said : "Fownes was a classmate of beechwood creasote aud salicylic acid have mine, and before he reached thirty years of age yielded the best results and in the order he was made rich by his practice. He was named. Chronic bronchitis associated with quiet and studious, and his manner was so asthma and emphysema, however, responds ģenial that every one was fond of him.

more rapidly to inhalations of salicylic acid in "Dr. Fownes acquired the coffee habit combination with most any of the volatile oils. through taking a cup of that beverage whenever The more important of these are: terebene, he was called from home at night. Within eucalyptus, thyme, pinus sylvestris, gaultheria five years the poor fellow had become such a and mentha piperita. slave to the coffee-drinking habit that nearly Pertusis submits rapidly to inhalations of all his patients had deserted him. This, how- cresylic acid, coal-tar creasote and resorcin. cver, did not disturb him, for he had about Bronchorrhagia is controlled by most any of $35,000 in bank, and his sole extravagance the vegetable astringents, preferrably tannic was coffee.

acid. Powerful styptic and astringent pre“He spent hundreds of dollars in perfecting parations, particularly those of the inorganic mechanical pots in which to distill coffee, and class, are liable to do mischief. while his money lasted he imported the berries

The utility of local applications of medicated and roasted them in an air-tight iron globe he spray has been forcibly emphasized by Oertel, had made for that purpose. He took the

as follows:1 drink without sugar or milk, and it was almost

“I consider inhalations of carbolic acid, or strong enough to bear up an egg."

the analogous salicylic and boric acids, to be He furthermore said: "I took a swallow absolutely indispensable in the different stages of coffee that Dr. Fownes had made with great in the liquefaction of caseous infiltrations ;

of pulmonary phthisis, in chronic pneumonia, care for my benefit. It was so bitter that it wrinkled my tongue, mouth and throat. This also in copiously secreting cavities filled with sensation was followed by pains in the head, decomposing products, in deep-spreading and the most distressing nausea.

Fownes laryngeal ulcerations, to the ragged, callous would bolt down, boiling hot, emptying cup margins of which the decomposing bronchial after cupful.

and cavernous contents adhere and undergo “He would empty half a dozen cups of the

still further decomposition, exposed to the incoffee, and retiring to bed sleep off its effects

fluence of atmospheric air. Again, the widelike an old toper ma le torpid with spirits. At spread mycoses of the air-passages and of the one time he had at least two dozen coffee pots lungs which I have observed in the course of in his house, and each he believed was more

phthisis are best combated by the phenol spray, perfect than its predecessor.

and the vegetable parasites which proliferate “Poor Fownes went from bad to worse, until

over the whole respiratory tract, even to the after each of his debauches his mind would pulmonary alveoli, are in a short time defail, and he would be afflicted for days with all stroyed by it." the horrors of minia-a-potu.

Oertel says: “ Many attempts at treatment "His sufferings during the first week of a by inhalation have not been attended by satisstay in one of the hospitals were exactly like factory results, because the quantity of medicine those of patients who were compelled to abstain employed and the duration of its application from liquor, opium, ether, or any like intoxi- were not in due ratio to the intensity of the cant.

pathological processes with which we have had “After two or three weeks' care in a hospi- to deal." tal he would come out a new man, but could My own observations corroborate this statenot refrain from returning to the coffee cup. ment.

"Last year he was such a shattered, helpless In conclusion, I wish to say that although I wreck that he could scarcely stand alone." believe the inhalation treatment of diseases of

the respiratory organs to be rational from every Therapeutics by Inhalation.

standpoint, I neither advocate nor practice it George A. Evans, M. D., read a paper before

to the exclusion of all other methods, the Kings Co., N. Y., Med. Society, which

1. Respiratory Therapeutics, by M.J. Oertel, M.D., was published in The Brooklyn Medical Jour. Munich.

..dr. 4

Periods of Gestation.

complication-purulent pericarditis following The periods of gestation are the same in the suppurative broncho-pneumonia. The mortalhorse and ass, 11 months each ; camel, 12 ity was 3.7 per cent.–Archives of Gynecology. months; elephant, two years; lion, 5 months; buffalo, 12 months; cow, 9 months; sheep, 5

The Yeast Treatment of Typhoid Fever. months; reindeer, 8 months; monkey, 7

In The Lancet of April 18, 1891, I menmonths; bear, 6 months; sow, 4 months; tioned that yeast was being held up as a specific dog, 9 weeks ; cat, 8 weeks; rabbit, 4 weeks; for the cure of enteric fever, and that some of guinea pig, 4 weeks; wolf, 90 to 95 days. the physicians at the Alfred Hospital, MelGeese sit 30 days ; swans, 42 days, hens, 21

bourne, were experimenting with it. The days; ducks, 28 days; pea hens and turkeys, report recently issued deals with thirty-seven 28 days; canaries, 14 days; pigeons, 14 days;

cases treated by Drs. Embling, Lempriere, and parrots, 40 days- Western Med. Reporier. Barclay Thompson. Dr. Thompson writes:

In all, thirty seven cases have been treated : Aluminum in Diphtheria.

Ten were severe, the temperature reaching or Dr. E. Dickenshied, Spinnerstown, Pa., in exceeding 104°; eight moderately severe, tema paper read before the Lehigh Valley Medical perature reaching or exceeding 103°; eleven Association, states that aluminum was first

were mild, although the temperature reached used by his father a decade ago, in a case of 103°; eight were very mild, the temperature which he supposed to be hopeless diphtheria, never being above 102°. In all, recovery took as a disinfectant. The patient recovered, and place without any relapse. When commencing since then 257 diphther tic patients have been

the use of the yeast, it occurred to me that if treated with but two deaths. The remedy is

the theory that relapses are due to reinfection used in solution as follows:

from the intestine is correct, then there should

be none under the use of the yeast, as all the Aluminum chloride, ...

.dr. 8

bacilli would be destroyed in the intestinal Aluminum bromide. Boiling water......

...dı. 64

tube. This is so far borne out, for there was M. Sig.- Place over a bath until dissolved.

not a relapse in the thirty-seven cases under Its local action on the diphtheritic mem

yeast; while in the 107 cases otherwise treated

in the hospital there where sixteen relapses. brane is to loosen it around the edge and to dissolve it rapidly so as to give the edge a very

The average proportion of relapses is given by ragged appearance. Its astringent action re

Fagge as 2 to 11 per cent."-Lancet. - Times duces throat congestion. The solution is also

En Register. used, in proportion of one to seven of water, MENTHOL crystals and camphor gum comas a gargle or in an atomizer, and at the same ing into contact with each form a clear, oiltime ihe pa ient takes from five to ten drops. like fluid. When combined in equal parts, and -St. Louis Clinique.

united in the proportion of twenty per cent.

to eighty per cent. of lanoline, or in such other Typhoid fever.

proportions as the sensibility of the part may The Cold BATH IN INFANTILE.

require, and applied with a devilbiss or other M. Devic has communicated to the Societe appropriate atomizer to the upper air passages, des Sciences Medicales de Lyon (Lyon Medi- they contract the capillary vessels, allay irrical, 1890, P, 547) a memoir prepared in con- tation, relieve pain, arrest excessive discharges, junction with M. Perret (Prof. Agrege) on the correct vitiated excretions, and increase the use of cold baths in the treatment of infantile

size of the passages. Properly applied, we typhoid fever, under which term were included

may confidently predict prompt relief in almost cases ranging up to fourteen years. The treat every form of hypertrophy of these passages in ment was well borne by all the patients, and col- summer asthma (hay fever), the various forms lapse was not observed in any case. The average of catarrh, both acute and chronic rhinitis, number of baths was fifty. The duration of pharyngitis, laryngitis, and allied affections. each bath was generally ten minutes, and the It is needless to say that the best results will temperature of the water 68° F. (20° C). The obtain from applications at the onset of the water ought not to be cooler than this except disease.Kansas Medical Journal. in quite exceptional cases. The number of cases treated was; of this number Ipecacuanha to Increase Labor Pains. twenty-five were slight and fourteen severe; DRAPES (Les Nouv. Remed.) affirms that the number of deaths was three ; two deaths of ipecac, in the form of wine of ipecac, in the children at the age of puberty (almost adults) dose of ten to fifteen drops, repeated every ten were due to the intensity of the infection; the minutes, constitutes a powerful remedy to prothird, a very young child, succumbed to a rare voke strong contractions of the uterus in a case


of uterine inertia, or rigidity of the cervix, In pneumonia, we have rusty colored spuwhich threatens to indefinitely prolong the tum, labor. After the second or third dose, strong In oedema of the lung, the expectoration is uterine contractions will come on, will repeat themselves at regular intervals, and tend to Where we have pneumonia terminating in rapidly bring the labor to an end. That which gangrene of the lungs, the sputum is exceedmakes ipecac in this condition superior to ergot ingly fetid ; greenish or brownish. of rye is that it never provokes tetanic con- The sputum of chronic bronchitis, when as traction of the uterus, so frequent after the sociated with disease of the heart, looks like administratiod of ergot.-Med. News.-Can- the white of egg mixed with water, and may ada Med. Rec.

amount to a quart or half gallon in twenty

four hours. [Compare, also, the action of gelseminum, cimicifuga, quinine and cannabis Indica.

The sputum of chronic bronchitis, when not Ed.]

complicated is large, broad and irregular, and

is greenish or yellowish.-Morris, in Times @ Treatment of Chronic Eczema by Creolin.

Register. DR. PATTESON read a note on the treatment The Abuse of Morphine in Paris. of chronic eczema by creolin. He had been

ONE of our exchanges states that the im. led to adopt its use from the well-known value

proper use of morphine subcutaneously is said of tarry preparations in certain forms of eczema and psoriasis, and from its cheapness, which deplorable results, both mentally and physic

to be extending very rapidly in Paris, with rendered it suitable for out-patient practice. ally, to the unhappy victims of the seductive He briefly referred to two cases of pustular ec

habit. To meet the demand of the morphiozema of the scalp-one of eight and the other

maniacs certain speculators have recently improvement and cure followed its prolonged opened two establishments, to which people

can go to have their craving after the poison use. It was applied as a wash or lotion in the

gratified--the one for men, the other for proportion of one drachm to eight ounces of

women. They are not clandestine houses; the water. The value of such a powerful germi: police are quite aware of their existence, and cide in these cases seemed in favor of Unna's everything is decently and properly conducted contention as to the parasitic nature of eczema. The President congratulated the Academy on

at them. The drawing rooms in which visitors the additional remedy for chronic eczema

are received are luxuriously furnished, and

provided with books, newspapers, etc., for which Dr. Patteson had brought under their those who care for them. The price charged notice. His communication, however, did

for the first injection of morphia is five francs, more, and that was, that it emphasized the succeeding ones being half that price. A importance of perseverance in the treatment journalist who visited these establishments says for eczema which has been found temporarily the majority of the visitors were young men useful.-Lancet.

and young and pretty women. St. Louis Med. Rachitis.

Sw Surg. Jour. R. Phosphorus.

Bromide of Lithium for Rheumatism.
Absolute alcohol..
Spirits of peppermint,

BROMIDE of lithium is said by Prof. R.

oz. ij

Bartholow to be about the best remedy for Six drops of this mixture may be given in

muscular rheumatism.- Western Med. Repor

ter. water three times a day, and after the lapse of one week another drop may be added.


A Resurrection Bone. de Med.

THROUGHOUT the middle ages it was believed

that there existed in a man a bone imponderSputum as a Diagnostic Sign.

able, incorruptible, incombustible, the necesIn phthisis we have nummular sputum ; looks sary nucleus of the resurrection body. Belief like coin ; which floats in a clear liquid- in the resurrection of the physical body,

In measles we have nummular sputum, which despite St. Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians, floats in an opaque liquid.

had been incorporated into the formula made In bronchiectasis there is stinking sputum ; many centuries after his time and called the also in fibroid phthisis we have stinking spu- Apostle's Creed, and was held throughout tum.

Christendom “always, everywhere, and by In cancer of the lung, we have sputum that all." This hypothetical bone was therefore looks like currant jelly.

held in veneration, and many anatomists

dr. v

m. XXX

sought to discover it. Vesalius revealing so guish the doctor from his fellow-men, and much else, did not find it, and was therefore although from an advertisement point of view suspected of a want of proper faith. He con- this may not be altogether a drawback, it certented himself with saying that he left the tainly entails inconveniences of its own. It question regarding the existence of such a bone never occurs to an outsider to start a conversato the theologians. He could not lie, he did tion with a doctor on any but a medical topic, not wish to fight the Inquisitions, and thus he and it is quite open to discussion, a contemfell under suspicion. The strength of this porary suggests, whether, if medical men did theological point may be judged from the fact not differentiate themselves so much, and that no less eminent a surgeon than Riolan were content to be like other educated memconsulted the executioner. to find out whether, bers of the community in title, manners, and when he burned a criminal, all the parts were personal appearance, it would not be better for consumed ; and only then was the answer re- themselves both in public and private life.” ceived which fatally undermined this super- - Med Record. stition. Still, in 1689, we find it lingering in France, creating an energetic opposition in the

Science versus Pests. church to dissection. Even as late as the

PROF. E. A. SNOW, of the University of eighteenth century, Bernoulli having shown that the living human body constantly under

Kansas, has succeeded in finding a method of

checking the ravages of the chinch bug of the goes a series of changes, so that all its particles Western States . are renewed in a given number of years. so This destructive little insect works great much ill-feeling was drawn upon him, especially damage and frequently annihilates whole fields from the theologians, who saw in this statement

of grain by sucking the sap from the growing danger to the doctrine of the resurrection of

stalk. the body, that for the sake of peace he struck

Prof. Snow has found a means of injecting out his argument on the subject from his col. the bugs in the laboratory with a highly infeclected works.- Popular Science Monthty. tious malady. When these few infected bugs

are scattered through a field in which the healthy Puerperal Eclampsia.

ones are found, the in'ection spreads rapidly VERATRUM VIRIDE is a specific for puerperal and soon rids the grain of them. eclampsia. And while in many instances we

Fields thus cleared of them last year are not are in total ignorance as to the action of affected this year. This is another triumph of specifics, in this case the modus operandi is science over a formidable enemy of the farms perfectly plain. By slowing the cardiac im- of the great West. A similar method has been pulse and lowering the arterial tension it tried with the army worm, and with partial relieves the cerebral hyperemia which is an essential condition of eclampsia. Its action is almost as mechanical as venesection and almost

For hawking due to accumulation of inspisas efficacious. It also illustrates another prin

sated mucus in the naso-pharynx, a writer in ciple in the administration of medicines, and

the Omaha Clinic suggests the following: that is that one must give enough to accomplish R Ammonii chloridi.... the desired effcct.

Extract glycyrrhizæ pulv....aa....oz. ij

Fiat pulvis. It is not enough to give the right medicine in the right disease, but one must give it in

Of this two teaspoonfuls are taken in a glass. sufficient quantities to perform the work, how.

ful of water on an empty stomach in the mornever great that quantity may be. In the case

ing, every two hours during the day, and the of veratrum in eclampsia, large and often

last dose just before retiring. This is conenormous doses must be given to rednce the

tinued until one single attempt at clearing the arterial tension.--Dr. Hinckley, Cin. Med.

throat will cause an easy and loose expectoraJour.

tion, when the frequency of the dose is reduced

first to every three, then to every four, and The Society for the Abolition of the Title of finally five hours. Doctor.

My Dear Editor:- I still hold fast to my first im"The titular appellation which medical

pressions as regards the visiting list and ledger. They practitioners rejoice in is a relic of antiquity are worth to me at least $500 a month. None as good. akin to that of the legal wig, and it is curious THE Medical World is still at the head for general in that it has survived the levelling tendencies information on the practice of medicine.

A. F. PATTEE, M. D. of the present generation. A correspondent

94 West Springfield St., Boston, Mass. raises the question as to whether the practice is an unmixed advantage. It serves to distin- Do not fail to send your subscription for 1892.


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