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JUNE, 1860.





world! What are literary trappings compared with the immortal laurel that wreathes the brow

of this veteran minister of our Lord Jesus? “Behold a patriarch of years, who leaneth on the It might be gratifying to the readers of the staff of religion,

Repository to gaze upon a miniature profileHis heart is flesh, quick to feel;

portrait large as life we have not space for-of Lofty aspirations, deep affections, holy hopes, are his delight."

the personnel of this war-worn chieftain. In the TUPPER.

meridian of life, ere the pressure of years had “Age sits with decent grace upon his visage, somewhat bent his manly form, Mr. Webb could And worthily becomes his silken locks;

have been but little, if any thing, short of six He wears the marks of many years well spent feet in bight, and if we except a slight inclinaOf virtue, truth well-tried, and wise experience."

tion of the head to one side, the form was of ROWE.

such erectness as would have borne favorable TOR some months past the pages of the Ladies' comparison with that of the handsomest member

Repository have been graced with well-written of the body.guard of some great European pobiographical and characteristic sketches of lead- tentate. He was never a corpulent man, but has ing personages in our own religious denomina- always carried a comfortable medium between tion. Members of our Episcopal bench have sat excessive redundancy of flesh and pitiable leanfor their portraits. Giants in our ministry have The countenance is of a mild, benevolent been displayed in this literary picture gallery. aspect, the reflective mirror of one of the most Laymen of intellectual ability, of capacious kindly hearts ever implanted in a human body, purses, of large hearts, and of liberal hands and sanctified by divine grace. The features, have been shown forth in this grand constellation. with the exception of a slight drawing on one And though last, not least, "elect ladies” are side of the mouth, are of a regular and rather found grouped in this interesting collection of Romanish cast. This defect about the lips is choice spirits.

hardly seen except in speaking, when it is the The subject of the present sketch, though he cause of a slight cutting of the words. The has enjoyed personal acquaintance and inter-countenance is one of more than common intelcourse with a greater number of Methodist bish-ligence, the brow being of good hight and of ops than, perhaps, any man now living, yet proportionate breadth. Silken, silvery locks, never aspired to a seat on the ecclesiastical white as the snow, cover near the whole head, bench. Literary honors were never found ap- even at his present advanced age. The attire is pended to the name of Daniel Webb, though, strictly clerical, and always scrupulously neat. by the way—we hesitate not to aver that such The general appearance is both patriarchal and honors would have been worthily bestowed. But ministerial to such a degree as can not fail to in the absence of official position and dignity, inspire respect and reverence in the breast of and of high-sounding degrees, we may claim for every beholder. our subject an honor which can not be put forth Persons unacquainted with Daniel Webb have in behalf of any man now living on the face of thought him cold and unsociable. It would the whole earth. Rev. Daniel Webb wears the hardly be possible to get farther astray from a signal, the grand, the glorious distinction of be correct estimate of any one trait in this good ing the oldest effective Methodist minister in the man's character than to entertain such opinion.

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