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use of said institution, except as herein provided. The installments of principal paid by the purchasers shall be paid into the State treasury, and the interest thereon from the time of its receipt, or from the time of the preceding computation of interest as the same may be, shall be computed by the Auditor General and the State Treasurer at the close of each fiscal year, at the rate of six per cent per annum, and together with all interest paid by purchasers of said lands, shall be passed to the credit of the Normal School interest fund.

How. 49761.

Board to have control of funds, etc.

(1824) SEC. 13. The Normal School interest fund, and any moneys which may be from time to time appropriated for the purposes of the said Normal School, shall be under the direction and control of said State board of education, subject to the provisions herein contained, and shall be paid to the treasurer of said board from time to time by the State Treasurer on the warrant of the Auditor General drawn upon the certificate of the president and secretary of said board of education that said money is needed. No such warrant shall be given except on accounts audited and allowed by said board, covering as [nearly) near as may be the amounts previously furnished: Provided, That said board, for the months of January, February and March, in the years in which the regular sessions of the Legislature are held, shall draw money for current expenses as provided in section four hundred and nineteen of Howell's Annotated Statutes.

(1825) SEC. 14. The members of the State board of education shall receive three dollars per day for their actual services, and also their necessary traveling and other expenses, to be paid by the State Treasurer out of the general funds in the manner already provided by law for the payment of the accounts of boards of state institutions.


Compensation of board.

How. 4976n.

Meetings of (1826) SEC. 15. Said board shall hold at least two meetings state board of education to

each year, at which they shall examine teachers, and shall examine teach- grant certificates to such as have taught in the schools of the ers and grant certificates. State at least two years and who shall, upon a thorough and

critical examination in every study required for such certificate, be found to possess eminent scholarship, ability, and good moral character. Such certificate shall be signed by the members of said board, and be impressed with its seal and shall entitle the holder to teach in any of the public schools of this State without further examination, and shall be valid for life unless revoked by said board. No certificate shall be granted except upon the examination herein prescribed: Provided, That the said State board of education may, in its discretion endorse State teachers' certificates or normal school diplomas granted in other states, if it be shown to the satisfaction of


such board that the examinations required or courses of study
pursued are fully equal to the requirements of this State.
How. 49760.-Am. 1895, p. 171; App. Apr. 16; Eff. Aug. 30; Act 73.


(1827) SEC. 16. The said board shall examine all text-books Certain text in physiology and hygiene offered for use in the public schools butik sof board of this State, and approve those only which comply with the relating thereto. law relative to the space required to be devoted to the consideration of the nature and effects of alcoholic drinks and narcotics, as provided in act one hundred and sixty-four of the public acts of eighteen hundred and eighty-seven. It shall also be the duty of said board to distribute to the various educational institutions of the State such specimens of copper, iron and other ores and rocks prescribed for such distribution under the provisions of section three of act nine of the public aets of eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, being compiler's section eight hundred and forty-one of Howell's Annotated Statutes.

How. 4976p. The act of 1887 referred to is act 165 instead of 164. It amends Sec. 15, ch. 3, of the general laws of 1881 relative to public instruction and will be found in Section 4680. Sec. 841 of Howell's annotated statutes is Section 4632.

insurance moueys, etc.

(1828) SEC. 17. All insurance moneys or means collected, Disposition of received or made available at any time, from policies of insurance, or by reason of insurance policies upon the said normal school buildings and property shall be and the same are hereby designated and set apart as a fund or means for rebuilding and refurnishing the said buildings.

How. 4976q. Sec. 18 repeals ch. 193 of Howell's annotated statutes (C. L. '57, 2208-31; C. L. '71, 3508, '31; How. 4946-76), and section 5149 of Howell's statutes, “and all acts or parts of acts contravening the provisions of this act." How. 4976r.

June 3

gan normal

An Act to establish a NORMAL SCHOOL IN CENTRAL MICHIGAN. Act 261, 1895,

2,560; app. (1829) SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That a Normal School for the preparation and training of persons for teaching in the rural district schools, and the primary departments of the graded schools of the State, to be known as “Central Michigan Normal School,” be established and con- Central Michitinued at the City of Mount Pleasant, in Isabella county, to school estabbe located upon block ten of the normal school addition to lished. said city, known as "Normal campus," and being a block of land in area between eight and ten acres.

(1830) SEC. 2. The State board of education is hereby au- State board of thorized and directed to procure a good and sufficient deed procure deed of of conveyance, to be accompanied with abstract of title and conveyance, etc. tax history, to be approved by the Attorney General, conveying to the said board of education and its succesors a good and unincumbered title in fee simple to said lands and buildings thereon, for such school, and a proper article of sale of all the library, school furniture and apparatus therein, said lands and

School to be under control of state board of education.

buildings and personal property to be donated to the State of Michigan, in consideration of the establishment of said school, and to be conveyed within thirty days after the passage of this act.

(1831) Sec. 3. Said school shall be under and subject to the control of the State board of education, according to the provisions of act No. 194 of the public acts of 1889, of Michigan, entitled "An act to revise and consolidate the laws relative to the State board of education, and amendments thereto," which is made applicable to this school, except as herein otherwise provided. The act referred to immediately precedes this.

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What certifi. cate to be


Certificate to entitle holder to what.

Act 175, 1897, p. An Act to fix the RELATIONS OF THE EXISTING NORMAL 223; app. May

SCHOOLS of the State. 29; eff. Aug. 30. Uniformity and

(1832) SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, reciprocity in studies to be That the State Board of Education shall maintain substantial normal schools, uniformity and reciprocity in the courses of study of the Cen.

tral Michigan Normal School and with any related courses which may be offered at the State Normal School at Ypsilanti; so that transfer of students from one school to another shall not lead to loss of standing for similar courses; and shall, upon the completion of the course by any student in the Central Michigan Normal School, and upon recommendation of the principal and a majority of the faculty thereof, grant the

following certificate only, which shall be signed by said board granted and faculty, or such members thereof as the board may direct;

which certificates shall contain a list of studies included in said courses, and which shall entitle the holder to teach in any of the schools of the State for which said courses have been provided, as follows:

First, Upon the completion of a course of study containissue, when. ing the branches of instruction required by law for a third

grade county certificate, and such work in science and art of teaching as said board of education may require, the board shall issue a certificate, valid for two years, authorizing the holder to teach in any district school of this State employing not more than one teacher: Provided, That said two years' certificates may be once renewed for a like period upon satisfactory evidence to the granting power of successful experience in teaching

Second. Upon the completion of a course of instruction to issue, when containing the branches of instruction required for a first

grade county certificate, and such additional work in the science and art of teaching as said board of education may require, said board shall grant a certificate, valid throughout

the State for a period of three years: Provided, That said Renewal. three [year] years' certificate may be once renewed for a like

period, upon satisfactory evidence to the granting power, of successful experience in teaching.

for two years to


for three years

grant of certain

(1833) SEC. 2. The State board of education may, through State board of the State Normal School at Ypsilanti, grant similar certificates continue the for elementary graded and rural schools as in their judgment certificates. shall seem wise, and shall through the same institution continue to grant certificates good for five years life certificates, diplomas and degrees, as are now provided by statute and custom; and in recognition of the work now being done under existing laws, in those life certificates and degree courses in the State Normal School at Ypsilanti, the State Board of Edu. State normal

school desigcation is empowered to designate that school in the courses nated as state leading to such certificate and degree by the name,

the Mich- when. igan State Normal College. Sec. 3 repeals “all acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of

normal college



TURE OF 1899.

(Act No. 52, 1899.]

An Act to change the name of the “Michigan State Normal School” to


The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Change of
name of normal
school at

SECTION 1. The institution now known and designated under the name and style of “Michigan State Normal School" shall hereafter be known as the "Michigan State Normal College.”

SEC. 2. All acts and parts of acts contravening the provisions of this section are hereby repealed.

[Act No. 51, 1899.]

An Act to provide for the location, establishment and conduct of a NORMAL SCHOOL AT MARQUETTE, in the upper peninsula of this State, and to make an appropriation for the same.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Name ofschool.


Selection of site.

Area and location.

SECTION 1. That a normal school shall be located at Marquette, to be known as the Northern State Normal School, for the purpose of instructing persons in the several branches pertaining to a public school education, and in the science and the art of teaching the same.

SEC. 2. The State Board of Education is hereby authorized to procure a suitable site for the grounds and buildings for said normal school, which site shall consist of at least twenty acres of land, located within one and one-half miles of the present location of the postoffice in said city of Marquette. Said State Board of Education shall pay for such site a sum not exceeding one dollar, which sum is hereby appropriated for the use of said State Board of Education out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be drawn on the requisition of said State Board of Education and the warrant of the Auditor General, as the moneys and appropriations are drawn. Said State Board of Education shall procure good and sufficient deed or conveyance of such site and grounds, and have the title for the same duly recorded. When

Deed or con. veyance.

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