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Mrs. Rich, London.

Rev. Mr. Richards, C. of Markfield, Leicesterfh.
Mr. Richardson, of Crosby, Westmoreland.
Mrs. Richardson, Red Lion-square.
Mr. John Ripley, of Stokefley.
Rev. Mr. Roberts, of Belton, Rutlandfh.
Mr. Roberts, of Belton.
Mr. Roberts, ofThornby, Northampton]!}.
Mr. Robert Robinson, near Durham.
Miss Robinson, of Button, Torkflo.
Mr. Michael Roe, ofKirby Stephen, Westmoreland.
Mr. Richard Roffe, Chifwick.
Rev. Mr. Romaine, Lecturer of St. Dunjla»y

Rev. Thomas Rotheram, M. A. Fell, of ®.

Coll. Oxford. Mr. William Rowntree, Sen. of Hut ton Rudby,


Right Hon. the Earl of Sandwich.
Right Hon. the Lady Fanny Shirley. '9i'
Mrs. Saint John, of Thorp, Northamptonfh, -
Rev. Mr. Sampson, of Kew.
Mr. Edward Sawbridge, of Daventry.
Mrs. Saville, Great Rufjel-street.
Mrs. Scawen, of Maidwell, Northamptonfh.
Rev. Mr. Scott, R. of Arthingworth, Northamp-

Mr. Severn, of the Tower,
James Shaw, Esq. Grays Inn Lane.
Mr. Sheerman, Kings-street, Golden-square.
Mr. Shrapnel, of Bradford, Wilts.
** \ ( a 2 ) Mr.


Mrs. Skrine. 4 »

Rev. Mr. Smith, R. of Clay Colon, Northamp-
Rev. Mr. Smith, C. of Clay Co ton.
Rev. Mr. Smith, of Æextcn, Leicesterfh.
Mr. Robert Smith, of Holcott, Northamptonfh.
John Smyth, M. D. of Blockham, Oxford/h.
Joseph Smyth, Esq. of Sholebrooke-Lodge.
George Smyth, M. A. Fell. ofN. Coll. Oxon.
Rev. Mr. Smyth, of Houghton, Hampfhire.
Mrs. Smyth, of Winwick.
Mrs. Anabella Smyth.
Miss Smyth.

Mrs. Snelson, of H. Bofworth, Leicesterfh.
Mrs Snooke, of Sacfrville-street.
Mr. South, of the Bank.
Mr. Stainbank, Mark-lane.
George Stevenson, Esq. of Wanes, Westmore-
Mrs. Isabella Stringer, of Cleveland, l"orkfi.
Mr. Stuard, of Northampton.
Thomas Sytton, 'Esq. of Kensington.
Mr. James StillingHeet, Merton Coll. Qxon.
Mr. Edward Stillingfleet, IVadham Coll. Oxon.

' T

Sir John Thorold, Bart. of Cranwell, Lincolnfh.
Wjlliam Taylor, Esq. of Winwick, Northamp-
Mrs. Taylor. 4 .tV/v

Mr. Taylor, of Bermondfey.
Mr. Henry Terry, Chifwick.
Mr. John Tetlo\v, Piccadilly.

Rev. Mr. Thomas, Lecturer of St. Paul's, Covens Garden.

Francis Thompson, Esq. Bond-street.

Mr. Thompson, of Daventry.

Mr. Thornton, of Kew.

Mr. Thornton, of Daventry.

—. Tipping, Esq. ofEwelme, Oxford/h.

Mr. Tomalyn, of Daventry.

Rev. Mr. Tooley, R. of Kelmarsh* Northamp


Mr. Toulmin, of Burleigh-ftreet.
Colonel Towgood.
Mr. Treslove, Northampton.
Miss Trott.

Mrs. Turner, of Stockton.
George Tyndall, Esq. of Bath-ford.


Right Hon. the Earl Verney.
Right Hon. the Countess Verney.

W. ,

Right Hon. Edward Weston, Esq. of Sonterby,

Lincolnfhire. Miss Wade, of Sulby, Northampton^}. Mr. Walker, Piccadilly. Mr,. Walker, W. Haddon, Northamptonsh. Mr. Henry Wall, of Walsingham^ Co. Durham. Mr. Nathaniel Wallis, of Bristol. Mr- Walrond, Piccadilly. Rev. Mr. Ward, Chaplain to the Houshold at Kensington.

4 Mr.

Mr. Ward, Shorts Gardens, London.

Rev. Mr. Warneford, R. of St Martins, York.

Rev. Dr. Waterland, Prebendary of Bristol.

Rev. Mr. Watkin, R. of Yelvertoft, Northamptonjh.

Mrs. Watkin, Northampton.

Mr. John Watters, ofDaventry.

Mr. Welch, Master of the Free School at Watford, Northamptonfh.

Mr. Thomas Westall, Chifwick.

Rev. Mr. Whaley, of Low Middleton.
Mr. Wharton, ofWharton, Westmoreland.
Rev. Mr. Wheler, Prebendary of Southwell.
Mrs. Wheeler, of Park-street, London.
Mrs. Whiston, Fleetstreet.
Rev. Dr. Wilcocks, Master of Clare Hall, Cam-
Mrs Wilcox, of Hanover-street.
Mr John Wilkins, Piccadilly.
Rev. Mr. Williamson, Choral Vicar at York.
Mrs. Wills, of Winwick, Northamptonfh.
Mr. Wills, of Richmond Buildings, Soho.
Miss Wilson.

Mrs. Wintringham, York.
Airs. Wood, of'Turnham Green.
William Woodrooffe, Esq. Chiswick.
Mr. Henry Woolley, Northampton.
Mr. Richard Woolley, Ditto.
Mr. John Worcester, of W. Haddon, North-

Miss Worsley, York.
Mr. Wowen, of Hackney.
Miss Wowen.
Stephen Wrigh t, Esq. ofHamptonCourt.



Mrs. Wright, ofWelford.
John Wright, Esq. Piccadilly.
Mr. Wrighton, of Daventry., Bath.

N. B. Several of the Subscribers Names came too late to be inserted.

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