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Tonic, free from astringency.
Tonic, antiperiodic.
Tonic, astringent.

Tonic, styptic, astringent.

Artificial cuticle, etc.

Powerful caustic, escharotic, toxic. Tonic, alterative, stimulant.


A pleasant cathartic.

Tonic, restorative,

Mildly astringent and sedative.

Antacid, diuretic, blood alterant,


1681 *Liquor ferri citratis

mv-x Solution of citrate of iron. 1682 Liquor ferri dialysatus :

Mx-xxx Solution of dialysed iron. 1683 +Liquor ferri et quininæ citratis

mx Citrate of iron and quinine. 1684 +Liquor ferri nitratis .

mx-xxx Solution of nitrate of iron. 1685 *Liquor ferri subsulphatis

mv-Xv Monsel's solution. 1686 *Liquor ferri tersulphatis

Solution of tersulphate of iron. 1687 * Liquor gutta perchæ

Solutiou of gutta percha. 1688 +Liquor hydrargyri nitratis .

Externally. Solution of nitrate of mercury. 1189 + Liquor iodi compositus

mv Compound solution of iodine. 1690 *Liquor magnesii citratis

3 v-x Solution of citrate of magnesia. 1691 Liquor pepsini

3 ij - iv Solution of pepsin. 1692 +Liquor plumbi subacetatis

Externally. Solution of subacetate of lead. 1693 * Liquor potassæ

mv-xxx Solution of potassa. 1694 *Liquor potassii citratis .

3 ij-iv Solution of citrate of potassium. 1695 Liquor soda chlorinatæ

mx-xx Labarraque's disinfecting fluid 1696 +Liquor sodii arseniatis .

m iij-x Solution of arseniated sodium. 1697 *Liquor sodii silicatis

gr. j—iij Solution of silicate of sodium. 1698 *Liquor zinci chloridi

Locally Solution of chloride of zinc. 1699 Liriodendron tulipifera (bark)

3 ss—j White wood. 1700 Extractum liriodendronis fluidum Mxv-xxx 1701 Liriodendrin

gr. v-viij 1702 *Lithii benzoas

gr. V-X Benzoate of lithium. 1703 *Lithii broinidum

gr. V-XX Bromide of lithium. 1704 *Lithii carbonas

gr. iij-xij Carbonate of lithium. 1705 *Lithii citras.

gr. V--XX Citrate of lithium. 1706 *Lithii salicylas

gr. X--XXX Salicylate of lithium. 1707 Lithospermum officinale (seed)

gr. X—Xx 1708 Lobelia cardinalis (herb).

gr. ijRed cardinal. 1709

Extractum lobeliæ cardinalis fluidum mv-xx 1710 *Lobelia inflata (herb, seed)

gr. ij-x Lobelia. 1911 Extractum lobeliæ

gr. ss—ij 1712 *Extractum lobeliæ fluidum

m j-x 1713 *Tinctura lobeliæ


Refrigerant, diaphoretic. Astringent, tonic, antiseptic, stimu

lant, resolvent, disinfectant. Alterative, febrifuge. Soluble glass solution.

Powerful disinfectant.

Aromatic, stimulant, tonic, diuretic,

antiperiodic, anthelmintic.

Diuretic, hypnotic, tonic, antispas-

Alkaline, diuretic, antilithic.

Same as above,

Same as above.

Nervine, antispasmodic, anthel-


Emetic, expectorant, antispasmod

ic, diaphoretic, narcotic, nervine, resolvent. Lobeline has no nauseant qualities, and found of great value in asthma.

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EMPLOYMENT. In scarlatina, malignant sore throat, as a gargle

in putrid sore throat, as a wash for ill-condi.

tioned ulcers; by inhalation in phthisis, etc. In pulmonary emphysema. Locally, in aneurism, navi, hospital gangrene,

erysipelas, dysentery and hemorrhages; rare

ly used internally. In anemia, scrofula, chlorosis. In pernicious anæmia, and as an antidote for

arsenic. Adapted for children and delicate females. In chronic dysentery, diarrhea of children,

hemorrhages, gleet. In anæmia, chlorosis, etc. l'sed to make the sesquioxide preparations. In wounds and fissures, etc. In lupus, ulcers, etc. Constitutional syphilis, etc. Where a mild aperient is indicated. In dyspepsia, marasmus, vomiting, diarrhæa of

children. For sprains, bruises, burns, blisters, etc. In obesity, chronic bronchitis, acidity of the

stomach, acute rheumatism, and in calculous

and skin diseases. In fevers. In low forms of fevers; locally, in sloughing of

the throat. In malarial and cutaneous diseases, etc. To promote the discharge of uric acid, used

chiefly in surgical dressing. In foul ulcers, gonorrhea, lupus, purulent oph

thalmia. In intermittents, chronic, gastric and intestinal

diseases, hectic fever, night sweats and colliq

uative diarrhoea. In gout and uric acid diathesis. In sleeplessness, epilepsy, and in gouty subjects. In uric acid diathesis. Same as above.

Liquoris hydrargyri nitratis. Liquoris iodi compositi. Liquoris magnesii citratis.



Liquoris pepsini.
Liquoris plumbi subacetatis.



Liquoris potassæ.

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In gout and rheumatism.
In urinary diseases.
In hysteria, worms, etc.
In asthma, catarrh, bronchitis, hay fever, croup,

whooping cough, hysteria, chorea, convul. sions.

16 70

Lithii salicylatis.
Seminis lithospermi.
Pulveris lobeliæ cardinalis.

Extracti lobeliæ cardinalis fluidi.

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1714 *Acetum lobeliæ

Mx-xxx 1715 Oleum lobeliæ

mss—j 1716 Lobelin

my-j 1717 Lobelia syphilitica (herb)

gr. ijBlue cardinal. 1718 Extractum lobeliæ syphiliticæ fluidum mv-x 1719 Lonicera caprifolium (Aowers)

gr. X-XXX Honeysuckle. 1720 Lupinus albus (seed).

gr. V-XX 1721 Lycoperdon bovista .

gr. X-XV Puff ball. 1722 Lycoperdon cervinum (fungus)

3 ss-j Hart's truffles. 1723 Lycopersicum esculentum (fruit) ..

Ad libitum Tomato. 1724 Extractum lycopersici fluidum

3 ss1725 +Lycopodium clavatum (sporules]

Club moss. 1726 Tinctura lycopodii.

3j---ij 1727 Lycopodium complanatum

gr. V-X Ground pine. 1728 Extractum lycopodii complanati fluidum x-xx 1729 Lycopus Europæus [herb]

3 ssBitter bugle weed. 1730 Extractum lycopi Europæi fluidum .

3 ss1731 Lycopus Virginicus [herb]

3 ss Bugle weed. 1732 Extractum lycopi

gr. V-XV 1733 Extractum lycopi fluidum

3 ss-ij 1734 Lycopin

gr. j-iv 1735 Lythrum salicaria [herb]

3 ss-j Purple willow. 1736 Macropiper methysticum [root).

3 ss-j Kava kava. 1737 Extractum methystici. 1738 Extractum methystici fluidum

mxx-3j 1739 Mæsa lanceolata (seed) ..

3j-jss Saoria. 1740 *Magnesia levis

gr. x

- 3 i Light or calcined magnesia.

Alterative, laxative, antiscorbutic,

detergent. The herb is narcotic. The dust as an absorbent, moss as

a diuretic, antispasmodic. Emetic, purgative, abortive, insect


Tonic, alterative, sedative, astrin

gent, febrifuge.

Sedative, tonic, astringent and nar

cotic, acts on the pulse like digitalis.

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Mucilaginous, astringent, demul

cent. Stimulant, tonic, alterative, diu

retic, blennostatic, sialagogue and mild excitant of the nervous sys

tem. Anthelmintic.

gr. iv-x

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gr, x

Antacid, purgative, antilithic.

Mild cathartic.

Cooling cathartic.

Cathartic, diuretic, diaphoretic.

1741 * Magnesia ponderosa

gr. x— 3j Heavy magnesia. 1742 Magnesii acetas.

ss-j Acetate of magnesium. 1743 +Magnesii carbonas .

- 3j Carbonate of magnesium. 1744 Magnesii chloridum .

3 ss-jv Chloride of magnesium. 1745 Magnesii citras granulatus .

3 ji—viij Granulated citrate of magnesium. 1746 * Magnesii sulphas

3-iv Sulphate of magnesium. 1747 *Magnesii sulphis

gr. x-xxx Sulphite of magnesium. 1748 Magnolia acuminata [flowers] ·

3 ss-j Cucumber tree. 1749 Extractum magnoliæ acuminatæ fluidum 3j-ij 1750 *Magnolia glauca (bark] ..

3 ss-j Magnolia 1751 Extractum magnoliæ fluidum .

3 ss- j 1752 Malti extractum.

3 ij-v Extract of malt. 1753 Malva moschata [oil]

mi--iij Vegetable musk.

Bitter tonic, aromatic, diaphoretic,

antiperiodic. Tonic, astringent, styptic, febrifuge.

Tonic, nutritive.





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Olei lobelia

Pulveris lobeliæ syphiliticæ.

Extracti lobeliæ syphiliticæ fluidi.
Infusi loniceræ caprifolii.
Infusi seminis lupini.
Infusi lycoperdonis bovistæ.
Infusi lycoperdonis cervini.
Fructus lycopersici.

Extracti lycopersici fuidi.

Tincturæ lycopodii.
Infusi lycopodii complanati.

Extracti lycopodii complanati fluidi Infusi lycopi Europæi.

Extracti lycopi Èuropæi fluidi.
Infusi lycopi Virginici.

Extracti lycopi.
Extracti lycopi fluidi.

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Infusi lythri salicariæ.
Infusi methystici .

Extracti methystici.

Extracti methystici fluidi. Pulveris mæsæ lanceolata.

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Magnesiæ levis.


Magnesiæ ponderosæ. Magnesii acetatis.

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Magnesii carbonatis.

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1754 Malva rotundifolia [flowers] .

3 ss-i

Emollient, demulcent, diuretic. Low mallow. 1755 Extractum malvæ rotundifoliæ fluidum 3j-ij 1756 Malva sylvestris (herb) . .

3 ss-j Common mallow. 1757 Extractum malvæ sylvestris fluidum 3-ij 1758 Manganesii arsenias

gr.1-30—-1-20 Alterative, antiperiodic. Arseniate manganese. 1759 *Manganesii binoxidum

gr. j-X Alterative, tonic, cumulative poison. Black oxide of manganese. 1760 Manganesii carbonas

gr. V-XX Stimulant, antiseptic, hepatic. Carbonate of manganese. 1761 Manganesii chloras .

gr. ij-xx Stimulant, alterative, cholagogue. Chlorate of manganese. 1762 Manganesii citras . .

gr. V-X

Tonic, alterative, laxative, hepatic, Citrate of manganese.

cholagogue. 1763 Manganesii et ferro-iodium (syrup] . m x-xx Tonic, alterative, restorative, emIodide of iron and manganese.

inenagogue. 1764 Manganesii hypophosphis

gr. jij Tonic, alterative, stimulant. Hypophosphite of manganese. 1765 Manganesii iodidum

gr. 4-ij

Powerful alterative, hepatic, and Iodide of manganese.

stimulant for the absorbent and

glandular system. 1766 Manganesii lactas .

gr. iij-v

Restorative, stimulant, cholagogue. Lactate of manganese. 1767 Manganesii malas . .

gr. V-X

Tonic, cholagogue. Malate of manganese. 1768 Manganesii oleatum.

Externally, Emmenagogue. Oleate of manganese. 1869 Manganesii phosphas

gr. j-v Stimulant, antispasmodic, hepatic. Phosphate of manganese. 1770 +Manganesii sulphas .

gr. ij-v

Cathartic, cholagogue, tonic, alterSulphate of manganese.

ative, hæmatinic, stimulant. 1771 Manganesii tannas

gr. j-ij

Astringent, tonic. Tannate of manganese. 1772 Manganesii tartras

gr. ij--v Tonic, alterative. Tartrate manganese. 1773 Manganesii valerianas .

gr. iv-viij

Tonic, nervine, alterative, hepatic, Valerianate of manganese.

restorative. 1774 Mangifera Indica (bark) ...

gr. XV-3j Astringent, alterative. Mango. 1775 Extractum mangiferæ fluidum

mxy— 3j 1776 Maranta arundinacea (root)

Ad libitum Nutritive, demulcent. Arrow root. 1777 Marrubium vulgare (herb)

3 ss-j Tonic, diuretic, diaphoretic, laxaHoarhound.

tive, expectorant, carminative, 1778 Extractum marrubii

gr. V-XV demulcent, deobstruent. 1779 Extractum marrubii fluidum

3 ss-ij 1780 Maruta cotula (herb)

3j-ij Nervine, stimulant, antispasmodic. Wild chamomile. 1781 Extractum marutæ

gr. V-XV 1782 Extractum marutæ fluidum

gr. ss-j 1783 *Matricaria chamomilla (flowers)

3 ss

Tonic, stimulant, diaphoretic, emGerman chamomile.

menagogue, antispasmodic, emet1784 Extractum matricariæ fluidum

mx- 3j ic, anthelmintic. 1785 Medeola Virginica (root).

3 ss-j Diuretic, hydragogue. Indian cucumber. 1786 Melaleuca cajuputi (oil)

m ij-v

Stimulant, diaphoretic, carminaCajuput.

tive, antispasmodic, antiseptic. 1787 *Mel despumatum

Ad libitum Nutrient, laxative, hepatic. Clarified honey. 1788 Propolis (bee bread).

3 ss

Alterative. 1789 * Melia azedarach (bark)

gr. X-XXX Cathartic, emetic, anthelmintic; in China tree.

large doses, narcotic. 1790 Extractum azedarach fluidum

X–XXX 1791 Melilotus officinalis (flowers).

3 ss-; Soothing, carminative, antispasSweet clover.


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