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ما انا لا ادراک کی کمی ، ر ، و ارز

of Bostrove

Entere) according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by James R. Albacu, in the

Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Ohio.


An attempt has been made in this volume to present the outlines of Western History in a form easy of reference, and drawn from the best authorities: those authorities are in almost every case referred to, and a list of the works consulted may be found on pages xviii, xix, and xx. Whenever it could be done, with a proper regard to conciseness, the words of eye-witnesses have been used in the accounts given of important events.

The limits of this volume have made it necessary to state most matters with great brevity, and, with the exception of the Indian wars in 1790–95, no subject has received a full developement; upon that portion of our history the Compiler dwelt longer than upon any other, because the conduct of the administration of Washington toward the Aborigines is believed to be among the most honorable passages of American Annals. The events of the last war, and those which have occurred since, are given in a few words comparatively,—as many volumes are in circulation which state their details.

A Chronological Table, an Index which it is believed will be found sufficiently full, and three Maps, illustrating the early settlements, are added to the Annals, making in all a volume of 612 pages,- one hundred more than the Publisher promised in his Prospectus.

Notwithstanding great care has been taken in preparing this work, many mistakes have been made, a list of those noticed is on page 592; and it is not supposed that it is free from other important errors and omissions: if any one will point out these, or any of them to the Compiler by letter or otherwise, it will be regarded as a favor, as his wish is to make any future editions, if called for, as full and exact as possible.

Hoping that this volume may prove of some service to the Student of Western History, and of some interest to the inhabitants of the Great Valley, it is





1543. July,


Ponce de Leon discovers Florida. 1516.

Diego Miruelo visits Florida. 1626.

Pamphilo de Narvaez goes to Florida. 1538

De Soto asks leave to conquer Florida. 1539. May, De Soto reaches Tampa bay.

November, De Soto reaches Appalachee bay. 1540.

De Soto in Georgia. October, De Soto reaches Mavilla on the Alabama. 1541. May,

De Soto reaches Mississippi.

De Soto crosses it and goes to Washita. 1542.

De Soto descends Washita to Mississippi.
May 21,

De Soto dies.
His followers try to reach Mexico by land and fail.

De Soto's followers reach Mexico by water. 1544.

De Biedma presents his account of De Soto's expedition to King of Spain. 1616.

Le Caron explores Upper Canada. 1630.

Charles 1st grants Carolana to Sir Robert Heath. 1634.

First mission founded near Lake Huron. 1641.

French at Falls of St. Mary, Lake Superior. 1660.

First missionary station on Lake Superior. 1664.

Colonel Wood's alledged travels previous to this year. 1665.

Allouez founds first permanent station on Lake Superior. 1668.

Mission at St. Mary's Falls founded. 1670.

Perrot explores Lake Michigan.
La Salle first goes to Canada.

Alledged travels of Captain Bolt. 1671.

French take formal possession of the northwest.

Marquette founds St. Ignatius on Strait of Mackinac. 1673. May 13,

Marquette and his companions leave Mackinac to seek the Mississippi. June 10,

Marquette and his companions cross from Fox river to Wisconsin. June 17,

Marquette and his companions reach Mississippi.
June 21,

Marquette and his companions meet Illinois Indians.
July, Marquette and his companions reach Arkansas.
July 17, Marquette and his companions leave on return to Canada.

September, Marquette and his companions reach Green Bay. 1675. May 18,

Marquette dies.

La Salle goes to France to see the King. 1676.

La Salle rebuilds Fort Frontenac. 1677.

La Salle visits France a second time. 1678. July 14,

La Salle and Tonti sail for Canada. Sept. 15, La Salle and Tonti arrive at Quebec. Nov. 18,

La Salle and Tonti cross Lake Ontario.

Persons from New England said to have explored the southwest. 1679. January,

La Salle loses his stores.
August 1, The Griffin sails up Lake Erie.
August 27, The Griffin at Mackinac.

[blocks in formation]

1679. Sept. 18,

The Griffin sent back to Niagara.
Nov. 1, La Salle at St. Joseph's river, Lake Michigan.

Dec. 3, La Salle crosses to Kankakee.
1680. Jan. 4th, La Salle in Peoria Lake.

Fort Creveceur built.
Feb. 28, Hennepin sent to explore Mississippi.
March, La Salle returns to Canada.
April&May, Hennepin on the Mississippi.

September, Tonti after commencing Fort St. Louis (Rock fort,) forced to leave the
Oct. & Nov. La Salle returns to the Illinois.

November, Hennepin returns to Canada.
1681. June, La Salle and Tonti meet at Mackinac,

August, La Salle a third time goes to the Illinois.

Nov. 3, La Salle at St. Joseph's again.
1682. Jan. 5 or 6, La Salle goes from Chicago westward.

Feb. 6, La Salle on banks of the Mississippi.
Feb. 13, La Salle descends Mississippi.
March 6, La Salle discovers mouths of Mississippi.

September, La Salle returns to St. Joseph's of Michigan.
1683. Dec. 13, La Salle reaches France.
1684. July 24, La Salle sails from France for mouth of Mississippi.

Sept. 20, La Salle reaches St. Domingo.
Nov. 25, La Salle sails from St. Domingo for mouth of Mississippi.
Dec. 28, La Salle discovers the main land.

Iroquois place themselves under England.
1685. January,

La Salle in Gulf of Mexico.
February 4, La Salle sends party on shore to go eastward for mouth of Mississippi.
Feb. 13,

La Salle reaches Matagorda Bay.
March 15, La Salle left in Texas.

La Salle building in Texas : unfortunate.
August, La Salle building in Texas : unfortunate.

Dec. La Salle goes to look for Mississippi.
1686. March, La Salle returns to Matagorda Bay.

April, La Salle goes again to seek the Mississippi.
April, Tonti goes down Mississippi to meet La Salle,

La Salle returns unsuccessful.
1687. Jan. 12, La Salle leaves for Mississippi the third time.

March 15, La Salle sends men to look for stores.
March 17, La Salle follows and is killed by those men.
May, His murderers quarrel ; seven go on toward Mississippi.
July 24, The seven reach the Arkansas.

Sept. 14, The seven reach Fort St. Louis on Illinois river.

La Hontan's travels to the “ Long river.”

Before this time Gravier, the founder of Kaskaskia, was among the
Kaskaskia founded, date unknown.

Cahokia founded, date unknown.

Peoria founded, date unknown.
1698. Oct. 17, D'Iberville leaves France for Mississippi.

Dr. Coxe sends two vessels to the Mississippi.
1699. Jan. 31, D'Iberville in Bay of Mobile.
March 2,

D'Iberville enters Mississippi.

D'Iberville returns to France.
September, Bienville sounds Mississippi and meets English.
1700. January, D'Iberville returns from France.

D'Iberville goes up the Mississippi.

D'Iberville sends Le Sueur for copper.

De la Motte Cadillac founds Detroit.
D'Iberville founds colony on Mobile river.

Iroquois again place themselves under England.

First grants of land at Detroit.

D'Artaguette in Louisiana.

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