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facere nequeat. If any person possess hereditary land, he cannot sell it from his kindred heirs, if that 'man who obtained it at the beginning was prohibited from doing so.

Si rector petat versus parochianos oblationes et decimas debitas et consuetas. If a rector seek to recover from the parishioners the offerings and tithes due and customary.

Si recuperaverit tenementa de quibus vir obiit seisitus tenens reddat damna vid'. valorem dotis tempore mortis viri usque ad diem quo per judicium curiæ seisinam suam recuperaverit. If she recover the tenements of which her husband died seised, that the tenant pay the damages, that is to say, the value of the dower, from the time of the husband's death, to the day on which by the judgment of the court she recovered her possession.

Si tamen evidenti argumento falsum jurasse convincantur (id quod superius judicium cognoscere debet) mulctantur in bonis, de cætero perjuri et intestabiles. If however they are proved by manifest evidence to have sworn falsely (which it is the duty of a higher court to take cognizance of) a fine is levied upon their goods, and besides they are considered perjured and incapable of bearing testimony. Si te fecerit securum.

If he has made you secure.

Sit in misericordia. That he be in mercy.
Sit omnis vidua sine marito duodecim menses.

That every widow remain unmarried for twelve months.

Si universitas ad unum redit, et stet nomen universitatis. If a corporation be reduced to one, even then the name of the corporation stands.

Sit quilibet homo dignus venatione sua, in sylva, et in agris, sibi propriis, et in dominio suo: et abstineat omnis homo a venariis regiis, ubicunque pacem eis habere voluerit. That every man be entitled to his game, in the wood, and on the grounds belonging to himself, and in his ownership: and that every man abstain from the royal venary wheresoever he finds them quiet.

Si universitas ad unum redit. If the corporation is reduced to one.

Si uxor possit dotem promeri, et virum sustinere. If the wife could demand her dower, and of age to sustain a husband.

Si vasallus feudum dissipaverit, aut insigni detrimento deterius fecerit, privabitur. If a vassal has abused his estate, or has made it worse by any serious injury, he shall be deprived of it.

Sive et masculus sive foemina. Whether they be male or female.

Sive plus, sive minus. Whether more or less.

Sive quis incuria, sive morte repentina, fuerit intestatus mortuus, dominus tamen nullum rerum suarum partem, præter eam quæ jure debetur hereoti nomine, sibi assumito. Verum possessiones uxori, liberis et cognatione proximis, pro suo cuique jure, distribuantur. If

If any person die intestate from neglect or sudden death, yet the lord of the soil shall take to himself no part of his goods, except that which is due to him of right by the name of heriot. But that his possessions be distributed amongst his wife, his children, and his next of kin, to each according to their separate right.

Sive volentibus, sive nolentibus mulieribus, tale facimus fuerit perpetratum. If such an offence be committed, whether the women were willing or unwilling

Socagium. Socage: a tenure of lands, for some small services of husbandry performed to the lord of the fee.

Sodales legem quam volent, dum ne quid ex publica lege corrumpant, sibi ferunto. That the colleges make whatsoever laws they please for themselves, provided they do not corrupt any part of the public law.

Soient mys en la prisone fort et dure. Let them be put in strong and close confinement. .

Soit droit fait al partie. Let right be done to the party

Soit fait comme il est desiré. Let it be done as it is desired.

Soit mys et demeerge. Let it be fixed and remain so.

Sokemanries. Copyhold tenures.
Sokemans. Copyhold tenants.

Sola, quæ de hostibus capta sunt limitaneis ducibus & militibus donavit; ita ut eorum ita essent, si hæredes illorum militarent, nec unquam ad privatos pertinerent: dicens attentius illos militaturos, si etiam sua rura defenderent. Addidit sane his et animalia et servos út possent colere quod acceperant; ne per inopiam hominum vel per senectutem desererentur rura vicina barbariæ, quod turpissimum ille ducebat. He gave those lands, which were taken from the enemy, alone to his generals of the marches and to his soldiers; so that they should remain theirs, if their heirs should serve him in war, and never desert his service: saying that they would serve more attentively if they defended their own lands. He added to those lands cattle and slaves, that they might cultivate what they had received, lest through want of men or old age, the boundaries of his kingdom should be surrendered to a barbarous people, which he considered most degrading. Solent

foeminarum ductu bellare, et sexum in imperiis non discernere. The women were accustomed to be led out to fight, and their sex did not impede their succession to empire.

Solent prætores, si talem hominem invenerint, qui neque tempus neque finem expensarum habet, sed bona sua dilacerando et dissipando profundit, curatorem ei dare, exemplo furiosi: et tandiu erunt ambo in curatione, quamdiu vel furiosus sanitatem, vel ille bonos mores, receperit. The prætors, if they discover a man, who has no time or limit to his expenses, but who profusely squanders his property in waste and dissipation, are accustomed to appoint a guardian over him, as over a madman: and both shall so remain under the guardianship, until the madman recover his senses, or the profligate his good habits.

Solere aiunt barbaros reges Persarum ac Syrorumuxoribus civitates attribuere, hoc modo; hæc civitas mulieri redimiculum præbeat, hæc in collum, hæc in crines, 8c. They say that the barbarous kings of the Persians and Syrians were accustomed to assign provinces to their wives, in this manner; that each province provide an ornament for the woman, this for her neck, that for her hair, &c.

Solidos legales. Lawful shillings.
Solidus legalis. A lawful shilling.

Solvendum in futuro. To be paid at a future time.

Solvit ad diem. He paid on the day.

Son assault demesne. His own assault; he first assaulted me.

Sparsim. Scattered about; here and there. Spoliatus debet, ante omnia, restitui. A

person whose property is stolen, is entitled to the restitution of that property before all others.

Sponsio judicialis. A judicial agreement (or engagement).

Stabitur præsumptioni donec probetur in contrarium. It shall stand upon presumption until it be proved to the contrary.

Stare decisis. To stand by matters decided. Starr. A rush that grows in marshes.

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