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"It is agreed by the lord deputy, on behalfe of the Queen, that the said Sir Hubert Burke Me Davy, knt. for the better supportacon and maintenance of the dignity of knighthood, whereunto it hath pleased her Majesty to call him, and in respect that by his industrie and dilligente starch, there are a great number of quarters of land found out by presentment, which was like to be concealed; shall have, hold, possess, and enjoy to him and his heirs, not only such castles and lands as he doth now possess by the name and callinge of Mac Davye, but also such as he is now justlie seized of as of his proper inheritance, which are said to be in the whole the number of 104 qTM, whereof he shall hold 24^ q" as a demayne next adjoining to his castles of Glinske and Downamore, and to such other of his howses as he shall make choice of, free; and that he shall hold by knight's service, viz. by one knights fee, as of the manor or house of Athlone; and shall have chief rents out of the said other qTM in full recompence of all duties, exactions and customary spendings, by him claymed upon the freeholders of the same.

"That Shane Me Ullicke Bourke, otherwise called Mac Walter, shall have 5 qTM free, as a demayne next adjoyninge his howse or castle of Renaltaghe, in the baronie of Bellamoe.

"That Shane Mc Ullicke of Kymogher shall have 2 q" free, as a demayne of Kylnevogher.

"That Hobert Mc Edmond shall have 1 qr free, next adjoininge his house of Gortnedie in said barony.

"That Richard Betaghe, in respecte of the good service he hath done to Her Majesty in tyme past, and intendeth to do in tyme to come, shall have 2 qTM free, as a demayne next adjoyninge to his house or towne of the Cregg.

"That Davie Me Edmond shall have 2 qTM free, as a demayne next adjoyninge his house of Kylcroan, and Lyssedrisseghan.

"That Thomas Mc Henry shall have 3 qTM free, next adjoyninge his castell of Bellamoe. IN WYTNESSE whereof, the said lordes, chieftaines, &c, have hereunto put their seales, and subscribed their names, at Galway the 3rd day of Feb' 1585.

"Sir Hobaet Bourk's marke. "Davy M' Edmonde's marke. "Shane Mc Uluck's marke. "Mc Walter's marke, VI. "BrymeghanCa Country, or Barony of Donemore.

"THIS INDENTURE made betwixt the Right Honorable Sir John Perrotte Knight, lord deputie generall of Irelande, for and on behalfe of the Queene's most

Ikish Arch. soc. 15. 2 U excellent excellent Majestie of the one partie, and Ullick carle of Clanrickard—William archbishoppe of Tweame—Edmond Brymidgham lord barron of Athenrie—Tibbott boy Mc Jonen of Tobberkeoghe, gen.—Donyll O'Higgin of Killclona, gen.—James duffe Brymidgham of Feartemore, gen.—Robert Fowlle of Feartemore, gen.—Walter Brymidgham of Myltoun, gen., and others the freeholders and inhabitants, having lands or holdings in the barony of DOWNMORE, within the county of Galway, of the other parte. VII.


"WYTNESSETHE, that whereas the said baronie of Donmore, as well by ancient division as by late inquisition, contains 183 qTM, each qr containing 120 acres, viz. FIRSTE, there is a quantity of land called the third of Walter Brymigham's cept, 70 qTM; whereof is said to belong to the bishoprick of Clonmacknoyse 4 q", to the archbishoprick of Tweame 6 qTM, to the dean and parish of Tweame 5 q", and to her Majesty, in right of the abbey of Killcrenade as is said, 11 q"—also Tohe-Tirlagh-vaughan, 43 1TM> whereof belong to Her Majesty, in right of the Trynitye abbey of Tweame as is said, 4 q"; and also to Her Majesty in right of the abbey of S' John of Tweame, 3 qTM—also Tohe-Downmore, 63 q"; all which, in the whole barony of Donamore aforesaid, cometh to the number of 183 quarters.

"The aforesaid lords, &c. doe covenant to aunswere & beare 2 good hable horsemen and 4 footmen well armed, with carriage and victualls, to all hostings, roods and journyes within Connaught and Thomond; and 1 good hable horseman and 2 footmen well armed, to all generall hostings proclaymed in this realme.

"It is agreed that the lord baron of Athenry shall have 39 q" free, as a demayne to his manors or castells of Downmore and Turlaghvaghan, and a yearlie rent-chardge of 5' ster. out of everie qr of the residue of all said qTM.

"That the carle of Clanrickard shall have the abbey of Kilcraneda, and 8 qTM thereto adjoyning, free.

"And wheare the manor of Feartymore is said to consist of 34 q", that Rob' Fowell, gen. shall have the said manor and 6 qTM free.

"That Tybott bwy Mc Johnyne shall have the castell of Toberkeoghe, and 4 q" adjoyning same, free. And that they shall all hold of the Queen, as of her castell or manor of Lyssekenanan within the aforesaid county of Galway. IN WYTNESSE whereof, the aforesaid lordes and gentlemen have hereunto put their seales, and subscribed their names, at Galway the fourth day of September, Anno Domini 1585.

"W. Toam Clanrykard.

"E. AthenryTibbott Boy, his markc.
"Robert Fowle."

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"Countie of Mayoe." "THIS INDENTURE made betwixte the Right Honorable Sir John Perrot knight, lord deputie generall of Irelande, for and on the behalfc of the Queenes most excellent Mat* of the one partye, and the reverend fathers in God, William archbyshop of Tweame —Owen ellecte byshopp ofKillalae—Sir Richard Bourke of the Newton knight, otherwise called Mc William Ey-ghter—Walter Kettagh of Bealcck, gen.—William Bourke of Ardnery, gen.—Edmond Bourk Mc Oliver of Ropa, gen.—Richard Barrett of Ross, otherwise called Mc Padin, chief of his name—Pierce Barrett of Ballasseekery, gen.— Myly Mc Evily of Kinturk, otherwise called Mc Evily, chiefe of his name—Edmond Bourke of Castlebar, tanest to the said Mc William Eyghter—William Bourke of Ballenecarrae, otherwyse called the blinde abbote—Moyller Bourke of Castle McKerra, gen. —Tybbott Reoghe Bourke of Boherfayne, gen.—Edmund Evagher Mc Jordan of Bellalahen, otherwise called Mc Jordan—Moyler Mc Jurdan of the Newcastell, gen.— Walter Leaghe Mc Stevane of Corran Mc Stephane, gen—Jordan Mc Thomas of Ballahaghe, gen.—Richard Mc Moryse of the Bryse, otherwise called Me Moryshe chiefe of his name—Davy Mc Moryshe of Castell Mc Geralte, gen.—Walter Mc Erydry of castell-Reoghe, gen.—William Bourke of Shrowell . gen.—Edmond Bourke of Conge, gen.—Riccard oge Bourke of Cloynecashell, gen.—Molaghlyne O'Mayle of Belclare, otherwise called O'Mayle chiefe of his name—Teigc roe O'Mayle of Cahairenemart, gen—Ouan O'Mayle of the same, gen.—Dermot Me Arte of Clare, gen.—GilledufTe Mc Gibbon of Ballynekillye, gen.—Ricard oge Mc Gibbon of Glankyne, gen.—Sher

rone M" Gibbon of Lackane, gen.—Nicholas fitz-Symons of Dunmacknynye, gen

Walter Mc Phillipyne of Brehe, otherwise called M" Phillypyne chiefe of his name— Ferraghe Mc Tirrlage roe of Carrickmadye, gen.—Edmond oge Mc Gibbon of Derrymaegornan—William Bourke of Torrane, gen.—Riccard oge Mc Tomyne of Ballicroen,

gen Edmond Barret of Dowlaghe, gen.—John Browne of the Neyle, gen.—Richard

Barret of Kyrenan, gen.—and John Caree of Downmacknyny, gen. of the other partie. "WYTNESSETH, that wheare the whole country or terrytory of MAYOE ys devyded into nyne principall barronies, that ys to wytte, the barrony of Crosbohine alias Clanmorys, the barronies of Kilmean, Muryske, Burreshowle, Envyremore alias Irrish, Moyne alias Tyrrawly, Burreskerra alias Kerra, Bellalahen alias Gallene, & ClaneCostellae; which (omyttinge Clan-Costelloe) contain, as well by auncient devysyon as by late inquisition, 1448^ qTM, each qr containing 120 acres".—FIRSTE, in the


* The "Boundaries of Mayo" have been found as Conge, the 22nd August 1607, before Sir Anthony follows, by an Inquisition taken at the abbye of St . Leger, Master of the Rolls, &c. "The countie barronie of Crosbohine alias Clanrnorys, there is a quantity of land called the Brey, consisting of 7 qTM—alsoe Derowle, 14 qTM—the Morning, 12 qTM—Ballycowle & Castlegare, 9 qTM—Caslane Enlagh-Karowe, 13 qTM—Ballekenknavy, 12 qTM—Castellkeyle, 3 q"—Castell Mc Gerralt, 4 qTM—Down mc nynye and Castellreaghc, 22 qTM—Carrobege,



of Mayo consisteth of ten baronies, viz. Killmean, Rossc, Mnrske, Boresowle, Irrus, Tyrawly, (Jalleng, Costello, Clanmorrice, and Kerra—That the same county is bounded with the comity of Galwaye on the sowthe and sowthe west. Kirste the barony of Kilmean doth bound with the lord Birmingham countrye at Athsollus, in the east of Ballycheraghe, from thence to the forde of Ardower, and from thence the bogg called Clayssebrydd to the river of Shrower, and from thence to Cloghaue Corrigg in the east of Kyrdagh, from thence to the ford of Athleaagh, and from thence the river of Moyne to Logheorbe, which logh doth bounde the said county to the river of Fallmer : and from thence to the mountayne of Mamenne, and thence the great mountayne to the river of Loghtafaghan, which river doth extend to the sea called Kellavle, and from thence to the rocke called Carrigcobia on the sowthe side of the black rocke called Inish bo fine: and so the mayne ocean sea on the west, northweast, and north, boundinge thence the baronies of Murske, Borresowle, Irrus, and Tyrawly, to the river of Moye, and from that river to the river of Bonryowe right agaynste Belleeke, which river is on the northe of Ardnerie, and from that river to the bogg of Lahagh in Tyowe on the sowth of Bally cotle, and from thence, the west and of the mountayne of Lynedane, to Mullycowes in Belclare in O'llirareogh'scountrie, in the county ol'Sligo: from thence to Bellahy mearing between the counties of Mayo and Sligo, from thence to Srowan-evcn-lode, in the north side of Ballmilen, and from thence to Bellanefohy on the north side of Killcolman in Costallo, from thence to Clownagonain neer Bungare in the county of Rosscommon: from thence to Bellamenda on the caste of the monastery of Urlare in Costello, from thence to Curragh Mc Eneanta nier

Castenergh in the county of Rosscommon, from thence to the Legan, Killtullagh in Sillerown in the county of Roscommon aforesaid, from thence to the forde of Cowlenedreny in Sillerown, in the county of Roscommon aforesaid, from thence to the pass of Bellagh-ne-leeklen in Ermylton in the lord Bermingham his country, from thence to the forde of Athesolliis, where the aforesaid mearing dyd begynn.

"Thes are the uttermost boundes of the county of Mayo on all sides. And whatsoever is couteyned within the aforesaid boundes of the county of Mayo, wee finde that the barrony of Kilmayne contcyneth 365 qra, whereof are of the chardgeable qTM inhabitted 81 qTM, the rest free and waste. The barony of Rosse consistethe of 100 qTM, but how it is inhabitted we know not. The barony of Burres-owle consisteth of 131 q", whereof 32 arc inhabitted of the chardgeable laud, the rest free and waste. The barony of Murske consisteth of 80 q", whereof 36 are inhabitted, the rest waste. The barony of Irisse conteyneth 40 qTM, whereof of the chargeable inhabitted 4, the rest free and waste. The barony of Gallen conteyneth 183 q", whereof are of the chardgable inhabitted 40 q", therest free and waste. The barony of Tyerauly consisteth of 293 q", whereof are inhabitted 52 q", the rest free and waste. The barony of Clanmorislie consisteth of 240 qTM, whereof are inhabitted of the chardgeable lands 82 qTM, the rest free and waste. By an Inquisition presented unto us, there are of quarters in the barony of CosteUo 63 q"; yet wee fynde that it is commonly heald to conteyne 83 qTM, whereof of the chardgeable qTM are inhabitted 47, the rest waste. The barony of Kerra consisteth of 281 qr*, whereof are inhabitted of the chargeable lands 64 qTM, the rest free and waste."— Orig. Inquis. Rolls Off. Dublin.

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