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SErm.n.for their Consciences; whereas the simple hearted Christian hath but one Meaning and one Way, and therefore he walketh uprightly j with him is not Yea and Nay: He needeth no Casuistry to his Divinity, to teach him how far he may follow his own Inclinations without sinning, for his only Inclination is to do theWill of God in all things, and therefore the Purity of his Intention gives Acceptance (thro' the Beloved) to his most indifferent Things; and the Spirit of Love, which in him is the Law of the Spirit of Life, flows into a spontaneous Obedience to all that God requires of Him. Does any one abound in goodWorks? it may truly be said of the King's Daughter, that herein she is more abundant, for she adorns the Doctrine of God her Saviour in all things j And therefore as she is all glorious within, so her Cloathing is of wrought Gold— her Soul is cloathedjwith the Righteousness of Christ, as the Garment of her Salvation; and in her outward Life she "lets her Light so "shine before Men, that they may see her "good Works, and glorify her Father which "is in Heaven."

It might here be expected that Mention

should be made of those other eminent Chris

i . tian tian Graces Faith, Hope, Charity, as theseSErmlL are the most distinguished Parts of the Divine Life, the most comely and amiable Features in the Beauty of Holiness: But these areTopics of more general Note, and such as have been much insisted on at other times: Let it suffice then to add here, that the King's Daughter is complete in the King's Son, for Christ in her is both the Hope and Earnest of her Glory here, as He will be the Fullness of its Accomplishment hereafter.

Thus doth the Lord, when He is come into his Temple, beautify the Place of his Sanctuary, and make the Place of bis Feet glorious, for He adorns the faithful Soul with the Graces of his Spirit, even as a Bride is adorned with Jewels: And tho' at times He may prove her with Trials and Crosses, yet it is that she may be approved of by Him; thus all these things work together for her good, and He will assuredly at last compass her about with Songs of Deliverance, give her the Oyl of soy for Mourning, and the Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness.

Hail, Thou beloved Daughter of the

King, all glorious within ! Welcome, thrice

welcome, to the City of the Lord, the Zion

of the Holy one of Israel, " whose Wal\s are

E T. "called Sehm. H-«< called Salvation, and whose pates Praise 1 ^^^^" The Sun shajl be no more thy Light by "Day, neither for Brightness shall the Moon *' give Light unto thee, but the Lord shall "be unto thee an everlasting Light, and « thy Qod thy Glory."

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*JTlie Faith kt$ Patience of the Saints ?our Pattern.

Heb. vi. 12.

£<? w<tf Jlothful, but Followers of them ivho through Faith and Patience inherit the Promises. .iti,. >

THE Jeieish Converts are exhorted, in Sermon the Beginning of this Chapter, to a,x>Aj farther Proficiency in the Knowledge of Christ and his Religion: "Leav"ing, (fays the Apostle) the Principles of <' the Doctrine of Christ, let us go on "unto Perfection." He had before laid the Foundation like a wife Master-builder, and had grounded them in the Rudiments or initiatory things of Religion, such as Baptism, Confirmation, outward Ordinances, and the Belief of a Resurrection and Judgment to come; and now proposes to instruct them in its more recondite Truths, E 4 or

Sermon or the Mysteries of Gospel Redemption, to Is~y~sj open to them the Spirituality of the Law, and to expound its typical, and allegorical Meaning in Reference to Christ, who was the Body and Substance of all it's Shadows: "And this (fays he) will we do, if God '', permit."

The Religion of Christ has an Inside as well as an Outside, and is a Dispensation both of Light and Grace, his Spirit making manifest, as we are able to receive its. Light, not only the Figures and Prophecies under the Law, but also the deep things of God, even the Wisdom of God in a Myste, .iy; and therefore we are exhorted to grow, not only in Grace, hut also in the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In both these respects the Gospel stands differenced from the Law j and of this the Ta-.1 bernacle of Old was a Figure, being divi-• ded into two Parts by a Veil, into the innermost of which the High Priest only en.r tered: But this Veil was taken away by Christ, and every Christian has free Access, thro' Him* into the Holy of Holies. We must pass thro' the outward Tabernacle, where is the Candlestick and the Table and the Shew-Bread, into the inward, where

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