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Aver che che fi fia per un pezzo di pane, to have a

Thing Dog cheap: Aver del tondo, have little Wit. Aver deftro, to have fit Occasion. Aver di che, to have wherewith. Aver dietro, to contemn. Aver di gratia, to take it as a Favour. Aver fretta, to be in haste. Aver fumo, to be proud. Aver'il cervello che voli, to have a roving Head. Aver? in le dita, to have at ones Fingers end. Aver le gambata, to were the Willow-green Aver P occhio al pennello to mind one's Business. Aver le mani ad uno, to hold one fast at his Pleasure. Aver mezzo, or modo, to be able, or have Means. Aver nell idea, to bear in Mind. Aver occhio, to have a fair Outside. Aver odore, to have an inkling of a Thing. Aver ombra, to be fearful of. * Aver penfiere, to be full of Care, or Thoughtful. Avor piede, to get footing. Aver poco fale in zucca, to have but little Wit.

ESSERE, to be, &C.

Eller per fare, to be just going to do.
Esser da qualche cosa, to be good for something.
Eller da poco, to have but little Wit,
Esser da niente, to be good for nothing.
Eser di giovamento, to help, to affift.
Eser di buona nascita, to come of a good Family.
Éler per la mala via; to be ruin'd, to be in a bad

Eser per le fratte, to be undone or ruin'd.
Eser fuor di bologna, to be ignorant.


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Eller a grado, to be acceptable.
Effer a mal partito, to be in a bad taking.
Eler in questione, to squabble.
Eller ben veduto, to be kindly entertain'd.
Eller di poco levata, to be of small worth.
Esfer di testa, to be hare-brain'd.
Eser in Efere, to be in State, Quality and Condition.
Eser in fiori, to be in one's Prime.
Eser in fortuna, to be lucky.
Eser in pagliuola, to be in Child-bed.
Eser in predicamento, to be in Consideration.
Éler in procinto, to be always ready.
Eller in succhio, to have one's Mouth water.
Eser in uggia, to be troublesome to others.
Éler pace, Quits at play.
Eller una coppa d'oro, to be one of a Thousand.

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SAP ERE, to know, &r.

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Sapere a mente, to know by heart.
Saper' a mena dita, to have at one's Finger's ends.
Saper male, to be sorry.
Saper di buono, saper buono, to smell well.
Saper di cattivo, to smell ill.
Saper di niente, to have no Smell, to smell of

Saper' trovar il pelo nelle uova, to be cunning, to be

sharp. Ti dire, I can tell thee. Sapere per lo senno, to know by Rote,

TENREE, to hold, &c.


Tenere da uno, to be of one's Side.
Tenere per galant' huomo, to believe one an honest Man,
Tener la lagrime, to forbcar Weeping.

Tener le risa, to hold Laughing.
Tener conto d'uno, to make account of, to esteem ?

Tenerla per se, to keep a Thing to one's felf.
Tener a mente, call to mind.
Tenere a battesimo, to stand Godfather.
Tener mano a'ladri, to be accessory to a Theft.
Tener carozza, fervitori, to keep a Coach, Servants
Tener l' invito, to accept of what is propos'd.
Tener a pivolo, to live at Rack and Manger.
Tener a sua pofta, to keep one at his Beck,
Tener corte bandita, to keep open-house.
Tener a bada, to hold in suspense.
Tener firmo, to keep one's Word.
Tener in bocca, to keep a Secret.
Tener la bestia in cavezza, to bridle one's Appetites.
Tener le poste, to hold Stakes.
Tener mano, to lend a Hand to.
Tener mente, to heed.
Tener mercato, to bargain.
Tener ragione, to judge according to Law,

VOLERE, to be willing &6

Vogliono alcuni, some believe.
Volerla con una, to set upon one.
Voler bene, to love.
Voler male, to hate.
Voler più tosto, to have rather.
Volere la gatta, to pick a Quarrel with one.
Volele pür Dio, Oh would to God.

VENIRE, to come, &c.

Venir meno, to fall into a Weakness, or to Faint.


Vener in fucchio, to have one's Mouth water.

Venir in forte, to fall to one's Lot.
Venir fotto nome, to go by the name of.
Venir stimato, to be esteem’d.
Venire alle strette, to come to Blows.
Non mi viene bene, it does not please me.
questo vi viene bene, that becomes you well.
Venir voglia, to have a Mind, or Defire.
Venir adoro, to fall upon.
Venir alle prese, to come to close Fight.
Venir a dire, to import, or mean.
Venir alle mani, to come to Handy-blows.
Venir fallito, to miss of one's Aim, or Purpose.


Phrases in Dialogues. Frasi in Dialogo.
Ow do you do

OME ftà mio Signo-
Sir ; Madam?

re; mia Signora ;

come ftà V. S? Very well at your service. Beniffimo per servirla, al

suo servizio, a'

suoi cenni. Where do you go, or Dove' , o vuol andar will you go?

V. S.
I cannot,
Do me the favour.

La priego mi faccia il fava

re; mi favorisia di &c. I would if I was able.

Vorrei fe potefi. I wish to God that I was Volejé' Iddio ch' io potefi.

able. I would do it with all my Lo farei di tutto cuore.

heart. It pleases me; it does Mi piace ; non mi piace. not please me.

Non poro.

It seems so to me; it is Mi pare cof; fono di my opinion.

questo parere. I know not what to do ; Non so che farci. I cannot help it.

Non potevo fare a meno di. I wonder at it.

Mene meraviglio. I must do it.

Ho bisogna di farlo. I have a great mind for Nho grandi fima voglia, it.

ne moro di voglia. I am very glad of it. No goto ; mene rallegro. I am sorry for it. Mene dispiace, mene duele I wish you joy.

La felicito ; mene congra

tulo. I am impatient for it. Ne sono impaziente. I shall efteem it a favour. L'avrò per favore ;

credero favorito. Sir, I know not what Non lo quel che dica V.S.

you say. I am glad to see you in Godo, caro verderla in good health.

buone falute. I will go to your House; Verrò da lei ; non manchueI will not fail.

, senza fallo. I am much obliged to Le fono molto obligato

you. I ask your pardon. Mi scusi V. S. mi perdoni. They tell me.

Mi vien detto. Believe me; answer me; Mi creda ; mi responda;

mi senta ; m'ascolti

. Write to me; speak to Mi scriva, mi parli, mi me; excuse me ; tell fcus, mi dica, mi dia.

give me. What do you think of Che ne pensa?

it ? What O'Clock is it? Che ora è? Che nuova? che

What news is there? A dire di nuovo? What do they say of it? Che sene dice ?

hear me,



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