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Sirm. i.present, and see the everlasting Doors of Heaven wide open, presenting to our View the Son of God. Behold! he comes to Judgment, with Myriads of Angels'; the Throne is set, and a Rain-bow round about the Throne. The Books are opened, and the World kneels before him. How great is the Confusion of those who were once ashamed of him, whom all the Host of Heaven delighteth to Honour. Pardon, O Holy Jdsus, whereinsoever we have been offended because of thee! and grant, ' that henceforth, if called to it, we may esteem the Reproach of Chrisji greater Riches than the Treasures of the whole Earth; For Thou art the King of Saints ; Thou art the Lord of Glory. To conclude,

Have you, my Brethren, found of a Truth, by the Evidence of a living Faith, that the Gospel of Christ is the Power of God unto Salvation? If so, it has indeed been to you, what its Name imports, Glad Tidings. This, I trust is the Cafe with some, and it is my Heart's Desire and Prayer to God, that it may be so with all of us, for happy are the People that are in such a Cafe, and only they.

As to you, who have not yet found this

goodly goodly Pearl of great Price, let me intreat Serm. ryou, let me adjure you by the living God, ^ ^ that you seek it earnestly, that you seek it instantly. You need not say, whither shall we go, and in what Communion of Christ- . ians may it be found? for Chrisi is not far from any one of you, nay, as you have just now heard, he stands at the Door of every Heart j do not then deny Admittance to so kind, so honourable a Guest; for, my Brethren, he is your Saviour, the Light, the , Love, the Salvation of God, the Lord by whom alone you can escape Death: Such is the Guest that intreats you to receive him, and indeed, he will well requite your Love in so doing, for as many as receive him, to them will he give Power to become the Sons of God. O let me plead with you yet again, for it is for Life, even the Life of your Souls; I pray you then be ye* reconciled to God, in the Son of his Love. The Lord, even the Lord Jesus, is desirous to come into his Temple, which Temple ye are. Persist not then in refusing him Entrance, to the infinite Wrong and Damage of your Souls j for if he depart, and return no more, you are undone for ever, and betr ter were it for you that you had never been C 4 born j

Serm. I. born . for though he is the Lamb of God, meek and gentle to humble penitent Sinners, loving them freely, and cleansing them thoroughly from all their Sins, by his most precious Blood; yet is he also the Lion of the Tr[be of Judah, to the Obstinate and Incorrigible. Kiss then the Son, left he be angry, and so ye perish from the right Way, is his Wrath be kindled, yea but a little: for as he is the Power of God unto Salvation to every one that believeth and receiveth him, so will he, at the last Day, be the Power of God unto Destruction to every one that shall have rejected him; powerful in offended Majesty, when he shall " be re"vealed from Heaven, with his mighty "Angels, in flaming Fire, taking Vengeance "of them that know not God, and that "obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus u Christ, who shall be punished with ever"lasting Destruction from the Presence of "the Lord, and from the Glory of his 11 Power, when he shall come to be glori"fied in his Saints, and to be admired in "all them that believe."

Finally, Let me beseech you, by the Mercies of God, that ye receive not the Grace of God in vain, and whilst the Gofpel sounds in your Ears, that you {hut notSErM' k your Hearts against it, but turn unto the ^*^ Lord in Repentance and Faith, who is willing and desirous to turn you away from your Iniquities that they may not be your Ruin: And, for your Encouragement I speak it, though in Times past ye have been disobedient, ungodly, Despisers, nay Persecutors of them that are good, yet, forasmuch as ye did it ignorantly and in Unbelief, ye shall obtain Mercy, for the Lord is merciful, loving and gracious, and rejecteth no returning contrite Sinner, for he hath said, Him that cometb unto me, I will in no wise cast out. He will bless your Sorrows to you, comfort your Hearts with a Sense of pardoning Grace, and sanctify you wholly in Spirit, Soul and Body, and you shall know of a Truth, as concerning the Gospel of Christ; That it is the Power of God unto salvation.

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The Inward Glory os the true

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Psalm xlv. 14. • she King's Daughter is all glorious within

serm n YJTOwever this Psalm might be comt/VNJ i f posed on the Occasion of King Solomon's Marriage with the Daughter of Pharoah, King of Egypt, yet the Scope and Intendment of it is spiritual, pointing out to us the mystical Marriage between Christ and his Church 5 and therefore if we mean to make a right Use and Improvement of this Portion of Scripture, we must lift up our Minds from earthly to heavenly. Things, for a Greater than Solomon is here.

The Scriptures are compared, by a Factier of the Church, to the Manna that fell in the Wilderness, which is supposed to 2 . have

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