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Hail him, ye heirs of David's line,

Whom David Lord did call: The God Incarnate, Man Divine;

And crown him Lord of all.

120. An Hiding Place.


HAIL, soy’reign love, that first began

The scheme to rescue fallen man! Hail, matchless, free, eternal grace, That gave my soul an hiding-place! Should storms of seven-fold thunder roll, And shake the globe from pole to pole; No flaming bolt could daunt my face, For Jesus is my hiding-place. On him almighty vengeance fell, That must have sunk a world to hell; He bore it for his chosen race, And thus became their hiding-place.

A few more rolling suns at most,
Will land me on fair Canaan's coast,
Where I shall sing the songs of grace,
And see my glorious hiding-place,

121. Sinners and Saints in the Wreck

of Nature. Is. xxiv. 18-20.


HOW great, how terrible that God

Who shakes creation with his nod! He frowns-earth, sea, all nature's frame, Sink in one universal flame. Where now, O where shall sinners seek For shelter in the general wreck; Shall falling rocks be o'er them thrown? See rocks, like snow, dissolving down. In vain for mercy now they cry; In lakes of liquid fire they lie; There on the flaming billows tost, For ever-O for ever lost. But saints, undaunted and serene, Your eyes shall view the dreadful scene; Your Saviour lives, the worlds expire, And earth and skies dissolve in fire. Jesus, the helpless creature's friend, To thee my all I dare commend; Thou canst preserve my feeble soul, When lightnings blaze from pole to pole.


Prayer for his Majesty King George, and the Royal Family.


LORD, thou hast bid thy people pray

For all that bear the sovereign sway,
And thy vicegerents reign,
Rulers, and governors, and powers:
And lo! we humbly pray for ours;

Nor can we pray in vain.
Jesus, thy chosen servant guard,
And every threatening danger ward

From his anointed head;
Bid all his griefs and troubles cease,
Thro' paths of righteousness and peace,

Our king propitious lead.
Cover bis enemies with shame,
Defeat their proud malicious aim,

And make their councils vain ; Preserve him, Providence divine, And let the long illustrious line

To latest ages reign.
Upon him shower thy blessings down,
Crown him with grace, with glory crown,

And everlasting joys;
While wealth, prosperity, and peace,
Our nation and our churches bless,

And praise the globe employs.

123. Acceptance through Christ

alone. John xiv. 6.

HOW shall the sons of men appear,

Great God, before thine awful bar?
How may the guilty hope to find
Acceptance with th' eternal mind?
Not vows, nor groans, nor broken cries,
Not the most costly sacrifice,
Not infant blood profusely spilt,
Will expiate a sinner's guilt.
Thy blood, dear Jesus, thine alone,
Hath sovereign virtue to atone:
Here we will rest our only plea,
When we approach, great God, to thee.

124. Jesus wept—he diedsee how

he loved us.

John xi. 35.

So fair a face bedew'd with tears!

What beauty e'en in grief appears!
He wept, he bled, he died for you;
What more, ye saints, could Jesus do?
Enthron'd above with equal glow
His warm affections downward flow;
In our distress he bears a part,
And feels a sympathetic smart.

Still his compassions are the same,
He knows the frailty of our frame;
Our heaviest burdens he sustains,
Shares in our sorrows and our pains.

Self-Dedication at the Lord's


LORD, am I thine, entirely thine?

Purchas'd and sav'd by blood divine ?
With full consent thine would I be,
And own thy sov'reign right in me.
Thee, my new Master, now I call,
And consecrate to thee


all: Lord, let me live and die to thee, Be thine through all eternity.

126. Submission under Afliction.

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DOST thou my profit seek,

And chasten as a friend?
O God, I'll kiss the smarting rod,

There's honey at the end.
Dost thou through death's dark vale

Conduct to heay'n at last?
The future good will make amends

For all the evil past.

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