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h'BrJi, As it was given to Adam ands*^<"i Eve: .::-: i .:^\yy^sjt

Secondly, As it was confirmed with Abraham: ':....

'Thirdly, As it received its full Accora* plifhment under the Gospel..

To the Divine Prohibition given to Adam concerning the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was annexed the Denunciation of the fatal Consequence of Disobedience—In the Day that thoU eatejl thereof thou Jkalt surely dye. But Adam and Eve did eat thereof, and in that Day they did surely dye; for they not only became mortal>or subject to a bodily Death, but they actually suffered a spiritual Death, by the Loss of that holy, heavenly Life and Nature, in which consisted the Happiness and Perfection of their State. In the Image of God created He Man, as a creatural Representation of the glorious and ever blessed Deity: But Man divided his Will from God, cast his Imagination and Desire into a State of Self-dependence, and led by a fatal Curiosity became miserably wise, thro? a distinct Knowledge of the Good he had lost, and a sad Experience of that Evil into which he had plunged himself. Nor V:-.:j. was


Jermon was it only in a dreadful Separation from . God that the human Nature stood in the

Hour of its Apostacy, but the wicked seducing Spirit also entered into it, and in* fected it with the Poison of his own hellish Nature, and so it became Enmity against God. From the Time of this woful Covenant entered into by our first Parents with Sin and Death; from this unnatural Agreement with Hell and Hostility against Heaven, we date the Origin of Satan's Access to the Souls of Men, and lament, among other dismal Effects of the Fall, the many deplorable Instances of Persons possessed of Devils instead of being Temples of.-the* Holy Ghost, an^ Habitation of God thro' the Spirit. ...-.♦-- o

-. Jn order to rescue the human Race from tli is infernal Bondage, this Dominion of Sin and Satan, the second Person iar the sacred Trinity gave Himself into our Nature to be the Redeemer and Regenerator of it, "that as injidam-a\\ died, even so inCbfifi "should all be made alive." He fha* gave the Promise of the Covenant.— Tk% the Seed of the Woman Jhould bruise the Ser~ penfs Head, did at that Instant inspeak, the Grace of the Covenant into the Hearts of


Adam and Eve, and it became in them theSfi*m01» "ingrafted Word, able to save their Souls." o^-y-sj Here, O Man! commenced the hidden Mystery of thy Salvation, to be revealed outwardly afterwards in the Fullness of Time: Now the declared Enmity betwixt the Seed- of the Woman and that of the Serpent began to shew itself, each striving for thy Soul and to erect its Kingdom within thee. These are the two Masters which solicit thy Obedience j and one of them thou must serve, both of them thou canst not—Look well then to thy Choice, for thou chusest for Eternity; and look well to thy Recompence, "for the Wages of "Sin is Death, but the Gift of God is "eternal Life thro' Jesus Christ our Lord." Behold! Thou standest betwixt Heaven and Hell, as the great important Prize for which the Powers of both contend; the whole Creation is the Scene of this wonderful Dispute, the Universe is in Suspence, and Time only lasts till it is finished. And canst thou, O Man! who art the Subject of this mighty Transaction, be alone indifferent about the Event? For is it not for thy Life, even the Life of thy Soul? Canst thou be content to cast away this precious v'V'W .. "Gist


a. Power in the Party that is to receive Be- Sermos nefit from the Covenant to qualify himself \y~Y\j fopsueh Benefit by the Performance of certain; Conditions on his Part, for Man was no .such capable Subject} he had lost all Power to Good, was in the Condition of an insolvent Debtor who had nothing to pay; in. the Hands of his deadly Enemies, and so without Liberty; and upon the whole, emphatically poor, and miserable, and blind and naked: all that remained to him was the Power of being a Receiver, but such a one is ill qualified to be a Covenanter, for what we commonly term the Conditions of the Covenant, viz. Repentance and Faith, easy as they may seem, they are, if considered in an Evangelical Sense, the Gift of God, and Graces of it; and therefore of Necessity it was, that fallen Man must be apprehended of Christbefore he could in any Sense apprehend Him *.

* Jf it be objected here, that all the Applications to Man in Scripture, to repent, believe, turn, 13c. do suppose a Power in Man to correspond thereto: Be it answered; 'T/hat we believe there is such a Power in every Man, but not-of Man, not belonging to his own fallen Nature, but the Gift of God in Jesus Christ, a Portion of his Spirit of Grace, a Seed of Faith: To this every Call, Appeal, and Application is directed, as to that Power whereby the Mar. ii enabled to receive and obey it; but that where, by long and obstinate Resistance to the Strivings of this good Spirit,

rs'-:" * x Secondly,

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