An Introduction to the Local Constitutional History of the United States. Vol. 1, Development of the Township, Hundred, and Shire

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Publication Agency of the Johns Hopkins University, 1889 - Local government - 526 pages

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Page 458 - Judges of the courts of common pleas learned in the law shall be judges of the courts of oyer and terminer, quarter sessions of the peace and general jail delivery, and of the orphans' court, and within their respective districts shall be justices of the peace as to criminal matters.
Page 12 - Agriculturae non student; majorque pars eorum victus in lacte, caseo, carne consistit; neque quisquam agri modum certum aut fines habet proprios ; sed magistratus ac principes in annos singulos gentibus cognationibusque hominum qui una coierunt, quantum et quo loco visum est agri attribuunt atque anno post alio transire cogunt.
Page 40 - Easter, under the hand and seal of two or more justices of the peace in the same county, whereof one to be of the quorum, dwelling in or near the same parish or division where the same parish doth lie, shall be called overseers of the poor...
Page 142 - We are accustomed . . . to praise the lawgivers of antiquity; we help to perpetuate the fame of Solon and Lycurgus; 80 FATHERS OF THE CONSTITUTION but I doubt whether one single law of any lawgiver, ancient or modern, has produced effects of more distinct, marked and lasting character than the Ordinance of 1787.
Page 138 - Ohio at a point that shall be found to be due north from the western termination of a line which has been run as the southern boundary of the state of Pennsylvania and the first line running east and west shall begin at the same point and shall extend throughout the whole territory Provided that nothing herein shall be construed as fixing the western boundary of the state of Pennsylvania. The geographer shall designate the townships or fractional parts of townships by numbers progressively from South...
Page 200 - A married woman shall follow and have the settlement of her husband, if he has any within the state ; otherwise her own at the time of marriage, if she then had any, shall not be lost or suspended by the marriage.
Page 138 - The plats of the townships respectively shall be marked by subdivisions into lots of one mile square or 640 acres, in the same direction as the external lines and numbered from 1 to 36, always beginning the succeeding range of the lots with the number next to that with which the preceding one concluded.
Page 417 - No colony in America was ever settled under such favorable auspices as that which has just commenced at Muskingum.
Page 122 - These are usually the most discreet farmers, so distributed through their parish, that every part of it may be under the immediate eye of some one of them. They are well acquainted with the details and economy of private life, and they find sufficient inducements to execute their charge well, in their philanthropy, in the approbation of their neighbors, and the distinction which that gives them.
Page 409 - Previous to the organization of the General Assembly, the Governor shall appoint such magistrates and other civil officers in each county or township, as he shall find necessary for the preservation of the peace and good order in the same.

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