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belong* to Her Majesty in right of the abbey of Ballymote, i£ qr—also Clonyvyhane, i qr, belonging to Her Ma'r in the same right; which in the whole of that Barrony conieth to 158 q".—Alsoe the halfe Barony of Cawlovyn consisting of 20 qTM, all which being drawn into one totall cometh to the aforesaid nomber of 909 q".

"The said lords, chiefftaynes, &c' acknowledging the manifold benefits & easements they finde, do graunt to the Queen's most excellent Majestie her heirs and successors for ever one yearly rent-charge of tenn shillings ster. out of everie quarter of land aforesaid; and covenaunt to answere and bear yearlie for ever 20 good hable horsmen & 60 footemen well armed, to all hostings roods and journies within the sd province of Connaght and Thomond; & 10 good hable horsemen and 30 footemen well armed, to all generall hostings proclaymed in this realme.

"That the said Sir Donill O'Conor", in respecte of his loyaltie & faithfulnesse to the Queene, shall have by letters patents to him his heirs and assigns the castells or manors of Slego in the barony of Carbry, and Meynlaghe in the barony of Magherylenye, and all the lands, appertayninge as well to the name and callinge of O'Conor Sligoe, as also which belong or appertayneth to Sleight Owine O'Conor, from whom the said Sir Doniell is said to be descended, or by his owne purchase or otherwise, &e' which are accounted to be 32 q", freed; and shall also have a yearly rentcharge of 1314* going out of every qr of the residue of the said q", being 80 qTM of the land of Sleight Muryertaghe, Sleight Briene, and Sleight Tirlaghe O'Connor, and those of Cawrine Moygany, in full recompence, &c' and that he and the heirs of his father shall hold the aforesaid Castles, &c- by the service of 2 knight's fees, as of her Majestie's castle of Ballymote, and he is to give one fayre chief horse yearly, to the Lord Deputy, with


* Sir Henry Sydney describes his proceedings with O'Conor and O'Donnell as follows:—" 15th June, 1576 I founde Odonnell verie humble and tractable. Ajid whereas he, and his Auncestors, have had a rent of iii. c Markes Yerelye out of Occhonnor Sligaghs Countrie, fabulouslye chalenged to have bene paied, ever since St. Patrick's Daycs, but probablye averred on both sides, if half bene taken for theise fower or fyve Discents by the Odonnells (but never without Vyolence alleagcd Ochonnor") and so I thinke Odonnell agreed, in the Ende, to stay Exactinge of it, untill I had sente Commissioners to examyne his Clayme, and the others Deniall; and upon their Certificate I to take Order and this to be done in August

next; which Order will I hope fall out to be seche, as the Quenes Majestic shall be entituled to the Rent and Service from theim bothe. Occhonnor compounded in Englande to geve an hundered Markes Yerelye, to be dischardged of Odonnell, and so hath his Countrev graunted hym, under the Great Seale of England; but, if I can derive dischardge hym from Odonnell, he shall pay better. He desiered me to constitute a Sheriff in his Countrie wishinge rather a Forriner, then any of the Soyles Brede, which I graunted, and sent one with Commission. I have great Confidence that this Ochonnor, who is the same that I brought into England, will prove a good Subiecte."—Letters, Sfc, voL Lp. 114

these words graven in gold, quo viei vincor: and he shall also have 8' out of every qr of 154 quarters in the barony of Tirreraghe; 10* out of every qr of zo qTM in the barony of Cowlovine; 6* lod out of every qr of 156 qTM in the barony of Magheryleynye; 6* 6'' out of every qr of 166 qTM in the barony of Tirreryelle; and 9' 3d out of every qr of 110 qTM in the barony of Corren.

"That the lord Bishop of Aghconry shall have 4 qTM adjoining his house or town of Skrine in the barony of Tireraghe, free; and 6 qTM as a demesne to his house or towne of Achonry, in the barony of Magheryleyny, free.

"In the barrony of Corran, that Cormocke O'Hary bwy shall have 3 qTM free, adjoining his castle of Cowlany:—that Ferraghe Carraghe O'Hary reoghe shall have 3 qTM free as a demesne to his castle of Ballinefenocke otherwise called Ballyhary—and that Hugh Mc Donoghe, in respecte of his adge and removing from Balliinote, shall have 4 qTM free, in the barony of Corrane.

"In the barrony of Tirrerel, that Ferdorroghe Mc Donoghe of Cowlea shall have 3 qTM adjoining his towne of Cowlea, free.

"In the Barrony of Tirrereagh, that Edmond O'Dowd shall have 3 qTM as a demaine to his castle of Kylglasse, free—and that his cousin and heir apparent, Davy of Dowda, shall have 2 qTM free, adjoining his house of Castle-Connor.

"That Urrell O'Gary of Moggary shall have 3 qTM free, adjoining his castle of Moygarry in Cowlovine.

"That Magaghline Mc Donoghe shall have 2 qTM free, adjoining his castle of Cowlwony in the barony of Tirrarell .

"That John O'Creane shall have 3 qTM free, adjoining his house or towne of Ballynegare in the barony of Carbry.

"And for as much as the meaner sort of freeholders of the said county of Sligo, and the tenants dwellinge upon their lands, are and shall be greatlie burdened by this composition, if the petty lords and captains next above them be permitted to take such rents and customarye dutyes as they pretend to belong to the said petty captaineshipps, for remedy whereof, it is condescended and agreed that the above-named O'Harry bwy, O'Harry reoghe, Mc Donoghe of Tirerell, O'Gary, O'Dowd, and all others of that sort and calling, shall have by letters patent, not only such castells and lands as belongeth to the name and callinge of O'Harry buy, O Harry reoghe, Mc Donoghe, O'Gary, & O'Dowd, but also all such castles and lands as they or any of them be no we justlie seized of as their inheritance, the same to descend from ech of them to their heirs, by course and order of the lawes of England: and in respect of confirming unto them the same, that after the decease of everie of them the aforesaid rents and duties shall from thenceforth be utterlie determyned and extinguished for

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ever. In wittnesse whereof the aforesaid lords chieftains and others have hereunto put their seales, and subscribed their names this 23rd day of Sept. Anno Domini 1585.

"Sir Donell O'connor, Slegoe—Eugenius Achadek. Eps Eugenius

Electus Aladen.Owin O'connor.O'dowde.—Brienmc Swine.

Hubert Albanaghe. Molaghline Mac Donoghe.Cormock

O'harbyeMolaghlin Donoghe, junior.—D. Doowda Fer

Doraghe Mc Donoghe.Ferrall O'harry.Morrishe M'donoghb. Manus M'teige BwyAlexander M" Swine.—Manus Reoghe.— Urrill O'harryKory Oge Manus M°briene."

IX. "CPRoyrVt Country". "THIS INDENTURE made betwixte the Right Honorable Sir John Perrott knight, lord Deputy Generall of Ireland, for and on the behaulfe of the Queene's most


* "The county of Leitrim Limitted and appointed." A. D. 1583.

"The country called O'Rowrke's country, conteyneth the Breny O'Rowrke, both Moynter Olys, Dartery, Lorigain, with other small territories, together with Mt Gwyre his lands by sowthe the Lough Erne, joyned together and made and appointed to be called the countie of Lctrym, being litnitted and bounded as followeth, viz EASTE, with the country called Breny O'Keighly (now the county Cavan)

as the dereth on Mc Gawran's lands (which

are included within this countye) and the .... now the county of Longforde, till it come to the Ryver of Shenan—SOUTHE, with the ryver of Sheauan,

which divideth the same from O'Hanlye's

Roe and O'Bryn's countryes, and a part of Moylorge, and so passing to the northern edge of the territorie called Tyrehoyle parcell of Moylorge aforesaid, to the mountayne called Slewe Corke, extending to LoghkyU.—WEST, with the Logh called Logh KylL as it crosseth from the mountayne aforesaid, to a small water or spring on the north syde called Ffauran Mc ffenoll, and so directly a lytle by west the Newton up to the mountayne called Slewmore; and so as the same Slewmore runneth betwixt the barony of Carbry in the county of Slygo to the lands of Bundroyes,

and so to the water northwards which cometh out of

the great Logh-Eme NORTHE, with the water

which cometh from the said greath Logh, and the Logh Erne itself, into the land of Mc Gawran, and then Mc Gawran's lands as they joyne to the Breny O'Reighly—The county is devyded into vii several hundrds or baronys, wherein these territories following are conteyned, having within them the nomber of quarters of land under mentioned, everie qr con

teynlng 120 acres of land, viz 1. LETRYM. The

territorie called Moynter Olys, Owghderagh alias Moyenishe, conteyning Sleiught Eyre Mc Grannell, Slenight Connor, and Sleuight Cahill Mc Grannell, conteyning 151J q" of land. Also Anaghduf, Kyltahurk, Kyltobrid, Fynagh, and Kylifowre conteyning 27 qTM of land, making in the whole 178J q".

2. MOYLE. The territory called Moyiiter'olys Ewtragh, alias Clan Melaghlyn, which conteyneth 110 qTM—3. DROMAHIRE. The territory caUed Carryn Dromahyre, conteyneth 22 qTM, also Carrvu Cleyn-Logh, 21 q", also Mc Kagan's lands in Clanarwy 21 qr', also Urlare 1C qn, also Ballj-neglogh 8 qTM, the lands of Sleuight Owen O'Rourk, 4 q", the land of Sleuight Donogh Mc Gowran, 12 qTM, and the land of Slenight Cormack Mc Gawran 12 qTM, amounting together to 135 q" of land—i. ROSSECLOGHER excellent Majesty of the one partye, and John, bishop of Kilmore—Lysaghe, bishop of Ardaghe—Sir Briane O'Royrke of Uromahire knt.—Cahall Mc Connor Carragh Magrannyll of Inishmurryne, otherwise called Magrannell of Moynishe, chiefe of his name—Tirlaghe Mc Molaghline oge Magrannylle of Dromarde, otherwise called Magrannyle of Clonmologhlyne, chief of his name—Teige oge Maglanchie of Rossclogher, chief of his name—Tyrelaghe Magawryne of the Largine, chief of his name—Owyne Me Phellime O'Royrke of the Garre, gen.—Rory Mc Enawe of Inyshimylerye, chiefe of his name—Melaghlyn Mc Owyne Mc Murrye of Loghmoyltagher, gen.—Farrell Mc Ternan of Cloyloghe, gen.—Bryan M° Loghlyne of the Fayhee, gen.—Phelyme Glasse of Cloncorycke, gen.—Wonye Mac Sheane O'Royrke of Loghnecouhye, gen.— and Tyernane O'Royrke of Dromahyre, gen. of the other parte.

"WYTNESSETH, that wheare the whole territory called O'Royrk's country, comprehending Breny O'Royrke, both the Moynterolyes, the Largane, Cowleovlyne, Kinaloghane and the Dartry, which contain in themselves, as well by auncient devysyon as by late Inquisicion, the number of 801 qTM, every q'- 120 acresb. FIRSTE in Breny


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letters patents to us or any three of us addressed, bearing date the 8t h July in the 87"l year of her reign, have limitted and appointed the said territories to be one shyre or county, and to be nominated the county of Letrym; and have divided the same into 7 several! barronyes or hundreds as above is sett fourth, which our doying we doe certify unto your Lordship, according to the purport of the said commission to be returned of record. In Witness whereof we have hereunto put our seals, and subscribed our names, the 25th of September, 1583."—Orig. Return in Rolh Off.

h The " Boundaries of Leitrim" have been found as follows:

"An Inquisition taken at Dromahare, the 22°a of July, 1607, before Sir Anthony St. Leger Master of the Rolls, &c.—The jury find 'That the county of Leytrim extended in breadth from DoiuTcoulofilyn, mearynge upon Tayllagh-Donoghoy in the county of Cavan, unto Bundoyse butting upon the barrony of Carbry in the county of Sligo, are 37 miles, whereof the sixte parte is scarse arrable lande, but all mountayne, bogg, and wood, and in breadth from

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