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This" Answer 2 w giving

is Greater. He that Filio, ut cum qui miferit ab
is unbegotten, ihan Hg eo qui miffus eft, ut volen-
that is begotten 3 wohe Fa- tem ab ipfo qui obediat? Et
iher, than the Sons be ipfe nobis teftis eft, Pater
that Sendeth, than be that major me eft. De Trin, lib. 3.
is Sent ? he that Wilts,
ihan be that Obeys ? Of This, our Lord himself is Witness,
Jaying My Father is greater than 1.

And Athanafius: The EXI wie ozoss sx équ-
Son (faith he ) when he top, dijce notéeg idó-

came into the World; glow Edoer, alycos jefes te peg** rified not Himself, but his

Father; Saying to a cere des guefica, Ti pie nejcsă
tain Person who came to. 3a5b; sd cig

, aga sosiri un
bim, Why callest thou cis, o Debs amoxexvórefoc
me Good there is none 3 To ép @twali, swois esto-
Good, but One, that an er toch vóuc posilov, Ölo
is God: " And to another "Axxe" 'Isegna, xera :
that asked, which is gebs os xei eis By
the great Command-

τους με όχλοις, Έγα ακά

Hear seguš έχ
Ifrael, the Lord thy ποίησω το θέλημα το εμόν,

God is One Lord: And 'disa' géanna að méreo 21:wu to the People, I came fartós je meses de .: , down from Heaven, μαθητας διδάσκων, ότι Ο

not to do mine own
Will, but the Will of wethe Meis Meilur us ohio de
the Father which fent

O due tipoft, Tipea i Trého
me: And teaching bis Harlé zle. Orat. 3. contra A-
Disciples, Saying, My rianos.
Father is greater than
I; and, He that honoureth Me, honoureth Him that

fent me.
200* 2. And Bafil: It remains ---Acizey loínuo,
***Therefore (faith he) that Astias nozomle09a 18


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upderlagd bere with re and sun TATOOS e na

ploe word, Greater, be Meil on aereats breda 25

Ti to tålo ? Seeing he som pas bis o 4orolo reci w meriginal from the Farben i lige så langt dezh. *pon This account the Fa.

το 3 πατήρ τι άλther is greater, as being condaires, i sl.70 Allie bis Original and Carlos Azam FE duriffe

Fur, the very maintaAdv. Eunom. libe word, Father, what else does it fignify, but his being ube Cance and Original of Him that is begotten of him? And Nazianzen: To

Το δ δή λέγειν, ότι τα Say (faith he) that the came to the agwpor vospese's ther is greater than Chrift confidered in his Human uch cen, andes pistes més Nature, is Trme indeed, we do not ge Favresiv, si but of no great Moment: ucisses as fpcémie Otós; 0. For what wonder is ita rat. 36, that God should be greater than a Man?

And the Learned Bp Quod Origenes in loco ciBuy: Wbgr Origen (faith tato dicit, Filium etiam quà hes affirms in the place Deus eft, (hoc eft, Deus ex before cited, viz. that the Deo,) Patre minorem esse; Son, even as he is God,

planè Catholicum fshat , God of God.) zs effe, atque etiam à Patribus, Less than the Father; qui poft Nicænum Concili

This we shall um Arianam hærefin acerrifloow to be very Çarho- me impugnârunt, defeplum lock, and maintained even ostendemus. Defenf by the Fathers after the Seft. 2. cap. 9, 8. 12. Council of Nice, who most Arenely greeted the drian Heresy.

Ana Bp Pearson; The Farber (faith he is Greater, in reference to the Communication of the Godhead: I know him, faith Chris, for I am from Him. And because hat is from the Fagbox, therefare he jit: called by rbofe of

isno the

the Nigene Council in their
Cauncil, in their Creed, God of God, Light of

God. The
But not of God; Light, but not of Light: Christ is

God, but of God; Light, but of Light. Expof. on the och Creed, pag. 135, Edit. 4th.

08 5.17.) 931 5831. Joh. xiv, 31. As the Father gave me Com

mandment, even so I do.

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you; continue

832. XV; 9,10. As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved

ye in my Love.

If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my Love; even as I have kept my Fathers coinmandments, and abide in his Love.


15. All things that I have heard of my Father, I have made known unto you.



21. They know not him that fent

.568 xvi, 5. Now I go my way to him that fent me.



32. And yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me. bro 837

xvii, 1. Father, glorify thy Son, to that thy Son also may glorify Thee.

948. ubib 83.8. 20. As thou hast given him Power o

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See N° s.

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10. u ver all 'Flesh, that he should give eternal

Life to as many as Thou hast given him. . ads eru no 1x3 19 .

er in and od 839. Job. xvii, 3. And This is life eternal, that

they might know Thee the only True God, m) and (that they might know] Jesus Christ whom

thou hast fent. Bu gurdi distur 840. 14. I have glorified Thee on Earth; I

have finished the Work which thou gavest - llome to do 14359

5. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self, with Tthe gloLob Try which I had with thee before the World

I was. tasi it See No 607 842. 6,7,8. I have manifested thy Name

unto the Men, which thou gaveft me out of the world ; Thine they were, and thou gavest them me, and they have kept thy Word.

Now they have known, that all things whatsoever thou hast given me, are of Thee.

For 'I have given unto Them the Words

which Thou gavest me, and they have received est them, and have known surely that I came out

from Thee, and they have believed that Thou didit send me.

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เd 843. 7oh. xvil, 9

Tribut, for Them which Thou hast given me; for they are Thine."

11. Holy Father, keep through thine w own Name, thofe whom thon baff given me. 845. 12. Those that thou gavest me, I

have kept. 846.

14. I have given them Thy Word. 847.

18. As Thou hast fent Me into the World, even fo have I also fent Them into the World.

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Ni wa 21. That the World may believe i that Thou hast fent me.

.178 849. 22. And the Glory which thou gavest

me, I have given Them. 850. 23. And that the World may know

that Thou hast fent me ; and haft loved Them, as thou hast loved Me.

.226 851.

24 Father, I will that they alfo whom Thou hast given me, be with Me 2 where I am; that they may behold my


For thou lov. scy which Thou haft given me;

edt me before the foundation of the World.


852. 25. And these have known, that Thou hast fent me.


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