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if he would gainsay Frederick's opinion to Like an unreclaimed savage, the boy the very utmost. The other consulting phy“ grinded his teeth as he hung for a moment sicians, nettled, no doubt, that their grave in his threatening attitude; but he was seen wisdom should be impugned by a stripling, to be working under some strong restraint, were in a disposition sooner to fortify them- till all at once he rushed out of the house, selves in injustice, than to see and acknow. - and was lost in the dark night. Days, weeks, ledge the truth, were it made as plain to them and months passed, and still he came not, as day. When they heard, however, that nor had his friends heard any thing of him. Humé was determined to make a representa- During the summer, every young beggar lad tion of the case to the magistrates of the that came to Greenwells Cottage, was keenly place, and to visit the asylum again ere long, scrutinized by poor Charlotte Cardo; and with one or two of the principal Edinburgh every day she went to the top of a green hill physicians, they were a little alarmed ; and in the neighbourhood, to look for travellers Stewart, particularly, from his consciousness along the road, or coming over the open of the truth of what Frederick had stated, de moor. But all her anxiety was in vain; Antermined that Cardo should have an oppor- tonio came not, and she began to droop. tunity of making his escape, which would Besides sorrow for her brother's unaccountsave himself the shame of being publicly able absence, another passion, which no one obliged to yield to Hume's interference. suspected, was beginning to prey upon the

About a week after the above interview heart of this Italian maiden; and no sooner betwixt Antonio and our young doctor, Miss did she hear Frederick Hume, about the Pearce, Signor Romelli, and his daughter, beginning of autumn, propose to go in a few (for the Signor had excused himself pretty weeks to Paris, there to remain during the well to Frederick), and two or three more, winter, than she declined so fast in her were sitting one evening in Mrs. Mather's health, that in a few days she could scarcely parlour. The candles had just been lighted. walk about the house. Observing wich inImmediately the door opened, and admitted finite regret her increasing feebleness, Frea young man bareheaded, and in worn attire. derick humanely resolved to defer his journey As he came slowly forward, he waved his till he should see the issue of her illness; hand mournfully, and attempted to speak, and, in the meantime, he procured for her but seemed, from emotion, unable for the the best medical attendance, determined to task. He was now seen to be Antonio Cardo, do every thing which human skill could do

for the beautiful alien. though he had grown so tall of late, and was

One afternoon about a week after this, an so very pale, that he was not easily recognised. There was a tear in his eye, a slight dilation eminent doctor from the neiglıbouring

town, of his nostril, and a quivering all round his Frederick Hume aside, and in answer to his

who generally attended the maiden, took mouth, like one whose honour has been doubted, and who has just come from trial said_" There is but one possible way, Hume,

inquiries regarding her appearance that day, and danger, and indignant victoryWere of saving

that girl's life.” an idiot to gain reason and high intellect, and to be seen walking stately with wise men, Frederick.

“For God's sake, name it, Sir," returned who would not weep at the sublime sight? Nor is it without awful interest that we behold Dr. Hume," continued the other physician ;

“ You will be surprised, perhaps shocked, a man composed and serene, after coming out “ but it is my duty to tell it to you. Well, of a dark dream of insanity, the fine light of then, that Italian girl is dying of love for reason exhaling from the unsettled chaos of

you." his eye, and a tear there, the last witness of the unaccountable struggle.

“ Whom do you mean, Sir? Not Char

lotte Cardo?" said Frederick, afraid of the He advanced slowly without speaking, and conviction which had Aashed upon him. sat down on a sofa like a wayfaring man “I cannot be wrong, Frederick," replied wearied out with his journey. Charlotte en. the other; “ Mrs. Mather hinted the thing to tered the room. " There he is at last !"

me some time ago. I have seen it from the cried she, when she saw him, and throwing manner of the girl, and her emotion in your herself upon his neck, she swooned away, presence, compared with her manner when I overcome by a thrill of joy. Kindly for a visited her without your being with me. To-while did God hold her spirit entranced, that day she spoke of you under a slight degree she might not be agonized at her brother's of delirium, and when she recovered, I made sudden and strange departure. For Antonio her confess the whole to me.” at this moment observing Signor Romelli, “ You have at least done well to tell me," whom his weak and dazzled eyes had not till said Hume, anxiously." But what must be now seen, laid his sister, like an indifferent done?" thing, upon the sofa, started forward, and

“Why, Sir, as the mere physician in this pointing with his finger to Romelli, whis- case, my opinion generally, and without any pered deeply, “Have I found you, mine reference to other circumstances, is, that you enemy-Take care of that man, good people, must formally make the girl your bride this or my soul shall tear him to pieces." very night, if you would give her a chance


• The first syniptom of this unhappy change 'honoured Charlotte Cardo as you have done, of affairs which occurred to Hume, was the need not fear me?". return of the letter which he had sent to “Why, Sir," said Frederick, “to tell Julia, and which came back to him unopened. you a circumstance which you have no right About a week afterwards he heard the stun to know, in these late days I do not hold ning news of his own love's marriage with my life of more value than a box of grassanother, to feel that he was cut off for ever hoppers." from the hopes of his young life :--for be “You can have no scruple then to meet had loved passionately, and with his whole me,” said Cardo. “ And you may have being

some wish to hear me explain a few circumDays, weeks, passed over him, and his stances relative to our family, my own chaexistence was one continuous dream of "racter, and the cause of my late absence. thoughts, by turns fierce and gentle ; now You shall also learn something about Signor wild as the impaled breast of a suicide, now Romelli. Have I your sure promise to meet soft as breathings of pity from the little warm me then at this place ?" heart of a young maid.' One while he cursed “ I care not though I do," answered Hume, the pride and cruelty of Julia (for he knew “ since I am weary of every thing common not the part which Miss Pearce bad acted), under the sun, and especially since it is a and he made a vow in his soul, for his own very pretty hour for a man to speculate a peace of mind, never again to see her in this little in." mortal life. Then he was disposed to curse “ You are too careless by balf for my the memory of Charlotte Cardo; but his purpose, said the Italian. heart was too magnanimous to let him long “Faith, not so," returned Frederick. give way to this feeling. On the contrary, Nay, my good friend, I will on my knees to keep down such thoughts, and to be strictly on this stone swear to meet you. Well, did and severely just, he got Mrs. Mather's con- you say on Saturday ?" sent to let a table-stone be placed in her This is mere moody trifling all, Dr. aisle, with this inscription :-“Charlotte Hume; but no matter, I will ere then give Cardo, wife to Dr. Frederick Hume." you a memento to mind Saturday night :

One day the youth went alone to the hour--twelve o'clock.” churchyard, to see the above tablet for the “ You go home with me in the interim, I first time after its erection. As he bent presume?” said Frederick. “ You have over it, filled with a multitude of hurrying played the truant from school too long." thoughts, a burst of solemn music rolled • Farewell, Sir, and remember your proupon his ear, and on looking up, there was mise," answered Antonio. “ I do not go Antonio Cardo within the door of the aisle, with you at present.” He accordingly hasted playing upon an organ.

away from Frederick, without answering bis With a softened heart Frederick listened farther inquiries. to the strain; but after it had ceased, and On the forenoon of the following Saturday, Antonio bad kissed his sister's name upon Hume received a pote from Cardo, remindthe stone, he could not refrain, in an alterna- ing bim of his engagement at twelve o'clock tion of sterner feeling, from saying " By that night. A considerable while before the Heaven! most unhappy wanderer, the thing appointed hour our doctor took the way to is all your own doing : your folly hath the churchyard, which was about a quarter ruined us all."

of a mile from Mrs. Mather's house. As The Italian answered not, save by throw- he arrived at the gate, he was startied at ing himself down on the ground, and kissing hearing the reports of two pistols, one a Frederick's feet.

little after the other; and making his way “ Rise up, Sir," said Hume angrily; “I towards the quarter whence the sounds had like not your savage philosophy: I like come, he was led to his own aisle. On looknothing beyond common sense and feeling. ing through its grated door, Heavens of As for yourself, I know you not, Sir: I do Mercy! what saw he within? There was not know what character you are of, or any Signor Romelli on his knees before the tombthing about your family.'

stone, and Antonio Cardo holding him fast “By the Holy Mother! you shall soon by the neck. To the surprise of Hume, there know me then," said the boy, springing seemed to be some new inscription on the proudly up.

“ Promise to meet me here on stone. To this, Cardo, whilst he beld RoSaturday night at twelve o'clock, and you melli with one hand, was pointing with the shall see me then no longer the weak boy other; and at the same time a dark lantern that you have spurned, but one that can be had been so placed upon the tablet, that its strong and do justice. Do you promise to light fell directly upon the letters of the inmeet me?"

scription. “How am I interested in your scheme of “Read aloud, Sir, for the behoof of all, or justice ?" demanded Frederick.

you die this moment," cried Cardo sternly, “Yon do not fear me, Sir?" asked the and fourishing a sort of dagger-knife above Italian in return. Surely the man that so the bare head of his prostrate countryman. Vol. I.

2 D

“ But suppose,

Romelli stared upon the writing, but sat the blue cuckoo, but give not your sympathy silent.

to that carrion, for he was a wretch, whose “ You cannot see them plainly, perhaps," heart-strings might, unscathed, have tied up said the vindictive Antonio. “ There is dust the forked bundles of lightning, so callous on the stone and in the letters, but we shall were they, so wicked, so callous. For your cleanse them for you."

wife's sake, my sister, do not. Moreover, So saying, he drew a white napkin from his you must leave this country instantly, and pocket, dipped it in the blood that was flow, for your kindness to my sister, I shall go ing profusely from Romelli's throat, and with you wherever you go, and be your slave wiped with it the stone.

till death, because in that I shall be honour“Read!" was again the stern mandate. ing her.”

Romelli looked ghastly, kept his eyes fixed “A discreet travelling companion, forupon the stone, but said nothing. And there sooth." returned Hume. was a dogged determination in his look, “ Harkye, Sir : like fire and water I can which told that he would die like a fox, witb- be a good servant; but my mastery, if yonr out murmur or word.

negative to my proposal put it upon me, may “ I will read for you, then," said Cardo : be equally dangerous." -“ 'In memory of Hugo Marli, who perished “ Granted-in the matters of Italian assasin the South Seas.'-Now, tell me, red- sination," said Frederick. handed hell-fiend, how perished the youth?" Sir, that this very moment I dispute your

A very slight groan, and a harder breath- mastery? Suppose I tell you that even now ing, was all the answer from the prostrate my eye is upon you, and that I do not mean Italian.

to let you leave the churchyard without a “ Well, then, I am Antonio Marli—the desperate effort on my part to secure your last of my race—the brother of thy victim- person?" his avenger--thy -prove the title there “ I shall not stay at present,” said Cardo, and find hell." The last vengeful words “to show you how easily I can defy you, gurgled in his throat; but his hand was armed as I am. Let us come to the point. nothing paralyzed, for, lifting high the dag- You love Signora Romelli, and she loves you. ger, he struck it, crashing and glutting Well :- but you shall never marry her, for itself, down through the skull and brains of her vile father's sake. She shall never sit the prostrate wretch, to the very hilt.' a bride on the throne of your heart, which

Antonio Marli (let bim now wear the my sister Charlotte could not gain. I will name, thus horribly authenticated), with a flee this instant, and you will be suspected of red smile, as if his countenance shone from Romelli's murder. I have put things in such the mouth of a furnace, turned to Hume, a train, that suspicion must naturally fall who, loudly deprecating the above violence, upon you. No one, save yourself, and anohad made desperate efforts at the same time ther whom I can trust, has seen me in this to break into the aisle, and thus grimly spoke visit to your neighbourhood. The deed has to him :-“ So, thou art there, thou glorious been done with your own pistol and dagger, faithful one? Thou shalt live in the king- with which, besides the key to open the aisle dom-to-come with the Marlis. Come in, door, my knowledge of Mrs. Mather's prebird, into the house," continued he, curving mises enabled me secretly to provide niyself his fore-finger, and beckoning to Frederick a few nights ago. Now, Sir, do you see how with it; “ advance, and join the committee.” you are beleaguered? You can hardly escape A change came over his face in a moment; a condemning verdict. Now for your alterhe unlocked the door; threw it open ; drag- native of choice :-sball I leave you and ged out the body of Romelli with awful will you stay-to be confounded in this violence ; then turning to Hume, tried to country ? Or will you not rather flee with speak, but could not, from violent emotion. me instantly, where both of us shall be safe; He continued for a minute, merely pointing and where, because you so honoured and to the body, but at length he said," So, there tried to save the twin-sister of my being, it is out: I would not have its blood mingle my beloved one, I shall tame my safety, and with my sister's ashes."

my pride, and my powers, to be with you “ Most murderous wretch," cried Frede- day and night as your companion and friend? rick, grappling with him ;. " how didst thou Remember, either alternative will equally dare call me to witness this?"

well serve my ends." Sir, I thought your good opinion of some “I have listened to you well, you must value, and I called you to see me approve allow," said Hume; " and I have come to myself a man of justice."

the conclusion, that your ingenuity and finesse " A wild beast thou! say a fiend rather; are admirable ; but what a pity it is that but thou shalt answer for it."

they should all go for nothing! To show “Ha!” cried Marli, with desperate energy, you, Sir, what an overweening fool you are, casting himself free from Hume's hold I will constrain myself to tell you, that Julia “ Hear me, Sir, now my brother: go, weep Romelli is already married to Dr. Stewart, for the little wren that dies in a tussle with in consequence of my choosing a bride else

where. Now, Sir, seeing what my con- said Hume, much moved, “ I trust you re Rexion with your family has already gained pent of your crime !" for me, can you still arge it upon me, as a “Why? and wherefore ?" answered the very important acquisition, to secure your prisoner, with a gesture of impatience. devoted and worshipful attendance? Faugh! ** But you shall hear me : when you were your hand smells rankly, and I will not taste last in the gaol with me, I was not in the that bread which you have touched." vein for explanations, but now you shall

At this announcement of Miss Romelli's hear and judge of Romelli's deserts. I marriage, Marli gave a sort of involuntary would make you a prince, Sir, if I could, scream. With trembling earnestness he then but I have no other way of giving you hodrew forth his bloody handkerchief, tied one nour, than by unfolding myself a little to end round his neck, and proffered the other you, which I would do were the confession to Dr. Hume, with the following words :- to show my heart one multen hell.-My fa“ Is it so, Sir? Is Julia lost to you? I ther, who, as you have already heard, was a knew not of this : and now I do not rejoice. clergyman in the north of Italy, was one But take the napkin, Sir, and lead me away stormy night returning home, through a to justice: Take it, Sir, if you wish any small village, about a mile from our house, triumph over our family. By the souls of when he beard a poor sailor begging at a all my race, I shall follow you quietly as a door for a lodging during the night, which lamb, for you bave suffered too much already was refused him. My good old father, refrom the Marlis. Not one hair of your membering that he himself had a son a noble head shall for this murder come into sailor, who might come to equal want, danger. Not one suspicion shall attach to brought home with him the rejected seaman, your cloudless name. Had the law seized gave him food and dry raiment, and made you, by my soul's being I would not have let him sit with us by the parlour fire. The you die, though I wished you never to get man was of a talkative disposition, and beJulia Romelli for your wife. As it now is, ing, moreover, cheered by the wine which you shall not for a moment be impeached. was plentifully given him, began voluntarily Lead me away."

to tell of his having been lately shipwrecked. “ I shall endeavour," said Hume, “to And how could it be otherwise ?' continued keep the blame from myself, and fix it upon the mariner; “how could that ship thrive ? the proper culprit :--Should you make your You will hear why she could not; for I escape, I shall defend myself as well as know the whole story. Well, before sailing possible."

from Genoa, on our last voyage, our captain, This, however, Antonio did not attempt; who was a widower, bad fallen in love with but, going quietly with Hume to the village, a young lady. Now, it so happened, that bis he himself roused the constables, stated to mate, a nice young chap, liked the same them his crime, and put himself under their damsel ; and she, in return, preferred him care, to convey bim to the jail of the to the sulky captain, who, in consequence, neighbouring town, which was done without was mightily huffed, and took every opportudelay.

nity, after we bad sailed from port, of vent

ing his spleen against his rival. One day, CHAPTER VI.

being becalmed in the South Seas, near a

beautiful green island abounding in wild MARLI was found guilty of Romelli's mur- game, the captain, with a small party, went der; and condemned to be executed in the on shore, to have some sport in shooting churcbyard where the murder was com- kangaroos. To the surprise of every one, mitted--a place of execution certainly new the young mate was allowed to go with us, and remarkable. Frederick Hume, accord- and glad he was, for he was a lad of fine ing to a solemn promise which he had made mettle, and delighted in all sorts of amuseto Marli, when one day he visited him in ment. But no sooner had we landed, than jail before his trial, again waited on the the captain turned to him, and said perempprisoner in his cell a few days before the ap- torily, * Now, Sir, you must watch the boat pointed time of execution. The Italian boy till we return.' Poor fellow, he knew his was sitting on his low pallet-bed, apparently duty, though he felt the mean revenge, and in deep abstraction, and he sat for a minute folding his arms, he turned quickly round after Frederick entered. His face was calın, with his face from us, which was burning and clearly pale, as if it had come out of the with anger, and began to hum a tune. After refiner's furnace; but his dark hair was we had pursued our sport for some hours in raised a little above one of his temples, as if the woods, we returned to the boat, and disordered by the wind; and there was an were surprised to find that the mate was awful shadow and a trouble in the inner not beside it. We saw him, however, about rooms of his eye. So soon as Hame named a hundred yards off (for he had probabiy him, he arose, and advancing, kissed his vi- been allured from bis charge by seeing some sitor on the cheek, exclaining earnestly, game not far off), basting towards us. The - My brother! My brother!"

captain, trembling with malignant eagerness, “Well, then, my poor Antonio Marli,” ordered us all into the boat in a moment,

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