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waving their handkerchiefs, the gentlemen their hats, and the barristers their wigs. It was a delirium of joy. The contagion spread through the multitude outside, and the shouts of triumph passed down the whole line to the Gresham Hotel, in Sackville Street, at which Mrs. Yelverton was staying. The crowd insisted on taking the horses from the carriage and drawing it to the hotel, where she was obliged to appear on the balcony, to gratify her admirers. She said: “My noble-hearted friends, you have by your verdict this day made me an Irishwoman—you will live for ever in my heart, as I do in yours this day.” The verdict of the Dublin jury will, probably, not be held entitled to much weight in the ultimate decision of the relation of these unhappy parties. To Mrs. Yelverton it is a question of virtue and a

title; to Major Yelverton (as to whose virtue no question arises), it is one of criminality. To the former Mrs. Forbes the question is of importance more than commensurate with her folly. The legal question has already been submitted to the reviewal of the Courts, both in Ireland and Scotland. In the former country, application has been made to set aside the verdict and for a new trial, or to enter judgment for the defendant. In Scotland, the proceedings seemed to have attained to a very unnecessary complication, and the bar of England has been astonished and puzzled by a series of interlocutory judgments couched in a jargon more barbarous even than their own — the unlearned public meantime awaiting what to them would seem to be the solution of a very simple proposition.

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*...* It is frequently difficult to make an abstract of the lengthy descriptions given by the patentees of their inventions, sufficiently short for the purposes of this list,

and yet sufficiently accurate to indicate exactly the nature of the invention.

hoped, however, that sufficient is given to afford to an inquirer the means of making more accurate researches in the official records.

Abel, nail-forging machine, Oct. 3
Abel, alloys, Dec. 31
Abraham, brass nails, May 17
Adames, frying-pans, March 19
Adams, locomotives, Dec. 10
Adamson, steam-engines, June 21
Addy, machinery for washing, Oct. 24
Aerts, lubricating, Sept. 25
Ager, raising apparatus, May 7
Ager, stoves and ranges, July 9
Ager, breaking land, Oct. 16
Aggio, stereotype plates, July 30
Albytre, tallow candles, Nov. 23
Alcan, marking, Aug. 30
Allan, steam-engines, Nov. 12
Allen, corrosion of boilers, Jan. 11
Allen, axle-bearings, April 12
Alleyne, manufacturing iron, Oct. 3
Allison, window-frames, April 19
Allman, castors for furniture, July 26
Allman, window-fasteners, Aug. 2
Amos, slate dressing, Dec. 10
Anderson, flushing apparatus, April 2
Anderson, manufacture of felt, April 26
Anderson, preparing potatoes, May 17
Andrews, telegraph wires, April 2
Andrews, telegraph wires, Sept. 12
Annan, furnaces, Feb. 19
Arbuckle, locks of firearms, Sept. 5
Arbuckle, ships' armour, Dec. 3
Archer, Jacquard machines, July 26
Archer, weighing machines, Dec. 26
Argent, lifting apparatus, July 9
Armour, dies for pipes, April 26
Armstrong, steam boilers, Dec. 8
Arnold, netting, Jan. 25
Arrowsmith, armour plates, July 19
Ashby, grain apparatus, April 19
Ashcroft, railway fastenings, Nov. 12
Asher, metallic fenders, Sept. 12

Askew, window-sashes, Jan. 11
Aspell, power-looms, March 27
Asprey, locks, May 3
Aston, vices, Sept. 5
Atkinson, collars & wristbands, April 30
Auld, pressure of fluids, Jan. 18
Austin, ploughing machine, May 28
Aveling, locomotive engines, Nov. 19
Ayckbourn, beds and bolsters, Jan. 11
Baddeley, bands for rifles, Nov. 5
Bagshaw, consuming smoke, April 30
Bailey, breech-loading arms, Oct. 10
Baker, manufacture of lace, June 11
Baker, churning apparatus, Aug. 22
Bakewell, furnaces, April 9
Baldwin, combining wool, July 9
Bambett, reaping machines, Jan. 11
Banks, coating plates of iron, July 9
Baragwanath, punching, March 19
Barber, lamps for mines, June 11
Barclay, pumping engines, Aug. 30
Barde, gas apparatus, June 4
Barff, extinguisher, Feb. 12
Barff, preserving stone, Feb. 12
Barff, preservation of stone, Sept. 12
Barker, steam-engines, March 27
Barker, signalling, Oct. 24
Barlow, railway signals, Feb. 7
Barlow, carding cotton, July 9
Barlow, looms for weaving, Oct. 31
Barlow, spinning machinery, Nov. 5
Barlow, knitting machinery, Nov. 28
Barnes, electricity, Aug. 9
Barnes, railway chairs, Aug. 22
Barnett, steam-engines, March 12
Barnwell, paint, March 12
Barre, paper, Aug. 9
Barrett, casting metals, Jan. 18
Bartlett, candle apparatus, Sept. 5
Barton, washing machines, Sept. 26

Bassano, stearine, Oct. 31
Batley, belting, March 19
Batty, warming buildings, Nov. 23
Baxter, propelling vessels, Sept. 19
Bayley, cop tubes, Aug. 22
Bayley, spinning machinery, Dec. 17
Bayliss, chain harrows, Dec. 10
Baynes, mowing machines, April 19
Bealey, shirt fronts, Feb. 19
Beatty, photographic proofs, May 24
Beaumont, raising liquids, Feb. 12
Beck, stop valves, April 26
Beddall, tea and coffee pots, Sept. 26
Bedson, coating metals, Feb. 22
Beers, rails for tram-roads, Sept. 12
Beers, street railroads, Oct. 31
Beesley, fabrics, Aug. 2
Belfield, mowing machine, April 9
Bell, coating metals, Nov. 8
Bell, match making, Nov. 28
Bellamy, traps for rabbits, May 28
Belton, refining sugar, Feb. 22
Beniowski, cases and type, Jan. 31
Bennett, gas apparatus, Nov. 8
Bennett, spelter, Dec. 26
Benson, generating steam, Sept. 19
Bent, clasps for waistbands, &c., April 12
Bentall, root-cutting machines, Sept. 26
Bentall, transmitting motion, Sept. 26 ,
Bentall, agricultural implements, Sept. 26
Benton, bells, March 15
Beslay, woven fabrics, Aug. 22
Bessemer, ordnance, July 23
Bessemer, iron and steel, July 30
Bessemer, projectiles, Oct. 24
Bettyes, springs, Feb. 26
Beziat, water-pipes, April 26
Beziat, raising casks, Nov. 12
Bigelow, boots and shoes, Aug. 22
Billing, chimney-tops, Feb. 12
Billing, chimney-head, Sept. 19
Billington, combing cotton, Jan. 26
Bing, window-sashes, Dec. 3
Bingley, hydraulic, Feb. 12
Birkbeck, marine propulsion, June 18
Birkbeck, pistons, Aug. 9 *
Birkbeck, converting motion, Nov. 12
Birks, lace machine, April 23
Birks, manufacture of lace, June, 19
Birks, manufacture of bobbin, June 19
Bishop, ornamenting glass, April 19
Bishop, sewing machines, Oct. 16
Black, manufacture of boxes, Sept. 12
Blackburn, axle-boxes, April 30
Blackburn, looms for weaving, Nov. 5
Blackburn, warping cotton, Oct. 31
Blackburn, lubricating axles, Dec. 10
Blackwood, washing apparatus, April 12
Blake, plate-glass, June 18
Blake, paper apparatus, Aug 9
Blake, elastic fluids, Aug. 15

Blake, brewing, Nov. 23 Blakely, treating iron and steel, May 7 Blanchard, ornamenting stone, June 28 Bleasdale, fluted rollers, Nov. 19 Blezard, self-acting temples, Aug. 2 Blyth, nail machinery, Aug. 15 Bodmer, fabrics, Jan. 31 Bodmer, folding apparatus, April 30 Bodmer, distilling apparatus, Dec. 20 Bolton, heating apparatus, May 22 Bonne, furnaces, Feb. 7 Booth, cotton apparatus, April 23 Botheri, weaving apparatus, Aug. 22 Boulby, measuring speed, July 23 Bourne, manufactures, July 30 Bourne, floating batteries, Dec. 17 Bousfield, piston-rods, Feb. 22 Bousfield, thrust bearings. Feb. 22 Bousfield, water-craft, Feb. 26 Bousfield, steam-boilers, Feb. 26 Bousfield, pencil sharpener, April 2 Bousfield, lasts, June 7 Bousfield, boots and shoes, June 7 Bousfield, horse shoes, June 11 Bousfield, railway brakes, Dec. 10 Bowditch, purifying coal-gas, March 27 Bowditch, safety-lamps, Nov. 12 Bower, iron and steel, March 27 Bowron, vessels, Aug. 9 Boyle, fibrous substances, March 8 Boyle, umbrellas, Mar. 27 Braam, ordnance, Dec. 3 Bradford, washing unachine, July 23 Bradshaw, apparatus for yarn, Oct. 31 Bragg, reaping machines, Dec. 26 Braham, spectacles, Aug. 6 Bramwell, spinning fibres, Oct. 16 Bramwell, rails, bars, &c., Oct. 24 Branscombe, telegraph cables, July 23 Brasier, vegetable fibres, Aug. 22 Brearley, animal charcoal, Jan. 11 Brearley, finishing cloths, April 30 Breffit, packing bottles, Jan. 31 Bremner, steam-boilers, Sept. 26 Bridgman, wet gas-meters, Feb. 12 Brierley, fastener, Aug. 15 . Briggs, oil-cloth, March 15 Briggs, piled fabrics, July 16 Briggs, piled and other fabrics, Sept. 12 Brinton, pile carpets, June 21 Britten, rifled ordnance, June 11 Broad, economizing fuel, Jan. 18 Brockenshire, pumps, March 27 Brooke, insulating wires, Dec. 10 Brookes, dress-fastenings, Jan. 18 Brookes, weaving apparatus, April 2 Brookes, measuring gas, Sept. 19 Brookes, steam apparatus, Sept. 19 Brooks, bayonets, Dec. 31 Brooks, treating cotton fabrics, May 7 Brooks, polishing cutlery, Oct. 10

Brooman, printing fabrics, Jan. 15
Brooman, linseed oil, Jan. 25
Brooman, goffering fabrics, Jan. 18
Brooman, bells, Jan. 22
Brooman, grinding mills, Feb. 7
Brooman, gas-burners, Feb. 7
Brooman, boring tunnels, Feb. 7
Brooman, musical instruments, Feb. 22
Brooman, printing fabrics, March 15
Brooman, implements for digging, Mar. 27
Brooman, cigar-machine, April 9
Brooman, lenses, April 12
Brooman, sugar apparatus, April 19
Brooman, felting threads, April 30
Brooman, liquid meters, May 3
Brooman, stoppers for bottles, May 10
Brooman, sword bayonets, May 10
Brooman, joining pipes and tubes, May 14
Brooman, shears, June 14
Brooman, irons for ironing, June 14
Brooman, coating bodies, June 18
Brooman, sugar-moulds, Aug. 22
Brooman, shear steel, Sept. 26
Brooman, silk threads, Oct. 3
Brooman, turning music, Oct. 3
Brooman, water-proof paper, Oct. 10
Brooman, photographic pictures, Oct. 16
Brooman, corn mills, Oct. 16
Brooman, time-keepers, Oct. 31
Brooman, sugar refiners, Nov. 8
Brooman, cooking apparatus, Nov. 19
Brooman, pianofortes, Dec. 17
Brough, fastenings for bells, &c., April 19
Brown, gas-tube fastenings, June 28
Brown, carding-engines, July 19
Brown, frames, Aug. 9
Brown, mules for spinning cotton, Sept. 19
Brown, lubricating fire-arms, Sept. 26
Brown, spinning-machine, Oct. 10
Brown, preparing cotton, Oct. 16
Brown, fresh from salt water, Dec. 8
Bruce, hay racks, May 10
Brush, fog signals, July 9
Buckland, manufacturer of iron, April 30
Bull, railway improvements, April 26
Bullough, weaving looms, June 28
Bullough, looms, March 27
Bullough, looms for weaving, Nov. 5
Bunnett, bricks and tiles, Sept. 26
Burch, generator, March 12
Burch, extracting from substances, Apr. 23
Burch, steam-boilers, Oct. 31
Burch, propelling ships, Nov. 5
Burdess, railway-breaks, March 12
Burke, spring sacking, March 12
Burke, fabrics, March 1
Burke, metallic furniture, July 30
Burn, tram-rails, March 22
Burn, tram-rails, March 22
Burn, tram-rails, April 12
Burn, street railways, April 12
Wol. CIII.

Burn, port-holes and embrasures, Oct. 3
Burnett, breech-loading ordnance, Apr. 12
Burnett, fire-arms, Sept. 12
Burnham, stamping machine, June 21
Bury, steam-engines, June 28
Bywater, rope-making, Nov. 23
Cail, manure, Jan. 25
Calkin, face protector, April 2
Callaud, electrical piles, Dec. 3
Callcott, scenic effects, Dec. 3
Callebaut, sewing machines, April 2
Callebaut, sewing machines, Aug.9
Callender, hanging doors, March 27
Calvert, carding cotton, Feb. 19
Calvert, steam valves, Feb. 19
Cambaceres, oily matters, Jan. 22
Cambridge, harrows, April 19
Cambridge, harrows, Dec. 10
Cameron, purifying water, July 30
Cameron, measuring fluids, Nov. 23
Campbell, sails, June 28
Cantagrel, escape indicator, March 5
Cardwell, pressing cotton, Sept. 19
Carey, infusing coffee, Oct. 16
Carosin, treating cane, March 8
Carpenter, waistcoats and trousers, Jan. 22
Carr, metal-forging machine, Oct. 3
Carter, boots, Aug. 30
Carter, fire-alarms, Nov. 5
Carter, steam-boilers, Nov. 5
Cary, hammer rails, Feb. 19
Cash, frillings, March 15
Cass, steam-engines and boilers, Sept. 26.
Casson, dressing machine, June 11
Caw, metallic cord, June 14
Chalmers, under water roadways, Aug. 22
Chamberlain, clay, March 15
Chandler, glass gauges, April 2
Chantrell, draught generator, June 7
Chappellier, playing-cards, Sept. 12
Charlton, extinguishing apparatus, July 9
Chassang, improved buckle, July 5
Chatterton, telegraphic cables, April 2
Chatterton, telegraph cables, June 18
Chatterton, compound substances, July 30
Chatterton, telegraph cables, Sept. 19
Chedgey, glass rollers, Nov. 12
Chellingworth, traction-engines, July 9
Chellingworth, traction-engines, Dec. 31
Cheradame, life-preserver, April 19
Chesnean, pen and pencil holders, July 30
Chesterman, tents, May 7
Chesterman, door-springs, June 14
Chesterton, portable buildings, Jan. 31
Chevillard, motive power, Sept. 5
Chisholm, compounds of nitrogen, Apr. 19
Chubb, locks, March 19
Church, pianoforte stand, Dec. 13
Churchill, railway carriages, Nov. 19
Cimeg, silvering glass, June 28
o bleaching powder, March 8

Clark, sharpening scythes, Jan. 2
Clark, steam generators, Jan. 18
Clark, tapestry, Feb. 15
Clark, fire-arms, Feb. 15
Clark, looms, March 22
Clark, spinning apparatus, March 27
Clark, gutta-percha apparatus, March 27
Clark, jewellery apparatus, April 9
Clark, corset fastenings, April 19
Clark, railway-breaks, April 19
Clark, compass protectors, April 26
Clark, looms, April 30
Clark, shop lights, May 3
Clark, cutting machine, May 28
Clark, photography, June 4
Clark, colouring matters, June 14
Clark, bridges, June 14
Clark, bellows, June 19
Clark, paste for mouldings, June 21
Clark, nuts on rail bolts, June 28
Clark, improved fabric, June 28
Clark, raising fluids, July 9
Clark, threshing-machines, July 16
Clark, preserving substances, July 23
Clark, testing liquids, July 23
Clark, chemical preparation, Aug. 2
Clark, sewing-machines, Aug. 2
Clark, weaving looms, Aug. 22
Clark, fastenings, Aug. 22
Clark, lifeboats, Aug. 30
Clark, stamping presses, Sept. 19
Clark, ornamenting porcelain, Oct. 3
Clark, ruling-machines, Oct. 3
Clark, pneumatic tubes, Oct. 10
Clark, imitation embroidery, Oct. 16
Clark, telegraph apparatus, Nov. 5
Clark, ammoniacal waters, Nov. 5
Clark, manufacture of steel, Nov. 5
Clark, furnaces, Nov. 12
Clark, watertight casks, Nov. 28
Clark, excavating machinery, Dec. 3
Clark, metallised designs, Dec. 10
Clark, umbrellas, Dec. 10
Clark, propelling vessels, Dec. 10
Clark, distilling matters, Dec. 20
Clarke, fabrics, Feb. 26
Clarke, regulating fluids, Dec. 3
Clay, land implements, Nov. 12
Clegg, time-keepers, July 30
Clegg, cotton, March 22
Clissold, driving belts, Oct. 31
Cobley, whitelead, Feb. 22
Cobley, treating copper, April 26
Cobley, salts of lead, Nov. 28
Cochrane, treating gas, Dec. 31
Cockey, root-cutters, Feb. 7
Cole, brushes, Feb. 19
Cole, brushes, March 15
Cole, walls of houses, March 15
Cole, ornamenting windows, March 27
Cole, weaving looms, May 28

Cole, ornamenting glass, June 18
Cole, ornamenting brushes, Oct. 24
Cole, watches, Dec. 26
Coleman, dyeing, Feb. 12
Coleman, stacking, March 8
Coles, dressing cloth, Oct. 3
Coles, lock-making, Dec. 3
Coles, ventilating apparel, July 16
Collingham, spinning machinery, Nov. 23
Colquhoun, fire-bars, Nov. 5
Comrie, churns, Dec. 17
Conry, communicator, July 9
Cook, crinoline, March 8
Cook, joints for bedsteads, June 14
Cook, coating silver, Aug. 15
Cook, plating wove fabrics, Dec. 10
Cooke, ventilation, Feb. 7
Cooke, fabrics, March 12
Cooke, ventilating, May 14
Cooke, ventilating, June 28
Cooke, filtering apparatus, July 19
Coombe, preservation of stone, Aug. 15
Cooper, fire-arms, Feb. 7
Cooper, fire-arms, June 14
Coopman, tanning hides, March 1
Cope, lace-machine, Feb. 26
Cope, improvements in casks, April 2
Coppo, fulling felted goods, Sept. 26
Coradine, cutting metal, Nov. 12
Corbett, heating furnaces, Aug. 9
Cory, unloading colliers, Nov. 28
Cottam, folding chairs, July 19
Cottrill, needles, Dec. 17
Courtais, paper and pasteboard, July 2
Courtot, sugar-breaker, Feb. 12
Cowan, reburning charcoal, Dec. 10
Cowper, steel, Feb. 7
Cowper, coal tar, March 1
Cranston, sewing-machines, Sept. 19
Cranston, mowing-machines, Sept. 26
Crawley, safety lamps, July 16
Crichley, metallic stoves, Nov. 28
Crichton, screw-propellers, July 30
Crighton, preparing cotton, June 28
Crispin, propeller, Feb. 12
Crockford, manufacture of spelter, Ap. 23
Croll, sulphate of alumina, Dec. 8
Crook, boilers, July 26
Crooke, packing, May 10
Crosland, steam-engines, April 30
Cross, respirators, Jan. 25
Cullen, preserving wood, Sept. 12
Cunningham, sails, Aug. 9
Cuthbert, mowing-machines, June 21
Dachne, extracting ores, March 19
Daft, joints of railways, May 7
Dahmen, treating substances, May 14
Dakin, spinning, Jan. 18
Dalglish, printed surfaces, May 17
Damoiseau, drawing blood, Oct. 24
Danby, an improved anchor, April 2 -

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