The American Journal of Science, Volume 78

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J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1859 - Science

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Page 106 - My friend, I hear that you intend leaving Paris in consequence of some embarrassment. That shall not be. I wish you to remain here as long as the object for which you came is not accomplished. I enclose you a check for 50. It is a loan which you may repay when you can.
Page 115 - That the meteors of Nov. 13th consisted of portions of the extreme parts of a nebulous body, which revolves around the sun in an orbit interior to that of the earth, but little inclined to the plane of the ecliptic, having its aphelion near
Page 287 - and Hyaena, have been found; and several flint-implements have been met with in the cave-earth and gravel beneath. One in particular was met with immediately beneath a fine antler of a Reindeer and a bone of the Cave-bear, which were imbedded in the superficial stalagmite in the middle of the cave.
Page 147 - and the publication of the paper encouraged me to go on, making from time to time other slight communications, some of which appear in this volume. Their transference from the ' Quarterly' into other journals increased my boldness; and now that forty years have elapsed and I can look back on what the successive communications have led to, I still hope,
Page 382 - 1. The action of solutions of bicarbonate of soda upon sea water separates in the first place the whole of the lime in the form of carbonate, and then gives rise to a solution of bicarbonate of magnesia, which by evaporation deposits hydrous magnesian carbonate.
Page 287 - water, and of the subterranean springs, changed all the conditions previously existing, and emptied out the whole of the loose incoherent contents, leaving only the portions agglutinated to the roof. The wreck of these ejecta was visible in the patches of
Page 298 - master the technical part of an industrial pursuit; whereas in general, an individual who is thoroughly master of the technical part may be altogether incapable of seizing upon any new fact that has not previously presented itself to him, or of comprehending a scientific principle and
Page 319 - boundary line between physical and vital forces. Starting with the abstract notion of force as emanating at once from the Divine will; we might say that this force operating through inorganic matter, manifests itself as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, chemical affinity and mechanical motion; but that when directed through organized structures, it effects the operations of growth, development and chemico-vital transformations.
Page 412 - Descending from the coast range to the great interior plateau land, at a lower level, and travelling over some poor lands, they reached a rich country in which knolls or bosses of granite and basalt rise up like rocks in an ocean.
Page 288 - from the surface of the ground. Mr. Flower in this communication pointed out evidences to prove that this and many other similar flint-implements obtained from the same gravel were really the result of human manufacture, at a time previous to the deposition of the gravel in its present place. Mr.

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