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did, by timely and effectual measures, suppress such conspiracy: And whereas the measures taken for that purpose may not be strictly warranted by law, although justifiable from the imminence of the danger;

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said William Indefinity Preston, Robert Adams, junior, James Callaway and wanted to Charles Lynch, and all other persons whatsoever, con- ton, Robert cerned in suppressing the said conspiracy, or in advis- Adams, jr. ing, issuing, or executing any orders, or measures ta

James Calla ken for that purpose, stand indemnified and exonorat- Chas. Lynch, ed of and from all pains, penalties, prosecutions, ac- for suppresstions, suits, and damages, on account thereof. And ing conspithat if any idictment, prosecution, action, or suit, shall racy against be laid or brought against them, or any of them, for any act or thing done therein, the defendant, or defendants may plead in bar, or the general işsue, and give this act in evidence.

way, and


[Chap. cft

in original.) An act concerning the two legions

raised by this state. I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That all Soldiers be: soldiers who have enlisted in the two legions, raised longing to for defence of this state, under the acts passed in the the two year one thousand seven hundred and eighty one, shall thorised to be, and they are hereby permitted to enlist in this enlist in the states quota of continental troops; provided they give continental up all claim to any bounty, pay, or emolument accruing to them under the said acts. And the executive are directed to place such sums of money as may be judged expedient, in the hands of proper persons, for the purpose of recruiting such soldiers as may incline to reinsist in the continental army for three years, or during the war, taking sufficient security for the pro- May be disa per disposal of the same. And the commanding offi- charged, on cers of the said legions are hereby empowered to dis- relinquishcharge any soldiers of tbe said legions, who will give ty and pay, up the bounty and pay which they may claim ander promised.


the aforesaid act; and the executive are hereby authorised to disband, by proclamation, the said legione whenever they may find necessary or expedient.

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An act to prohibit intercourse with,

and the admission of British subjects into this state.

1. WHEREAS all private and indirect communiPreamble.

cation with the common enemy, not compatible with public negotiations under lawful authority, ought to be prevented, and the interests of the republic will be best preserved by a strict adherence to the policy of an act of congress of the 4th of October last, recommending it to these United States to restrict all intercourse between persons coming from the enemy and their citizens, and to prohibit the admission of any subject of his Britannic majesty, coming directly or indirectly from any part of the British dominions, inte any of these states:

II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That with flag whensoever any flag vessel from the enemy, shall arvesseis, how

rive within this commonwealth, iiomediate notice thereconducted.

of shall be given by the officer commanding at the port or place to the governor, who shall thereupon, with advice of council, appoint some discreet civil or military officer superintendant at the said port or place of such flag, without whose express permission in writing. expressing the nature of the business, and length of time granted for transacting the same, it shall not be lawful for any person to go on board of, or land on shore from, any such flag vessel, and no such per

mission shall be granted but for public business only. Penalty on And if any person shall presume to offend herein, he citize: s for or she, is a citizen, shall forteit and pay two hundred breach.

pounds, to be recovered with costs, by information, in


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any courtrofi records to the use of the informiery and shallaminteoter suffer three months imprisonment, within out bail or mainprizę; but if such person be a British British suba sabjeet, tre or she is declared and

deemed a prisoner der to declar. of war, and shall, by warrant from any justice of the et war. county ser borough; be committed mjail, there to re main without bail or mainprize, initit dhe governer and council sball take order for the exchange, or return of 533 şuch person to some Britisli port.** Provided always, * Proviso, in Thae pilots- bona fide engaged if discharge of their

of favour of pic ficext and remaining di-board only during the same,

lots, and also persons obtaining written passports from the gavernor and counteil, shall not be subject to the pen. alties of this act; while aeting in conformity toʻtlie expresse letter of such passporta ir .trg!****

III. And be it furthersendetèdi-That it shall not be British sublawful for any British subject to come wakiến this com- fects not to monwealun boy tand or water, directly or indirectly, be admitted, from wory of the Brhish domislions or garristasz éxeept de puissan in cases of shipwreck, of fag vessels in the manner and Freek. underlate restrictions were before recited, and of flags by tand coming from an enemy's post in this or any Bàighbouring scate, deputed by due authority; any Bria tist subject offending herein is declared and deemed How appre, prisenep of war, and shall, by-a warrant

on any just headed tiee'or the county or boroughbe committed to jail, there foremain without bait or mainprite} until the goa vernor and council shall take order for the exchange ar reter of time

or her to some Britishi-post;and in cases of shipwreck, application shall be made, and mission to land and remain on shore, at the port or place nearest to sacb wreck, begranited by the com- 4:00 missioners'appointed by dre gonerior and councit; pura suant to an aet Concerming wreckos, which commis sintvers shall specially report every suelr case without delay, to the governor and council for their order therea mEvery permission granted by the said commist šioners shall be in writingsand shall expressly prohibit Restrictions the persons therein named from going into the coon- as to intera #y, or holdtuig any invertourse with the inhabitants course, in

case of ship, except such as may be immediately ivecessary for tlie wreck preservation of the persons and property of those belonging to such wreck. Any commissioner guilty of monfeаzance or inalfearance of office herein, shall for

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into this

teit and pay fifty pounds, to be recovered by informe sion, in any court of record, with costs, to the use of

the informer, Penalty for 1V. And be it further enacted, That if any person administer whatsoever shall presume to administer the oath of aling oath of legiance or fidelity to an alien enemy or British, suban alien ene- ject, or to grant a certificate thereof, or to grant any my, or Bri: letter or passport to an alieu enemy or British subject, tish subject.

or do entertain, harbour, protect, aid, or comfort any such alien enemy, or British subject, not being a prisoner, except in cases made lawful by this or any other act, he or she so offending is declared guilty of a high crime and misdemeanor, and shall be subject to the pains and penalties prescribed by an act, 4 For the punishment of offences injurious to the independence of

America but less than treason.' British sub- V. And be it further enacted, That every person, jects coming being a British subject, who shall have come into this

state by land or water, directly or indirectly from any state, contrary to law, of the British dominions or garrisons, since the first declared pri- day of January, one thousand seven hundred and eighsoners of war.

vy. two, and have not obtained the privileges of citizen. ship, are declared prisoners of war, and in case they do not within one month after the passing of this act, de liver themselves up to the governor and council, subject to their order and disposal, shall by warrant from any justice of the county or borough be committed to jail, ther. to remain without bạil or mainprize, subject to the order of the executive, who may take order for their immediate exchange or return to some British

post. Copies of

VI. And be it further enacted, That the governor this act, how and council shall cause copies of this act to be publishdistributed ed and sent to the British posts or garrisons in Ameri

ca, and to each state in the føderal union. Provided Spies to be always, That nothing in this act contained shall be proceeded construed to extend to the case of spies, or of persons against ac.

coming under that description, who shall be proceeded cording to the law mili

: against agreeable to the law military, or of any person tary or persons deserting from the army or navy of the king

of Great Britain.


(Chapter CXII in o.

riginal.) An act to establish a lown at the court.

house in the county of Greenbrier.
1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That for:

Town of ty acres of land, whereon the court-house of the coun. Lewisburg ty of Greenbrier now stands, be, and the same is here in Greenbriby vested in Samuel Lewis, James Reid, Samuel Brown, tablished

es Andrew Donneley, John Stewart

, Archer Matthews, William Ward, and Thomas Edgar, gentlemen, Iristees, to be by them, or any five of them, laid out into lots of half an acre each, with convenient streets, which shall be, and the same is hereby established a town by the name of Lewisburg. That so soon as the said for

Lots, how ty acres of land shall be so laid off into lots and streets, disposed of. the said trustees, or any five of them, shall proceed to sell the same at public auction, for the best price that can be had, the time and place of which sale shall be previously advertised for three months at the courthouse of the said county; the purchasers to hold the said lots respectively, subject to the condition of build

Conditions, ing on each of the said lots a dwelling-house twenty as to buildfeet by sixteen, with a stope or brick chimney, to be ing. finished fit for habitation within four years from the day of sale; and the said trustees, or any five of them, shall, and they are hereby empowered, to convey the said lets to the purchasers thereof in fee simple, subject to the condition aforesaid, and pay the money arising from the sale thereof to the persons legally entitled to receive the same. The said trustees, or a major part

Power of of them, shall have power from time to time to settle trustees. and determine all disputes concerning the bounds of the said lots, and to settle such rules and orders for the regular building of houses as to them shall see and most convenient. And in case of the death, re

Vacancies moval out of the county, or other legal disability, of how suppliany of the said trustees, it shall be lawful for the other eda trustees to elect and choose so many. other

persons in the room of those dead, removed, or disabled, as shall make up the number, and the trustees so chosen shall be to all intents and purposes vested with the same pow. er and authority as those in this act particularly named,

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