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double Portion j for you have not only the 3" won hidden Mystery in common with them, but i^s*sf\j the Declaration of the Mystery j you have the Testimony of Moses and the Prophets, of Christ and his Apostles, besides many Calls and Invitations from the Mouths of his Ministers, loud and pressing: If then you will not hear your God speaking to you in the small still Voice, nor yet in his written Word, hear Him at least in the Voice of the Trumpet, for the Gospel hath sounded even unto the Ends of our Land in this your Day of Visitation, nor hath it sounded altogether in vain, for many have obeyed the Call.—Beware then that it sound not in vain to you, for if it does not serve to convince, it will condemn. But we know you well, ye Sons of Reason, in your full Strength, and have weighed every Argument and Plea you have to offer for your Infidelity in the Balance of the Sanctuary, and found them wanting: Give us, you fay, a Religion which we can comprehend, and Doctrines which will quadrate with our Reason, and we will believe them, but as to these unintelligible Mysteries we cannot away with them: But herein you err hot knowing your own Weakness, in


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Sermon tnat yOu fet up a Sufficiency as of younejv'esj \S~Y*>j whereby to judge and determine concerning' • the deep Things of Cod; but as soon may; you hope to mete out the Heavens with'a• Span, or to gather the Wind in your Fist, for these Things knowetb no Man of himself, but God revealeth them to us by hi Spirit. Reason can indeed speculate upon/ the Works of God in the Creation, and frame Arguments and Conclusions from.; such ideal Knowledge, but the Things J6F' the Spirit of God the natural Man, even of the greatest and most improved Abilities, as such, cannot receive them, nay couhteth them Foolishness, for there is an infinite Disproportion betwixt his Faculties aW these Objects, and therefore an utter^lfmy' possibility to discern supernatural Things* but by a supernatural Light: Consequently.' all Religion that has no deeper Foundation than in the Reasonings of the earthly understanding must be attended with Dobfets and Dissatisfaction, as wanting 'Evidence and Influence sufficient for the Mind tb' rest on with any tolerable Comfort? All that Men build hereon is no better'tfcan''"F Babel of Opinions and Conjectures, arid-all. their Zeal and Knowledge in Religion but



walking in the Light of their own Fire and Sermok in the Sparks that they have kindled. Will .y^y-sj you admit of no Mysteries in Religion? Then you must live and die without any j for whether you consider God in the Methods of his Providence, or in the Works of his Creation; his Judgments in both arc unsearchable, and his Ways past finding out: But are you desirous to believe and to be made Partakers of the Mystery of Godliness, l< that you may know with all Saints "what is the Length and Breadth and "Depth and Heighth of the Mercies and "Love of God in Christ Jesus V Behold, the Work is Half done > only cast out that Pride, and the Love of those Sins which indispose you for Faith, and trust in the Lord with all your Heart, and lean not unto your own Understanding; and the Father of Lights will cause the Light of Life to shine in your Hearts, which being; received in Humility and the Obedience of Faith, gives the Knowledge of the Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ, for them that are meek will He guide in Judgment, and such as are gentle them will He teach his Way: So will He fill you with Joy and Peace in believing, and the Spirit of Truth

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Sermon w\\\ reft- Upon y0U- And ^Jg introduces the

^/YV ^st Head, which was to ihew how the great Mystery of our Salvation by Jesus Christ is made manifest to us.

Tho' it be a great Blessing to have the sacred Scriptures in our Possession, as they are a profitable Means of Knowledge and a precious Testimony to that Eternal Word who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, yet the written Relation of what we are to believe and know of Him, without the Revelation of it to our Hearts by his Spirit, is not sufficient to make us wife unto Salvation: And therefore St. Paul to the Ephefians, prays, that "the God of our Lord "Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, might "give unto them the Spirit of Wisdom and '' Revelation in the Knowledge of Him, "that the Eyes of their Understanding 1 being enlightened, they might know "what was the Hope of their Calling, and "what the Riches of the Glory of his In** heritance in the Saints." For want of tc turning to God in Prayer, and an humble teachable Disposition for this Manifestation of his Spirit, it was, that the Jews stuck in all the perplexing Uncertainty of a literal Knowledge concerning the Messiah,


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