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pleasant; when first he spreads his Eastern Beams upon this delightful Land, on the Herbs, Trees, and Fruits, and Flowers shining with Dew; the fertile Earth becomes fragrant after soft Rains, and the coming on of the grateful and mild Evening is sweet ; and then the silent Night with her folemn Bird, and this fair Moon, and these the Gems of Heaven, the Stars that are in her Train; but neither the Breath of the Morning, the pleasant Sun, the fertile Earth, the mild Evening, the filent Night, nor Moon, nor Stars, are sweet without thee. But wherefore do these shine all Night long? And for whom is all this glorious Sight, when Sleep hath shut up all Eyes?

To whom our first Ancestor reply'd: Accomplish'd Eve! Daughter of God and of Man! these have their Courle to finish round the Earth by Tomorrow Evening, and they set and rise, administring prepar'd Light, in order from Land to Land, tho to Nations yet unpeopled ; left total Darkness should regain its old Poffeffion, and extinguish Life and Nature in all Things; which these soft Fires not only enlighten, but also foment and warm, temper and nourilh, with a kindly Heat of various Influence; or else in Part shed duwn their Virtue upon all kinds that grow upon the Earth, hereby made fitter to receive Perfection from the Sun's more powerful Ray. These then, tho' not seen in the Dead of Night, do yet not shine in vain; nor let us think tho' there were no MEN, that Heaven would want Spectators, or GOD want Praise; for there are Millions of spiritual Creatures, that unseen walk the Earth, both when we are awake and when we seep; all these with never-ceasing Praise behold his Works, both Day and Night: How often from the steep Hill that ecchoes, or from the Thickets, have we heard heavenly Voices in the Middle of the Night, singing alone, or answering one another's Song, singing their great Creator, often have we heard them in Bands, while they keep Watch, or take their nightly Walk; when with heaYenly Touch of Instruments join'd in full Harmony, their Songs have divided the Night, and lifted our Thoughts up to Heaven. :

- TALKING in this Manner, and join'd Hand in Hand, they pafs'd on together to their happy Bower: It was a Place chofen by God himself, when he fram'd all Things to the delightful Use of Man: The Roof was thick cover'd and shaded with Laurel and Myrtle, and what grew up higher were Trees, whose Leaves were substantial and fweer smelling; on either Side grew ACANTHUS, (d) and bushy Shrubs fenc'd up the green Wall; every beautiful Flower rais'd its full-blown Head in between, Iris of all Hues, and Roses, and Jessamin, looking like MOSAIC (e). Work; under Foot Violets, and Crocus, and Hyacinth, richly beautify'd the Ground, and colour'd it finer than any Stone of costliest Emblem could do: No other Creature durst enter here, neither Beast, Bird, Infect, or Worm, such Awe did they stand in of MAN; Pan“ nor SYLVANUS (f) were never feign'd to have slept, nor Nymph nor Faun have haunted in a shady Bower more sacred and retired : Here in close Recess Eve, after being espous'd to ADAM, first deck'd her nuptial Bed with Flowers and Garlands, and sweet-smelling Herbs; and the heavenly Choir sung the Marriage Song; what Day the


(d) · Acanthus ; Lar. Gr.i. e.. of Paris, upon Walls or Floors, A Prickle or Thorn : Because. representing Flowers of divers many Thorns grow about it. A Shapes, Chequer Work. . Tree or a Shrub with a long and

Sylvanus ; Lat. Gr. i. e. a large Leaf curning in.

Woody : A God of the Woods .: (e.) Mosaic ; Fr. Ita. Lat. Ģr and Groves among the old HeaA T. of Archit. A curious Work thens. Pan, Faunus and Silvaof many little Stones of different nus are but the fame Deity ; Colours," inlaid or joined toge. their Feafts were called Luper

er upon a Bottom of Plaiiter . calia.

friendly Angel brought her to him, adorn'd with naked Beauty more lovely than what is feign'd of PanDORA, () whom the Gods were faid to have endow'd with all their Gifts; (and Oh too like in the sad Event!) when to the unwise Son of JAPHET; (b) being brought by HERMES, she enfnar'd Mankind with her fair Looks, to be aveng'd of him who had ftole Fire from Heaven to animate a MAN.

THƯs being arriv'd at their shady Lodge, both stood, and turn'd, and under the open Sky ador'd that God that made the Sky, and Air, and Earth; and Heaven, which they beheld; the Moon's resplendent Globe, and the Stars : Thou also, (they faid) Oh Omnipotent MĄKER, madest the Night and the Day, which we employ'd in our appointed Work have finish'd ; in our mutual Help happy, and happy in our mutual Love, which is ordain'd by thee to be the Crown of all our Bliss; and happy in this delightful Place, too large for us, where thy Abundance wants more to partake of it, and Plenty falls uncropt to the Ground : Buí Thou hast promis'd, that from us two : . M 2

fhall (8) Pandora ; Éat. Gr. i. e. Japhis: He is said to be the Son All Gifts. The Wife of Epic of Epimetheus, Lat. Gr. i. e. metheu's; Pallas gave her Wis. After Wit: Because he smarted* dom ; Venus, Beauty ; Mercury, for his Curiosity, in opening the Eloquence : And so every God Box. The Brother of Prometheand Goddess gave her some Per- us, Eat. Gr. i. e. Wit before fection. Jupiter lent her to E. Hand: Forecast and Wisdom. pimetheus with a Box, which he He was said to have put Life rafhly opened ; and all Diseases, and Soul into a Man, which he Evils and Miseries flew out of it, made of Clay ; to quicken which, and infected Mankind. She is he ftole Fire or Soul from Headescribed by Hefiod, L. 1. 60. ven. Jupiter, for his Presump&c. Eve is this Woman, and the tion, seni Pandora' to'plague the Fall of Man is couched under the Earth. These are Memorials of Fable, which the Heathens had the Creation and Fall of Adani, by a long Tradition,

from Gen, 2. 7. and oral Tradi B) Japhet ; Hebi. e. Pero cion, couch'd in Fables . fuaded. The Poeţs call him Jai Asins, and the Fatar's Calt hinna

Thall proceed a Race to fill the Earth, who shall with us extol thy infinite Goodness, both when we wake, and when as now we ask thy good Gift of Sleep.

This they said unanimously; and observing no other Ceremony, but pure Adoration, which GOD likes beft; they went with joined Hands into the inmost Bower, and not needing to put off these troublesome Disguises which we now wear, they immediately lay down Side by Side: Nor do I suppose that ADAM turn'd away from his fair Spouse , nor Eve refus'd the mysterious Rites of connubial Love; whatever some Hypocrites may talk austerely of Purity, and Place, and Innocence, defaming that as an impure Thing, which God has declar'd pure, has commanded to some, and leaves free to all: Our Maker bids us increase, and who bids us abstain? Who, but our Destroyer? The Foe both of God and MAN? Hail wedded Love! great Mystery! true Source of human Offspring! fole Propriety in PARADISE! where all Things elle are common; by thee it was that adulterous Luft was driven out from Men to range among the Beasts, founded in Reason, just, loyal, and pure; by thee first were known the dear Relations, and all the Endearments of Father, Brother, and Son: Far be it from me that I should call thee a Sin, or blameable, or think thee unbefitting the holiest Places; thou perpetual Fountain of domestick Sweets ! whose Bed is undefil'd, and pronounc'd chaste, present or past, as being so to Saints, and Patriarchs: Here are Love's true Darts felt; here Love's Lamp is constantly lighted; here Love reigns, plays and revels, not in the bought Smiles of Harlots, without Love, without Joy, without Endearment; meer cafual Fruition! not in the Amours of Courts, mix'd Dances, or wanton Masquerades, or midnight Balls, ar Serenades, which the Lover sings in the cold Night to his proud Mistress, which deseryes nothing from

-, her

her but Disdain. Instead of such Musick, these two were lul'd to Sleep by Nightingales, clafp'd in one another's Arms, and the flowry Roof Shed Roses upon their naked Limbs, to repair which the Morning brought-forth more. Blest Pair! Neep on as yet, happiest if ye seek for nó happier State, and limit your Knowledge, so as to desire to know no more.

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Gabriel appoints two Angels to Adam's Bower ;

who find Satan at the Ěar of Eve; they bring
him to Gabriel; Satan's Behaviour thereon, and
Flight out of Paradise.

ARKNESS and Night was now spread over the Garden of EDEN, and the Cherubim if

suing forth at the accustom'd Hour to their Night Watches, stood arm'd in Readiness for their Duty; when GABRIEL to the Angel who was next him in Power spoke thus :

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UZZIEL, (i) draw Half these off, and with strictest Watch coast the South: With these other I shall wheel the North: Our Circuit meets full West. They parted like Flame, Half wheeling to the RightHand toward the Spear, and Half to the Left-Hand! toward the Shield. From these he call'd two subtle and strong Spirits that stood near him, and gave them this Charge; ITHURIE L, (k) and Zephon, (l) with winged M 3

Speed (0) Uzziel; Heb. i. e. The Light or Searcher of God. A. Strength of God; one of the sup- nother. of those supposed Guarposed Guardians of Paradise. dians. * fit) Ithuriel i Heb. i. e, The (1) Zephon; Heb. i. e. The

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