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"That Owen O'Madden shall have 4 qTM free adjoining his house of Cloghan; and also 22 qTM subject to this composition, whereof he is said to be seized, as of his inheritance in Lusmagh.

"That the earle of Clanrickard shall have the castle or manor of Portumny and 4 qTM free, whereof he is said to be now saized as of his inheritance, fully discharged of all rente and demands of O'Madden. IN WITNESSE whereof the said Lords, Chieftains, &&, have hereunto put their seals, and subscribed their names, the second day of September, Anno Domini 1585.

"stephen Clonfert.Owin O'madden's marke.—Edmd. Mac Down Y's
marke—Donnell Mac Brassall's marke.—Cahall Carragh's
marke—Jno. Bourke."

"That Part of Connaught called Clanrickard."

"THIS INDENTURE made betwixte the Right Honor"" Sir John Perrott, &c. of the one partye; and Ulick earl of Clanrickarde—the rev. father in God William archbishop of Toeme—Stephen byshop of Clonferte—Thomas electe byshop of Kilmackaghe—The lord barron of Leitryme—Rickard Bourke of Derry Mc Laghny, esquire—Sherone M" Khowge of Killenedyaine, otherwise M-c Kowge—Ullick Carraghe Mc Hubbert of the Dissharte, otherwise called M° Hubberte—Hubbert

M" Edmund of Gortnemackin, gen Robert Johnesone of Binmore, gen.—William

Mostonne of the Downe, gen Shannock Mc William Roe of the Naile, otherwise

called Mac William Roe—Walter Wall of Droghtye, chiefe of his name—Redmond Dolphine of Rarroddy, chiefe of his name—Hugh Mc Swine of Cloghervanae—Oene M* Swine of Kiltullage, gen.—Oene Mantagh O'Heine of Downgorye, otherwise called O'Heine—Connor Crone O'Heine, taneste to the said O'Heine—Hubbert boy Bourk M° Redmond, otherwise called M" Edmond—Dermod O'Shaghnes of Gortynchgory — Johne O'Shaghnes of Ardmollyvan, compettytors for the name of

O'Shaghnes—Nehemias Follane of the Newtone, gen Edmond Mc Ullick Bourke

of Ballily, gen Rickard Me William of Rahale, gen.—Shane oge Bourke of Man

nyne, gen.—and Brien reoghe Mc Killkelly of Cloghballymore, gen—of the other parte. WTTNESSETH that wheare the whole country or territory of CLANRICKARD is divyded into six principall baronies, that is to wytt, Loughreaghe, Killetaraghe, Clare, Donkillin, Athenry, and Leitryme, which contain, as well by auncient devysion as by late Inquisicon, 958 quarters of lande, everie quarter 120 acres:—FIRSTE, in the baronye of Loughreaghe there is a quantity of land called Pobbill Clan-Henry

2 T 2 of Athenry there is a quantity of land called Eraght Dolphine, 27 qTM—Magheryfaltaghe otherwise called Magheryaltaghe, 24 qTM—Carnan, 2 qTM—which in the whole in that barony cometh to $3 quarters. In the barony of Leitrim there is a quantity of land called Twey Kynallyhine, and Ayt Clan-Shane, 12 q"—Ayte Clan-Edmond, 12 qTM—Ayte Clan-Davie, 9 qTM—Crannagh M* Knavin, 4 qTM—Leyhayt M° Edmond, 6 qTM—Dronkeary, 4 qTM—Tullagh, 2 qTM—Pobbell-ne-hally, 12 qTM—the castell of Leotrime, 7 qTM—Cloncaslane, 2 qTM—Clondagawe, 4 qTM—Killmuckray, I qr—Tinnaghe, 2 qTM—Annaghebrid, I qr—Balledowgane, 2 q"—Ballynekilly, 2 qTM—Killcowly, 2 q"—Bealananen and Bealafenton, 4 qTM—Ballynleylys, 1 qr—Dowry, 2 q" —Carrowcroyne, 1 qr— Carrawowny, 1 qr— Killineane, 2 qTM — Sheangorry-neMylodagbe, 1 qr—Shanvoy, 4 q"—Ballenronan and Clonrashe, 2 qTM—which in the whole in that barony cometh to 103 quarters; and all which being drawn into one totall cometh to the aforesaid number of 958 quarters.

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"The said chieftains, lords, &c. do covenant to aunsweare and beare 40 good hable horsemen & 200 footmen, well armed with carriage and victualls, to all hostings, roods and journeyes within Connaught and Thomond; and 20 good hable horsemen and 50 footemen well armed and furnished with arms, garrans, and victuals, to all generall hostings proclaymed in this realme.

"It is agreed by the lord deputy, on behaulfe of the Queene, that the earl of Clanrickard shall have 34 qTM in the barony of Loughreagh free, as a demeane to his manor of Loughreagh. There belonge to the heires of Sir Dorby O Shaghnes, knight, 101 q" in the barony of Kiltarraghe; and to Nehemias Ffolane 2 qTM adjoining to the Newtowne—That the sd earl shall have io" ster. out of every qr of 64 qTM within that barony. In the barony of Clare there are 287 qTM, whereof belong to the queen in right of Abbey-land 41 q"; and by the attainder of Tybbott Bourke 5 qTM & there belong to the archbishop of Tweanie, 21 qTM. That Rickard Bourke of Derrymaclaghny shall have 22 qTM, whereof he is now seized as of his inheritance. The manor of Clare are 7 qTM of land in the possession of Dominick Browne of Gallway, alderman, and James Darcy has 3 qTM in the towns of Collene, Cloncrye and Carrow-I-Cullan. That the said earl shall have 14 q" free in the lordship of Clare, as a demesne to his house of Corryfinne; and a rentcharge of 3'- out of every other qr of the residue.

"In the barony of Donkellyn there are four q" in Oranmore, in possession of Dominick Browne of Galway, merchant. William Martine of Galway gent, has 2 q" adjoyning to the town of Cahirforvace. That the said earl of Clanrickard shall enjoy 28 q" free as a demeane to his castell of Kilcolgan; and have 13"' 4d' out of every •I' °f 33 l" m tne barony of Athenry.



"That the baron of Leitrim and his heirs shall have 10 q" free, and 13'4*' oute of every other q' in the barony of Leitrim, the Queen's and Churchlands excepted.

"That the archbishop of Tweame, and the bishop of Kill McKeogh shall have several qTM all particularly named, free.

"That Rickard Bourke shall have 8 qTM free, adjoyning his house of Derry Mc laghnie and Ballinderry.

"That the heirs of Sir Dorby O'Shoghnes shall have 8 qTM free, adjoining the manor house of Gortynchygorye.

"That William Martene, in consideration of his services diversly done to the state, shall have 2 qTM in Cahirforvase in the barony of Donkellyne, free.

•* That Nehemias Follaine, in respect of his travaile and pains taken for her Majesty, in the search of the quantity of land within the said Clanrickard, shall have 2 qr" in the Newtowne in the barony of Kiltaraghe, free.

"That Dominick Browne, in respect of the like, shall have 2 qTM free adjoining to the castle of Lyedegane and Cahirforvace, in the barony of Donkellyne, free.

"That James Darcy, for the like consideration, shall have the three qTM before named in the barony of Clare free.

"And for as much as divers of the meane freehoulders of the said territorie of Clanrickard, and the tenants dwellinge upon their lands, are and shall be greatlie burdened by this composition, if the petty lords and captaines next above them be allowed to take such rentes & customarye dutyes, as they pretend to belong to them; for remedy whereof it is condescended, concluded and agreed, that the above named M°Kowghe, Mc Hubert, Me William roe, the Ffealtaghe Dolphinaghe, O'Heine, Mc Redmond, Mc Cremon, and all others of that sort of petty lords or captaines, shall have, hold, possess, and enjoy all their castles and lands, to descend from ech of them to their heirs by course and order of the laws of England; and after the decease of everie of them, now livinge, the aforesaid rents, duties, and all exaccons shall, from thenceforth be utterlie determyned and extinguished for ever. IN WITNESSE whereof the said lords, chieftains, &c. have hereunto put their seales and subscribed their names the second day of September, Anno Domini, 1585.

"Clanricarde.—S. Clonfebt Tho. Duacen.William Mosten.

Richard Bourke.—Hu. M" Swine.Redmond Dolphine Owen

Mantaoh O'heine.Nehemias FollaneTihlagh O'hkigne.James Dorcye."

V. "Mac Davye's Countreye."

"THIS INDENTURE made betwixt the Right Honorable Sir John Perrotte Knt. lord Deputy, &°. of the one parte, and William Archbishop of Tweame—Sir Hubert

Bourke Me Davie of Glenske, knight—Davie Mc Edmond of Kilcroan, gen Thomas

MeHenrie of Ballymo, gen. —Richard Betaghe of the Cregg, gen.—Hobbert bwy M* Edmond of the Moate, gen.—Shane Mc Dllicke Bourke of Rahenille, otherwise called M° Walter, chiefe of his name—Shane Mc Ullicke of Killmogher, gen.—and others the freeholders and inhabitants having lands or holdings within the barony of BELLAMOE, and Mc DAVIE'S COUNTRY, by east the river of Succke in the countie of Roscommon, of the other parte*.

WYTNESSETHE, that whereas the said baronie of Bellamo, and the lands by east the river of Suck, conteyneth, as well by ancient division as by late Inquisition, 212^ qTM each containing 120 acres.—FIRSTE in the barronie of Bellamo there is a quantity of land called Loghlaunge, 8 qTM—Clafaghne, 1 qr—Cloncae, ^ qr—Rosemolan, 1 qr—Ballyne, 2\ qTM; all which are belonging and adjoining to Mc Davie's howse or manor of Glinske—also Ballynekillie, ^ qr, belonginge to the bishoprick of Elphine—Cloncomyske, 4 qTM—Tonreggie, 4 qTM—Cornemucklaghe, Tossecreggan and Gylcaghe, 8 qTM, whereof i a qr lyeth by east the ryver of Succke,—Dengenterragh, 4 qTM—Dromenehea, 2^ qTM—Garrowghe, 4 qTM, whereof 1 qr lyeth on the east side of the Succke—Downoman, 4 qTM, whereof 2 qTM lyeth on the same east side of the


* Two Indentures of Composition appear to have A qr—in Cortdrissy, J qr—in Liskea, 1 qr—in Rillbeen entered into for Mac Davy's country. The se- nelag, 1 qr—in Kearoweroney Mc Rist, 1 qr—in cond Indenture is that given above. The first was Croghill, 1 qr—also in Glinske and Donemayne, entered into on 4th Sept., 1585, and in it the en- 8 q"—also Tohe Mc Walter, 274 il"—in Bokertire territory is stated to contain only 192 qTM, viz. ran and Lisborly, 2 q"—which, in the whole, with"There is in the said barrony of Bellamo a quantity in that barony of Bellamo cometh to 113 q"—Also of land called Tohe-Killebeggenet, 18 q"—Tohe- th re is a quantity of lande by easte the Sucke, in rioghe, 15 qTM—Fferrynlynode, 4 qTM—Tohetogher, Magher Connaght, within the countie of Roscom39 qTM, viz. Sleight Shane garaf, and Sleight Ty- mon, belonging to Mc Davy, and his kinsmen, conbete, 2 q" in the towne of Urriegher, 4 qTM—Lis- sistinge of 85 q".TM Sir Hubert Bourke Mc Davie,

drissaghan, 2 qTM Kearoweneny, 1 qr—Kearowe- afterwards "came in," and made discovery of the

r00, 1 qr in Letully, 2 qTM—in Tylbegge, 2 q"— concealed lands, which occasioned the second inden

in Tome-Croymer, 2 q"—in Kearowdeny, 1 qr—in ture of composition given above; in which his "in

Derrymoy, 2 q"—in Bonedober, 2 q"—in the dustrie and dilligente search" appear to have been Shrede, 1 qr—in Ardelone, 1 qr—in Cnrraghebay, amply rewarded.

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