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Him, He will not tarry long, He will se^°* hot leave you comfortless, He will come ±sY>J to you. Look at the Generations of Old, and fee! Did ever any trust in the Lord arid was confounded! Or did any abide in his Fear and was forsaken! Or whom did He ever despise that called upon Him! Consider well, therefore, the Patience of the Saints, and be not flack "to follow them n who thro' Faith and Patience inherit the "Promises."

And now having laid before you a short Sketch of the Christian Warfare, with some suitable Motives for your Encouragement in it, suffer me to conclude with a Word Of Exhortation to you all, to use your utmost Diligence to make your Calling and Election sure.

Consider, my dear Brethren, that your Work is great, and the Time for doing it both short and uncertain. What Proficiency you have already made in it, God and your Consciences know best; this however I am sure of, that none have any Time to lose, but ought to redeem every Day and Hour of it. If the great Business is yet to begin in any of you, and the very Foundation off Repentance from Dead


Sermon Works, and of Faith towards God yet un

ill *.*'' . . ?.

l/-y-\> laid in your Souls; make no longer tarrying

to turn unto the Lord, and put. not Ok from Day to Day, for who knows whether the Mercy Of another Day will be granted you or not? Who knows but the Son of God is now preparing hisThfOne for Judgment? That the Angel, to whom the Office of summoning the Quick and Dead before Hirri is assigned, has already received his Command to blow the tremendous Blast, and that other Angel spoken of in the Revela~ tiom, to take his Stand upon, the Sea, and upon the Earth, and to swear by Hilij that liveth for ever and ever that Time shall be no more. We cannot be sure that this is not the cafe, and therefore what Madness is it to risque eternal Salvation upon a'Chance which we know not how soon may fail us! This, however, is certain, that Death cannot be far from any one, and f will probably surprize some of us very soon,

and as there is no Repentance or Work ill the Grave whither we are going, it behoves us as much to prepare against the Hour of Death as for the Day of Judgment. You cannot fay, that you want instruction in Godliness; for you have Line upon Line and Precept cept upon Precept: You cannot say, that Sermo* you want Calls to Repentance; for God o^y^J the Father calleth you by Providences, by Mercies, by Judgments; God the Son calleth you by all that He hath done and suffered for you, , by his Word, by his Ordinances, by his .. Ministers; and God the Holy Ghost calleth you by the secret Whispers and Strivings of his Spirit, and by the Checks and Admonitions of your own Consciences. Who then is that faithful and wife Servant who knoweth his Lord's Will, and prepareth himself to do thereafter? Blessed is that Servant, yea thrice blessed mail he be in that Day when the Lord maketh up his Jewels, for her ihall shine as the Sun in the Kingdom of his Father for ever and ever.

Arise now, O ye slothful ones, from your Bed-of Slumber, before your Eyes are closed in eternal Death. Be wise, O ye foolish Virgins, and provide Oyl for your Lamps before the Door of Mercy be shut against you. And tho' it be the Eleventh Hour with many of you, and ye have stood thus long idle, the Day is not yet quite spent — You' may still enter into the Vineyard, and receive every one a Penny: And tho' your





Christ our only Safety in Spiritual

--*- .: Conflicts.

\'. . ...

-.3 r' . .* .. . . - r'

M AT TH. Xiv. 24.

But the Ship was now in the midst of the Sea, tossed with Waves; for the Wind was contrary.

AFTER our Lord had miraculously s*TM°" fed a great Multitude of People, vy>j He commanded his Disciples to get into a Ship and to pass over to the other Side of the Sea of ;Tiberias, whilst He sent the Multitude away, which having done He went up into a Mountain apart to pray.

Tho' it was one Part of our Blcjfled Lord's Character, after He entered upon. his Ministry, that He went about doing good both to the Bodies and Souls of Men, yet we often read of his Retirements for Prayer, Reaching us hereby, that however publick our Character may be in Life, how much

G soever

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