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to 1596. Sagitarius has wrote the History of the Marqueffes and Electors of Brandenburg, from their Origin to the Year 1680 : So bas Gregory Leti, the Amsterdam Geographer, given us in Italian the History of the Electoral House of Brandenburg ; but Puffendorf, for the Compass of Time he takes in, excels all in his Life of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, who was the Grandfather of the present King of Prussia. The Annals of Bavaria, in Ihree Volumes in Octavo, were writ by Bruner, and prin. ted at Munick in 1636; and Le Blanche has given us the History of that Country to the Tear 1648, in Four Volumes in French. The Palatine History has been writ by Tolner, from the Origin of the Family to the Year 1292. We have also Marquardus Freherus bis Origines Palatinæ Heidlebergæ ; but Daniel Pareus is the fullest, and he has deduced the Hiftory of that Country and Family from the Beginning to the Tear 1630. As for the House of Saxony, they have had better Fortune than other Princes of Germany, in the Number and Goodness of the Authors that have wrote of their Affairs, such as Albinus, Fabricius, Cranzius, and many more : But it were to be wilbod that fome able u logn A W900




Pen bad undertaken to continue and pei. fect the Work for the two last Centuries.

Great Expectations indeed tbere were fom the Lucubrations of the Famous Mr. Leibnitz, that we fould in time have a Compleat History of the House of BRONSWICK, seeing the late Elector, and the the other Princes of bis Houfe, had committed this work to his Care and Judgment, It was in Agitation about Twenty Tears ; and at length, in 1911, came out Three Volumes in Folio : There were no more than three Sets of them in England, before His MAJESTY's Accession to the Throne; and these were in the Hands of my Lord Sunderland, Mr. Rymer, and Dr. Hutton. This last at his Death left his Books to the Parish wherein he was born in Scotland, and they were actually fent thither before I had Information that there were any such Books in the Kingdom. I had not the Honour to be personally known

to my Lord Sunderland; and Mr. Rymer · being likewise then Dead, and his Books

disper fed, it was with Difficulty that I traced them to the place where I had the Perusal of them. I own my Expe&tations were very great, and hop?d that I foould bave httle more to do than to translate or abridge


this Work for the Historical Part of the House of BRUNSWICK, to the End of the Seventeenth Century : For as to what happened since the Limitation of the Crown of GREAT BRITAIN upon the House of HANOVER, I had done that before. It must be own'd, that Mr. Leibnitz's Performance in this Way is very great and commendable : One of his Countrymen says of him, that the Illustrious Author has those Qualifications and Advantages which could never be expected in any other ; that he was in the good Graces and Esteem of all the Branches of the Family; that their Cabin nets were open to himl: that he is exa treamly well acquainted with the German and Italian Affairs, and well skills in the Laws of Germany, and that therefore we might expect the Performance to be exquis fite and satisfactory. hel sin

The Volumes are writ partly in Latin and partly in the Languages of the Lower Saxony; and they are nothing more than a Collection of old Authors, most of which bad lain dormant ever since they had been first writ :) and it would not fignify much if some of them had so continued. The LANENBURG Chronicle, Excerpta Hermanni, Stadwegius, Henry Lange, as also Botho's BRUNSWICK Chronicle

anpardonable Crime to neglect the Perusal of*it : Tet his Authority is to be used with Caution, and to be compared, in what concerns the Princes of this House, with other. Writers, who have not study'd Party fo. much, as he seems to do, in favour of the House of Saxony.

Fabricius, an Author of good Repute about the German Affairs has been help. ful to my Design in fome Particulars. Thuanus wrote the History of his own Time in Latin, from 1543 to 1607. It's very large, and a Work both for Subject and Style, comparable to the Performances of the Ancients : I may venture to say, that Í have gleaned every thing out of hins that was pertinent to my Subject. so I endeas vour'd to do by the Continuator of that Work to the Year 1618; but the Produce came much short of my Expectations.

Laurea Austriaca is a History of the Bohemian Wars, from 1617 to 1628. The Author is very partial in favour of the House of Austria, and therefore it can not be expected, that any of the Princes of the House of Brunswick, who adhered to the Interest of Frederick v. Elector Pan latine, and King of Bohemia, fbould bave

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