Iowa Journal of History, Volume 7

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Benjamin Franklin Shambaugh
State Historical Society of Iowa., 1909 - Iowa

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Page 21 - Beginning at the point on the Mississippi river, where the fifth principal meridian intersects the same; thence running south on the said meridian line, to the line dividing townships ninety and ninety-one north; thence west along said line to the line dividing ranges six and seven west; thence north along the said line to the neutral ground; thence along the southern boundary of said neutral ground to the Mississippi river; thence down the middle of the main channel of said river to the place of...
Page 233 - ... presented; and if on any day the whole of the States and Territories shall not be called, the Speaker shall begin on the next day where he left off the previous day: Provided, That no member shall offer more than one resolution, or one series of resolutions, all relating to the same subject, until all the States and Territories shall have been called.
Page 208 - Shall I tell you what this collision means ? They who think that it is accidental, unnecessary, the work of interested or fanatical agitators, and therefore ephemeral, mistake the case altogether. It is an irrepressible conflict between opposing and enduring forces; and1 it means that the United States must and will, sooner or later, become either entirely a slave-holding nation, or entirely a free-labor nation.
Page 407 - State; and no law changing the boundary lines of any county shall have effect until upon being submitted to the people of the counties affected by the change, at a general election, it shall be approved by a majority of the votes in each county, cast for and against it.
Page 67 - Skunk river into the same, thence up said river to where the township line dividing townships sixty-eight and sixty-nine north leaves said river; thence with said line to the range line between ranges four and five west; thence north with said line to the range line between ranges four and five west ; thence north with said line to the township line between townships sixty-nine and seventy north ; thence west with said line to the range line between ranges seven and eight west...
Page 34 - No new county shall be hereafter created containing less than four hundred and thirty-two square miles; nor shall the territory of any organized county be reduced below that area; except the county of "Worth, and the counties west of it along the northern boundary of this State, may be organized without additional territory.
Page 211 - While the great mass of our northern people utterly condemn the act of John Brown, they feel and they express admiration and sympathy for the disinterestedness of purpose by which they believe he was governed, and for the unflinching courage and calm cheerfulness with which he met the consequences of his failure.
Page 228 - As soon as a legislature shall be formed in the district, the council and house, assembled in one room, shall have authority by joint ballot to elect a delegate to Congress who shall have a seat in Congress, with a right of debating, but not of voting, during this temporary government.
Page 410 - Indians herein named, and for such other friendly tribes or individual Indians, as from time to time they may be willing, with the consent of the United States, to admit among them...
Page 561 - Heavy firing is heard up the river, indicating plainly that an attack has been made upon our most advanced positions. I have been looking for this, but did not believe the attack could be made before Monday or Tuesday. This necessitates my joining the forces up the river instead of meeting you to-day, as I had contemplated. I have directed General Nelson to move to the river with his division. He can march to opposite Pittsburg.

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