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peace, or here my truthe I plight,
I am the manfulst man of might,

take mynde on my manace.
Al leedes in land bee at my likinge,
Castle, couquerour, and kinge
bayne be to do my byddynge,

yt will non other bee.
Right as I thinke, soe (is all thinge),
for all the word dose my willinge,
and bayne bine when I bydd bringe

homage and feoaltye.
sythen I was lord, withowten lesse,
with my witt I can more increase
the empire here then ever it was,

as all this world yt wiste.
syth I was soverayne warre can cease,
and through this world now is peace,
for soe dreade a duke sate never on dayes

in Rome, that you may trust.
Therfore, as lord, nowe likes mee
to preeve my might and my postee,
for I will send about and see

how many heades I have.
All the world shall written bee,
great and small, in eych degree,



229 I plight ] Iplight H B Wh 230 manfulst] manliest Wh After 230 a blank in H 231 take ) takes H B Wh on) of HB Wh manace) mase Wh

232 leedes ) lordes W 234 be] bene H B h Dm do ) omit Wr. 236 as omit Wh is all thinge must all bee D, moste it be Wh 238 bine ) omit W bydd į did I

2 40—244 ) omit h 243 yt ] is H 244 can cease ) cleare can cease D, clean can cease H Wr. 248 nowe ) omit B 249 preve) prove H B Wh 250 about) and about B 253 eych ] his B



(36 a]


that dwell in shire or in cittye,

king, clarke, knight, and knave,
Eych man one penye shall paye,
therfore, my bedell, doe as I saye;
in middest the world, by anye waye,

this gammon shall begine.
The folke of Jewes, in good faye,
in myddest bine, that is noe naye,
therefore thyder, daye by daye,

and travayle or thow bline.
Warne him that there is president,
that this is fully myne intent
that eych man appere present,

his penye for to paye,
And by that penye, as well appent,
knowledge to bee obedyente
to Rome, by gift of such a rent,

from that tyme after aye.
When this is done thus in Judye,
that in the middest of the world shalbe,
to eych land, shire, and cyttye,

to Rome make them soe thrall. Warne them, boye, I commande thee, they doe the same, saye thus from mee, soe all this world shall witt that we

Bine soveraygne of them all.



258 middest) mydds H B h Dm., medeste Wr. 261 middest mydds H B h Dm., medest Wr. 263 or ] all B 264 there is ) is there h

270 Rome) come Wr. gift) geiste Wr. 271 aye) ever W 2 72 thus ) thir Wr. 273 of] omit h, in B 277 they ] the HB Wh thus this HB Wh



Have donne, boye, art thou not bowne? 380 Preco: All readye, my lorde, by [Mahoun,]

noe tayles tupp in all this towne

shall goe further, withowten fayle. Octavianus: Boye, therfore, by my crowne, Thow muste have thy warrysoun.

285 the highest horse besydes (B)[r]oughton

take thow for thy travell. Preco: Graunt mercye, lord, perdye,

this hackney will well serve mee,
for a great lord of your degree

should ryde in such araye.
The bine hye in dignitye,
and alsoe high and swifte is hee;
therefore that reverans takes yee,

my deare lord, I you praye.
But your arrand shalbe donne anone,
first into Judye I will gone,
and sommon the people, everychone,

both shire and eke cyttye. Octavianus : Boye, there bine ladyes manye one, 300

amonge them all chese thee one,
take the fayrest, or els none,

and freely I give her thee.
Primus Senatour: my lord Octavian, wee be sent

from all Rome, with good entent, 280 written in the margin of H 281 Mahoun | Mahounde D Wr. mahound H B h Dm.

282 tayles tupp) so Wr., talls tupp H h Dm., tuppe tayles B

after 283 ) blank in H 284–295) omit Wh 286 Broughton ) boughton & D, Boughton HB 292 bine ] lyve B 294 reverans ) remanes B 296–300) omit W But omit h 297 will ] wilbe B 299 both shire ] both in shire H eke omit H 300 Octavianus omit HB bine) be HBWh manye) many a W 300-304 ) omit h 304 My from my Wh 305 good ] full H






thy men there have eychone Iment

as god to honour thee;
(36b] and to that pointe we be assent,

poore and ryche in parlement;
for soe loved a lord, verament,

was never in this cyttye.
Secundus Senator: Yea, sicker, syr, ther will is this,

to honour thee as god, with blys,
for thow did never to them amysse

in worde, thought, ne deede.
(peace hath bene long and yet is,
no man in thy tyme lost ought of his,
therfore their will is now, Iwis,

to quite you this your meede.)
316 Octavianus : Welcome, my frendes, in good faye,

for you be baynable to my paye;
I thanke you all that ever I maye

the homage yee doe to mee;
But follye yt were, by manye a waye,
such soverayntye for to assaye,
syth I must dye I wotte not what day,

to desyre such dignitye.
ffor of all flesch, blood, and bonne
made I am, borne of a womane,
and, sycker, other matter nonne

sheweth not right in mee;
neyther of Iron, tree, ne stonne

am I not wrought, you wott eych one, · 308 assent] sent H Wh 312 sicker syr ) seckerly B 315 ne] ner Wh 315 a, b, c, d] omit

D 3 15 b ought] nought H 315 c now) so Wh 315 d this ) in H meede 1 neede H 317 baynable) penyble H, welckome Wh 324 of all) of HB, all the Wh 325 made) man Wh 328 ne] nor H B Wh 329 am I] I ame B






and of my life moste parte is gone,

age shewes him soe in mee
and godhead askes in all thinge
tyme that hath noe beginninge,
ne never shall have endinge;

and none of this have I.
Wherfore, by verey proofe shewinge,
though I bee highest worldly kinge,
of godhead have I noe knowinge;

This were unkynd(lie).
But yet enquyre of this will wee
of hir that (hath) grace to see
thinges that afterward shalbe,

by ghoost of prophecye.
and after hir lore, by my lewtye!
discussinge this difficultye,
worke I, and take not more (on me)

then I am well worthye.
Sybbell, the sage, tell me this thinge,
for thow wytt hase, as (no) man livinge,
shall ever be any earthlye kinge

to passe mee of degree?
Sybbell: Yea, syr, I tell you, withowt leasinge,

a bab borne shalbe, blys to bringe,



(37 a]

331 in me I see H B Wh Shewes sheweth Wr. 332 thinge ] thinges h 335 this ] these H Wh 3 37 bee omit H 339 This ) it H W Bh unkyndlie ) unkynd D Wh 340 of ] if Dm. will wee wilbe W 341 of] at H W Bh hath hast D, has H B to see ] for to see H B Wh 344 lore] lawe Wh lewtye) bewtie Wh

346 I] omit H B W h not] no HB Wh on me and more Don] of h 349 hase hast HWBh no] not D 350 shall ever shall ther ever Bh 353 bab ] barne H B Wh borne shalbe shall borne be H h, shalbe borne W

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