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Colonel the Hon. Charles Alexander Wrottesley, late of the 29th Regt., second son of the first Lord Wrottesley. The deceased served with the 15th Lancers at the siege of Bhurtpore, in 1825-6. July 13. In Spring-gardens, London, aged 84, George, eldest son of Lieut.General R. H. Wynyard, C.B. Jan. 7. At Brighton, after a long illness, aged 52, the Right Hon. Charles Anderson Worsley Anderson Pelham, Earl of Yarborough, Baron Yarborough, of Yarborough, Lincolnshire, and Baron Worsley, of Appuldercombe, Isle of Wight. The deceased Peer was educated at Eton, and entered Parliament for Newtown, Isle of Wight (since disfranchised), as soon as he became of age. In 1832, he was elected for Lincolnshire (part of Lindsey), which he continued to represent until called to the Upper House, by the decease of, his father, in 1846. In 1854, he was appointed Vice-Admiral; and in 1857, Lord-Lieutenant of the county. Whilst in health he took an active part in politics on the Liberal side ; but of late years he had suffered from paralysis, and in consequence had retired from public life. April 22. At Stock House, Dorset, aged 75, the Rev. Henry Farr Yeatman, LL.B., for many years chairman of the Dorset quarter sessions. The deceased, who was, in 1819, appointed to the living of Stock Gayland, near his own residence, having previously married a lady of considerable fortune, employed his leisure in intellectual pursuits, confining these, however, chiefly to one direction, namely, that of law. The statutes at large, the practice of the Courts, the clearing up of legal doubts, the reconciling of what to many appeared to be conflicting enactments, were his study and delight. As chairman of quarter sessions, his charges to the grand jury were so much valued that several of them have been published ; and in all matters connected with the welfare of the county in which he officiated, he was most laborious and painstaking in the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of his position. Dec. 10. At Florence, aged 72, Dr. Southwood Smith, the eminent physician. He was born at Martock, Somersetshire, Dec. 21, 1788, and was, therefore, at his decease within 11 days of completing his 73rd year. Dr. Southwood Smith was well known for his earnest and consistent labours in the cause of sanitary reform.


April 25. At Guernsey, aged 102, the Hon. Mrs. William Annesley. Her death was the result of accident, the venerable lady having fallen from her bed and dislocated her collar-bone a few days previously. March+12. At Browne's Hospital, Stamford, aged 103, William Ball. The deceased was a native of the village of Brigstock, and was brought up as a stonemason at King's Cliffe, and resided there until he became a bedesman at Stafford, 33 years ago. In early life he was a notorious poacher, deer-stealer, pugilist, wrestler, and the associate of abandoned characters; but he suddenly quitted these courses, and lived to obtain a very different reputation. April 13. At Rochester, aged 104, John Hill. He was always remarkable for being a man of very abstemious habits, and also an early riser, both of which, probably, conduced to his longevity. Until within the last few months Hill was in the habit of taking his daily walks about the city, and, notwithstanding his advanced age, had the appearance of being a hale old man. Feb. 15. At Newborough-villas, St. Paul's-road, Highbury-park, aged 102, Mr. John Jones. April 22. At Ballachulish, aged 106, Christina Mackintosh, or Macgillivray. She belonged to the Island of Skye, and was well known for upwards of half a century as “Kirstan Sgiathanach,” or Skye Kirsty, a sort of female gaberlunzie. She was always a strong and healthy woman, and till within a month or two of her death had all her faculties, and went about carrying a wallet of no ordinary dimensions. Sept. 12. Aged 102, Mr. John Cumming, farmer, Scalan, Braes of Glenlivet, He had passed his whole life in the immediate neighbourhood of Glenlivet, having been born within half a mile of the spot where he died. June 8. At Hoo, aged 100, Mr. Ezekiel Smith, a native of Dallinghoo. Feb. The Registrar-General records the death, at Perth, at the age of 105, of “the oldest inhabitant,” a woman whose name is not mentioned, but who was the eldest of 20 children born of the same parents; and 20 years, to a day, after her birth her youngest brother and sister (twins) were born.


The following Gentlemen, returned to Parliament on the issue of new Writs, were sworn at the table on the dates affixed to their respective names.

Writs issued during the Session 1860. C'umberland, W'. D). --Ilon. Perey Wynd. Ludlor.--Hon. G. 11. W. Clive, Feb. 8. bam, Feb. 5.

Writs issued in the Rerres. Boston. - John Wingfield Malcolm, esq., Pembroke ('ounty.--Geo. Lort Phillips, Feb. 6.

esq., Feb. 5. Dartmouth. - John Hardy, esq., Feb. 5. Reading Gillery Pigott, esq., Feb 5. Honiton. --George Moffatt, esq., Feb. 6. Ripon. ---Reginald Arthur Vyner, mq., Leicester Borough. - William Unwin Hey: Feb. 6. gnte, esq., Feb. 8.

Southwark.-- Austen Henry Layard, esq., Netcastle-te pon-Tyne, Somerat Archi. Feb. 5. bald Beaumont, esq., Feb. 5.

Sukser, W. D.-Walter Barttelot BartNottingham, 8. D. - Lord Stanhope, telot, eaq., Feb. 5. Feb. 8.

Wick Burghs. - Viscount Bury, Feb. 5.

Writs issued during the Session 1861. Aberdeenshire. - William Leslie, esq., Morpeth. ---Right Hon. Sir George Grey. Feb. 27.

Re-elected, August 1. Andover. -- Henry Beaumont Coles, esq., Oxford City. --Right Hon. B. Cardwell. August 1.

Re-elected, July 31. Banffshire. ---Robert William Duff Aber. Pembroke Borough. --Sir Hugh Owen crombie, enq., May 8.

Owen, bart., March 11. Bolton. --Thomas Barber, esq., Feb. 19. Richmond.- Roundell Palaer, esq. July Bradford. --- William Edward Funter, 11. esq., Feb. 13.

Selkirkshire. - Lond Henry Scott, Aug. 5. County Cork. --Nicholas Philpott Lealer, Southwark, -- John Locke, esq. Reesq., March 5.

elerted, April 24. Durham City. --Sir William Atherton. Sutherlandakime. Right Hon, Sir David Re-elected, July 9.

Dundas, bart., April 9. Flini County.--Lord Richard Grosvenor, Tamnorth. - Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel. June 3.

Re-elected, August 1. London City. - Western Wood, esp, Tiverton. - Right Hon. Viscount Palmer. August 1.

ston. Re-elected, April 17. Longford. --Lieut. Colonel Lake White, Tynemouth. - Richard Hodgson, July 10.

April 29. Marylebone. -- John Harvey Lewis, enq, Wilts, 8. D.-- Lacut.-Col. Frederick Har. April 19.

vey Bathurst, Feb. 18. Montgomery Borough. - Captain John Wolverhampton - Thomas Matthias We.

Samuel Wille Johnson, enq-, May 6. guelin, e87, July 4.

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June 28. The Right Hon. Sidney Herbert, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, to have the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, by the name, style, and title of Baron Herbert, of Lea, in the county of Wilts. June 28. The Right Hon. Sir Richard Bethell, Knight, Chancellor of that part of the United Kingdom called Great Britain, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, to have the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, by the name, style, and title of Baron Westbury, of Westbury, in the county of Wilts. July 30. The Right Hon. John Russell (commonly called Lord John Russell), and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, to have the dignity of an Earl of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, by the names, styles, and titles of Wiscount Amberley, of Amberley, county Gloucester, and of Ardsalla, county Meath, and Earl Russell, of Kingston-Russell, county Dorset. August 6. Wice-Admiral the Right Hon. Sir Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berke


THE following Noblemen and Gentlemen have received the several Degrees in the ORDERs of KNIGHTHood during the Year:—


Earl of Zetland.
Lord Belhaven and Stenton,

ORDER or tin: BATH.

To be Military Knights Grand Cross:–
Major-General Sir Patrick Grant, I.A.
General Sir Arth. B. Clifton.
Adm. Sir Phipps Hornby.

loy, G.C.B., and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, to have the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, by the name, style, and title of Baron Fitzhardinge, of the city and county of the city of Bristol.

October 18. The dignities of Baroness, Wiscountess, and Countess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland granted to Anne, Duchess of Sutherland, wife of George Granville William, Duke of Sutherland, by the names, styles, and titles of Baroness Macleod, of Castle Leod, in the county of Cromartie, Baroness Castlehaven, of Castlehaven, in the same county, Wiscountess Tarbat, of Tarbat, in the same county, and countess of Cromar. tie; with grant, after her decease, of the titles of Baron Macleod, Baron Castlehaven, Wiscount Tarbat, and Earl of Cromartie, to Francis Sutherland Leveson Gower (commonly called Lord Francis Sutherland Leveson Gower), the second surviving son of the said Anne, Duchess of Sutherland, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, with remainders over.

Gen. Sir James A. Hope.
Gen. Sir Th. W. Brotherton.
Gen. Sir Sam. B. Auchmuty.
Gen. Sir Thos. Wiltshire, bart.
Vice-Admiral Lord Fitzhardinge.
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Harry D. Jones.

To be Military Knights Commanders :-

Admiral Edward Harvey.
Lieut.-Gen. William H. Sewell.


Lieut.-Gen. Geo. W. Paty.
Lieut.-Gen. Sir James S. Kennedy.
Lieut.-Gen. Geo. L. Goldie.
Lieut.-Gen. John Michell.
Wice-Admiral Sir Henry W. Bruce.
Wice-Admiral Sir William F. Martin.
Major-Gen. Sir William Brereton.
Rear-Admiral Lewis T. Jones.
Col. the Earl of Longford.
Major-Gen. Thos. S. Pratt.

To be Civil Knights Commanders:—

Lord Lyons.
Right Hon. Sir Edm. W. Head, bart.
Lord Dufferin and Claneboye.
Major-Gen. Sir G. H. Macgregor, I.A.

To be Honorary Knight Commander:

Gen. Chas. G. M. A. A. Cousin-Montauban.

To be Military Companions. (Officers in the Indian Army denoted by I.A.):

Addison, Lieut.-Col. Thomas.
Alison, Lieut.-Col. Archibald.
Ambrose, Lieut.-Col. George James.
Barry, Lieut.-Col. William Wigram.
Benson, Col. Henry Roxby.
Bent, Col. George.
Brice, Lieut.-Col. Edward, I.A.
Brown, Major Wm. Tod.
Browne, Lieut.-Col. Andrew.
Browne, Lieut.-Col. Samuel J.
Burmester, Lieut.-Col. Arnold E.
Carr, Lieut.-Col. George.
Cotter, Col. Geo. Sackville, I.A.
Cox, Lieut.-Col. John William.
Crofton, Col. E. Walter.
Currie, Samuel, Dep. Inspector-Gen.
of Hospitals.
De Salis, Col. Rodolph.
Fischer, Col. Thos. James, I.A.
Fisher, Col. Arthur A'Court.
Gascoine, Col. John Hawkins.
Gottreux, Lieut.-Col. Frederick, I.A.
Green, Maj.-Gen. Edward, I.A.
Holmes, Lieut.-Col. John, I.A.
Jephson, Major-Gen. Stanhope W.
Knox, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Edmond.
Lockhart, Lieut.-Col. Graeme Alex-
Macan, Major-Gen. Henry, I.A.
Mackenzie, Thomas, Dep. Inspector-
Gen. of Hospitals.
Mackenzie, Lieut.-Col. Kenneth D.
Mackinnon, Campbell, M.D., Inspec-
tor-Gen. of Hospitals.
MacMahon, Col. William.
Mann, Lieut.-Col. Gother Fred.
Metcalfe, Lieut.-Col. James, I.A.
Miller, Major-Gen. Wm. Henry, I.A.

Muir, William Mure, Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals. Pattle, Col. Thomas. Pope, Lieut.-Col. George, I.A. Pottinger, Lieut.-Col. John, I.A. Reece, Col. William, I.A. Reeves, Col. George M. Riddell, Col. William, I.A. Ross, Lieut.-Col. John. Ross, Lieut.-Col. Robert Lockhart. Sayer, Lieut.-Col. Jas. Rt. Steadman. Seymour, Capt. Fred. B. P., R.N. Shepheard, Col. Alfred, I.A. Smyth, Lieut.-Col. John Hale, I.A. Spence, Lieut.-Col. Frederick. Stuart, Lieut.-Col. William Kier. Sutherland, Lieut.-Col. Robt. Macleod. Sutton, Col. William. Thomas, Lieut.-Col. John Wellesley. Travers, Lieut.-Col. Joseph Oates. Tremenheere, Lt.-Col. Chas. W., I.A. Troup, Col. Colin, I.A. Turner, Comm. Gen. Philip. Urquhart, Col. Francis Gregor. Walker, Col. Charles P. Beauchamp. Whistler, Lieut.-Col. James, I.A. Willes, Capt. G. O., R.N. Wray, Lieut.-Col. Edward, I.A. Wroughton, Major Fred. T., I.A. Wyatt, Major James Henry. Younghusband, Col. Robt. R. To be Civil Companions:— Alcock, Rutherford, esq. Alison, Charles, esq. Dunlop, Capt. Hugh, R.N. Everest, Col. Sir George, I.A. o Loch, Henry Brougham, esq. Pressly, Charles, esq. To be Honorary Companion :--

Réboul, Chas. Burrard, Chef d'Escadron.

ORDER of THE STAR or INDIA, Instituted Feb. 23rd, 1861. The Sover EIGN. To be Knights:–

Grand Master and first Principal Knight, The Wiceroy and Governor General of India.

H.R.H. the PRINCE ConsorT. H.R.H. the PRINCE of WALEs.

Earl Canning.
H. H. the Nizam of Hydrabad.
General Wiscount Gough.
H. H. the Maharaja of Gwalior
Lord Harris.


H. H. the Maharaja Duleep-Sing.
Gen. Lord Clyde.
H. H. the Maharaja of Cashmere.
Sir Geo. Russell Clark.
H. H. the Maharaja of Indore.
H. H. the Guicowar of Baroda.
Right Hon. Sir John L. M. Lawrence,


Coery Edward (L.L.I.) 1861.
Colquhoun, Patrick Mac Combaich.
Cotton, Arthur Col.
Everest, George Col.
Kirby, Richard Charles,


THE following Gentleman has been appointed one of The Queen's Most HonounABLE PRIvy Council.

Sir Robert Peel, bart., Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.


The Queen has been graciously pleased to confer the decoration of the Victoria Cross on the undermentioned Officers and Men of the naval and military services and non-military Persons, on account of the acts of bravery recorded against their several names.


Surgeon Herbert Taylor Reade, 61st Regiment.

During the siege of Delhi, on the 14th of December, 1857, while Surgeon Reade was attending to the wounded at the end of one of the streets of the city, a party of rebels advanced from the direction of


H. H. the Maharaja of Putiala.
Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Outram, bart.
The Nuwab Sekunder Begum of Bho-
Gen. Sir Hugh H. Rose.
The Nuwab of Rampore.
Field-Marshal Wiscount Combermere.
Gen. Sir George Pollock.

Palmer, Roundell.

Rémono, Jean Edward (by patent).

Scotland, Colley Harman.

Waugh, Andrew Scott, Lieut.-Col. (by patent).

the Bank, and having established themselves in the houses in the street, commenced firing from the roofs. The wounded were thus in very great danger, and would have fallen into the hands of the enemy had not Surgeon Reade drawn his sword, and, calling upon the few soldiers who were near to follow, succeeded, under a heavy fire, in dislodging the rebels, from their position. Surgeon Reade's party consisted of about ten in all, of whom two were killed and five or six wounded. Surgeon Reade also accompanied the regiment at the assault of Delhi, and on the morning of the 16th of September, 1857, was one of the first up at the breach in the magazine, which was stormed by the 61st Regiment and Belooch battalion, upon which occasion he, with a serjeant of the 61st Regiment, spiked one of the enemy's guns.

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