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But soon, alas I was this happy Scene sf,j"0!I closed by that fatal Period when Sin entered ,^y>o into the World, and Death by Sin. By this woful Apostacy was brought about in the Soul that fad Reverse from Purity to Pollution, from Innocence to Guilt: The Divine Image lest sorrowful her defiled Mansion—The Soul felt itself wounded with the poisoned Dart of Sin—The Mind became darkened and disordered in all its Faculties, the Judgment perverted, the Affections misplaced, and the Will inclined to Evil continually—The Body became bestial and diseased, subject . to Mortality and Corruption, and the whole Man, (the most excellent Part of God's Workmanship) disfigured and spoiled, insomuch that he who was before a glorious Display and Temple of the ever-blessed Trinity, became at once the Captive and Derision of insulting Devils. Nay the whole Creation sympathized with Man in the sad Catastrophe of the FallThat equable Temperature and Harmony in which consisted the permanent Health and Beauty, and the Perfection of every Creature, withdrew j Discord, the Parent of Distemper and Decay, raged thro' all she Elements, and every Life of Nature felt


Svm°N Corruption. So much indeed of Good was (/.Y"v left as might set forth the Wisdom and Power of the Creator, so much as might explain to Man the greater Good he had loft, but abundantly sufficient of Evil took place, thro' Loss of that Good, to make Man feel the wretched Effects of Sin, to convince him of the Folly of his Choice, and to lead him back to God by Repentance: At so dear a Price was bought the Knowledge of Good and Evil*.

Behold here, O Man, thy second sad Original, and see thyself in fallen Adam, and fallen Adam in thyself! Where now is thy boasted Liberty, the Sufficiency of thy Reason, and that conceited Dignity of thy Nature which thou hast learned to prate os? Why I tell thee from Authority no less than sacred, that thou art born blind; that

* It may not be unseasonable to remark here on the Error of most PhysicoTheologists in supposing the present mundane System to continue in its original State or Perfection, and who therefore stretch their Invention to reconcile the Disorder and Evil that is in Nature with the infinite Wisdom stnd Goodness of God, and to find out physical Uses for the feme; not considering that the present Constitution of Tfcmgs is in a mixt Condition of Good and Evil, and that if natural Evil in some Instances may serve by its Counteraction to restrain or remedy the fame in others, yet that such a necessity of working lay not in God, but is the; gracious Effect of his overruling Power; for that before the Curse all things were very good, and only became otherwise for moral Uses and Purpose; to Man.


thou wast conceived in Sin, and art by Na- Sermon


ture a Child of Wrath; and that thou may'st ^y\j .with Job say to Corruption, Thou art my Father, and to the Worm, Thou art my Mother and my Sifter: Nay thou art a diseased Leper all over, and from the Crown of the Head to the Sole of the Foot there is nothing but Wounds and Bruises and putrifying Sores; thou art likewise by Condition a Captive in theHandsof thy most deadly Enemies, and there is but a Breath of Air betwixt thy Soul and the Pit of Hell. Such is thy Genealogy and State by Nature. But fee! The good Samaritan is passing by — He stops—He fees thee in thy Blood—He pities thy Distress and Poverty, and comes to thy Relief— He offers thee " Gold tried in theFire that thou mayest be rich, and white M Rayment that thou mayest becloathed, and "that the Shame of thy Nakedness do not "appear; and bids thee to anoint thine Eyes "with his Eye-salve that thou mayest see." In a word, He is come to pay thy Ransom and to loose the captive Chain, to do away thy Sin, and to heal thine Infirmities, and to give Power to as many as will receive Him to become the Sons of God: But for a Word of Doctrine upon the Point.

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Sermon The Son of God sets us free from the j/y-yj prevailing Power of Sin by the Spirit of Grace and Sanctisication in the Hearts of Jtelievers -.for where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty in this respect also. Let it be remembered, that I speak. here of Freedom. from the prevailing Power of Sin, and not,of sinless Perfection: and this Distinction ought to be well retained. Whatever is contrary to the Purity and Holiness of the Divine Nature has in it the Nature of Sin, and,'something of this remains even in the Children of the Regeneration during their stay in th^feearthly Tabernacles; and.thereforeif is that we hear even the Apostle complainingof indwelling Sin: And yet this well consists with those Words of St. John, Whosoever is born of God doth not commit Sin,.for his (i. e..God's) Seed remaineth in him. The regenerate Christian (taking his Name from his better Part) sinneth not in that Divine Nature of which he is made Partaker, for the incorruptible Seed, which is Christ in him the Hope of Glory, cannot sin. But the Law in his Members, that Seed of the Serpent which warreth against the Seed of the Woman in his mortal evil Nature (for they are contrary the one to the other) is daily .;'/" fighting

fighting against and troublinghim: But then Sermon he can say with St. Paul; If_ I do that I{y~y~\j 'would not, it is no more I that do it, bttt Sin that dwelleth in me: Now he that can say this, is no longer the Servant of Sin to obey it in the Lusts thereof; tho' it be his Adversary to molest him and exercise his Vigilance . and prove his Constancy, it is not his Lord to exercise Dominion over him, for he hates and strives against it; being then mortified in* his Will and Affections to it, how can he who is thus dead to Sin live any longer therein? the Christian then, tho' assaulted, and that almost continually, by the Corruptions of his Nature and by the infernal Malice and Power of evil Spirits, for we wrestle not only against Flesh and Blood, but against Principalities, against Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this World, against Spiritual Wickedness in high Places; yet in all these things he is more than Conqueror thro' Him that loveth him, for the Lord, whose he is, anil whom he serves, hath provided him with Armour, instructed him in the Use of it, and giveth him Victory in the Battle.

Thirdly, The Son of God sets us free

from the Bondage and Condemnation of the

1 Law.

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