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Entered, according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by

CHARLES DESILVER, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Eastern District of


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The history of the aboriginal races of the American Continent is an interesting study, not only to the people of this Union, but also to those of other lands, who regard them as the congeners of the nomadic hordes, which in times long past swarmed over the plains of now civilized Europe. In many respects there is a very close resemblance between the characters and final fate of all the primitive tribes and nations of the world — their mode of government, habits, customs, &c., being somewhat similar -- and their recession before the onward march of civilization, as well as their final absorption or disappearance, following an inexorable natural law, which decrees the submission of the animal to intellectual development. From the study of past events alone can an opinion be formed of the causes which gave origin to them, and for this reason should every American citizen, who desires to understand the true history of his country, peruse with attention the records of the former owners of that soil, which ere long will no more give sustenance to any of their descendants.

No ordinary task is it for the faithful chronicler to trace the history of a people who have no written annals, and no written language; whose only records are of a pictographic character; and whose traditions are so vague and unconnected as to be very unreliable. Such are the difficulties he has to encounter anterior to the discovery of America by Columbus ; and even subsequent to that period, owing to the unsettled condition of the country until within the last half century, years of research and comparison are rendered necessary in order to reconcile conflicting statements, and unravel the tangled web of confused narratives. Believing, however, that the end to be attained,—that of giving to the world a reliable history of the Indians of the North American


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Continent — was one which justified the author in making any sacrifice of time and labor in its accomplishment, he, for many years, toiled unremittingly to accomplish this purpose; sparing neither trouble nor expense in the collection of facts and their sectional arrangement. Whether he has succeeded in accordance with his hopes he does not pretend to say; leaving to the judgment of the intelligent reader the decision of the question, after a thorough and attentive perusal of the work.

The Indian has been traced through all his misfortunes, wanderings, and forced transmigrations, to his present home on the western shores of the Mississippi, where there is every prospect of his speedy absorption in the Anglo-Saxon current which is so steadily flowing toward the setting sun; and the last remnant of the race will soon in spirit, if not in words, echo the language of a poetic writer, who thus portrays the sole survivor as apostrophizing the Deity:

“Where is my home — my forest home? the proud land of my sires ?

Where stands the wigwam of my pride? where gleam the council fires ? Where are my fathers' hallowed graves ? my friends so light and free ? Gone, gone,

forever from my view! Great Spirit! can it be?”

Ax ALPHABETICAL ENUMERATION OF, Chap. II. Life of King Philip-His real name
THE INDIAN TRIBES AND NATIONS, 9 Tbe name of his wife-Makes frequent sales of

his lands-Account of them–His first treaty at


Plimouth-Expedition to Nantucket-Events

of 1671-Begins the war of 1675- First acts of

ORIGIN, ANTIQUITIES, MANNERS AND hostility-Fights the English under Mosely-

CUSTOMS, &c., OF THE AMERICAN IN- -The greut Figlit at Narraganset-Flies his


country-- Visits the Mohawks-Il-devised

Chap. I. Origin of the name Indian-Why applied

stratagem---Events of 1676—ls hunted by Cap-

to the people found in America-Ancient authors

tain Church-Akkompoin-His wife and son

fall into the hands of Church-Flies to Po-

supposed to bave referred to America in their

writings-Theopompus-Voyage of Hanno-Di-

kanoket-1s surprised and slain-Specimen of

odorus Siculus-Plato-Aristotle-Seneca, .19

the Wampanoag Language,..


CHAP. II. Modern theorists upon the first peo-

CHAP. III. Lives OF Philip's CHIEF CAP-

pling of America,...

.22 TAINS--Nanuntenoc-Reasons for his aiding

Chap. III. Anecdotes and Narratives, illustra.

Philip-His former name-Meets the English
tive of the Manners, Customs, Traditions, and

and Indians under Captain Peirse-Fights and

Antiquities of the lodians, .....

.34 destroys his whole company at Pawtucket

CHAP. IV. American antiquities-Few Indian

Surprised and taken-His magnanimity-

antiquities–Of mounds and their contents- Speech to his captors-Is executed and his body

Account of those in Cincinnati-In the Miami

burnt - Cassassinnamon -- Catnpazet - Mono-

country-Works supposed to have been built

poide-Annuwou is put to death-Quinnapin

for de fences or fortifications-Some at Piqua-

-His connections and marriage-At the cap-

Near Hamilton-Milford-Deerfield_Six miles

ture of Lancaster-Account of his wives

above Lebanon-On Paint Creek-At Marietta

Wetamoo-He is taken and shot-Tuspaquin-

-At Circleville-Their age uncertain–Works

His operations in Philip's war-Surrenders

on Licking River-Ancieni excavations or wells

himself, and is put to death--Tatoson-Captures

near Newark- Various other works.........55

a garrison in Plimouth-Tyasks-Other chiefs

and incidents,....


CHAP. IV. Chief women conspicuous in Philip's


war-Magnus-Her country and relations-Her

capture and death-Awashonks-Her men dis.


THE armed-Philip endeavors to engage her against

NORTHERN OR NEW ENGLAND IN- the English-Is finally in the power of Philip

Reclaimed by Church-Some particulars of her
Chap. I. Conduct of the early voyagers towards


the Indians. Some account of the individuals,67 Chap. V. A further account of chiefs conspicu-

CHAP. 11. Arrival and first proceedings of th ous in Philip's war-Pumham-Taken and slain

English who settle at Plimoutb-Their first -His son Quaqualh-Chickon--Socononoco-

discovery of Indians-Their first battle with Potock-Complaint against Wildbow-Delivers

them - Samoset — Squanto – Massasoit and himself up--Put to death-Stone-wall-John-A


75 great captain–His men greatly annoy the

CHAP. III. Some account of the Massachusetts English army in Narragansel-Kills several of

Indians-Geography of their country-Its chiefs them-They burn a garrison, and kill tilteen

-Chikatanbut-Wampatuck-His war with persons-A traffic in Indian prisoners-The

the Mohawks.

106 burning of Rehoboth and Providence-John's

Chap. IV. Of the great nation of the Narragan- discourse with Roger Williams-1s killed .
setts-Geography of their country-Canonicus Sagamore John-Fate of Matoonas—Put to
-Miantunnomon-His relations-Aids the Eng-

death on Boston Common-His son hanged for

lish in destroying the Pequots-Sells Rhode

murder-Monoco - David Andrew - James-

Island - His difficulties with the English-Vis-

the-printer - Old Jethero - Sagamore-Sam

its Boston–His magnanimity and independence

Visited by Eliot in 1652—Anecdote-Peter Je-

-His capture and denth-Circumstances of his thero,


execution-Participation of the whites therein CHAP. VI. Friendly Indians-Captain Amos-

-Impartial view of that affair_Traditions- Escapes the slaughter at tucket-Com-

Ninigret-Mexam-Cuttaquin-Ascasgassotick mands a company in the eastern war---Captain

-Ninigret-Present condition of his descend-

Lightfoot-His services in Philip's war-In the

ants-Pessacus-Killed by the Mohawks,...117

eastern war-Kettenanit-Quannapohit-May-

CHAP. V. Uncas-His character-Connections tamp-Monoco-Nepanet-Employed to treat

-Geography of the Mohegan country-Poquots with the enemy-Brings letters from them-
-Uncas-Visits Boston-His speech to Gov-

Effects an exchange of prisoners-Peter Con-


way-Peter Ephraim,,...

ernor Winthrop-Specimen of the Mohegan

language-Minor chiefs,

149 Chap. VII. Of the Indians in New Hampshire

CHAP. VÍ. Of the Pequot nation—Geography of and Maine previous to their wars with the

their country-Sassacus, their first chief, known

whites-Dominions of the bashaba-Perishes in

to the English-War-The cause of it,.....165

war-Passaconaway--His dominions-His last

HAP. VII. Of the Praying or Christian Indians speech to his people-Petitions the court of

in New England-Labors of John Eliot-Wau- Massachusetts-Lands allotted to him-English
ban the first Christian sagamore-Indian laws

sends a force to disarm him-Their fears of his

- Uneas protests against the attempt to convert

enmity unfounded—They seize and ill treat his

bis people-Ninigret refuses to receive mission-

800—He escapes- Traditions concerning him.

aries—The Indian Bible-Wattassacomponum

Wannalancet-His situation in Philip's war-

- Hiacoomes-Miohqsoo-Occum,.........175

Messengers and letters sent him by the English

- He again retires into the wilderness-Mosely

destroys his village-Imprisoned for debt-Fa-


vors Christianity-- A speech-Wehanownowit,

eachem of New Hampshire-Robinhood-His


sales of land in Maine-Monquine-Kennebis

ENGLAND INDIANS, CONTINUED. -Assiminasqua-AbbigadasretTheir residen.

Char. I. Wampanoag chiets-Alexander Events ces and sales of land-Melancholy fate of

which led to the war with Philip—Ninigret- Chocorua,


Death of Alexander-Sassamon,....... .187 CHAP. VIII. Squando sachem of Saco-Attacks

[blocks in formation]

the Town of Saco Singular account of him by a -Speeches-Pocahontas again saves Smith and

contemporary—The ill treatment of his wife a his

comrades from being murdered by her father

cause of war--His humanity in restoring a cap- -Tomocomo......

tive—Madokawando-Causes of his hostility-CHAP. II. Reflection upon the character of Pow.
Assiminasqua–His speech-Speech of Tarum- hatan-Pocahontas-She singularly entertains
kin-Mugg—Is carried to Boston to execute a Captain Smith-Disaster of a boat's crew-
treaty-In Madokawando's ambassador-Re-

Smith's attempt to surprise Powhatan frus-
lease of Thomas Cobbet-Madokawando's kind.

trated in consequence-Pocahontas saves the

ness to prisoners—Moxus attacks Wells and is life of Wythin-Betrayed into the hands of the

beaten off-Attacked the next year by the In- English-Japazaws–Mr. Rolfe marries Poca-

dians under Madokawando and a company of hontas--Opachisco— Pocahontas visits England

Frenchmen-Are repulsed with great lors-In- -Her interview with Smith-Dies at Gravesend

cidents of the siege--Mons. Castiens-- A further - Her son-Opekankanough-Made prisoner by

account of Moxus-Wanungonet-Assacambuit Smith-Is set at liberty-Conducts the mas-

-Further account of Mugg-His death-Sy-

sacre of 1622—Plots the extirpation of the

mon, Andrew, Jeoffrey, Peter, aod Joseph-AC- English-Conducts the horrid massacre of 1644

count of their depredations-Life of Kankama- - Is taken prisoner-His conduct upon the oc-

gus— Treated with neglect-Flies his country, casion- Barbarously wounded by the guard-

Becomes an enemy-Surprise of Dover and Last speech, and magnanimity in death-Re-

murder of Major Waldron-Masundowet-Wo- flections-Nickotawance—Totopotomoi-Joins

rombo_His fort captured by Church--Kankam. the English against the Rechahecrians Is de.

agus's wife and children taken-Hopehood- feated and slain,..


Conspicuous in the massacre at Salajon Falls- CHAP. III. Of the Creek Indians-Muskogees-

His death-Maltahando-Megunneway,....286 Prohibit the use of ardent spirits-Their rise

Chap. IX. BomazoenTreuchery of the whites

and importance–Their origin-Catawbas,

towards him-Is imprisoned at Boston-Saves Chikasaus-Cherokees-A mode of flattening

the life of a female captive-Captures Saco- their heads-Complexion ligbter than other

Is killed-Arruhawikwabemt-His capture and Indiang-Seminoles-Ruins at Oakmulgee

death-Egeremet-Seized at Pem maquid-Bar- Fields-Expedition of SotoHe kills 2000 In-

barously murdered - Treachery of ChubbIts dians- Laudonniere - Gourges' expedition-

requital-Captain Tom-Surprises Hampton-

Grijalva, Moytoy made emperor of the Cher.

Dony-His fort captured by Colonel Church-

okeeg—Sir Alexander Cumming--His travels

Events of Church's expedition -Captain Simmo among the Cherokeeg-Seven chiefs accompany

-Treats with the English at Casco-His speech him to England-Allakullakulla-Skijagustah

-Wattanummon-Captain Samuel--His fight

at Damaris Cove-Hegan-One of the name bar- Chap. IV. Settlement of Carolina and Georgia

-His speech to the king-His death,......363

barously destroyed by the whites-Mogg- -Tomocbichi receives the English-Goes to

Westbrook burns Nerigwok-Some account of England with General Oglethorpe-Makes a

the Jesuit Rasle-Moulton's expedition to Ner-

speech to the king-His death, War with the

ig wok-Death of Mogg-Death of Father Rasle

Spaniards-Outacitie - Malachty - Attakulla.

-Notice of Moulton-Charlevoix's account of

kulla--Indians murdered-Attakullakulla pre-

this affair-Paugus-Bounty offered for Indian vents retaliation upon whites in his power-

scalps--Captain Jobn Lovewell's first expedi-

Cherokee war begins-Governor Littleton's

tion-His second hunt for Indians-Falls in with

expedition-Imprisons their Ambassadors

Paugus-Fights him and is slain-Incidents-

They are massacred-Colonel Montgomery sent

Songs composed on the event,....


against them-Batlle near Keowee--Chero-

SHAP. X. The St. Francis Indians-Rogers's ex-

kees take Fort London-Siloue-Saves the

pedition against them-Philip--Sabatis-Ar-

life of Colonel Byrd-Colonel Grant subdues the

nold's expedition-Natanis—The modern Pe-

Cherokees, and they make peace with the

nobscots-Aitteon–Neptune-Capt. Francis- Whites—Chlucco,


Susup murders an Englishman-Specimen of the Chap. V. Moncachtape, the Yazoo-Narrative

Penobscot language-Rowles-His prophecy- of his adventures to the Pacific Ocean-Grand

Blind Will-Killed by the Mohawks-Assacam-

sun, chief of the Natchez-Receives great in-

buit–Visits France and is knighted by the king

justice from the French-Concerts their de-

-Attacks and burns Haverhill - His death,.318

struction–700 French are cut off-War with

CHAP. XI. Destruction of Deerfield, and captiv-

them-The Natchez destroyed in their turn-

ity of Reverend John Williams and family, in

Great-Mortar-M'Gillivray-His birth and edu-



cation-Visits New York--Troubles of his na-

CAAP. XII. Various incidents in the history of

tion-His death-Tame-king-Mad-dog, ...380

the New England Indians, embracing several CHAP. VI. Weatherford-His character and

important events, with a sequel to some pre-

vious memoirs..........

country-The corner-stone of the Creek confed-


eracy-Favors the designs of Tecumseh-Cap-

tures Fort Mimms-Dreadful massacre-Sub-


jection of the Creeks--Weatherford surrenders

himself-His speeches-M’Intosh-Aids the


Americans-Battle of Autossee-Great slaugh-


ter of the Indiang-Battle of the Horse-shoe-

Chap. l. Preliminary observations respecting the

bend-Late troubles in the Creek nation-
country of the southern Indians-Wingina, the M’Intosh makes illegal sale of lands-Exe-
first Virginia chief known to the English-De- cuted for breaking the laws of his country,
stroys the first colony settled there—Menatonon Menawway - Tustenugge – Hawkins —Chilly
-Skiko-Ensenore-Second colony abandons M'Intosh, son of William-Marriage of his sis-
the country-Tobacco firat carried to England ter-Lovett,

-Granganemeo-His kindnesses His familyCHAP. VII. Creek war continued-View of the
His death-Powhatap-Boundaries of his coun- Creek country-General Jackson ordered out
try-Surprises the Payankatanks-Captain against them-Relieves Chinnaby-Shelokla-
Smith fights his people-Opekankanough takes Path-killer-Capture of Littafutche--The Tal-
Smith prisoner-Takes him to Powhatan, who lushatches destroyed by General Coffee-
condemns him to be put to death-Smith's life Battle of Talladega-Anecdote- Massacre of
saved at the intercession of Pocahontas-Inso- the Hallibees-Further account of Autossee
lence of Powhatap increased by Newport's folly battle-Battle of Camp Defiance-Timpoochie
-Smith brings him to terms—A crown sent over

- Battle of Eckanakaka-Pushamata-Weath-
to Powhatan from England-ls crowned em- erford-Jim Fife-Battle of Emukfau-A sec
peror-Speech-Uses stratagems to kill Smith ond battle-Fife's intrepidity-Battle of Enoto-
-Is baffled in every attempt-Smith visits him chopko-Tohopoka-End of the Creek war-

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