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I Royrke, there is a quantity of land called the Dartry, 20 q"—Karrhy, 30 q", whereof 1 q' belongs to the bishoprick of Killmore—Cowryne Moylyshe, 18 qTM,


the ryver of Shankryne in M* Gawran's country, to Carradroymroyske at the Sheanan, being the broadest parte of the connty are ten myles. They finde that the said county is bounded in manner and forme followinge, viz. beginninge at the ryver of Dowffe Cowlloffluyn, yt extendeth forward to the ford or passage of the Nybber, from thence to Ahanfadda, and so forwarde to Beallamowdyne mearinge upon the county of Longforde, from thence through the bogge of Moyne-Cappoll butting forward to Skraghbunvunshine, including 8 cartrons of the county of Longforde, and so into the river of Sheanon, and contynuinge the same to Beallakillesrenan, and forward to Carradromroyske, from thence to Leyetrim, and as the course of the ryver runneth from I,oghayle against the stream into that Lough, then to Srowhane nynled, and Lurgane Caylly, mearinge to the Dworyny, from thence to Cleynemockery and Lognegyhe, and so to Kilsallogh, and then holdinge the ineare to Skehyenaguna adjoyningeCayshe-loghdargane, and so crosse the mounteyne unto Loghgill, and going oute of the said Logh at... . harkilleroddane yt extendeth forward to Aylteclaydy, including 3 qTM and 3 cartrons of the county of Slygo, called the qr of Clogherbegg, the qr of Cloghermore, Carrowmaghery, Coyaroish, and 3 cartrons of Killefodder; from thence to the meare of the Mullin, and so to Laighnehilline, and then dyrectlie to Srownehowl • lagha, then buttinge forwarde to the streame of Srowhanesowne, and so as the meare extendeth betweene Clownekyne and the Clowaty, and from thence to Boynedoyne, and unto the ocean sea, and so aboute to Bowndroite, from thence agaynste the streame of that river of Droysse, and going oute of the ryver on the north side yt includeth a qr of lande called Carrowneboyhane, and into the river of Owyn nefacrand, and then as the streame runneth into Lough Melvin, and so along the logh to Abbemelehe, and then includinge all the islands, yt extendeth

eastwarde to Bunowyn Leiglehidd, and so mearing forward to Srahareogh near the river of Rowgy, from thence to Killtarsnye, and so followinge the streame of Killtarsnic, which boundeth Killtycownga and Moynterfloddaghane, from tlience to Beallamullanegeyre, then to Beallenemialagh, then unto Logh vackneane, and so alonge the said logh between the islands of Rosscorky on the north, and Inish Mc Dorragh on the sowthe, and so to Beallacowngamore, and then to Beallucowngabegg, from thence it extendeth to Buncley Aghaarly, and so to Laigebunshanny, then forward to Carrycknecranmoy, buttinge directly to Corrylyskey and Corlacky: and so to Tonowsse, then to the Srowhanee, and mearinge to Beallanelowree, yt reacheth to Loghamuoynterhollyh, on the east side of Sliewnyerin; from thence to Clowiccomyrke, then to Hayskeenagappull, boundinge to Beallanelaghmore on the caste, mearinge forwarde to Beallah Radreynan, and forwanl to .... haysker Srahabowghane, including £ qr of Mc Gawran's country called Leth Carrowelysseroughty; then yt runnith to Carroghbowlii, from thence to Beallne shancryne and so along the river of Swawnenagh and to Beallaneneane. Then Moyddadowffe Layghyn, and then to Dowffe Cowllorloyn, including the $ quarter of Sassagh, where they began.

"Item they finde that the said county is divided into 5 principal! barronies, that is to saie—Lyetrim

914 q"i whereof inhabitted 41, free 12, waste 38$

2. Moyhill 69 q", whereof inhabitted 24 qTM, free nihil,

waste 45 qTM 3. Carryckallen 40 qTM 1 cartron,

whereof inhabitted 12 qTM, free nihil, waste 28 and 1 cartron—4. Dromaheare 120 q'*1 3 cartrons, whereof

inhabited 18J qTM, free 48 qTM, waste 54 qTM 5. Ross

clogher39 qTM, whereof inhabited 6£ q" free nihil, waste 32J; the whole 360J qTM. That Sir Donnogh O'Connor Slygo doth clayme 20 qTM of Twobollintogher to l>e parcell of the county of Slygo, and 5


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Redmond, 15 qTM—the half Tore of Knock-Inye, 15 q"—all on the same south side of the lough-Earne, and belonginge, as is said, to Maguyre—also the half Tore of Magherbwy, 15 qTM, belonging, as is said, to the same,—and all which being drawn into one totall, cometh to the aforesaid nomber of 801 qTM—whereof there belong* to the Queen, 14 qTM, and to the lords spirituall, 89 qTM.

"The said lords and cheiftaynes, acknowledging the manifold benefits and easements they finde, do graunt to the Queenes most excellent Majestye her heirs and successors for ever, one yearlye rent charge of tenn shillings oute of everie quarter of the sd lands; and covenant to aunswere and beare yearlie 15 good hable horsmen, & 80 footemen well armed, and furnishede with armes, garrans, and victuals to all hostings, roods, and journies within Connaught and Thomond; and 8 good hable horsmen and 40 footemen well armed and furnished, to all generall hostings proclaymed in this realme.

"The said Lo. Deputie for and in the behalfe of the Queen's Majestie doth covenant and promise that the sd Sir Brien O'Kourke", in respecte of his submission and


"Sir Henry Sydney, in A.D. 1574, gave the Lords of the Council the following account of his proceedings with O'Rourke. Sir Brian, the above contracting party, was executed at Tyburn for high treason on the 3rd November, 1592, for which see Stow's Chronicle, p. 762, foL Lond. 1631:

"16th June, 1576, there came unto me thether, (Dublin,) shortly after Easter, Owrycke, O'DonnelL Con Odonnell, his nephew and Enemye, 0 Chonnor Sligagh, of the principal! of the Ok A lies; and all these for Matter of great Consequence to be ordered between the State and theim, and lykewise betwixt one an other of theimselves. And first of Owrycke, I found hy 111 the proudest Man that ever I dealt with in Irelande, and usinge him thereafter told hym, that, as he was the Quenes Subjecte and ought to hold his Lande of her, so he should behave hymselfe in Obedience as a Subiecte, and for hiB Land yeald both Kent and Service, or els I wold place an other in the same: He saied he wold be a good Subiecte, as alwayes bis Auncestors had bene, and spake very modi Goodo of theim and hymselfe, and wold pay soch Rent and Service for his Countre as was agreed upon betwene the Governor and his Father, and alleadged, that he had a Patent at his How9e for his

Lande; I answered hym (as in dede it was true) that I was ignoraunt thereof, but, upon Search I found the same entred in the eldest Councell Booke that ever was made here, in the xxxiiith yere of Kinge Henrie the Eight; Sir Anthonye Sentleger bcinge then Deputie by which he bounde hym selfe to pay to the Kinge xx/. Irish yerelye, with his service of some Horsemen and Footemen, as by the same apearethe; of which nether his Father, nor he, ever paied any Thinge, and that he confessed offer inge to compounde for the Arreragies, and to conteyne that Rent and Service, which I made Light of, and lighter of the former Composicion, and wold not agree vnder three hundered Markes sterling/; yerelye. Besides Service, and Findinge of Men of Warre, he offered sixeskore Poundes tterlinge; all which I refuzed, lest, he beinge so great a man, as he is reputed to be, an overlyht Composicion with hym might be a President of great Hendraunce to the Quene, and compoundinge with others as well in Connaught as Filter. Finallye he humblye desiered that there might be sent into his Countre, discreate and indifferent Commissioners, to view his Countrie, and to certifie trewlye the Wast and Barrannes thereof, and thereupon to take Order, and not be


profession of loyaltie and truth, shall have and take by letters patents, to him and the

heirs males of his father Bryan O'Rourke, for the better supportation and mainten

aunce of his present state of knighthood, as also of any further degree or title of honor

yt shall please her Majestie to call him, the castells or manors of Dromahire, Lewtrime

and the Newtowne in the said O'Royrke's country, which are accounted to be in the

whole the number of 186 qTM, whereof 60 qTM to be a free demeane to the said castles or

manors; and he shall also have one yearly rent charge of 13"' 4*- out of every qr of 445

qTM of freeholder's lands, viz. the lands of Maglanchy, Owen O'Royrke of Carr, Tirre

lagh Mac Owen of Dearegyll, Rory Mc Enawe of Moynterkeny, Magranyll of Moyinsh

Magranull of Cammolaghane, Phellyme glasse O'Royrke of Coulovloyne, Owen

M* Shane O'Royrke of Kincoyll-loughane, Mc Murry, M° Loghline, Mc Tiernane, and

Mc Kelly, amountinge to £296 8*' 4d' sterling. And that they and every of them shall

hold the aforesaid 445 qTM of the said Sir Brian, and the heirs males of the body of his

father, by knight's service and the rent aforesaid, viz. by the 40* part of a knight's

fee, as of his said castells of Dromahire and Lewtrime. And the said Sir Brian shall

hold the said castles, manors, and lands of the Queen by knight's service, viz. by three

knight's fees, as of her house or manor of Moychill in said O'Royrke's country; and

one fayre chief horse yearly to be presented and given, in her Majesties name, to the

Lord Deputy on Mydsomer day, with this word graven in gold serviendo guberno.

And for as muche as the meaner sorte of the freeholders of the said countrye are and

shall be greatlye burdened by this composition, if the petty lords and captains next

above them be permitted to take such rents and customarye dutyes as they pretend to

belong to the said petty captaineshipps, for remedy whereof it is condyscended and

agreed, that the above named Maglanchie, Magrannel of Moynishe, M'Granell of Clann

malaghline, Me Murry, Mc Loghhline, Mc Tirnan, Mc Kelly, and all others of that sorte

and callinge, shall have and hold to them their heirs and assigns, by letters patents,

not only all castles and lands which belongeth to the names and calling of Maglanchie,

Magrannel of Moynishe, Mc Grannell of Clanmalaghline, Mc Murry, M" Loghline,

Mc Tiernan, M° Kelly, but also all such other castles and lands of which they are now

justly seized; and after the decease of every of them, the aforesaid rents and duties


fore. Hereupon we agreed, and that to be donne in August next, saveinge that he requyred to have certrine pettie Lordes, dwelling? under or mere hym (of Duetie his Tributaries sayeth he, vniustlye oppressed by hym say they) to yeeld hym his accustomed exactions, namelye, the twoe Mac Granells, Omolini/i/e, Mac Glaugh, Keneloghan, Collofluyn, Mac

Cahelrewe, Obirne, Mac Ternau and Mac Amurrowe. But I would not graunte theim hym, and yet he departed satisfied, and since hath both wrytten and sent to me, verye humblyu, that I shall finde hym more obedient in his owne Conn trey, then I did in this Cittie; and thus moche for Ourricie."Letters, fyc, vol. i. p. 114.

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belonging to the names of their petty captainshipps, shall from thenceforth be utterly determined and extinguished, for ever—IN WYTNESSE whereof the aforesaid lords & chieftaines have hereunto put their seales, and subscribed their names, this 27"' day of September, Anno Domini 1585.

"Bryen O'royrk AT Murry Brien Mcloghlyne Ferrall

Mc Tiernan. "Memorand, that albeit there are 135 qTM of Mag wire's lands, lying on the south syd of Logherne, and 44 qTM of O'Riellie's land on the same syd, comprized in this booke; yet they be not heare charged with any composition, but drawn in to be made parcell of the intended county of Leytrym."


"Moylurge alias Mae Dermott's Countrye, O'Connor Roe's Countrye, and O'Connor Dune's Countrye.[Roscommon]." "THIS INDENTURE made betwixte the Right Honorable Sir John Perrotte Knt . Lord Deputie generall of Ireland for and on behalfe of the Queen's most Excellent Majesty of the one parte, and the Lords, chieftains, &c. of Moylurge alias Mc Dermott's countrye, O'Connor Roe's countrye and O'Connor Dunes countrye, viz. William archbishoppe of Tweame—John bishop of Elphine—Hugh O'Konnor of Ballintobber otherwise called O'Konnor Dune, chiefe of his name—Fergonanym O'Hanley of Knockensheigh, chief of his name—Sir Thomas le Strange knight of Alleage—Carbri O'Birne of the Dyngon, chief of his name—Teige Mc Towmultaghe of Croghan, gen.— Towmultagh oge of Ballinkillen, gen.—Towmultagh Mc Hughe of Dromeharlagh, gen.—Oene Ernney of —Ferrall Mac Dermonde Roe, chief of his name—Connor oge Mc Dermod of the Taneste—Cahall oge Mc Mulmory of the Eaden,

gen.—Mulmory Mc Dermod, gald, chief of his name—Duwaltagh Mc Toolie O'Connor of Bracklone, gen.—Cahall Mc Toolie of Castlereagh, gen.—Feagh O'Ffloyne of Sleavlyne, chief of his name—Calloe O'Floyn of the Cladaghe, gen.—Turreleagh Keaghe McSwiny of Cnocknetaghty, gen.—Teig O'Connor Roe, chief of his name—Hugh McTirrelagh Roe of Clonybirne, gen.—Breene O'Fflanegan of Ballaoghter, chief of his

name—John Crofton of Canvoe, gen.— of Ballingilly, gen—and Edward White

of Ballinderry, gen. of the other parte.

"WITNESSETH that wheare the said contries and territories be devided into thre barronies, viz. Boyle otherwise Moylurge, Ballintobber, and Roscommon; which contain, as well by auncient devysion as by late Inquisition, 905 quarters of land, each containing 120 acres.—FIRSTE, in the barronie of Ballintobber there is a quantitye of land called Tyrevrune-eaghtragh, 48 qTM whereof belong to Her Majestic in right of


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