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therefore the Fruit is good also; Duties ^il0" have their Foundation in Graces, and theo-y^j Service of God is perfect Freedom. We therefore greatly dishonour as well as mistake the Nature of Christianity, when we represent it to ourselves or others as consisting in constrained Acts of Duty and outward Worship, in a set Behaviour, a forced Conversation on religious Subjects, in talking much of Christ, or speaking Scripture Language: for Labour and Study to do these Things (hews that we are not yet brought into Christian Liberty, which is. a Freedom to Righteousness and to a Life and and Conversation becoming the Gospel of Christ. It is then we can truly fay, that his Yoke is easy and his Burden light, and that the Ways of his Religion are Ways of Pleasantness, and that all its Paths are Peace; for in Newness of Spirit Newness of Life is natural, and therefore easy, and with Delight we run the Way of his . Commandments when hehath set our Hearts at;Llberty. . ,

'But here let it be observed by way of Caution to him who is called to be the Lord's Free-man, that he be not high minded but fear. Is he brought into Liberty? Let

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Sfirm.eN biflj rejoyce in his Liberty with an humble

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t^z-y^and thankful Heart, and have the tenderesi Compassion on them that are in Bonds,even under the Law to Christ, not presume-' ing to despise the Day of small Things tii others, but condescending to Men of low Estate, and bearing their Burdens as a Fellow-helper with them in their Weakness 5 remembering that if he differeth from another, he hath nothing but what he hath received as a free Gift, and therefore ought not to glory as if he had not received it: Besides, God is the Judge, and He putteth

down one and sctteth up another Again»

Let him use his Liberty with Modetation and Prudence both towards them that are without and them that are within j for th6? all Things of an indifferent Nature be lawful to him, yet all Things are not expedients Christian Liberty ought to subject itself to the Law of Charity, and never . be>/tifi& where'it mav give Offence to ouf'wea'k

Brethren:"; ;"<(Uu

'I shall conclude with the mentions some sew Particulars, wherein the Son of God hath not set us free, to prevent some fatal Mistakes concerning the Nature^of Cbriftimt Liberty, And

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First, He hath not released us from g Obedience and Subjection to the Civil VIIrPowers, but on the contrary obliged us by Precept and his own Example to obey them that are in Authority and have Rule over us, as well for Conscience sake as because they are Ministers of God to us for gopd, either in the way of Protection, orCorrection. , ...... ...

..Secondly, He has not set us free from conforming to the Rules and Orders of that Society of Chriftians with whom we are in Communion, provided such Rules and Orders do not restrain us from bringing Glory to God, by promoting the spiritual Welfare of our Neighbour, nor any Ways hinder our own Advancement in Godliness j for in these Things one fc our Master, even Christ, and no other. ^

Thirdly, He has not taken away or *

^slackened our Obligations to any moral or relative Duty; for these are bound upon us by a Law that altereth not; and therefore Antinomian Doctrine is here Anticrijlian Doctrine, tho' there is the less Occasion for Caution in this Particular, as one .great Part of Christian Liberty consists in Q^3 render

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Svm°N renc^e"ng ^e Practice of these Duties our W\J free Choice and willing Service.'

Lastly, The Son of God does not set us free from Afflictions, Crosses and Temptations; for these prove the Christian's Fidelity, exercise his Graces, and perfect him in the School of Christ. But in all Things wherein we are entangled and held to the Damage of our Souls and to the endangering of our Salvation, if we wait faithfully and patiently, upon the Lord, He will deliver us; and if in these Things the Son shall make us free we shall be free indeed. Hath He then called us out of Darkness into his marvellous Light? Let us walk as Children of the Light and of the Day. Hath He rescued us from the Power of Sin and Satan to bring us into the glorious Liberty of the Sons of God? Let us stand fast in the Liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and not be intangled again with the Yoke of Bondage.

Now to Him who hath vistted and redeemed his People, that we being delivered out of the Hands of our Enemies may serve Him without Fear, in


Holiness andRighteousness;before Him Sermon "all the Days of our Life, be ascribed o-yNJ all Honour and Glory of us and all the -qa; Israel of God, now and for evermore. Amen.

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