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[blocks in formation]

FRANK. My birthday is next Saturday and Mother

says that I may have a party and may invite 16 children.

Kate. Let us plan what we shall have to eat.

Frank. I want ice cream.

Kate. Yes. We shall need a gallon. That is

quarts. Mother will make it for us, so we shall not have to buy it.

Frank. Let us buy some little cakes.

We shall need

Kate. They are 20 cents a dozen.

11 dozen. That will cost


Frank. Everybody likes oranges.

Let us have


KATE. Oranges are 30 cents a dozen. 13 dozen

will cost


Frank. I want some nuts, too.

Kate. We can get some for 20 cents a pound. Two

pounds will cost cents.

Frank. We must not forget the candy.

Kate. I like good stick candy. That is 25 cents a

pound. Two pounds will cost cents.

[blocks in formation]

1 pie cost 20 cents.

pie cost
i pie cost




KATE. Frank, can you add 23 and 22?


I don't think I can.

That is not very


Kate. .

I will show you how. Write it on the board,

[blocks in formation]

3 and 2 are

See where I write it? The numbers in the next column are tens. 2 tens and 2 tens are tens. I will put the 4 in the tens column. The answer is

FRANK. I think I can add now.

Kate. Add 32 and 20.

Frank. I will write it on the board.

2 and 0 are


3 tens and 2 tens are


answer is

[blocks in formation]
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