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else! I could perceive the real ground |nical, than the power held and of thoir objection: I could perceive, enforced by these low and base that they trembled for their own future usurpers of the Freemen's rights. consequence:, and, could I have In Ellice they had a man with brougåt myself to play the hypocrite, some money; but, they had a very after the same manner of CARDINAL difficult game to play with him. MONTALTO : could I have conde-The last election had cost him

mary scended to make professions of fu- thousands more than he expected. ture subserviency to their will, and They had themsclves subscribed some could I have succeeded in the at-thousands. They were unwilling tempt, they would have been as to subscribe again. They had given clamourous for me as they were him the most solomn assurances, against me. But they saw, that, that this contest would cost him my success would, at once, put an scarcely any thing. They had as. end to their political power, and sured him, that I should not get would for ever set at real liberty fifty votes, When he arrived, the the great body of Freemen, who coldaess of his reception by the had so long been their slaves.- people alarmed him: and he was That this was the true ground of ready to be off, if he saw the poll the opposition I had to experience going against him. Ellice is of you will not doubt, for a moment, City origin. The 'Change has been when I tell you, that several of these his theatre. He is a partner in a hirers of the Savages with knives mercantile house ; and, by marriage, were Reformers, and even Radicals, is related to Lord Grey, whose sisand that they had actually sub- ter or relation of some sort (the scribed towards the expences of a widow of some naval or military Radical Meeting, held in the neigh-officer) is ELLICE's wife. There is bourhood of the City, last fall !-one of the numerous instances, in These facts present a striking and which the pride of Aristocracy has horrid picture of the selfishness of been bent down to an alliance with this description of persons, and of the 'CHANGE. These alliances, the notlingness of principle and arising out of a desire to get wealth of public duty, when these come on the one side and out of vanity on athwart their enjoyment or pursuit the other, have been one of the of power. Yettbey rail against the great causes of that perseverance in Boroughmongers, whom they call upholding the system of banking upon to part with their power; and funding, which system has though the Borough power is full spread such ruin and misery all as lawful, and less odious and tyran-fover this kingdom, and which will,

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finally, make this once great country lessons to acquire the Bond-Street the most contemptible upon the face crak. In short, imagine a great of the earth.

school-boy of forty, and you have Eluce is a very tall man. More my man fully before your eyes. than six feet high. “As big as Mr. Such were my opponents; and, I Hulur about the shoulders and leave you to guess at the fright of breast, but with a frame tapering Ellice, when, on the first evening downwards. This great, bulky body of the election, he saw me at the is surmounted by a head as dis-head of the poll! It was now, toadvantageous in appearance as any the utter confusion of iny eneinies, that I ever saw in my life. A fore- quite clear, that unless some riolent head falling back on the sides ; and means were resorted to, I should be the angle formed by the line drawn elected. A fourth candidate (Capt. from the bottom of tise ear to the Close) had been put forward by point of the nose, and by that pas- the Corporation, with the hope of sing from the point of the nose to getting MOORE out and keeping the crown of the head, is uncom- ne out, by causing votes to be monly acute : so that, if the doc-split between Close and ELLICE; trine of Gall be not wholly false, but, those who voted for the Capthe animal prevails here in an un- tain, generally voted for me also; se? usual degree. The eye, set in a that their scheme was soon found to shallow socket, is large, round, dul, have failed. The rage of our oppoand of downward cast. Very inuch nents, on the Wednesday night, like that of the chubby, good-tem- was, therefore, extreme. Fered, honest Jew, who sells cakes skulked out of the Booth before the and oranges on board the Steam- close of the poll; and his band of boat, which crosses from New Rich Ruffians had the utmost diffiYORK to BROOKLYN. The voice of culty to prevail on himn to remain in ELLIçe is what we may call sofy the city another day; and were aband fat. lle has nothing of the solutly forced to set on foot a subkeinness of 'Change eller about scription to induce him to stay. him. He woukl scem toliave taken at this stage of the affair, it was in


contemplation of Ellice and his world. ' I that day saw above twenty immediate friends to shuffle off old of 'my voters actually torn away PETER; but, Peter threatened; he from the polling place, and ripped said he would not be “ bamboozled up behind, and stripped of their out of his election.” He talked of coats, and sometimes, even of their certain correspondences and CON- waistcoats! Nevertheless, in spite tracts; and, he brought the shufflers of all this destruction : in spite of to a determination to carry him blows,ripping up, an deven stabs,my along. If Captain Closk, who ap- voters persevered to such a degree peared to be a very good and frank as to put me nearly on a level with man, had listened to a proposition my opponents at the close of the of mine, both the humbugs would poll; and, if the infirm persons, have been packed off on the Thurs. whom I had got into the Bonth, day. But, the Town Clerk, who, 1 had been permitted to poll, I should suppose, spoke for the Corporation, have stood above Moore at the end would not let him agree to it. We of the second day. I had about should, in that case, have had the twenty of these in the Booth ready civil authority to protect us against to poll. These (for what reason I the hired Sarages wilh knires; and never could discover) were not perthat would have decided the election mitted to poll. They were, after on the Thursday.

long waiting got away in safety; On the Thursday the Savages but, they never 'dared to venture to came well fed and well supplied, come up again. all the day long, with gin and It was now clearly seen, that I brandy, brought out to them in had the votes. And, therefore, unglass bottles, and handed about less these votes could be prevented from one to the other in the face from being given, it was clear, that of the Booth, where a scene of vio- I must be seated in parliament, lence and sounds of execrations especially as no one act had been were witnessed and heard, such, as committed by me or by my friends, I hope, were never matched, and of an unlawful or violent nature. never will be again matched, in the Therefore, grand preparations were made by the Rich Rufians for the swag towards a row of houses, next day. They, indeed, had done standing on a pavement above the much on the day just closed. We level of area of the epon-strëet, or saw, during the afternoon, several sort of square. With a good deal fresh bands of Savages arrive from of dificulty I reached the pavement the country by sixes, eights, or tens; keeping my feet. I had, when I so that, by the hour of closing the left the Booth, my snuff-box in my poll, an immense multitude of these right hand. It is oblong square, wretches, roaring like wolves, and and has very sharp corners. The foaming with rage and drink, were Savages pressed me side-ways to collected round the Booth. wards my left; and I had to fight

This evening Ellice went out of with my right hand, in order to of the Booth in great dudgeon. I, prevent them from getting me down. not suspecting any attempt against I had to strike back-handed. One me personally, followed, at a few of the sharp corners of the snuff.. paces distance, intending to go to box, which stuck out beyond the house of a Mr. Grant, where the bottom of my little finger, my Committee was, and which did good surice. It cut the might be about forty yards from noses and eyes of the Savages at the Booth. I had to pass through famous rate, and assisted mainly the bands of Savages; and I was in securing my safe arrival, on the scarcely amongst them, when they raised pavement, on which I (at Ellice's instigation) began an just opposite the door of a shop. endeavour to press me down. They Just at this time, one of the Sawere more than a thousand in num- vages, foaming at the mouth like ber, including the mere partizans a mad dog, exclaimed: dann of my enemies. Several attempts him, I'llrip him up." He was were made to press me dowi). 1 running his hand into his breeches got many blows in the sides; and, pocket, apparently to take oat his if I had been either a short or a knife, but I, being pulled up to the weak man, I must have been pres-door-way by the left arm by two sed under foot, and inevi:ably kil- young women, who wished, I sup

However, the crowd took a poss, to get alle into the house




drew up my right leg, armed with manifest hazard of his own life, a new and--sharp=edged: gallashe saved my life, will never be effaced over my boot: deäst: Mr. &Nice's from my memory; and, if Covenripping Savage so delightful a try and its neighbourhood, conblow, just between his two eyes, tains five hundred cowardly Sava. that he fell back upon his follow-ges and a score or two of still more

For this I should certainly cowardly Rich Ruffians to employ have been killed in a few moments, and urge them on to deeds of blood, had not Mr. FRANK SERGEANT, it also contains FRANCIS SERGRANT, who, seeing my danger, had made whose merits atone, in my eyes, shift to get along, by the side of for all the atrocious acts of the the houses, to the spot where 1 Ruffians and their Savages. was, happily came to my assistance. ELLICE has had the meanness to Never did I behold a more gallant deny, that he set his Savages on to young man than this!

Having attack me upon this occasion. But, got to me, he turned round, saying we have two persons, and many follow me, Sir, and, having first others bave offered, to declare upon beaten back three or four of the oath, that he was guilty of the base Savages, so as to make them press and cowardly act; an act well worupon others behind them, the thy of him and of the race, to whole body, which were on the which he belongs ; but, unworthy pavement turned about, while he of any thing else, in the shape of with thumps on

some with his hands, with kicks bestowed upon This atrocious attempt gave us a others, set the body on a swag to- sort of foretaste of what was to be wards the house of Mr. GRANT, at attempted against us on the next which we arrived quickly in safety. day (Friday), for the arrival of The young gentleman merits, my which we waited with some imdear James, the best thanks of every patience. We were informed, that creature, who has a regard for me. the bands of Savages had been To him I certainly owe 'my life. greatly augmented from the counThe manner, in which he, at the try; that they were now divided

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