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MARCH 25, 1820.

[110 The way I managed the brutes apparent earnestness and continue in was well calculated to sting them the attitude so long, that the beasts and their employers to madness. I really seemed, sometimes, as if they have, perhaps, as much of good-were going mad ! I never had so hamour on my counterance, natu- good an opportunity to philosophise rally, and as little of the gloomy, as before. A friend, who saw these any man that ever lived ; and, I man-brutes said, that they shook defy the Rich Ruffians of Coventry his faith in he immortality of the to say, that the thousand pounds a soul! ut, I see no reason at all day (for that was about the sum), for any'such conclusion, I believe, wbich they expended on their sava- and I have long believed, that there ges, ever took away that good-hu-Jare more sorts of men than there are mour for one single moment! My of dogs. The mere circumstance way was to stand and look upon the of a creature's walking upon two legs yelling beasts with a most good- is no proof, that he is of the same humoured smile; turning my head sort or kind as I am, or as any other pow and ther, and leaning it, as it man of mind is. I really looked at were to take different views of the and heard these brutes, till they besame person, or same group. 1came a subject of amusing speculanow and then substituted some- tion; and I could not help concluiling of curiosity instead of the ge- ding that it would be a species neral" total unconcern, that was of impiety to consider them as pare seated upon my face. Now and taking in the smallest degree, of then, I would put my mouth close the nature of such men as Pope or to the ear of some friend that stood Paine. Your old sow, that. went by me, and then point to some to the top of the billock to ascerbeast that was foaming with rage,tain which way the wind was comgiving him at the same time a laugh-ing before she fixed on the side of ing look, such as we bestow on a the barn to put lier pigs to bed for dog that is chained up and barking the night: Your dog Carnot, who

Then, another time, when upon finding his game, comes and, half a dozen fresh-drenched brutes in looks, asks you to go with him were burstiug forth close under my to the spot : Boxer aud Nap, whu nose, I would stretchi up my neck, when on Long Island,sucked, in one and look, with apparently great cu- year, at least five thousand eggs, riosity and anxiousness towards a and yet so wisely managed their distant part of the crowd, as if to affairs as never to get one single ascertain what was passing there; drubbing, but, even when the 2nd this I would do with so much whip was raised, disarmed us

at us.

all, one after after another.

|| side of the Booth, and caught me thought of all thesc, while I was by the collar, which was instantly looking at and hearing the hired repaid by a blow in his face, for,

as Swift says, “if a flea or a louse Savages of Warwickshire; and 1 bite me, I'll kill it, if I can.” The could not bring myself to feel any sight, this day, was such as Hogarth thing like anger towards the poor William has made a sketch ; but,

sliould have seen. Your brother beasts, every one of whom I sin- it was done from memory. He bad cerely regard as inferior to any of no good situation in the booth ; and, the animals abovementioned; and, to do the thing well, required seve

ral lours. He has, however, got perhaps, the far greater part of several separate portraits, and we their employers are greatly inferior have been tracing in them the strong to CARNOT, or Oup Bess. I am resemblances to different animals. sure they are much less decent in When you coine to divest them of

the mere appendages of dress, and their behaviour, and discover less

compare them, as to form of head, of intellect. The word fellow with mastiff and pug dogs, you will creature is generally very foolishly be surprised at the nearness of the

resemblance. used. All created things, whether

Such, my dear James, were the animate or inanimate, are fil'vw-scenes and the transactions of the creatures. A Warwick Wire Savage, Friday. The Saturday exhibited or his employer, is, therefore, iny

something very much the saine, ex

cept that many of the execrating fellow-creature; but so is a bug, a Savages having become hvarse, they flea, or a louse, as Swift observes; were seen mving their lips instead and, as I may hold these latter of being heard. However, the thing things wholly beneath mein nature, was, in fact, decided the day before. so, I trust, I may the former. Jain The driving of my veters away, the

tcaring and ripping their clothes sure I should be very miserablu, if

to pieces, and the drendful threats I could believe myself to be of the held out to them, if they dared to same nature.

come up again, had given my base This, or something very much and cowardiy opponents a majority {ike it, was the train of my ideas, that formed an apology for mang while contemplating the horrid of my voters to l:cep away, espe . groups at the. Booth. A parcel of cially as it was now manifest to

every one, that the election ought to Frogs or loads, croaking in a pool be sct aside. This day, however, ! of dirty water, could as soon have should have very nearly recovered disturbed the muscles of my face any ground, had not my voters been as these miserable and degraded In short, there was no more any

again driven away in great bodies, things could have done it. When freedom of election than there one of the beasts attempted to strike would have been if a whole army me, however, the feeling became had been posted to prevent my interent!

He reached over the being elected.


MARCH 25, 1820.' At the close of the poll on Sa., been useless; for, as afterwards turday, the fourth day, Ellice appeared, they came well armed and Moore were niuch annoyed with knives. by my resolution to keep the poll Considering the suddenness of open the next week. Their the attack and the absence of fire. friends, the Rich Ruffians, on

Rich Rufians, on arms on our part, the thing was whom some, at least, of the ex. done very well. Å detachment pence was to fall, were still more with Mr. FRANK Sengeant at annoyed. And they conceived their head, faced the savages in the idea of driving me out of the the passage, which was about City. In the evening, about dusk, twenty feet long. One or two their Savages, led on by two or took station on the top of the three of the Ruffian employers, stairs, armed with pokers; while made a regular altack upon Mr. I in my room, will your sister, Sergeant's house, vowing their fixed the bedstead in # way to let resolution to drag me out and kill the door open no wider than to me. They first dashed in the up- admit one man only at a time, and per room windows; next they stood with a sword to send the first pulled down the shutters of the that should attempt to enter, to ground floor room. They then receive from the devil the arrears broke into the house passage ly that might be due to him on ac. forcing in the door; and we ex. count of his services to Moore and pected thein upstairs pretty quick- Ellice and the Rich Ruffiane op dy; and while the main body were Coventry, I had pulled off any coat, entering in front, others were (as and was prepared to give with u we could see from the window of clear conscience, as heartyn Ihrunt our room) scaling a wall to get as ever was given by man,

My into the house in the rear by way philosophy despised the bruten, of the garden. I, who was very but to have one's throat cut by ill with a cold, was sitting in my them would have been a little top bed-room with your sister Nancy.

bad. Some gentlemen came running up

However, their cowardice soon for our poker and tongs. Dinner put an end to the siege. They enhad been going on down stairs ;

tered the

stubbed one man and Mrs. Sergeant had taken wice in his armi, intending to stab away the knives and forks and him in the body, and did some carried them into the cellar for other 'mischief: hut being met by fear the savages should use them Mr. FRANK SERGEANT and his 10 stab us and cut our throat platoon, they retreated hastily into with. This precaution would have the street; and as the constables

soon afterwards arrived, tranquilli- brutes, a monstrous hubbub would ty was restored. If we had had, as have been raised. Troops would was my wish, a couple of good have been called in. A complete blunderbusges, loaded with old suspension and setting aside of the nail heads and the like,and, having election would have taken place. suffered the sa vages to nearly, fill The Rich Ruffians would have been the long passage, fired right along filled with fear and trembling. Gothe passage amongst the heads of vernment would have been called the brutes, we should not only upon for instructions how to act. have ridded the world of about We should have had the whole forty cut-throats, but should have country in an uproar; and, to this carried the election, notwithstand- this would have succeeded a quiet ing all the advantage, that their and lawful election. And all this violent proceedings had given our would have been obtained by our adversaries. And, as to “shedding lawfully and justly putting to death blood,' the blood, which the a score or two of cut-throat wretches, brutes, who came to kill us, and whose carcasses-would have been some of the worst of whom were well disposed of in food for the butchers, were in the daily habit crows and kites of the country that of shedding, was much more va their deeds have for ever disha. luable than theirs, and ought to be

noured. shed with feelings of compassion Instead of this, the thing went much more strong. I felt no anger off without bodily hurt to any but against the brutes. Nor did our friends! And the natural conever feel anger against a flock of sequence of which was, that the crows. And I would have fired poor men, who wished to vote for amongst the one with exactly the me, and who had not yet voted, såine feelings that I would fire dared no longer even talk of it.

The scoundrel Masters had, in amongst the other. We unfortunatély had no fire arms; or, no

many instances, turned off such as man should have prevented me

had voted for me. They had stuck froin using them. I would have up notices in their factories, that no taught the brutes and their em- such meu as had voted, or should

employment should be given to ployers what it was to attempt vote, for me. The atrocious misto drag me out and kill ine. For,

creants were not ashamed thus to observe, this they threatened to

proclaim themselves tyrants and do many times, as is sworn to by suborners of perjury, They resorted wenty witnesses. If we had killed to all these ineans, besides the ema score or two of they worthlessployment of rippers and stabbers:

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MARCH 25, 1820.

1118 and yet the base curs bave pretend-, ASEQUH says, a knife with a white ed, that the Freemen did not wish handle; and they were knives of to vote for me! If this had been this same description that I saw in the fact, why were such means the hands of the Savages near the made use of? Why not leave the Booth. They pretended to be Freemen to reject me? Why not cutting bread and cheese with soffer the election to be free ? Why them; but, they held them up and turn off ; why put up notices; why brandished them, in a very significant bring in bands of rippers and stab- manner. They were stout penbers ? And that, too, against a knives with thick, round white ha Candidate, whose friends had never, dles. They were things which it from first to last, committed one was very unlikely for the brutes single act of violence of any sort. from the country to have possessed On the Tuesday, when I entered of their own purchasing. What Coventry, all might have been at should these brutes do with penmy command. No man, who was knives at all ? And how came not for me, publicly showed his they by them? And all whiteface. Yet, though our enemies had handled knives too! A lot of knives threatened us in the most insolent was, in all likelihood, gotten from manner, not a single act of violence Birmingham (which is only 18 from the first moment of the con- miles from Coventry), and distribu, test to the last. These facts alone are ted among these ferocious brutes, quite enough to decide the ques. This is a horrid thing to re'ate & tion as to which party had the good it is what I am ashamed 10 say of capse, and which the bad cause, Englishmen : but, it is the truth,

The attack on Mr. SERGEANT's and justice demands its promulgaon the Saturday night filled the tion. Several men, who had voted City with alarm. It was manifest, for me, were cutand stabbed in their that the Savages only wanted cou. retreat from the Booth. rage to make them fulfil their related, that he was stabbed in the threats of murder. They came thick of the thigh with some sharp prepared with knires, and, as one instrument, but that he was unable of the subjoined depositions will to ascertain the instrument or the, shew, their leader began to use hand. Wbat sort of protection my his knife in the passage.

That friends received from the peace he meant to kill Thomas ASEQÜh officers' may be guessed at from is certain. He stabbed at his what was done to Mr. FULHAM of bordy, and the stabs were received London, who came to the Booth, in the arm, It was as Thomas on the Thursday, in order to speak

One man

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