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of uterine inertia, or rigidity of the cervix, In pneumonia, we have rusty colored spuwhich threatens to indefinitely prolong the tum. labor. After the second or third dose, strong In oedema of the lung, the expectoration is uterine contractions will come on, will repeat themselves at regular intervals, and tend to Where we have pneumonia terminating in rapidly bring the labor to an end. That which gangrene of the lungs, the sputum is exceedmakes ipecac in this condition superior to ergot ingly fetid ; greenish or brownish. of rye is that it never provokes tetanic con- The sputum of chronic bronchitis, when af traction of the uterus, so frequent after the sociated with disease of the heart, looks like administratiod of ergot.-Med. News.-Can- the white of egg mixed with water, and may ada Med. Rec.

amount to a quart or half gallon in twenty[Compare, also, the action of gelseminum, four hours. cimicifuga, quinine and cannabis Indica.

The sputum of chronic bronchitis, when not Ed.]

complicated is large, broad and irregular, and

is greenish or yellowish.-Morris, in Times en Treatment of Chronic Eczema by Creolin.

Register. DR. PATTESON read a note on the treatment The Abuse of Morphine in Paris. of chronic eczema by creolin. He had been

One of our exchanges states that the imled to adopt its use from the well-known value of tarry preparations in certain forms of eczema

proper use of morphine subcutaneously is said and psoriasis, and from its cheapness, which deplorable results, both mentally and physic

to be extending very rapidly in Paris, with rendered it suitable for out-patient practice. ally, to the unhappy victims of the seductive He briefly referred to two cases of pustular ec

habit. To meet the demand of the morphiozema of the scalp-ore of eight and the other

maniacs certain speculators have recently of three years' standing-in which marked improvement and cure followed its prolonged opened two establishments, to which people

can go to have their craving after the poison use. It was applied as a wash or lotion in the

gratified--the one for men, the other for proportion of one drachm to eight ounces of water. The value of such a powerful germi: police are quite aware of their existence, and

women. They are not clandestine houses; the cide in these cases seemed in favor of Unna's everything is decently and properly conducted contention as to the parasitic nature of eczema. The President congratulated the Academy on

at them. The drawing rooms in which visitors

are received are luxuriously furnished, and the additional remedy for chronic eczema provided with books, newspapers, etc., for which Dr. Patteson had brought under their

Those who care for them. The price charged notice. His communication, however, did

for the first injection of morphia is five francs, more, and that was, that it emphasized the succeeding ones being half that price. A importance of perseverance in the treatment journalist who visited these establishments says for eczema which has been found temporarily the majority of the visitors were young men useful.-Lancet.


young and pretty women.--St. Louis Med. Rachitis.

& Surg. Jour. R. Phosphorus..


Bromide of Lithium for Rheumatism. Absolute alcohol..

..dr. v Spirits of peppermint.

BROMIDE of lithium is said by Prof. R. Guaiacol.......

oz. ij Bartholow to be about the best remedy for Six drops of this mixture may be given in

muscular rheumatism.- Western Med. Reporwater three times a day, and after the lapse of

ter. one week another drop may be added.-Jour.

A Resurrection Bone. de Med.

THROUGHOUT the middle ages it was believed

that there existed in a man a bone imponderSputum as a Diagnostic Sign.

able, incorruptible, incombustible, the necesIn phthisis we have nummular sputum ; looks sary nucleus of the resurrection body. Belief like coin ; which foats in a clear liquid- in the resurrection of the physical body,

In measles we have nummular sputum, which despite St. Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians, floats in an opaque liquid.

had been incorporated into the formula made In bronchiectasis there is stinking, sputum ; many centuries after his time and called the also in fibroid phthisis we have stinking spu- Apostle's Creed, and was held throughout tum.

Christendom "always, everywhere, and by In cancer of the lung, we have sputum that all." This hypothetical bone was therefore looks like currant jelly.

held in veneration, and many anatomists

.m. XXX

sought to discover it. Vesalius revealing so guish the doctor from his fellow-men, and much else, did not find it, and was therefore although from an advertisement point of view suspected of a want of proper faith.

He con

this may not be altogether a drawback, it certented himself with saying that he left the tainly entails inconveniences of its own. It question regarding the existence of such a bone never occurs to an outsider to start a conversato the theologians. He could not lie, he did tion with a doctor on any but a medical topic, not wish to fight the Inquisitions, and thus he and it is quite open to discussion, a contemfell under suspicion. The strength of this porary suggests, whether, if medical men did theological point may be judged from the fact not differentiate themselves so much, and that no less eminent a surgeon than Riolan were content to be like other educated memconsulted the executioner. to find out whether, bers of the community in title, manners, and when he burned a criminal, all the parts were personal appearance, it would not be better för consumed ; and only then was the answer re- themselves both in public and private life." ceived which fatally undermined this super- -Med Record. stition. Still, in 1689, we find it lingering in France, creating an energetic opposition in the

Science versus Pests. church to dissection. Even as late as the

PROF. E. A. Snow, of the University of eighteenth century, Bernoulli having shown

Kansas, has succeeded in finding a method of that the living human body constantly under

checking the ravages of the chinch bug of the goes a series of changes, so that all its particles

Western States. are renewed in a given number of years. so This destructive little insect works great much ill-feeling was drawn upon him, especially damage and frequently annihilates whole fields from the theologians, who saw in this statement

of grain by sucking the sap from the growing danger to the doctrine of the resurrection of stalk. the body, that for the sake of peace he struck Prof. Snow has found a means of injecting out his argument on the subject from his col.

the bugs in the laboratory with a highly infeclected works.-Popular Science Monthiy. tious malady. When these few infected bugs

are scattered through a field in which the healthy Puerperal Eclampsia.

ones are found, the in'ection spreads rapidly VERATRUM VIRIDE is a specific for puerperal and soon rids the grain of them. eclampsia. And while in many instances we

Fields thus cleared of them last year are not are in total ignorance as to the action of affected this year. This is another triumph of specifics, in this case the modus operandi is

science over å formidable enemy of the farms perfectly plain. By slowing the cardiac im- of the great West. A similar method has been pulse and lowering the arterial tension it tried with the army worm, and with partial relieves the cerebral hyperemia which is an essential condition of eclampsia. Its action is almost as mechanical as venesection and almost

For hawking due to accumulation of inspisas efficacious. It also illustrates another prin

sated mucus in the naso-pharynx, a writer in ciple in the administration of medicines, and

the Omaha Clinic suggests the following: that is that one must give enough to accomplish R Ammonii chloridi.... the desired effcct.

Extract glycyrrhizæ pulv....aa....oz. ij

Fiat pulvis. It is not enough to give the right medicine in the right disease, but one must give it in

Of this two teaspoonfuls are taken in a glass. sufficient quantities to perform the work, how.

ful of water on an empty stomach in the morn. ever great that quantity may be. In the case

ing, every two hours during the day, and the of veratrum in eclampsia, large and often

last dose just before retiring. This is conenormous doses must be given to rednce the

tinued until one single attempt at clearing the arterial tension.--Dr. Hinckley, Cin. Med.

throat will cause an easy and loose expectoraJour.

tion, when the frequency of the dose is reduced

first to every three, then to every four, and The Society for the Abolition of the Title of finally five hours. Doctor.

MY DEAR EDITOR:- I still hold fast to my first im"The titular appellation which medical pressions as regards the visiting list and ledger. They practitioners rejoice in is a relic of antiquity are worth to me at least $500 a month. None as good. akin to that of the legal wig, and it is curious THE MEDICAL WORLD is still at the head for general in that it has survived the levelling tendencies

information on the practice of medicine.

A. F. PATTEE, M. D. of the present generation. A correspondent

94 West Springfield St., Boston, Mass. raises the question as to whether the practice is an unmixed advantage. It serves to distin- Do not fail to send your subscription for 1892.


A New Method of Dressing the Chest in Pneu- that the remorrhage in fibroids comes direct

monia, Pleurisy, Pleurodynia, Etc. from the tumır. That is a mistake. A fibroid William Hunt (Annals of Gynecology and

tumor of the uterus enlarges the blood vessels, Poediatry, 1891,) advises the following method

and in that way influences the hemorrhage. If to dress the chest in a case of pleurisy, pleuro

a woman has a fibroid and a hemorrhage, you dynia, etc. :

can take it for an absolute certainty that she

has also fungoid growths of the uterus. So, Do it on a large scale, in the same way that we now dress abrasions, bruises, etc.

in the case of fibroids, where you have also a If there is to be any cupping or other pre

hemorrhage, if you can curette the uterus you

will invariably stop the hemorrhage. liminary operation, have that attended to; then all the ingredients wanting are pure col

These fibroids have a curious effect on the lodion and absorbent coiton, in smooth layers,

menopause. If a woman of forty-four cr five and a good broad brush like a mucilage brush.

years of age has a fibroid, it will not do to say, Apply a thin layer over the side affected,

wait for the menopause, for if it be a large from spinal column to sternum, and secure it

fibroid it prolongs menstruation to the age of with collodion smeared thoroughly over it.

fifty five or sixty. Furthermore, if the tumor Then go on with thick layers, securing them

be permitted to remain for that space of time, with collodion until a good padding is ob

it is very apt to break down and give rise to tained, paying particular attention to the

the development of a peculiar form of sepsis. edges. In double cases you can act accord

-Southern Medical Record. ingly. The advantages are: 1. The one dressing, if well applied, will

On Expelling Tape Worms. last throughout the case; thus

In the Polish Gazeta Lekarska, No. 17, 2. The fatigue and discomfort of frequent 1891, p. 327, Dr. Szczesny Bronowski, . of poulticing are avoided.

Tcherdyn, warmly recommends the following 3. The side, in single cases, is held as in a

mixture, which invariably proves efficacious splint, while the free side does the breathing.

even in most obstinate cases where the usual À first-class non-conductor is covering the

administration of ethereal extract of male chest. It is possible that the contracting col- fern, or pomegranate bark, or cousso flowers, lodion may have some influence in controlling has failed: the blood supply.

R. Extract filicis maris ætherei .... dram iij 4. There is no particular interference, in

Chloroformi..... one who has a good ear, with physical examina

... scruple ij

Emulsjonis olei ricini ... dram vito oz. iij tion. Maybe it would be a good thing if there

Syrupi menihæ...

....ounce ) was; for having once made the diagnosis, what

M. Sig.–Divide in equal portions and take both is the use of exhausting the patient every day with half hour intervals, early in the morning, on an by trying to find out whether one.eighth of an empty stomach. The mixture should be well cooled

down before using. inch, more or less, is involved? The general symptoms will tell that. American Journal In the evening at bedtime, the patient's Med Sciences.

bowels should be thoroughly cleansed by means

of calomel (6 grains) or an enema. Pruritus of the Vulva.

worm (be it a tænia solium or a botherioceph. Tarnier (Revue International de bibl. Med.. alus latus) is expelled, head and all, within No. 2, 1891), uses the following:

four hours after the second dose of the mixture. R Corrosive sublimate......2.0 (grains xxx)

The addition of chloroform to the latter is Alcohol.. 10.0 (fluid drams ij 14) important in two regards: on one side, the Rose water. ....40.0 (fluid ounces iss) drug narcotizes the parasite and thus promotes Distilled water... 450.0 (fluid ounces xiij)

the detachment of its head from the intestinal Sig.--Apply this lotion morning and evening.

wall; and, on the other hand, it prevents nauIt is of e-pecial service in pruritus vulvæ of sea and vomiting which are so commonly inpregnant women. Its application may at first duced by the internal administration of the produce a sensation of burning, which will ne- male fern extract alone. necessitate the application of cold compresses. - Weekly Med. Review.

Have you seen the new book, "The Physician as a

Business Man; or How to Obtain the Best Financial Hemorrhage in Uterine Fibroid.

Results in the Practice of Medicine"! Dr. W. Gill Wylie, in a recent clinical lecture on fibroids of the uterus at the New York Do not fail to send your subscription for 1892. Polyclinic, spoke as follows: “Now, one word about fibroids. Some of you may think SEE order blank on sage xxiv.

The tape.

Therapeutic Uses of the Sozoiodol Salts. friends are skeptical on this subject, let them DR. GAUDIN (Wiener medizinische Wochen

try the effect of small doses of tartar emetic schrift, No. 26, 1891), has used sozoidol (4 (grain 1 100 to 1 50) in a case of acute bronper cent. sozoidol mercury), plaster in hard

chitis, with high fever, repeated every half chancres, in impetigo, (daily inunctions with hour from twelve to twenty-four hours, and a 10 per cent. sozoidol.zinc salve), in gonor

see the direct sedative effect it will have on the rhea (injections of a 10 per cent. sozoidol-zinc mucous membrane of the lungs and air passages, preparation), in chronic catarrh of the cervix accompanied by lessening of frequency of uteri with erosions (applied on tampons), in pulse and diminution of iemperature; or in furunculous eruptions (a cotton dressing was

case of acute dyspepsia usually denominated strongly saturated with a 5 per cent. solution

billious attacks with sever, try the effect of of sodium sozoiodolate), in erysipelas (sozoidol

calomel grain 1.10, alternated with ipecac and zinc collodion), and in eczema (sozoidol grain i 10 and bicarbonate of soda grain 12 to and zinc salve). In all these affections he ob. 18 every two hours, and see how a single grain tained excellent results, so that we are justified

each of calcmel and ipecac, with less than ten in regarding the sozoiodol salts as active anti- grains of soda bicarbonate, will reduce the septics and odorless astringents, which unite temperature and produce even more copious at the same time the advantages of being odor

discharges of bilious matter than we are in the less, unirritating and uninjurious.Cin. Lan

habit of getting from large doses of calomel, or cet Clinic.

vegetable cathartics, ard without any of the

griping and uncomfortable symptoms usually Spasm of the Glottis.

accompanying the powerful doses ; or, to illusSır MORRELL MACKENZIE finds that by ex

trate further, try in the first case of hepatic citing a rival reflex, the laryngeal spasm is at

colic, or severe pain you meet with, the alonce overcome. By exciting a paroxysm of

most magical effect you will get from morphine

grain 1-20 to 1-40 combined with tartar emetio sneezing, immediate relief is procured. This is best done by the inhalation of a pinch of

grain 1.50 to 1-100 and administered every snuff into the nares, or pepper may be used in

five minutes. Hypodermics of morphine in

much larger doses is scarcely more effective.the same way. It is sometimes possible to pro

Western Med. Reporter. duce sneezing by tickling the nasal mucous membrane.-Med. Ew Surg. Rep.

Correct Living and Longevity. Parturition After the Death of the Mother. "What the remedy, if any, for this deadly An extraordinary case of obstetrics is re

work? I have no theory to advance, no pracported in Le Progres Medical lately. The

tical solution to present. One thing I do know, patient was a Mrs. M. W twenty years of

that whatever elevates the race, purifies their age, who was far advanced in pregnancy, and

morals-keeps them temperate in all things-died suddenly at five o'clock in the evening.

will rapidly lessen their death rate ; for if any. Owing to the lateness of the hour the husband

thing is proven as clearly as the finest mathedelayed reporting the case until the next day.

matical demonstration, it is the fact that whatThe official physician visited the house at two in

ever purifies, elevates and ennobles, conduces the afternoon to view the body aud ordered the

to the greatest longevity consistent with the remains buried quickly on account of the hot

environments."-Dr. É. H. Schall, in Virweather prevailing at that time. Five hours ginia Med. Monthly. later, at seven o'clock, the undertaker's assistants, while preparing the body, found the

By treating carious toothache by means of a

mixture of equal parts of crystallized carbolic corpse of a child. The child was still born,

acid and flexible collodion, carried to the and parturition had apparently occurred some

bottom of the cavity, the pain is said to distwenty hours after the death of the mother.N. A. Pract.

appear instantaneously.-- Clinique. (A similar case from Arkansas was reported A Suggestion for Hypodermic Purgation. some years ago in The MEDICAL WORLD.]

At a meeting ot the Louisville Medical So

ciety, one of the members, Mr. Flexner, called The Good Effect of Small Doses.

attention to a comparatively new drug, the In an excellent paper on “ dose dispensing' eseredine, from the laboratory of Behringer by Dr. A. B. Somers (now of Omaha), he says: in Germany. It appears that so far its use "As the years go by I have more and more has been restricted t) animals on whom it acts, reason to respect the effect of small doses of subcutaneously, as a purgative. Should this medicine oft repeated.

If some of my older action be reproduced in the human subject, we shall probably find a valuable addition to that cotton-seed oil is as efficient as olive oil our Pharmacopeia. The principle of active and that moderate doses (a dessert-spoonful purgation in any stage of peritonitis as an every three or four hours) are as promptly and effectual means of draining the peritoneum is completely efficient as the usual heroic doses. now very generally recognized. There are The probability is advanced that any bland O‘ten difficulties, however, in the way of ad- oil would do as well. The most of the cases ministering croton oil or other powerful cath- showed relief immediately; others in time artics by the mouth, especially where vomiting ranging up to twenty-four hours. is already a pronounced symptom. As another speaker pointed out at the same meeting it is

Iodoform in Diphtheria. very desirable that we should have something DR. PULAWSKI (Gassette degli Ospitali, No. as a purgative to act in a manner correspond

44, 1891) has used iodoform in the treatment ing with a pomorphia as an emetic. Certainly

of diphtheria, with success. He applies it a drug that would act rapidly in the manner locally by a piece of cotton or an insufflator, indicated, without undue depression of the

employing the powder of iodoform alone cr nervous system would be invaluable in many mixed with magnesia. Three applications a conditions of the abdomen and pelvic organs. day, at least, should be made. The results, The suggestion is of very great interest and of

even in grave cases, were splendid. All the possible future value, and surgeons who make

patients recovered, while the writer noticed the abdomen the field of their operations may

no symptoms of poisoning by iodoform.-find it worthy of careful'attention. The mas

Pritchard, Cin. Lancet Cltnic. tering of all bodily functions, physiological and anatomical, by the local selective action

Sodium Bisulphite in Tonsillitis and Coryza. of remedies is probably only a matter of time. -Alet. Press Med. and Surg Reporter.

Excellent results are reported from the use

of sodium bisulphite in aborting tonsillitis and To Improve the Local Action of Tincture of


Tablespoonful doses of a saturated Iodine.

solution may be given every hour or two for TINCTURE OF IODINE mixed with glycerine,

twenty-four hours, or even longer if necessary.

The disease is usually controlled in twentyis claimed by Dr. Hammond to prove more

four hours under this trea ment.--Notes on effective as a local application than the plain

New Remedies. tincture. This is due to the retardation of the dissipation of the iodine or, more likely, to the

Removal of Mother-Marks. skin remaining soft and hence in a better condition for absorbing the drug.-Lancet Clinic.

The Allgemeine, Medicinal Central Zeitung

gives the following as very efficacious: Mix Medicinal Qualities of Nutmegs.

one part of tartrate of antimony with four parts

of emplastrum saponatum and work into a The Medical Bulletin says: "The medicinal

paste Apply the mixture over the mark to be qualities of nutmegs are worthy of considerable

removed to the depth of one line (one-twelfth attention on account of their value in the treatment of diarrhea, many cases quickly yielding inch), and cover with a strip of gummed paper

or court plaster. On the fourth or fifth day to the administration of 12 dram in milk. In suppuration sets in, and in a few days later somnia may be effectually relieved by them

scarcely a sign of the mark can

be seen. when opium fails and chloral is not advisable.

Amer. Med. Jour. It is also a sedative in delirium tremens, and can be given with safety and marked benefit.

Classification of PoisoLs. An excellent ointment for itching and irritable

D. A. Ruiz Erdozain proposes a classificahemorrhoids is composed of 2 drams of

tion of poisons from a medico-legal standpowdered nutmegs, i dram of tannic acid, and

point, as follows: 1 ounce of lard."- National Druggist.

I. Those that produce lesions (a) in the di.

gestive tube, ---acids, alkalies; (o) in its adConfirmation of Sweet Oil for Gall-Stone

nexa,--phosphorus, arsenic; (c) in the heart, Colic.

--metals; (d) in the brain,--alcohol, ether, In the Lancet Clinic, Drs. T. J. Mays and chloroform, opium, belladonna, nicotine; (f) H. C. Bloom, of Philadelphia, give a collec- in the lungs,--hæmatics; (f) in the spinal tive report of fifty eight cases from physicians marrow, strychnine; (g) in the other organs. in different parts of the United States, con- II. Those that produce no lesions.- Revista firming the value of sweet oil in the treatment med. de Mexico.-The Satellite. of patients troubled with gall-stones.

The especial lessons of the investigation are SEE order blank on page xxiv,

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