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plain the philosophy of its action. Let it Perhaps once a week a soap and water bath suffice to say that I am well satisfied in my own might prove beneficial. During rainy, changemind regarding its great benefit-a number of able weather, thin Aannel clothing would be young men and women being alive to day who more conducive to health than cotton or linen. must otherwise have succumbed in infancy Treatment.--in genuine cholera infantum, to the dread cholera infantum. I learned this the child may die in a few hours, just as an important fact in the mountains from some adult may die in a few hours with cholera of the good old women who were great on morbus. The treatment must be prompt. yarbs.

When so much serum is lost from the blood G.H. MARSHALL, M. D. as is the case in this disease, the patient may 190 2nd Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.

die from congestion of the brain. Then why

give opium in any of the forms, when it is Treatment by an Intelligent Homeopathic

so liable to produce this condition ? We Practitioner.

might as well attempt to stop a flood by

damming the stream as try to cure cholera By PROF. CUMMINGS,

infantum with astringents, or by plugging the Of the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri. rectum. Treat the conditions.

[In an explanatory note to the editor, the In the commencement, if vomiting is the Doctor states that all he asks for his line of predominant symptom, very small doses of treatment given below is an unprejudiced con- ipecac will sometimes do good. If the child sideration and a fair trial at the bedside. We

is sleepy and very fretful, then the one five deem, however, that no explanation at all was hundredth or one thousandth part of a grain of necessary, as the Doctor gives medicine crude antimony, triturated with sugar of milk, generally in appreciable, although small,

will be the remedy. Dose to be repeated doses, and is guided by an intelligent under- every fifteen minutes until better, then lengthen standing of the diseased condition present in

the interval. When the child is in a cold their administration. Scientific medicine is sweat, or the skin is blue with cold, with thin pnly benefitted by an impartial comparison of watery stools, give veratrum album from methods and results.-ED.)

the first to the third dilution—12 drops in 12 EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :- Your proposal

glass of water, teaspoonful every third stool.

For great restlessness and intense thirst, to have a special Cholera Infantum number for drinking little and often, a trituration of June is good.

arsenicum album, five hundredth All stuc ents of Dr. Dobell, “ On Diet," and

thousandth part of a grain, given every hour, Dr. Wm. Roberts, on “Digestion and Diet,"

will prove beneficial. When reaction takes know that the predisposing cause of all bowel place, and fever occurs, then give a tenth of a troubles of children, not fed exclusively on

drop of aconite in water, every hour. · milk, is starchy food, arrow-root, crackers,

Patients should be allowed all the water white bread, potatoes, etc. These foods must

they want. For nourishment, give milk be digested by saliva. In teething children, a

diluted with hot water. Wash out the bowels great deal of the saliva dribbles out, and is lost

with warm water, then give a pancreatized is a digestive ferment. The salivary glands

enema of milk. The milk should be injected are not sufficiently developed in young child

very slowly. ren to be of much service. Hence the im

I direct a half tube of Fairchild Bro. & portance of keeping starchy foods from child

Foster's pancreatic extract, to be dissolved in ten under two years. The exciting cause of

two tablespoonfuls of water, to a half pint of cholera in'antum is intense and prolonged heat. milk. Let this stand in warm water one half There doubtless are microbes in cholera hour, ard then slowly inject into the bowels. infantum, as well as in Asiatic cholera ; but, if the conditions are un'avorable for their

Children who perspire a great deal about development and growth, they can do no

the head while sleeping, are very liable to

cholera infantum, and bowel troubles of all harm. While it is necessary to keep children

kinds. cool during the heat of summer with thin

To these children I give phosphate of lime clothing, and out of the hot sunshine, and in (calcarea) sixth trituration night and morning. well ventilated rooms, still, some children are Sidney Ringer, in his hand-book of therapeuvery much injured, if not killed, by too much bathing in water, either cold or hot. Scroful

tics, speaks of the uselessness of giving this

medicine in large doses. Dus and tubercular children dread water, and

J. C. CUMMING, M. D. cry when being bathed in water. Such child. ren should be bathed with olive oil every day,

3514 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. and only washed about the groins when soiled. KBBP your journals in a MedicAL WORLD binder.




How Intestinal Disturbances are Regarded until relief, with a restricted dict composed of

and Treated in the Creek Nation. milk, boiled and given hot for breakfast, dinEDITOR MEDICAL World: - I commend ner and supper; between meals the boiled highly your idea of devoting the June No. of milk cold. THE WORLD to the subject of cholera infantum,

After she had taken the third dose her stools and will contribute my little mite. Prevention were reduced in frequency"; when the tenth is the most important measure, and should re

dose was taken she fell asleep. The next day ceive the first consideration.

her mother gave her something to eat that I did I am confident that indigestion is at the

not advise. The consequences were that I was bottom of the majority of the cases, and hence

called again in the evening. When I arrived it is the key-note to treatment.

the mother admitted her guilt of disobedience All aliment should be avoided that will by telling me she had fed her some boiled damage the stomach or irritate the bowels. tomatoes; she promised very faithfully to Insure digestion by the administration of obey me in the future, when I prescribed pepsin to those that are prone to attacks.

the same treatment as before. After she obthese cases, the greatest care should be exer.

tained relief as before I continued giving the cised to prevent the trouble, and if cleanliness, granules at longer intervals for several days, proper diet, and pepsin will not suffice during with the same diet of boiled milk. the hottest months, when the stomach is in

Chas. W. HATE, M. D. capacitated, the child should be taken to the Eleventh St. and Susquehanna Ave., country, if the parents live in the city.

Philadelphia, Pa. In treatment, for a mild case, I usually

Cholera Morbus. begin with oil and a little turpentine to expel the irritating contents of the bowels, and

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-On December attend to the dict and surroundings.

28, I was called hurriedly to see Mrs. G., aged As soon as the oil acts on the bowels I give eighty-five years, the messenger stating that she sub-nitrate of bismuth and carbolic acid in

was probably dying; she had been vomiting peppermint water.

and purging for three hours. I found her in a When the colon is much involved I give collapse, pulse almost imperceptible at the rectal injection of lead water, starch or milk.

wrist, extremities cold, skin wrinkled and I don't believe in giving opia' es in these

covered with cold perspiration, and shaking troubles when it can be avoided, for it always

like one in an ague chill. deranges the stomach, a thing which we can

I gave her at once a granule of arsenite of not afford to do.

copper (I-1000 grain), and a granule of GregI think sulphate of quinine and tanic acid ory's salt (1.67 grain), both together, and in makes as good an astringent and is more gen

fifteen minutes a granule of sulpho-carbolate erally indicated.

of zinc (% grain), and a granule of arseniate Eufaula, I. T.


of strychnine (1.134 grain), and in fifteen minutes a granule of glonoin (1-250 grain), and

a granule of arsenite of copper, applied a Treatment of Summer Complaint With Granules.

cayenne pepper paste to the epigastrium, and

hot-water bottles to the extremities. Then I EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I was called on arranged four sauce-plates with granules as one evening to see Miss S-, aged two; I found follows: Into the first sauce-plate I put granules that her previous health had been good (the of arsenite of copper, into the second granules mother stated that the child had never been of Gregory's salt, into the third granules of

ck before). Her pulse was very rapid; she arseniate of strychnine, into the fourth granules had high fever, with an intense thirst; vomit- of sulpho-carbolate of zinc and digitaline, and ing and movement of the bowels occurred at directed the nurse to give them every fifteen short intervals, the passages being watery and minutes in turn until the patient was better, of a greenish yellow color and setid odor. and if sleeping not to awaken her. At my The child was in a semi.comatose condition morning visit I learned that the patient vom. between the spasms of pains. She had been ited but once after I saw her, and was in every accustomed to eat of everything that the family way as comfortable as could be expected. I do did. The attack came on in the morning. not remember ever having controlled a bad

Treatment.-I gave arsenite of copper (1-75 case of cholera morbus so readily and satis milligr.) arseniate of strychnine, hyoscyamine, factorily to myself and the patient before. I narceiné, cinchondine sulphate, one half gran. think this plan was better than if I had given ule of each every half hour. (The granules seidlitz salt to clear the alimentary ( anal, when were put on a damp cloth a few moments, then disease had done that already too well. cut in two), given with a little boiled milk, Albany, Vt. J. C. CAMPBELL, M.D.

Cholera Iafantum.-Treatment From a Dosi- removal of the fermenting material in the alimetric Standpoint,

mentary canal with colon flushing and small

doses of seidlitz salt will go prepare the way ETOR MEDICAL WORLD:- This dread cog

that brucine will again effect a perfect cure. nomen is aptly applied to the various intestinal

If brucine is not at hand, salts of strychnine disturbances occurring in early life, more may be used, preferably the arseniate, but often during the neated season of the year. brucine is to be preferred. We have now The various grades of disturbance from simple touched simply upon the causes and treatment diarrhea to choleraic collapse being simply

of this condition in the simplest form. As we different degrees of intensity of the same primary have said before, the various phases of choleraic condition.

flux are simply different degrees of intensity of While desiring to deal only with the indica- the same condition. Let the causes continue, tions for treatment, you will pardon me if I wearied nature wavers, helpful compensation refer briefly to the causation of this condition, becomes a pathological condition, the natural upon a clear comprehension of which a rational function of the canal is suspended (over-dismethod of treatment can alone be based. tension causing paresis), bacteria generate, Nimerous things, chief among

which are

and soon we have a seething mass of intestinal errors in diet and exposure, through the action putridity reeking with odors and teeming with of the sympathetics, bring about a disturbance the vilest poisons.

It is no wonder that the of the physiological relation or balance existing mortality is so great. It is more wonder that between the circulation of the external and the with the incendiary treatment of the past it internal skin. Fortunately, nature is extremely has not been greater. Here is a serious contolerant of abuse, or trouble would arise more dition; there is no time to lose, for unless often than it does. The great law of compen- relief is at once obtained, a life will go out sation under which certain parts are called surely and speedily. What shall we do? Shall upon to perform the work belonging to others we give opiates and astringents to further temporarily in a state of imperfect activity irritate the mucuous surfaces, to lock up this saves serious calamity more often than we are vile mess of abomination while the death apt to suppose ; meanwhile, the forces of sentence of our patient is given in the absorpnature are brought to bear to set the wrong tion that is sure to follow ? I hear an echoing right, and if successful all soon goes on as

“No!" Good! Now, in the light of systembefore. Here is where the work of the physi. atic therapeutics what shall we do? We will cian comes in, to hold out to nature a helping meet the indications and first give our best hand. How necessary it is that one should not intestinal antiseptics is such doses and freonly clearly comprehend conditions but be

quency as is necessary to destroy the multiply. able to select and apply the best means of ing microbes, and thus remove the local irritaassistance. The relation above noted is a tion and stop the septic absorption. veritable physiological see-saw, a cutaneous Arsenite of copper, grain 1.1000, one vaso-constriction or chill means an intestinal granule every fifteen minutes until effect, and vaso-dilatation, while irritating substances in then at longer intervals, one to two hours, is a the alimentary canal bring about the same precious remedy; so also is sulpho carbolate of condition in a reverse order, and we have a zinc, grain 1.6, used in the same way, but it is choleraic flux, first from external and second probable that none excel, if any equal, calcium from internal causes. Mental emotion may sulphide. grain 1-6, to which the same direcbring about the same order of things, as noted tions will also apply. These three are readily in the effect produced by fear, and should be tolerated by the system, even beyond the classed among external causes. These two amounts required to produce the desired local main points in causation must not be lost effect. Their action peroram may be supple. sight of, as they require entirely different mented by colon flushing of the same in hot means for their removal. In the first, the solution, and if retention of fermenting cause of excitation being removed, the exhibi- residues is suspected, seidlitz salt in small tion of brucine, one or two granules hourly doses should be used, paradoxical as it may along with one of phosphoric acid, will quickly seem. For a child, one or two heaping tea. remove the temporary paresis of the vaso- spoonfuls in halt a glass of cold water may be motors of the intestinal tract, with entire relief given in teaspoonful doses every five or ten to the condition.

minutes to allay thirst, and continued till If the loss of balance is caused by a chill, effect. the use of glonoin, with external warmth, one Now comes the second indication, to stimugranule every fifteen minutes till effect, is the late vitality by every possible means, that the quickest possible way to dissipate internal con- paresis of the intestinal vaso motors may be regestion. In the second, abstinence and the lieved and their functions restored as soon as


possible. On this, the first indication having have followed the above, in children brought been met, success or failure depends. Here from the city, with success in every case. again we have brucine, the salts of strychnine Woodstock, Va. W. S. CLINE, M.D. and phosphoric acid, precious remedies and sure to win if the case has not been so long

JOSEPH SPALDING, M. D., formerly of West neglected that exhausted nature cannot respond.

La Fayette, Ind., now practising in WoodBrucine and phosphoric acid, one of each

stock, Ct., writes :-"Cholera of infants, that together every one-half hour, for a child of

dreaded summer disease, is the cause of more four to ten. The same in divided doses for an deaths in this land than are produced by any infant (dissolve in boiled water and sweeten other affection to which milk-using children slightly), or the salts of strychnine if, by the

are liable. Its causes are, first, sour and imurgency of the case, a more powerful stimulant

perfectly digested milk, then a putrid change, is demanded, will soon restore this lost vitality

causing pain, inflammation, and offensive disupon which all other symptoms defend. A

charges, and consequent lower vitality. Now rapid fatality is thus summarily arrested, and is the time for the physician to do his good we have left but a simple case of slight fever, work Remove all offensive contents from the malaise and depression, which will quickly be bowels by liberal cathartics, and, as far as overcome by continuation of the remedies with

possible, use tho:e that are non-irritant. which we have met the two indications, in less the same time use heavy calcined magnesia, frequent and alternate doses, and suitable food with small doses of hydrarg. cum creta, and and care.

If, from the extreme virulence of use but little food but plenty of pure water. the case, it is suspected that the intestinal Use fresh cream mixed with water and mag. nerves will not respond to excito-motors given nesia. Lime water is too uncertain, and by the mouth, the same should be used by astringents are a curse. Sweet oil as a laxative hypodermic injection, repeated every half usually does well by relieving the irritation of hour till some indication of returning energy the mucous surface and also acts in a very is noted, when their exhibition per oram may pleasant way, as it diminishes the frequency be depended upon. I would not say that of the discharges. Be sure to taste for your astringen's are never indicated, but remedies

self any oil used by children, and if you find which do not act on the vitality are at best that a half-te aspoonful makes your throat feel uncertain ones. If indicated, use them. If like it was full of nettles, you would better not pain demands the use of opiates use morphine, give it to the child, as every dose of rancid oil and stop when you have got enough.

will increase the a ready serious condition of sure you are right then go ahead."

your patient. treme collapse the two indications may be met This treatment I have found in the early simultaneously by a judicious combination of stages of cholera infantum to be of the greatet the above named remedies. Should they be benefit in my hands. I have had an experience rejected by emesis, resort at once to hypoder- of twenty five years in the most sultry malarial mics of the excito motors, give one granule of regions of the Certral States, and can rely on camphor-monobromate to dissolve on the this simple treatment with the greatest contongue every ten minutes till relief, and then

fidence, and but a very little fatality. I have return at once to the remedies necessary to recommended the mothers to keep magnesia meet the first indication. The great variety of at hand in summer, and get pure olive oil to empyrical discoveries go for naught in the use on the first symptoms of sour stomach. light of therapeutic certainty.

Women who were careful to follow directions Dr. W. C. ABBOTT. rarely ever had any trouble with summer

diarrhea." Ravenswood, Chicago, Ill.

Dr. Spalding says that in the latter stages of

summer diarrhea, where all remedies seem to Hints on Treatment of Cholera Infantum. be of little benefit, he has seen rapid improve EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD: -My usual man

ment begin upon the use of a tea made of ner of treating cholera infantum. ise to give quantity of cream and given to the child.

Mullein leaves, and mixed with a small minute doses of corrosive sublimate, if liver is torpid, then either arsenate copper, or jalol and bismuth tɔ control the bowels. One great

MY DEAR DOCTOR TAYLOR:- I have used THE factor is to cover the bowels with several fold;

Medical WORLD visiting list and ledger the past two

years and find them more satisfactory than any I have of flannel, or to wear a long flannel shirt below

yet seen.

Very truly, the hips. Morning and evening have the child 528 Fifth ave., New York.

E. CUMMINGS. carefully carried and hauled in carriage in

[Price only $1.00 for the complete set. Address this order to get as much fresh air as possible. I office. See order blank, page 238.]

6. Be In ex

to try.

Bichloride of Mercury Spray for Cholera In. Although there is not another physician in

fantum.-Kakodylic Acid Again. this city that I know that uses the method EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:~I would suggest altogether as I do, I must confess that under the following treatment for infantile diar- this treatment I have been more successful rhea,” “infantile indigestion," or "cholera than under the former treatment. Children infantum," as being rational and effectual. will always take the medicine, and better Stop all nourishmeut. Give a weak solution results will follow. Let me relate an illustraof soda bicarb (dram i to a glass of water),

tive case : teaspoonful every ten minutes. Keep the On the 15th of April, 1891, I was called to body and extremities warm, if necessary, see a child, William K., 2 years old, who lived using mustard water baths.

about eight miles from my office, of which the Make a I to 1000 solution of bichloride of parents had given up all hopes. They had mercury, and with a hand spray, douche or employed another physician before I was atomizer spray the child's mouth and throat

called When I saw the child I thought it every hour. It is astonishing how quickly must die. The case was cholera infantum of this treatment will often change for the better the worst type. The pulse was 155, temperaan apparently hopeless case of this kind. ture 105, and the child was vomiting every Enough of the mercurial solution passes down hour, with great prostration, and passing disthe esophagus to arrest fermentation, and de- charges every half hour of the most offensive stroy micro-organisms. I suppose there may be character. The lips were of a bluish tinge, danger of producing mercurial poisoning. I tongue darkly coated. and eyes apparently set, have not seen it occur.

I wouldn't recom- taking no notice of anything around it. mend this or any treatment for a blockhead As is the custom with most physicians using Infantile indigestion is one of the

this kind of medicine, I carry the medicine in diseases that require skilful management.

my pocket with me. I gave the child one

granule of narceine, one of hyoscyamine, one of "A NEW THERAPEUTIC AGENT."

aconitine, one-half milligramme each, every I saw an article in THE WORLD relative to

half hour. I saw the child eight hours after, the use of “ kakodylic acid.” While I would and the vomiting had ceased, and the child not wish to detract anything from Dr. Lewis' was more quiet. I then ordered for the bowels fame in introducing a new remedy, I have to one-half teaspoonful of seidlitz salt to remove say that twenty-four years ago while a medical

any obstruction that might be in the bowel. studert at Hanover, N. H., Prof. Edward Six hours after I ordered one granule of sulphoPhelps, Professor of Theory and Practice,

carbolate of zinc, 1-6 gr., one of brucine, and called our attention to its use as a remedy in one of arseniate of strychnine every two hours, tuberculosis, and in my graduating thesis I to keep up the tone of the system and to check loyally advocated it, thereby making myself the bowels. The next day I saw the child "solid” with Prof. Phelps at examination about 8 o'clock, and the pulse was 120, for degree. It therefore seems that Dr. Lewis'

temperature 102, no running off of the bowels, "new remedy” is really an old one resurrected. no vomiting, flesh moist, tongue in good conNone the worse or better for that, however. dition. I ordered one granule of aconitine,

Let me say just one word in clo ing in com- 72 milligramme, and one of arseniate of mendation of THE MEDICAL WORLD. So strichnine, and one of hydroferrocyanate of handy, you know, you can pick it up and in a quinine every hour, and ordered the child to minute get more than a dollar's worth out of be given Mellen's food. it. I hope to take it as long as "the lamp On the next day I found the child looking holds out to burn."

better, pulse normal, temperature 101, tongue CHARLES C. Pike, M. D. looking well, flesh moist, and the child I proPeabody, Mass.

nounced well.

So much for the Dosimetric Medicine. I Treatment With Granules.

am of the opinion that there is no need of

losing so many children as most physicians EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD: I have been a have lost within the last twenty years. practicing physician for 20 years according to

TURNER TORREY, M. D. the regular school, and am now nearly 70 708 11th St., South East, Washington, D. C. years old. About two years ago I thought I would try the new method of treatment advo- The Medical Bulletin, Phila., says:—“Dr. Taylor cated by Burggraeve, who recommended the has given the profession a book of great value. (The active principles of medicine in small,

Physician as a Business Man.] He shows how frequently repeated doses, and called it the

much doctors neglect the business part of their work. Dosimetric system.

It points out, in very many ways, how money can be made and saved." See order blank, page 238.

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