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Puerperal Eclampsia.

was sent for 'on the 25th. He added to the EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:The case of Dr. above treatment two grains of calomel every Christopher, in THE WORLD of May, page

two hours until three doses were taken, to be 83, reminds me of a case of eclampsia which

repeated in fourteen hours. I saw Mrs. S. the saw recently.

following day with Dr. S. She had had several I was called to see a lady in the outskirts of watery stools and was feeling better. be city, and found her in the fifth month of

The above treatment was condemned, except regnancy, with excessive edema. On my ad

the diuretic, and the following prescribed : ice she immediately took up her residence R. Cream of tartar..

.ounces 12 rith her mother, living only a block from me. Sulphate of potash.

..ounces 12 he was given baths and the usual treatment

..drams I
Powd. quills.
Tartar emetic.

grains 2 or albuminaria, but in a few days she was at

Mix and make a powder. Sig.-A teaspoonful acked with convulsions of a most violent

every six hours. haracter. I wished immediately to empty the romb. but her priestly confessor forbade.

I saw her on the 26th, and found that she several of the Holy Fathers came to the house,

had been vomiting since she began taking the ind the result of their consultation was no in

powders the day previous, with great tenesmus erference with the pregnancy. On the third

and no watery stools. The calomel had brought lay, after many convulsions and violent de.

on salivation. She had not slept for twenty

four hours, She said the powders were killing irium in the intervals, a dead fetus was deivered. Many remedies were used, but finally her. I discontinued the powders, and preI settled on pilocarpine, keeping her in a

scribed : condition of extreme perspiration. After the R. Cream of tartar......

ounces I delivery of the fetus there were only a few con

Powd. jalap com pound..... drams 12 rulsions. Her mental condition gave me

Mix and make 16 powders, add one granule of

elaterium to each powder. great uneasiness, as I feared a permanent injury

Sig.-One powder every four hours. to the brain. She finally entirely recovered.

R. Sweet spirits of nitre....

Nitrate of potash....

drams 2 112 Post Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Fluid extract of buchu...

Water enough to make pint 1. Dropsy of Pregnancy; Convulsions : Delivery

M. Sig.-Tablespoorful every four hours. and Recovery.

This acted like a calm in a great storm. She EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-I was called

fell into a tranquil sleep and had full watery April 24, 1892, to the bedside of Mrs. S, aged

stools every two or three hours. twenty-two, of a sanguine habit. She had a

I was sent for the following day in great convulsion at two o'clock p. m., and was taken haste, the messenger stating that Mrs. S. was with another one as I entered the front door at having convulsions. On arrival, I found that three o'clock. Husband told me that she was

she had had a convulsion, pulse 130. I bled eight months gone with first pregnancy, had her one pound, and repeated veratrum viride. been swelling for six weeks. On examination She had another convulsion before I could I found general cellular dropsy, eyes more than bring the pulse down to fifty. She had passed half closed and dancing in their sockets. The two gallons of water in the last twenty four enormous distension of the abdomen and uɔ.

hours. Dr. J. M. Skaggs, of Maple Grove, ward pressure of the diaphragm was causing Ky., was called in. No material change in difficult breathing.

Anasarca of the lower treatment. extremities was great.

The abdomen was as On May 2, she was entirely relieved of the firm and tense as a drum head. I bled her dropsy, was taking nourishment, and had felt copiously—one and a half pounds and gave the movements of the fetus the first time for hypodermatically, sulphate of morphine, grain several days. I was called early on the 4th, 16; tincture veratrum viride, drops 10. I gave with Dr. J. M. Skaggs. We found that she no more morphine, bu: repeated the veratrum

had been in labor since 8 o'clock the evening viride every hour for three hours. At this previous. She gave birth to a six months still. time the pulse was counting fifty. She had born fetus at six o'clock p. m. There were no had two more convulsions before I could get symptoms of convulsions during labor. I the pulse down to fifty.

never tested the urine for albumen. I should She remained in a semi-conscious condition like to hear through the columns of The eighteen hours. I gave magnesia sulphate to

MEDICAL WORLD from those who have treated open the bowels, and gave sweet spirits of similar cases giving this treatment. nitre, nitrate of potash, Auid extract buchu for

J. W. SHEMWELL, M. D. a diuretic. Dr. 'S., a physician of good repute, Bumpus Mills, Tenn.

Fetal Death Caused by Cord Tied Around the like to know if any of the readers of The Ankle.-Functional Impotence.

WORLD have had similar cases and what success EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD: I fear that too

in that treatment. many of the readers of your valuable journal

Elroy, Wis.

F. T. FIELD, M.D. are like sponges, absorbing all the good things

[These cases are very common, indeed. They and giving nothing in return, and as I fear that depend upon a hyperesthetic condition of some I might, of a truth, be classed among the num. portion of the urethra, or of the genital nerve ber, I'm going to squeeze myself a little and

center in the cord or upon a general nervous see what may be the result. In the first place hyperesthesia or erethism. Sometimes a short I want to say a good word for dosimetry. I frenum is found to be the cause. The treatment have been using the dosimetric granules for must be patient and protracted. Everything nearly two years in my practice and have noth

must be done to relieve sexual erethism and ing but the highest praise for their use. They

tone up the nervous system. Locally, the are called arms of precision and rightly named, urethra must be distended by cold steel sounds but let no man think he can pick up the treat- according to details as given by Gross, and ment in a sort of hap hazard way, for he vill washed with astringent lotions to the prostatic certainly fail; their proper use and combina

portion, as detailed by Ultzmann. Cold water tions requires much study and experience. douches to the back portion of the brain and

April 19, I was called to attend Mrs. G,, age the spinal cord may be given in the morning 22, in her first confinement. She said that she followed by brisk rubbing. Prolonged cool sitz had not felt life for about four we ks and feared baths in a deep tub should be given at night. that her child was dead. There was nothing The sedative treatment by electricity (positive unusual in the labor, but when the child was to the lumbar and sacral portions of the spine born I found the cord wound twice about the and negative to peripheral points—thighs, gen. ankle of the left leg and tied in a hard single ital organs and over the pubes) should be given knot. The cord was drawn as tight as the tissue regularly. The mind should be trained to avoid would allow without breaking-so tight, in salacious thoughts. The diet should be abso fact, that the little foot was nearly severed from lutely plain and unstimulating. In fact, in this the leg. By the appearance I should think the very unsatisfactory condition the physician has child had been dead about a month.

many things to look for, and should correct I have had two patients come to me within one after another until improvement is manithe past year whose cases have troubled me not fest.-ED.] a litile in regard to suitable treatment. I have searched my text books and medical journals

A Parasite in the Stomach. in vain for some light on the subject but with. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-Replying to out any success to speak of, so, thought I would Dr. Jones, whose article appeared in the April see if any of the many readers of The WORLD number, I would say that, while I have been could help me out. I will give the history of very skeptical as to the formation or existence but one of the cases at present.

of live creatures in the stomach, agreeing with Mr. H., age about 24. married, no children, the subsequent editorial, yet it was my good but very desirous of them, of good physique, a fortune or misfortune to be an eye-witness to perfect picture of health as far as that goes, the expulsion of one such creature. came into my office some time ago with the I was sent for in haste to Mrs. W., a widow following story :-"Doctor, I am not sick, in about 25 years of age, who complained of a fact never had a sick day in my life, but I have terrible distress in the stomach. She had been a little trouble that annoys me very much and troubled with it for six years, during the last my wife not a little also. The facts are these : two years growing rapidly worse. She had tried in attempting coitus the orgasm occurs too soon, everything and several physicians with no sucsometimes before the organ is fairly entered; cess or relief. The pains were apparently consequently with little satisfaction to myself spasmodic. For two or three weeks she would and none at all as far as my wife is concerned. have a terrible gnawing, distressed sensation, Can you do anything for such trouble?” Upon with continued desire to eat but no satisfaction questioning I could elicit no history of mastur- came of eating. Then for a week or two it bation in former years, nor any sexual excesses. would subside, during which time her appetite There is an occasional nocturnal emission once was poor. She was languid and had an utter in two or three weeks when sexual intercourse loss of ambition. is not attempted or he is absent from home. I At the time of my visit she was in spasms. have tried the bromides, ergot, strychnine, After a careful examination I thought that she belladonna, monobromate of camphor, &c., was suffering from an irritated condition of the &c., without any material benefit. I would stomach. I administered a drastic evacuant

with enemas of glycerine, 2 parts, carbolic Valuable Therapeutic Uses of Iodoform.acid, 1 part, dis. water (warm), 6 parts, which

Salicylate of Soda for Eczema. had a partially good effect, reducing the in

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-Allow me to Aammation and allaying the convulsions, after

report upon the therapeutical action of two which sleep for two hours was induced by the

drugs whose action is not generally used in the administration of a soporific, after which she

manner reported. Todoform intersally I have went under the general treatment, but without found of inestimable value in the vomiting of effec:. A return of the same distress (as she

La Grippe attended with foul discharges of the termed it) .ook place with spasms, lasting for

feces. In fact, in any disease where the evactwo hours, and sometimes longer. All the

uations from the bowels are very offensive it while she protested and was positive there was

acts like magic. I had been treating a case of something alive "inside of me." Without say.

typho-malarial fever when the discharges were ing anything I resolved to give her the benefit

very offensive.

I had given sulpho-carbolate of the doubt and subsequently ad ninistered a

of zinc for a week with no improvement; also vermifuge and emetic and watched the case

carbolic acid and iodine, corrosive sublimate, closely In about one hour and a half she began turpentine, mild chloride and thymol had no to vomi: and continued so for about half an

effect whatever. The condition of things was hour, relenting only a few minutes at a time,

getting worse all the time. It was upon my exclaiming, Oh, doctor! if I could only get

own person. I eventually took two grains of that thing out of my mouth I should feel bet

iodoform night and morning. Three doses ter," It finally came up into the mouth, and I

changed the character of the stool so that no passed my finger in the mouth and felt some

more was necessary. thing squirming from the throat. I looked and

My second case was that of a woman whose found it to be alive. I unwound it and found that it resembled very much an earth worm,

skin was bronzed with bile pigment, offensive

bowels, foul taste in the mouth, emacia:ed, no about two and one half inches in length, varying from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch

appetite and suppression of the lacteal fluid. in width, with almost innumerable legs or

She had been taking acetate of potash with

calomel and podophyllin and quinine with no roots, color white, slightly pointed at the head,

benefit. Three one grain doses changed the which was slightly brown. It only lived a short time after being exposed to light and air. The

character of the secretions. The skin cleared patient began to improve and recovered in a

up and general good health ensued with no

other treatment. short time, and enjoys good health since. This is the first and only time that I ever witnessed

My third case was that of a baby three

months old with fermentative diarrhea. It had such an expulsion, although much has been claimed, What this was or what it

might be

been taking mercury with chalk and syrup of called I do not know, I know it was expelled,

rhubarb in smal doses. No change occurring and I removed it from the mouth, as before de

for the better I resolved to try iodoform. Two scribed, which dispelled in a measure my

one eighth grain doses night and morning efskepticism as to the existence of such creatures

fected a cure without any further treatment. in the stomach, Perhaps other members of the

My fourth case was that of a child four profession have had similar cases; if so I should

months old with fermentative or frothy offenbe pleased to read what they have to say upon

sive diarrhea, of two months duration, so the the subject in the “ Physician's Friend;” THE

mother reported. Two doses, grain one-eighth MEDICAL WORLD. Could not get along with

each, effected permanent cure. out it.

I have used it in fourteen cases in all without WILLIAM HALE, M.D.

a failure to do as reported. My last case was

one of pleuro pneumor ia with congestion of 91 Clifton St., Boston, Mass.

liver and bowels, attended with vomiting and

offensive evacuations from the bowels. I was EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:—The “Special called in consultation in this case. Cholera Infantum Number" of The World is assumed an unfavorable aspect; temperature received, and I am much pleased with the

104%2°F. vomiting persistent, which the atsame.

I hope you will continue to give us tendant physician had attempted to control “special numbers" on important practical

on important practical with hypodermics of morphine. Three twosubjects, at short intervals, in the future. grain doses of iodoform arrested the vomiting,

O. F. SHEARER, M. D. changed the character of the secretions and in Downs, Kansas.

three days the patient was convalescing.

Iodoform disengages ninety per cent. of its Have you Dr. Lewis' Chart of Skin Diseases ? only iodine when taken internally; is a sedative to

The case

the mucous membrane, an anti-ferment, anti

50 cents.

septic and alterative. I give it in powder mixed

Rectal Worms. with sugar of milk. Patients do not object to EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-On page 57 the smell or taste. More anon.

of MEDICAL WORLD, J. W. Ward, M. D., Now for chronic diarrhea: A young man inquires for a destroyer of the parasite. twenty years of age, came to me with chronic

I would say that it is much more difficult to diarrhea of two yea's duration, pains in the cure females of the parasite than males. The stomach and bowels, skin dry and harsh,

mature parasites frequently desert the rectum emaciated, urire scanty, tongue red and in- and anus of the female and enter her genital flamed, chills in the evening, puise feeble, tract and lay their ova there to be hatched, and anemic and generally dilapidated throughout. thus if you kill them in the rectum and anus I immediately put him on iodoform, which

they speedily return from the vagina and vulva changed the character of the discharge in two to the anus and rectum, and thus the patient is days. I then put him on a milk diet with never cured. The way to kill them completely salicylate of soda and bismuth and inunctions

is to kill them in the genital tract as well as in of quinine, which effected a complete cure in the rectum and anus. I know they emerge from three weeks. This is the only case I have tried the rectum for I have seen them emerge, and I of the kind.

know they enter the vulva and vagina because By the way, I find salicylate of soda one of good authority informs us that they have been the finest remedies we possess for the treatment seen there. I even believe they travel from one of chronic eczema. It relieves the hyperemic person to another and thus infect persons who condition of the skin and effects a cure when sleep with the affected. I have tried lime water taken internally when all other remedies have enemas and find them of no value. I have failed with me. I have used it in six cases tried enemas of very bitter infusions and find without a failure. I use a coating of bismuth that they will destroy the worms. An ointment externally to relieve irritation and itching of calomel will speedily kill them or any other while the soda is doing its work. I have a few parasites which infest the rectum and anus, or other remedies to report but enough for the vulva and vagina. When the pruritis ani or present. GEO. H. TREADGOLD, M.D. vulvæ is not caused by the worms it is usually Port Huron, Mich.

caused by microscopic parasites, and whatever

means are used to kill them, the best preventive Fistula in Ano.

of their return is to use injections of tepid Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--I sent you a

water once per day for two or three weeks. few lines recently on the treatment of fisula

Indeed, the injections of tepid water alone, as (see April, 1892, page 149). I have just had

aforesaid, would drive away the parasites, for à case which illustrates the treatment.

they revel in septic matter, and cleanliness There was abscess near the rectum,

would make the parts no home for the parasites. opened early, but would not heal. There was

The worms frequently cause hemorrhoids, and no opening into the gut, but on thoroughly occasionally cause spasms and convulsions in opening the abscess I found nearly one half of the sphincter detached from the outlying tisWhat a temptation to cut the muscle,

Hudson, Ill. sues.

Silas HUBBARD, M.D. as it would then certainly heal; but I have been a sufferer for many years from a sphincter

Two Strange Cases. cut in 1865, by Dr. Van Buren, of New York. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-— During the It did not unite and when there is diarrhea it thirty-five years of my professional life in is necessary to remain near a closet or there various countries many strange things have will be a catastrophe.

passed under my observation. But I have lain I stretched the sphincter (not stitched, as dormant for the last few years as far as writing is incorrectly printed in the April number), communications for medical journals is coninjected the abscess with a strong solution of cerned, but have decided to arouse myself and nitrate of silver, put a plug made of cloth into mention two cases that may be strange to some the rectum, so as to keep the muscle quiet and if interesting to none. immovable for 24 hours, and on removing In Denver, Colo., in 1883, I attended Mrs. the plug the sphincter had become attached B., age 27, first child, in a severe and proto the adjacent tissues, and the cure was com- tracted labor. The child (boy) was born with plete.

every vital organ perfect. The head was the I never cut a sphincter any more, but inject size of an ordinary goose egg. Length from the fistula thoroughly, stretch the muscle and top of head to sole of foot, eight inches. put in a plug large enough to comple:ely dis- Weight eight ounces. It lived on milk from a tend the muscle. C. B. HUTCHINS, M.D. spoon fifty-three days and died from natural 712 Post St., San Francisco, Cal.

The strangeness in this infinitesimal


in the young


specimen of humanity was that it did not in- sible, for the slightest motion causes intense crease in weight and length from its birth until pain. I have thought while attending children it died, when it could only be compared to a who had good-hearted but nervous grandLiliputian skeleton. Is there such another mothers, that Edison would do a good thing if birth recorded in any medical journal in this he was to invent a cussing machine that could country?

be attached to the bed, and would go off when Another case. Seventeen years ago I was anyone moved the patient. We have had a invited to attend Mrs. R. in confiement, age good deal of rain this spring, and each fresh 22, first child, Eight hours in natural labor, outbreak occurred after several days of very child, a boy of average weight, well developed damp weather. and healthy. One hour after birth of the child, Paris, Ill. W. H. TEN BROECK, M, D. whilst putting the placenta into the chamber under the side of the bed, I noticed adhering

Acetanilid for Hypersecretion of Milk. to the same a closed sack about the size of my two hands, but I paid no special attention to

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- Noticing in the it until an hour afterwards, when about to re

May MEDICAL WORLD the request of Dr. tire, I bethought me to see what the little sack

Rogers for “unfailing method of drying up the contained, and in breaking it open I found a

milk," I would suggest the trial of acetanilid. living girl baby, weight five pounds, which

This remedy has proved most satisfactory in soon grew fat and as large as her little brother.

my practice, having twenty recorded cases in Both lived to the age of seven months, grew

which it was given fair trial. rapidly, and in perfect health, when both were

Administration:-two to five grains every two stricken down at the same time with pneumonia hours, guarded (if necessary) by stimulants to and died within an hour of each other.

avoid depression. S. M. HASLEA, M.D.

Acetanilid has undoubtedly been used for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

the same purpose by other members of the pro

fession, but having no recollection of seeing it Suggestions in Regard to Cerebro-Spinal

suggested for such purpose I offer it for trial

and discussion. Meningitis.

FRANCIS E. THORNTON, M. D. EditoR MEDICAL WORLD:We have just North Parma, N. Y. passed through an epidemic of cerebro-spinal meningitis, in which eighteen patients out of

Some Tried Methods of Treatment. twenty-seven died. For good articles on the subject I would refer

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I modestly offer The World's readers to Pepper's System of

to the readers of The MEDICAL WORLD a few Medicine, Vol. 1, Hare's System of Therapeu- of my favorite formulas. They have always tics, Vol. 2, and Reference Handbook of Med- given me good results. ical Sciences, Vol. 2.

For chronic inflammation of the bladder and I merely wish to give my views in regard to

irritation of the mucous membrane take etiology and treatment, for I believe the dis- R Fluid extract of corn silk......ounces iv ease is caused by a specific poison found in

Fluid extract of eucalyptus moldy bread stuffs, either from moldy grain

Simple elixir ...

.. ounces ii

Mix. Dose, teaspoonsul, t. i. d. converted into four, or bread, crackers, etc., rendered moldy by being kept in a damp

One of the best combinations in our materia

medica. place. I am satisfied that I traced three of my cases

As a general tonic the following is always to to moldy crackers, and that the disease was

be relied upon, in malnutrition, when the caused among soldiers by the moldy hard

nerves are crying for food, and manifest this tack that they ate. Grocers ought to keep

state by low vitality, imperfect enervation, crackers in a dry place, for they are usually

etc. made from inferior flour and very liable to

B Strychnine sulph... ....grains ii
Acidi phos. dil.

.fluid Ounce ii mold. Nearly all of the cases that recovered Tinc. cinchonæ comp.

fluid ounces ss were given large doses of opium, and had bags Mix. Sig -Twelve (12) drops in water after of ice water applied to the back of the neck, meals. I was able to reduce fever and relieve pain by And another : means of the ice bag, which can be filled and

R Elixir pyrrophos, iron quinine calisaya emptied without moving the patient, by attach

et strych

... ounces viii ing a syringe.

Sig.-Teaspoontul before or after meals. The sick room should be darkened, very When stomach is bad, digestion is poor, flatuquiet, and the patient moved as little as pos- lence and dyspepsia in general, Wyeth's pep

....ounces ii

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