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thus maketh them to differ, tho' nothing Sermon to glory in as of themselves. . la^-y-^

But it mav be asked here—How are we concerned in this Subject? And what have we to do with them that are without? To this be it replied; that we are concerned both as Men and Chrisjiians, under the Obligations of Humanity and Charity, to extend our Consideration and compassionate Regard to those that are allied to us in the fame common Nature j and our pious Labours, by public Encouragement, to promote Christian Knowledge among those that have it not, confess them capable Subjects of Salvation, and not excluded, as some suppose, from the covenanted Mercies of God in Christ Jesus *; for were they under the total Dominion of Sin and spiritual Death, which is the proper Condition of fallen Man out of Grace, there could be no Help for them, and the Word preached could not profit them: If Christ be not in them as a Seed of Grace and

* This Error arises from Mistakes concerning the Nature and Extent of the Covenant of Grace, which is offered, tho* not manifested alike to all: And were any Persons totally excluded from the Benefit of it; in that Cafe, they 'would'only differ from Devils as Devils incarnate; nor could they stand in any Relation to this World as a State of Probation. See the following Sermon.

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Secondly\ This Doctrine may serve toSErm°N mortify the Pride of the Pharisee and nominal ^/vx* Professor, who, on Account of their external Privileges and Advantages, appropriate to themselves the Favour of God, and despise others: But as St. Paul told the Jews, that the Uncircumcifion of the Gentile, if found in Righteousness, should judge the Circumcision of the transgressing Jew, forasmuch as he only was the accepted Jew which was one inwardly, and the true Circumcision that of the Heart: So may it be said of thee and thy Baptism, O thou boasting Professor! What, tho* thy Name be Christian, yet if thou thyself art carnal, and livest to the World and the Flem, thy Religion stands only in the Letter, and the spiritual Heathen shall judge thee also! Be not then high-minded but fear.

.iiajify, This Doctrine is of Use to justify th^'Ways of God to Man, and to exalt the Praise of the Great Redeemer, in that, by a Display of Goodness commensurate to his Power, He hath extended his loving Kindness to the utmost Limits of his Creation*, that every Mouth may be stopped,

• Nay, it is a Doctrine which brings Glory to God,

and Joy to all that tan receive it, That the Energy of

. :.i,:.:\ ,.. when

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