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Sbrmon address you? Shall I speak smooth Things, t .^-v/^v: and daub with untempered Mortar? Shall Ezek.xiii.i j-eW pjlfaps to your Arms, that so you may sleep on securely? God forbid that I should be thus unfaithful to my Trust, and such an Enemy to your Souls! Bear then with my Plainness, whilst I tell you what I think of you; for though my Heart is full of Tenderness and Pity for you, yet my Voice must be a Voice of Terror to you. I think then, be you never so rich, or great, or jocund, that you are of all Men most miserable; and I would not be in your Condition for Ten Thousand Worlds j for if you die in your unconverted State, there is not a single Text in Scripture that gives you Hopes of escaping the Damnation of Hell. How can you close your Eyes to Sleep, when you know not but you may open them in everlasting Burnings? How can you walk the Streets without Fear, wh»n even a Tile falling from a House may for ever separate you from all Possibility of working out your own Salvation? for all Nature, the Elements, and every Creature, is in a State of Hostility with the Man that lives at Enmity with God. Flee then for your Lives, O Sinners, flee for your Souls.

— But

'—But whither shall you flee? for the hor- Sermon rible Pit openeth wide her Mouth before (/y"xj you; the Avenger of Blood pursues you at your Heels, and the Terrors of the Lord are on your Right Hand and on your Left. —-But yet there is a Way to escape: Flee to the Lord Jesus Christ, in the lively-Exercise of Repentance and Faith, and He will deliver you; for He hath the Keys of Hell Rev. i.iS. and of Death, andjhutteth and no Man open-111'1' eth. He is the true City of Refuge from the Avenger of Blood; and in Him God is no longer a consuming Fire, but disarmed of his Terrors; for in Christ He is a reconciled God, full of Peace and Love.

And now, may this Foolistness of Preaching be unto you a Means of Spiritual Wisdom! May the Lord give Power to the Word of his Grace, and fend it home with a Divine Efficacy to your Hearts, that you may be pricked to the Quick, and with a sollicitous Earnestness about Soul-Concerns, cry out, What Jhall ice do to be saved? May the strong Man of Sin now in Possession of Luke Ix. the House, and 'whose Goods are in Peace, have his Foundations shaken, and the Walls wherein he trusted be as a tottering Fence! M 2 May


Sermon May the Devil be cast out, though it be .with rending and tearing! And may that Scripture be fulfilled in you: Te were without Christ, beings Aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel, and Strangers from the Covenant of Promise, having no Hope, and without God in the World: but now in Christ Jesus, ye who some time were far off, are made nigh by the Blood of Christ:.

I shall conclude with a Word to those, who have felt the Power of Gospel Ordinances, sent home to their Hearts by the Holy Spirit, to convince them of Sin * and who come to Christ labouring and heavy laden under the Remembrance and Burden of it, crying out, Lord, What shallwe do to inherit Eternal Life? And now, my Brethren, to such as you are, I heartily bid God speed, and wish you good Luck in the Name of the Lord. You have turned your Backs on Sin and the World, and set your Faces Heavenward: Go on and prosper, for the promised Land is in full View before you j and though the Entrance into it be somewhat difficult, yet be not dismayed, neither afraid of the Canaanite, nor yet of the Swellings of Jordan; for the Waters shall divide that you may pass over in Safety, and

under under the Command and Conduct of your Sermon spiritual Joshua, even the Lord Jesus Christ, \s~sf\j you shall shortly see the victorious Banner of the Cross displayed on the Battlements of Jericho. Convictions for Sin are indeed troublesome, but Insensibility in Sin is infinitely dangerous. A wounded Conscience is painful, but a benumbed and hardened Conscience is destructive. Bear then the Chastisement of the Lord, not only with Patience, butThankfulness; for whom the Lord Icveth Heb.xii.6. he so cbajieneth, andscourgeth every Son whom he receiveth: So shall your Sickness be w/johnxi.4. unto Death, but for the Glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified thereby.

And now, my dear Brethren, I have delivered to you a Message of Life and Death; and how am I pained for you, lest you should chuse amiss? But God forbid that you should chuse Destruction, and refuse' Conversion! May He direct you in your -Choice, and supply the Defects of his Messengers by the All-powerful Working of his Spirit, that you may be pricked in your Hearts, and cry, What shall we do to be saved?

And may the God of Heaven incline his Ear unto your Cry, and help you, when you call upon him! May the Lord

M 3 Jesus

Sermon Jesus Christ wash away your Sins with l^.y-v his most precious Blood! and may you be perfected through the Sanctification of the Holy Ghost, that you may obtain the eternal Salvation of your Souls! Even so grant, Lord Jesus! Amen and Amen.

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