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cording to your special order. As all crude "Jugulation" so often referred to by those parts of the drugs are eliminated by chemical physicians who have adopted this method of process, and nothing but active principles re- treatment. main, you are here approaching really accurate O ld Hippocrates held that all diseases have medication, and rising a step higher in the di- a natural course they must follow, no matter rection of the scientific treatment of disease. what means the physician employs. The idea

By this means also, you can boldly and with surely is erroneous and has been the means of safety use the most active agents; for you give giving the undertakers a good living. Many dosimetric granules in frequently repeated physicians, even some of great renown ave doses, until the required therapeutic effect is been misled by the idea ; this was done in good produced, and yet stop sh rt of its toxic action. faith however, under the idea advocated by It is under your absolute control; in the case the Father of Physics, supposing that by of children, a matter of paramount importance. eliminating from the system the morbid prinThis is no new system of therapeutics, lut a ciples classified under the title of humors' more accurate and therefore a more successful cures could be effected. method of administering such drugs or combi- The jugulation of diseases rests upon the fact nation of drugs as you think best adopted to that there are in nature agents that cause dethe case in hand; it is your own prescription, fervescence without interfering wilh either circondensed, deprived of all superfluous ingre- culation or nutrition. The dosimetrist adopts dients, and presented in a portable, reliable for all fevers, that method of treatment adopand palatable form. A granule, very little ted by the profession for intermittent fevers, larger han a pin-head, will c intain as much without, however, allowing them to pass from alkaloid, say of digitaline, as is contained in the acute to the chronic state. Thus, typhoid an ounce of infusion of digitalis; yet the action fever, for example, attacked at first with the of the granule will be the speedier, and the arseniate of strychnine and quinine, then folmore precise; and moreover you have not to lowed by aconitine, veratrine and digitaline, wait for the middle man," or druggist ; for in will succumb to the treatment in less than fifmany instances, loss of time means loss of teen days. This result, however, depends life. In the case of drugs calling for larger much upon the method of exhibiting the drugs. doses, the granules can be given in greater The remedy must not be measured by reason numbers; but the dose of many alkaloids can of its quantity, but rather by reason of its qualbe represented in a single granule. I am here ity. Half milligram doses of the active prinadvocating the administration of medicines in ciple of the drug repeated as often as needed, these convenient dosimetric granules, and not will, as experience has well proven, conquer the so-called “Dosimetric" school of mede- the disease. cine, with which I have nothing in common. Jug ilation then means : cutting the fever But I do consider these granules a vast im- short without leaving behind any complicaprovement on all former methods of adminis. tions. tering our remedies, and they provide a legiti- Colchester, Conn. ED. CORNET, M. D. mate means of widening our financial resources. : Louis Lewis, M. D.

Accidents from Vaginal Injections. 36 N. 19th St., Philadelphia


D. in February WORLD, on “Alarming SympSomething More About Dosimetry.

toms after Vaginal Irrigation" I will say that, Editor MEDICAL WORLD.-The question in my opinion, the prevention of such accidents may be asked by practitioners:

can only be accomplished by abandoning inWhat is dosimetry? It is nothing else than discriminate vaginal irrigation, which is an the adaptation of the remedy to the strength unnatural process, to say the least, and its too of the patient and the force of the disease, frequent practice of late is due entirely to the Thus, to an acute disease, we oppose acute microbe craze which has taken possession of medication; to a chronic case a chronic treat the medical mind. In my long practice I have ment is applied. A false idea has prevailed in attended over a thousand obstetric cases, and times past, that an acute disease was a sign recall only about a dozen cases in which I of strength on the part of the patient, and in thought vaginal washes were needed. Of course order to master the disease, the debilitation of external cleanliness and aseptic precautions the sufferer was sought and often times the were enjoined and used, and I have had only form of the malady was changed from acute to two cases of puerperal fever occurring in my chronic,

practice, which however has been principally The design of dosimetry is to abort the dis- in country villages and the country. The first ease that could not be prevented, hence the one was caused, I am satisfied, by my having a number of bad cases of erysipelas on hand would save the people from the terrible sequelæ when called to attend it—this was long ago, and wrecks which have followed the past epi. before I had learned the danger. The second demic. Three-fourths of my grippe patients was due to a case of erysipelas in the house, in last winter did not go to bed at all, or for a the person of the patient's mother, who had few hours only, and took less than a tube of come to be with her daughter in her confine. any of the granules I used in its treatment, but ment. The fatal termination of these cases im- I insisted upon their taking six to eight gran. pressed me deeply with the idea that no physi. ules of ars. strychnine and quinine a day for cian, nurse, or other person having been lately several days after their recovery, with the doin contact with a case of erysipelas should ever simetric trinity at bed time, and thereby saved eater the lying in room. I have seen only two the.n from relapse. The disease has been cases of the accident mentioned by M. D., and worse here this winter than ever, and I have they both occurred last year in ladies who said been very busy, but fortunately have not lost a they were in the habit of using vaginal irriga case yet. We have also had more rheumatism tions, by means of a douche bag, hanging on than usual. Last Wednesday week I was taken the wall. They were both taken with intense suddenly with a violent attack of lumbago and abdominal pain, immediately after the injec- was placed hors de combat for nearly fortytion, accompanied with a severe rigor, nausea, eight hours. I had my favorite external remand vomiting. The locality and nature of the edy applied, a flannel strip saturated with turpain led me to believe that a few drops of the pentine laid upon the spine and warm iron water had entered the peritoneal sac, but by passed over it for ten or fifteen minutes. This what route I am unable to say, especially as one gave me great relief and though you call it polyof the ladies was three months pregnant, and, pharmacy, I took salicin, strychnine, hyoscia. though she suffered severely two or three hours, mine, aconitine, and digitaline every hour that she did not abort. I gave them granules of day. The next day I was able to be out, and hyoscyamiue, codeine and digitaline, one of my first case was an old lady who had been sufeach every fifteen minutes till relieved, and ad. fering three days and nights with the same disvised them to plug the central hole in the noz ease, and was not able to move then. The zle of the pipe before using it again.

same treatment relieved her so she was able to I have known of several sudden deaths in walk about next day this state caused by this accident, and the Houston, Tex. W. L. COLEMAN, M. D. opinion of the attending physicians in these cases was that the fuid had penetrated to the Notes from Practice - Tonsillitis.-La Grippe. peritoneum. This might occur through an -Herpes Zoster.–Palatable Prescribing. empty uterus, via the fallopian tubes, but I do Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Let my fellow not understand how the accident could happen readers of THE WORLD dissolve three to five in a case of pregnancy. But I may be alto.

grains of nitrate of sanguinaria in three ounces gether wrong in my opinion and would like to

of syrup or water for a gargle in quinsy every hear an explanation of the accident by some of

two to four hours, and they will use no other our learned gynecologists, who have had op remedy. I have not had a case to suppurate in portunities of making post mortem examina. the last five years under its use. It is especially tions in suc · cases.

convenient for the country doctor, as it takes Houston, Texas. W.L. COLEMAN, M. D. up but little space in his medicine case.

Doctor, what do you think of the probabil. One of the best treatments for grippe to reity that the trouble was uterine colic, caused lieve the tired feeling and the oppressive head by the fluid entering the uterine cavity ?-ED.] ache is ten grain doses of sodium benzoate

In a private letter to the editor occurs the every four hours, followed by a teaspoonful of following, which we take the liberty of pub- whiskey in hot water. lishing in vindication of the Doctor's views : In herpes zoster I use with gratifying suc(See Nov. 1891, WORLD, page 413.)

cess a coating of collodion over the vesicles, I suppose I am to blame for selecting my

which gives immediate relief. two worst cases to illustrate my dosimetric

To disguise the taste of quinine, I add the treatment of Grippe, but I supposed the breth

following, which children take without much ren would see that my object was to show the complaint: power of the method to jugulate the disease in

B Quininæ sulph ................ drams ij its worst form and thus prevent threatened in

Ac tannici ....

Sodii bibor vel bicarb. aa .... scruples ij flammations and organic lesions. The disease Sacch. lactis ...... itself seldom kills, but its sequelæ do, and the Pulv. glycyrrhis, aa .... .......dram i profession should be willing to adopt any treat M. Sig.-Two to ten grains pro reruta.

ich by cutting it short in its first stage It is an easy way to dispense a disagreeable


medicine. Again magnesia sulph may be made state and, fearing to awaken him for fear of delightful as follows:

the return of the awful pain, I turned to the & Magnes sulph. .... ......... trams ij boys and told them I would go home, and for Acid sulph .... .......... ...git. v

them to keep a silent watch upon William, and Glycerini ................. ...get, v

if any thing occurred in which I could be of Aq. menth. pip......... ..... 'unces ss;

possible service to let me know, and home I · pura .................. punces iss M. Sig --Half of this quantity in two-third glass of

went. I truly thought our patient would in all water, is very effective and agreeable.

humin probability awaken up o. k. before or I find by experience that one of our mistakes in the morning. Without any apparent change is in giving nauseous doses. Have been fur. he continued in the same state until 3 a. m., nishing and dispensing my own medicines for

when he gave a gasp, and death claimed his a number of years and like it very much.

spirit. At the post mrtem, which was conOil City, Pa. W. F. CONNERS, M. D.

ducted by a very efficient man, a demonstrator of anatomy in a medical college, we found di.

latation of the stomach, the transverse diameter Death From Heart Clot.

being four inches in excess of normal, and nu. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-Several years

merous ulcers of the mucous membrane. Also since, when practicing in Northern Ohio, I

anti-mortem heart clot. The verdict was that was hastily summoned to attend Wm. Leeland,

he was attacked and suffered from gastric who was said to be suffering from a very severe neuralgia, which passed to the heart, producand sudden attack of pain in the stomach.

ing a clot which ultimately eventuated in death, Upon investigation I found him to be afflicted The autopsy was made as public as possible, with gastric neuralgia. The patient was a being held in the largest room of a farm house, man of twenty-four years of age, weight about where the neighbors and friends had assembled 200 pounds; of most excellent, symmetrical to attend the funeral obsequies. I requested physique, with every external evidence of Dr. M_to tell the truth, the whole truth, and superior physical health. From a brief history nothing but the truth, publicly, as we proI found that he had been engaged during the ceeded step by step through the process of in. morning in making repairs in a plank road, vestigation. Two doctors who had treated and on coming by a whiskey hell, he had im- him more or less at different times for the bibed several drinks of rot-gut whiskey. The same trouble. had openly declared that he pain came almost immediately upon him, and would probably die in one of those attacks. was indescribably severe. I thought to relieve He had had similar attacks more or less from without recourse to opiates, but with no ap- the time he was ten years of age. Friendly parent alleviating result. Having some sul comment and criticism on treatment and results phate of morphine in my pocket I resorted to is invited from some of The World's family administration of that for relief. Gave him of readers. An explanation given Mr. Thorp. dose after dose with only apparent temporary Mr. Leeland's employer, by a physician, a relief, perhaps of from ten to twenty minutes cousin of the deceased. was that our patient duration, when he would scream for more had constriction of the pyloric orifice of the morphine. My sympathy unsettled my judg.

stomach and, as a result, the morphine was ment and by 7 p. m. I had given him more or retained in the stomach, but upon reception less of from 15 to 20 grains, with no apparent of chloroform relaxation of the tissues resulted, permanent effect. Had no hypodermic syringe and the morphine then passed into his system, or I would have certainly used it. At that

producing narcosis and consequent death. time I concluded at all events to cease the use "

London, O.

J. W. SWARTZ, M. D. of the drug and went home. Returned at nine and found him agonized as before. Upcn The Medical Free Eress, of Indianapolis says of careful examination I could find no evidence "The Physician as a Business Man:''-"Dr. Taylor of nircotic poisoning. I picked up my chlo- has written a very excellent book, one that will prove roform and gave him a few inhalations, and to be of much value, especially so to the younger only a few, under the influence of which he

members of the profession. Much important infordropped right away into a sleep. He may mation is compiled in small space. Doctors are as a have slept twenty minutes and upon awaken.

rule illy-paid for hard work. Much of this de ing found his pain all gone, and chatted pleas

pends upon doctors themselves, due to want of busiantly with his companions, who had gathered

ness tact. This book will put the young doctor in during the evening to sympathize and see him

the right line of thought iu forming a correct basidie, saying, in course of his remarks, that he

ness tact, and save him many a hard earned dollar." felt splendidly. In a short time he fell again into a comfortable slumber. At one a m. I We will send you Dr. Lewis' Chart of Skin made a critical examination of his apparent Diseases for only 50e.

Treatment of Typhoid Fever. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-Among many good things in the December World, are sev. eral interesting articles on the treatment of typhoid fever. The treatment I use is. I think a good one, and somewhat at variance with those generally recognized. This is the only · apology I offer for this article.

If I see the patient early, before the typhoid state is well developed, I use the following: R Hydrarg chlor. mite.......

Pulv, doveri ...........
Pot, nit. ........aa......grains XV-XX

M. et ft, chart. No iii. Sig.-One powder every third hour, to be followed by a dose of castor oil if the bowels do not move freely two or three times If the temperature should be much clevated give one or two ten grain doses of quinine.

If any credit can be given to the experiencc of one who has been eight years in the practice, and has seen from ten to twenty cases each year, it must be acknowledged that it is possi. ble for typhoid fever to be aborted, for I have certainly seen it done time and again, by the above treatment, during the first week or ten days, but never after that time. Should the treatment fail to abort, you have cleaned the bowels of much offending material, and stimu. lated the various secretions, such as the bowels, skin, kidneys, liver, etc., and if it be true that the typhoid bacillus makes its ingress into the blood through Peyer's patches, you have done your duty to your patient by making an effort to prevent its introduction, and I know you have done him no harm.

If I don't see the patient until the disease is well developed I never use the calomel, because I believe it would favor both intestinal hemorrhage and perforation. But I still cling to the antiseptic method, and, after using iodine, carbolic acid, salol, sulphite of sodium, and chlorine gas in solution, my pref. erence is for the sulpho carbolate of zinc, in two to two and one-half grain doses, for an adult, repeated every two or three hours. I have never seen it do any harm, even when long continued; but the temperature will almost invariably fall one or two degrees in twenty-four or forty eight hours after begin. ning its use. If tympany is marked I order the bowels bathed with a solution of turpentine and sweet oil, one part of the former to two of the latter, every six hours, covering the abdomen with a flannel cloth after each appli. cation. When the tongue is heavily coated and pusple edged I give dilute muriatic acid, ten drops with about two grains of quinine for its tonic effect on the heart. But if the tongue is dry and fissured with diamond-shaped patches on it, I give turpentine in emulsion every three hours. Never give stimulants until they are

needed, and then give them freely. I prefer brandy; I am afraid of the coal tar antipyretics; as some one has truly said, about the only good they do “is to let the patient die with a normal temperature.” In fact with the continued use of the sulpho-carbolate an antipy. relic is seldom required. The above is the most important medication I use, unless there is sɔme complication that calls for especial treatment. As for nourishment, I know of nothing better than a raw egg beaten up in a glas of sweet milk, and of that give about onehalf every two or three hours. I might also add that I have the patient's arms, legs and face sponged with cold water every two or three hours whenever the temperature rises above 1010. With my present opinion, if I should have a case where the temperature should run exceedingly high, I would not hesitate to use the cold bath, unless the heart was very weak. I have never lost but one case of typhoid in my life, and that from intestinal hemorrhage.

E. T. W. Hall, M. D. Freemansburgh, W. Va.

[Doctor, we see no reason why you may not add the zinc salt to even your " abortive” treatment with decided advantage. Also, we believe that weak heart is no contra indication to the use of the cold bath, but rather another reason calling for its use. The heart seems to partake in the general tonic effects of the bath. -Ed.]

Treatment of So-called “Slow Fever." Editor MEDICAL WORLD.-I wish to reply to Dr. Speed, of Shirly, Texas. At the commencement of treatment, if the fever runs as high as 102 to 103 or 10316, I usually give three to four gr. doses of acetanilid every two to four hours to control fever. At the same time I give about three to four doses of calomel and bicarbinate of soda two to three hours apart to promote the secretion of bile. The formula I use is as follows:

Hydrarg. chlor, mite.......... grains xii

Sodii bicarb................ grains xvi Sig.- Divide into four powders. One every two to three hours.

Should they not produce free action of the bowels five or six hours after the last dose is given follow it with castor oil or epsom saits. At any time during the fever, if the bowels become thin and watery, I give sub-nitrate of bismuth and opium, five grains of bismuth and one-half grain of opium every two to four hours until checked, usually one to two doses are sufficient. To control the fever after this I use equal parts of acetanilid and salol, two to three grains of each at a dose, every two to four hours. Should the fever run very high I use the

old reliable sponge bath every four to six hours,

Medical Laws in Kansas. in connection with the above. Should the acet EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-In response to anilid be too depressing on the heart, I usually your request in February number of The add one to one and a half grain of WORLD, will say that the law regulating the camphor gum to each dose, which will practice of medicine in Kansas is as follows: stimulate the heart's action. If the " That it shall be unlawful for any person bowels become sore or tender on pres within the limit of the State of Kansas, who sure, tongue red and dry, spts. of turpentine has not attended two full cour:es of instruction in ten drop doses every four to six hours has and graduated in some respectable school of proved successful in my hands. Sulpho-carbo- medicine of the United States, or of some for. late of zinc is another agent I frequently use as an eign country, or who can not produce a certifi. antiseptic in two grain doses every two to four cate of qualification from some State or county hours whenever there are typhoid symptoms, medical society, and is not a person of good which is very often the case.

moral character, to practice medicine in any I never use quinine in my slow fever patients of its departments, for reward or compensation, until convalescence has commenced, then only for any sick person within the State of Kansas, In tonic doses, as it always does harm. As to Provided, That in all cases, where any person diet, I generally let the patient have what he has been continually engaged in the practice of wants unless it be of an indigestible character. medicine for a period of ten years or more, he They don't usually want much of anything. I shall be considered to have complied with the prefer milk to all other nourishments, and provisions of this act, and that where persons this the patient very often craves. I give them have been in continuous practice of medicine all the lemonade and cold water they want to for five years or more, shall be allowed two drink, and have found it in every instance to years in which to comply with such provisions. be refreshing. I have been very successful (Laws 1870 ch. '76 78 91.) Section two with the above treatment in what we doctors provides penalty for violation." call slow fever. My patients are usually up O wing to the good judgment and loyalty and about their daily duties in two to five to the principles of American liberty, of the weeks. And if Dr. Speed will try the plan laid profession and laity of our State, even this downhere I think he will like it.

law is not enforced. Dr. W. L. WORTHINGTON. Rushton, Kas. S. C. Cook, M. D. Dowling, Ark.

[The highest liberty is to be found in the

obedience to just laws for the general welfare. Retention of Urine.-Novel Method of

-Ed.] Relieving.

Quebracho in Lung Diseases. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-In cases where

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:~My attention a catheter can not be introduced, or where the physician has no instrument, as is the case

has lately been called to the use of Al. ex. in country practice, occasionally, I have

quebracho in pneumonia, where there is rapid found the following expedient positively effec

breathing, and a deficiency of oxygen in the tive: Stand the patient, if possible, but seat

blood, or where either exists alone. I have him if you are obliged to, and pour hot water

used it in the rapid respiration of pneumonia,

and find that the patient breathes from ten to from a pitcher upon the abdomen, above the pubic bone, letting the water flow down and

twenty times less each minute. It also slows off the end of the penis, into a receptacle below.

and strengthens the heart and deepens the resIn a very few minutes the water will flow

pirations. So far as my observation and read.

ing goes it is safe in the usual doses. Park, freely, even if the patient be unconscious or delirious.

Davis and Co. will send a monogram on the In cases of organic stricture, of course, no

remedy to any one requesting it, and if the

medicine will do what is claimed for it in results would be secured. Ferndale, Cal. F. A. ALFORD, M. D.

asthma, bronchitis, phthisis, pneumonia, etc., it is something unique and very useful. It

probably works either through enabling the The Maryland Medtcal Journal, of “ The Physician

red corpuscles to assimulate more oxygen, or by as a Business Man,” says: "We take pleasure in recommending this book to our readers. The prob

stimulating the respiratory muscles. lem which it seeks to solve is one which weighs more

Now, when there is so much lung and throat and more on the shoulders of the practitioner as he disease, every doctor should be posted on its advances in age and begins to feel that his years of

action, and I am of the opinion that very few physical vigor are rapidly passing away, and that

are. accident may possibly, and age will certainly, soon deprive him of his power to manage a large practice's Halst: a l, Kan. V. E. LAWRENCE, M. D.

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