Nobody's fortune, Volume 3

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Page 161 - ... face. He has an infinity of expressions, which change rapidly. The Almighty fashioned us humans in clay. I reckon a modern sculptor would find it difficult to make a good bust of Mr.
Page 84 - B. aRGB 1,192. 3. breadth. A narrow shady little walk, which ran parallel with the broad green path, but was not half its breadth. Yates, Nobody's Fortune 2, 160 (T). 4. width, 5. length. Her dresses were neither the right width or length, nor even of the right material. Norton, Lost and Saved 1, 52 (T). 6. colour. Her hair is nearly the colour of mine. Coll. Ann. 437. — Her hair feels so soft . . . What colour is it?
Page 6 - ... to satisfy his Majesty's desires and expectations and the necessities of the navy. But Sir, as to this to raise it by a general excise is not of this nature. For there are such objections against it that I am not wise enough to obviate and I shall crave leave to state them shortly to you. I shall do it in as few words as I can. In the first place I confess I checked at the name. The very name being ungrateful to the people of England ; so ungrateful as no man durst name it upon occasion in Parliament,...
Page 302 - In falling, his head had come in contact with the corner of a chair ; and there was a cut on his forehead, from which the blood was slowly flowing.
Page 272 - this is the best news I have heard for many a day.
Page 247 - Ah, young lady, when you have lived a little longer, you will find your friend will be yours as long as you can contribute to his happiness, but when wealth or fame, or beauty has fled, he follows. Love passes even sooner than friendship, as it cannot feign as well.
Page 187 - I am glad of the manner in which you received what I had to say, and I would like to think you will seriously consider this. Mr. POFF. Is there anything...
Page 111 - ... flung herself upon her bed, and burst into a flood of tears. The storm of passionate weeping did not last very long, and was in turn succeeded by a quiet calm.
Page 127 - George would call for an answer at the time agreed upon, and then stated his own conviction, that the best thing to be done was to give way at once, in order to put an end to what he called
Page 202 - Barnstaple ; and, besides, it would have been only right and proper that he should have attended the.

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